一、Brief introduction


Nickname ocean Su's grass, Help vanilla, home garden sage

Good name Sage

Scientific term Salvia officinalis

Belong to a Salvia

Grow childhood name officinalis

Sound:shuweicaoshuAngiosperm(Angiospermae)/ Lamiaceae lips form section


Common sage


Scientific classification














S. officinalis

Binomial name

Salvia officinalis

At first habitat Mediterranean littoral

The living type gets herbs for many years

The description caulis of the tree trunk and straightens to divide into more, the caulis Ji ministry gradual lignification. 

Leaf's description leaf has strong flavor, leaf the slice is spacious, the egg covers with a needle form and knits the Wen and down towards getting, already, having a day

The touch of the goose Rong. 

The description spring of inflorescence and perianth goes to the early summer moment, growing of the stem top will open the blue and purple lips form flower.

The description that the thing waits the pleased sunlight is ample, don't bear heat to have another wet weather, the resistant to cold is strong.  


Grow environment

By European south go to Middle East is African, is go to the United States.Everywhere there is all growth in world, England is a main habitat

The sage is usually educated to is used as the vanilla or the medicine used in medical treatment grass that the kitchen uses, sometimes also being called a home garden sage, kitchen sage and attaining a rare second sage of the Er horse.At south Europe, the sometimes will also plant some similar to the sage plants, be used as the vanilla and the medicine grass usage, these plant that belong to the same and sage often will confuse with true sage lane.

The sage contain many different uses and effect, belong to the same a plant to there is also same effect partially, the use of the sage includes:

Make tea or make in to soak a liquid, is thought to have a town quiet with help digest of result.

Be used as the seasoning of the antisepsis, for example increase cream cheese.

Be used as a seasoning of cooking the hour, add together to make into filler with onions.

Will plant to grow a sage to use in Balkan peninsula especially at the European parts of region to extract ethereal oil, however the sage of other categories, for example three Lie sage(the Salvia triloba)s sometimes will also is taken to extract ethereal oil.

There has been currently a lot of sage specieses, among them most is use to be used as to appreciate to use of species, less be used as vanilla of use, these small scaled efflorescence bush, have already appreciated value very much, under the environment that sunshine is ample and dry, particularly suit to be used as ground is planted by the plant.At summer use Qian to insert a method to breed, can breed success very easily.

The well-known sage species includes:

'Purpurascens'(purple leaf's sage), leaf slice purple species.

'Tricolor'(three color sages), the spot leaf's species, there is white and yellow striped pattern on green leaf's slice.

'Berggarten'(Ba the space Dan sage), leaf's slice very big species.

'Icterina'(yellow spot sage), the spot leaf's species, there is yellow striped pattern on green leaf's slice.

'Alba'(white flower sage), flower white of species.

'Lavandulaefolia'(the lavender leaf's sage), leaf's slice smaller scaled species.


二、The effect of the sage:

There is the words old saving in the French south:"The house contain sage, keep the change a doctor", the sage is seen by residents in Mediterranean as have effect of prolonging the life.Sage come from in the Salvere of Latin text, there is the meanings of the "rescue", the curative effect of the sage value, the as early as medieval times century is known by European, widespread pour the sage tea to care, so Greece, person in Rome again call it as"sacred of medicine grass , the Greek is to worship to it to go to fully, regarding as it miraculous medicine grass of recovering the memory and the sense ability, sage also is the father of the medical science rare wave the carat lift the Si(Hippocrates) collection to jot down of  various medicine grasses.


The curative effect and use

Healthy curative effect

1, the good tonic of the womb, be good for the problem of the womb particularly, is the equilibrium of the hormone, can regulate too few mentruation discharge, ease through the condition of illness of the ex- symptoms.

2, can help a muscle to unfold, as a result can improve the ache spasm of the back.

3, promote fertility, there is good good reputation in resolving sex problem, because it can control latent pressure, all having positive influence to the male and female fertility oppositely.

4, the help produce, letting will soon about to deliver child quasi- mother relax, and can pacify a postnatal period hypochondria.

5, the difficulty of the slow digest, if the flatulence, stomach convulses, it being said is also the good tonic of the kidney.

Settle latent strain by the town, improve the headache and migraine, the same conciliation function can also smooth worry anxiously of appearance, and chaperonage since then of muscle spasm.

6, repress the perspiring of excessiveness phenomenon, terminate the chaperonage tuberculosis and get of the Pin sweat is very effective, handling asthma and having a sore throat also of great use.

7, can enhance from the defense system of the body, provide vitality to the weak appearance in disease, suit in the rehabilitation stage usage.It lets the person fig up pleasurable characteristic, can be used for the transition period that gives out a drug addiction, because it can mediate the sense of incapability that that stage mind and body endures long hardship.Have already regulated to the whole body, the function of the balance.

8, the function of the anti- spasm, can relax bronchus, to the asthma, have a sore throat, the result is good.

9, warm characteristic, can nourish kidney and be good for the stomach, Qu bowel flatulence, help digest.

10, the happy sage can also smooth pressure, strain and suppress the mood of the Yu, and help the problem that the improvement suffers from insomnia.

11, through long station or walk the muscle caused aching and swell, carry on again massage after canning soak a pair of feet with the happy sage, will smooth a pair of ache of feet 

12, besides, the happy sage can also reduce blood pressure, fit high blood pressure sufferer use.

The sage has the pantheress He Er to receive, to growing of female the system is helpful, having already disinfect, prevented to catch a cold, activate brain cell, strengthen the effect of the memory.Have already made skin slippery and smooth and refrain from rash action also with incitement to grow etc. effect, its plant Fen ability the Di resist the germ and fungi infection.The modern is often used sage to help digest, the Long blood pressure and eases women's menstrual cramp and smoothes to have a sore throat.


The herbs sage withdraws the effect that the liquid does good to abstain from alcohol

The Italian and national neurology institute for research researcher who is located a second mile of the card benefit finds medium herb medicine Dan three medium compositions that draw from the sage root can make the rat success that"drink excessively abstain from alcohol".In the experiment, some gene structure of rats makes them become addicted to the alcohol easiest.After using Dan three compositions test time of the rat creation drinking habit is postponed obviously.

The section Long the Bo introduction of that institute for research says that the researcher prepares at the next stage to carry on the human body clinic test, studying a sage to abstain from alcohol effect.


三、The hairdressing effect of the sage:

The sage plant can give the hair color of dark is shining

 Can promote cell reborn, is the hair growth that is advantageous to the skin of head part particularly

Can purify the greasy hair and scurf, because it can repress sebum to secrete excessively prosperous.Skin been good for inflammation and swollen

The structure of the hair

The surface of the human body in addition to the palm and the feet bottom are outside and most all hair bag overlay

Hair by the following two constitute partially

The place that the hair bag-hair grows

The hair does-the central skin quality and outside layer epidermis constitute



The life cycle of the hair

Get a long-term

For period years, this also is each normal life of hair.The hair bag of this stage is long and deep, growing thick airtight and have the hair of the full color and luster.Generally speaking, at any one time, about hairs all are placed in the growth period.


Deteriorate a period

Lie the growth expect and hold still the transition of the period at grow period stage later on.The hair enters degeneration then for week to expect.


Static period

Then the rest expects.The Ji ministry of the hair bag the wrinkly Suo get up, and at for atrophy further in  months.After combing hair each time, the hair that stays on the comb or drops down all belongs to the hair of the static period.A new and healthy hair will start growing in that position later on, repeating the whole period



The scurf is the early sign that takes off hair, but scurf seem to be dirty mark of coming from the skin, is the by-product of the metabolism, cause because the keratin cell is peeling off.And the keratin cell is in the epidermis the most outside the dead cell of the side layer.Scurf's attaching to the surface of the skin of head is perhaps peeling off, but become the keratin of the scurf is the deep in epidermis.Scurf output structure is in the epidermis most deeply the base cell of, carry on cell division repeatedly, make new cell continuously.And the lately- become cell jostle to come up one after another, nearing to the surface of the skin more, will become circular to flat even form, then start keratin turning.Become the keratin cell while arriving epidermis finally, makes the periostracum that the complete keratin turns.And the keratin cell of the formation periostracum is jostled slowly to the skin of surface, go to more above, didn't combine together with cell with each other more, will fallen off finally.Like the period of the hair, the foundation epidermis of the scurf also has its period.The epidermis becomes a new cell birth in the base layer, and jostles to go to become the keratin cell above hereafter will start to be peeling off, this is the cell period of the epidermis.This period about  days.


Skin curative effect

Is bulky to the pore of the skin, pimple all the oil is good to improve a function

Beneficial mow the wound or other wounds, urge formation to become scarred, is bulky to the pore also helpful

The skin problem,such as Chuang, is painful, the eczema, psoriasis and ulcer all can acquire an improvement

Refrain from rash action thin hole of hair, recover the flexibility of the skin