一、Introduction :





Rosemary in flower

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R. officinalis










Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) is a woody, perennial herb with fragrant evergreen needle-like leaves. It is native to the Mediterranean region. It is a member of the mint family Lamiaceae, which also includes many other herbs. Forms range from upright to trailing; the upright forms can reach 1.5 m tall, rarely 2 m. The leaves are evergreen, 2-4 cm long and 2-5 mm broad, green above, and white below with dense short woolly hairs. The flowers are variable in colour, being white, pink, purple, or blue.


The rosemary caulis contain the erection and of Pu Bo, having several mutations, crawling sex a week a year to bloom


The name rosemary has nothing to do with the rose or the name Mary, but derives from the Latin name rosmarinus, which is presumed to mean "dew of the sea", though some think this too may be derived from an earlier name.



Familiar go to rosemary in the ancient tomb of Egypt, because Greece and persons in Rome all hallow the rosemary of the symbol of the plant and rebirth, think it can make to get stability, the dead Ping-ho;They dedicate the fiesta God Qi with of the rosemary, making into the Fen joss-stick with the rosemary to disperse bad work properly.


Cultivation and uses

The fresh and dried leaves are used frequently in traditional Mediterranean cuisine as an herb; they have a bitter, astringent taste, which complements oily foods, such as lamb and oily fish. A tisane can also be made from them. They are extensively used in cooking, and when burned gives off a distinct mustard smell, which can be used to flavor foods while barbequeueing.

Since it is attractive and tolerates some degree of drought, it is also used in landscaping, especially in areas having a Mediterranean climate. It can in fact die in over-watered soil, but is otherwise quite easy to grow for beginner gardeners. It is very pest-resistant.

Rosemary is easily pruned into shapes and has been used for topiary. When grown in pots, it is best kept trimmed to stop it getting too straggly and unsightly, though when grown in a garden, rosemary can grow quite large and still be attractive. It can be propagated from an existing plant by clipping a shoot 10-15 cm long, stripping a few leaves from the bottom, and planting it directly into soil.


二、           The use of the rosemary:

The manufacturing becomes ethereal oil

The ethereal oil is a kind of sweet smell material, extracting from the plant generally of sweet smell numerator is the important product of the industries, such as perfume, seasoning and cosmetics...etc., and the main raw material of the sweet smell therapy.


In science, a molecule is a group of atoms in a definite arrangement held together by chemical bonds. Chemical substances are not infinitely divisible into smaller fractions of the same substance: a molecule is generally considered the smallest particle of a pure substance that still retains its composition and chemical properties. Certain pure substances (e.g., metals, molten salts, crystals, etc.) are best understood as being composed of networks or aggregates of atoms or ions instead of molecular units.

In the molecular sciences, a "molecule" is a sufficiently stable, electrically neutral entity composed of two or more atoms. The concept of a single-atom or monatomic molecule, as found in noble gases, is used almost exclusively in the kinetic theory of gases, where the fundamental gas particles are conventionally termed "molecules" regardless of their composition.



 (left and center) and  (right) representations of the terpenoid molecule atisane.


Together the different technique of painting of a member.Left, medium the diagram is a stereoscopic model, the right diagram indicates for the flat surface.(Left)The black and white orb represents carbon, the hydrogen atom respectively, the column body of the orb indicates chemistry key.The model is surrounded by a the regiment cloud, representing the surface of the numerator, red, the blue represents respectively just, negative electricity.(Medium)With left diagram likeness.The shallow blue and white orb represents carbon, the hydrogen atom respectively, the column body indicates chemistry key.(Right)This kind of exploitation chemistry sign and straight line to indicates the technique of painting of the numerator structure is called a structure type.


The source and function

The plant in the great universe gets nutrient after carrying out the photo-synthesis, some plants still the ability is further will these nutrient conversion become sweet smell numerator, is also an ethereal oil, store in the gland bag of the plant different part, ethereal oil to plant of the growth play important role, in addition to having function of regulating the temperature and prevention disease, can also protect a plant to don't need is violated by the germ and germ.Besides, the ethereal oil in the flower petal, can attract to close to to the oneself's beneficial insect, also can avoid nearing to to the oneself's harmful insect, so people make use of this characteristic of the ethereal oil to drive out the destructive insect and the health care body in the life.


The usage and the standard of the sweet smell therapy

Use on the Fang Liao, the plant that makes ethereal oil if have to also have the medicine of[with] curative effect to use a plant, isn't each a plant things and can use to extract to become ethereal oil, among them again with refine Be the Fang Liao usage of ethereal oil most is careful, these plants must are an organic plant, besides which, , refine of the ethereal oil has to be also passed "GCMS test", the chemistry composition comparison has to be conformed to the standard value, can categorize for the ethereal oil of Fang Liao, although some plants smell nice-smelling, if not agree with up to standard be worth most only can be regarded as a sweet smell plant, don't belong to the plant of Fang Liao.


The rosemary extracts ethereal oil

Taking the dry leaf samples ethereal oil every year 1~ is 2 times.After harvesting for the first time need to go transplantation, can harvest again for 6 months after transplanting.For letting the color, joss-stick, flavor take place minimum variety, the result dries gradually in shade in the cool place quickly behind.Sample ethereal oil proper adopt to accept to bloom to carry a department first to be taken with organic menstruum Cui, the each hectare can accept dry leaf's  metric tons, the ethereal oil Cui takes quantity about  kilograms.


The content thing of the rosemary ethereal oil

About in the ethereal oil content flower, dry leaf's .The ethereal oil composition is the An oil Chun(cineole, eucalyptol), the pine oil is two wreath Xi(α -pinene, β -pinene)s, the Kan Ji(cumpha), the Kan Chun(the dragon brain)(borneol) is two Xi Ji C Chun(the non acetate-BAL)s without the acetic acid salt, the Ci Xi(camphane), is delicious(linalool), the lemon of d-Zhu Xi is bitter similar thing(d-limonene), laurel leaf Xi(myrcene) α one the pine oil Chun(α -erpineol) and the β -J son fragrant Xi(β -caryophyllene).


Special note:

Pure degree high ethereal oil as take in great quantities, willing cause bowel, stomach, the kidney inflammation had better avoid taking in great quantities.


三、Apply for Rosemary:

The rosemary cans help the fat digest, so is often put to go into row or column of reducing weight the medicine material in the middle

Nervous system

Activate brain cell, increase memory and enhance a mind

If you feel the pressure of the work, life forces of you breathe heavily fast however annoy, toss about difficult sleep at the mid-night, might as well let the rosemary give you a helping hand;The rosemary will stimulate your brain and central nervous system, cleaning the nerve fatigue, relieving the condition of illness of the headache or migraine, adjusting reason muscle aching, loose arms and legs joints, can also enhance your memory

Ethereal oil the main ingredient is the pine oil the two wreath Xi(pinene)s, the An oil Chun(cineoe)...etc. can enhance central nervous system


Headache, migraine

Skeleton system

The slow gout, rheumatism is painful, the muscle is aching

Circulatory system

Obesity, the beehive organization Yan

Breathe system

Bronchitis, flue, asthma


Refraining from rash action the skin, the improvement scurf, skin swells with the anasarca Other

Function canned purify air, slowed nervous motion and strengthened the brain activity 

Contribute to the function of the blood circulation;Often soak in the medicine bath of having the rosemary, can cure rheumatism aching, and solve scurf and drop the agony of the hair in the meantime.


In addition, the rosemary still has already adjusted the reason heart and the function of the blood pressure, stimulating blood circulation;Also can help to improve female menstruation of make to tend through the amount of blood in the stability through the blood quantity, if have the harassment of this aspect by luck, the rosemary ethereal oil's believing it can help up the favour.


The rosemary wide range of application, in addition to cook is a spice, still have already killed a bacterium, anti- oxygenation on the pharmacology, can cure headache, the nerve strain, appetite not good, refine of the ethereal oil can make cologne, joining the shampoo can also clean scurf.!Really was too miraculous!The unattractive rosemary has so many extraordinary effect unexpectedly, is really can't small Qu.


四、The hairdressing effect of the rosemary:

The Ursolic is sour, a kind of rosemary constitutes main factor, having to eliminate inflammation obviously with the repair and maintenance function

The fit oil skin quality is the natural and anti-virus that the skin becomes itchy slightly, easing skin Chong blood, anasarca and swelling, can improve loose phenomenon of skin tightly and actually

Secrete, promote the hair bag growth and improve scurf and drop hair to also have obvious effect to the equilibrium skin of head grease more