珊瑚藻.Corallina pilulifera


一、           Introduction:

Name:Coralline Zao(Corallina pilulifera)

And then: Spiral Zao, blue green weed


So-called coral dissimilarity is a kind that belongs to stab the Huai section in the coralline Zao and sea;High about 20 cms of or so, at to there are many stanzas on the tree branch for getting, its shape and coral are rather similar, so just be called coralline grass , because of calcium with the high quantity so again call coralline calcium, have already called the bottom of sea swallows' nest as well.



Section:  Coralline Zao section CORALLINACEAE

Scientific term:  Corallina pilulifera Postels et Ruprecht ,1840:20



The Zao body ash is purple, straightenning a cluster to get, 2-5 cms of high, contain abundant lime quality, the Ji department presents the hull form, its top gets many erections, two return or three return to the feather form to the that gets a cent, divide in to have the stanza and the stanza structure, abdominal of the stanza is the cylinder form, the stanza of the upper part is flat to press, presenting the Zhang form or hexagon, growing a 0.6-1.2 mms, the breadth 0.6-1.4 mms, have obviously medium the rib form Tu rise.The Zao body is many stalk types, the stanza the department Sui department by 12-16 layer the parallel Zao silk constitute, producing the skin layer of of the cent form outwardly, the knee stanza department only 1 layers then grow cell to constitute.



For together type the generation replace, the spore body with go together with the son body appearance likeness, go together with a bisexual and different body of the son body, the sperm bag and the fruit afterbirth all get in grow the nest, growing the nest, the small feather carries first, the stalk gets, is produced 2-3 fruit afterbirths by the auxilliary cells, each fruit afterbirth is 2 cells.The spore bag Tuo of the spore body is the round ball form, small top, the eyes matrix splits up.Grow in the low tide line top of the nearby Jiao rock or the stone Zhao, get(but the erection department for get for a year) for many years, whole years it is thus clear that.



Korea, Japan, Mainland China(Yellow sea, east the china sea, Xiamen), North America, New Zealand.Taiwan produces in the north, northeast.



(1)Expel Xiu then, remove constipation.

(2)Help the appetite row poison, lighten the burden of the liver.

(3)Strengthen metabolism, improve the constitution and skin quality.

(4)The nature reduces weight.

(5)The skin swollen and inflamed, black spot, freckle, pimple, allergic sex dermatitis etc...

(6)The bone soft disease, anemic, various women's disease..

(7)Stomach-ache, ulcerate, the stomach acid is excessive, indigestion, enteritis, enterovirus..






The petrel nest is a coralline grass, again the Qi Lin vegetables is this grass outline to jot down of salty grass and then salt grass, God grass, the blessing grass it call.

As early as Zhou Dynasty, Japan is paid tribute as contribution Chinese emperor, is a noble food, is regarded as from time immemorial not old longevity of secret recipe.The nourishment composition is very high, the coralline grass is beneficial to human body, is the valuable food of a kind of high nourishment, high value.Have abundant mineral quality, include calcium, iron, Lin, magnesium, potassium, selenium, manganese....Etc., can prevent and improve a human body to lack of the disease that the mineral quality brings.


三、   Apply:

Analyze coralline Zao by modern science, contain mineral qualities, such as abundant enzyme, collagen and calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, Lin and Na...etc..The stable mind, menopause needs an element most , can help a kid to increase high, prevention bone soft, face-lifting, increase the blood, weight reduction, relieve constipation and keep and improve looks of saint article.


The coralline Zao grows in whole plants that have no clean and inshore shore waters of pollution wetly, having abundant of the minerals quality nourishment ingredient and fiber, often eat to have equal help to the human body.


The coralline Zao has abundant calcium, iron, the gum quality-and the natural and organic plant of the fiber, eat often to the Xiu then, the high blood pressure, obese contain equal benefit.


The coralline grass has the natural and organic plant of abundant calcium, iron, the gum quality and fiber, the organic diet, vegetarian food and the age the big to the calcium, Lin, the iron demand more the ordinary people are high, can add calcium, iron by this.


The coralline Zao has abundant mineral quality"iodine. potassium. calcium. iron. sulphur" etc.. and a great deal of vitamin A.B1.B2.B12.C.The nicotine is sour. natural plant gum etc..particularly the content of the Xi and the iron is the most high and behave a body most easily to digest absorption directly, belonging to a high fiber of low calories of alkaline food, adjust the reason constitution loose and loose and anemic have a good improvement.


According to Taiwanese biologist the research of many years find, in the coral can the natural compound of the anti- tumor potential, it is a great deal of enzyme, can help to expel the body endotoxin, the result wins general health food more.


Modern science is analytical, the coralline grass enriches to contain mineral qualities, such as enzyme, the gum quality and calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, Lin and Na...etc..The coralline grass enriches to contain enzyme, abundant gum quality and the calcium qualities in sea, calcium quality 671 mgs, iron 441 mgs, the gum quality gs in the each 100 gs, so the calcium quality is the fingerling liver of , the iron is a liver of pig of , the gum quality is a swallows' nest of .


What kind of person need coralline Zao to do the row poison

1.Aware of self body not in the right, but the check do not pay the person of the disease

2.The complexion is dreary to have no light and face to permit a distressed person

3.The black spot, freckle grows to halt on the face, using various skin care productses all can't eliminator

4.The whole body appears skin disease, as the swollen and inflamed, allergy, tinea, fat lump..Wait for

5.Over a long period of time the appetite disease, as have a stomach-ache, ulcerate, be constipated, descend Li, stomach acid excessive and impaired digestion..Wait for

6.Not the small trouble of, as the headache, dizzy, the halitosis, body odor, shoulder is aching..Etc., all is caused by the body endotoxin

7.The on the face pimple stirs up continuously.

8.The body has differences, such as tumor and tumor...etc. to change cell.

9.General adult's disease, as high blood pressure, heart attack, diabetes, kidney disease...Wait for because of metabolizing badly the disease caused 

10.The kid's constitution contain drawback, catching a cold easily, long-term a cough, asthma..Etc., or the elder follows routine the disease that the wreath causes badly, making use of the coralline grass decontamination method, since simple and safe


四、   Ingredient result

Enzyme has because of having enzyme in the plentiful sea anti-virus.clearance inside the body.anti- Yan.purify blood and bring to life cell, shield and will be posted in the bowel wall tightly up of the Xiu arranges then, being free from various occurrence of pathological changeses, is environmental protection inside the body the best element

The collagen can improve crease. black class phenomenon.arrange poisonous result obviously, and can increase a skin to protect a water and tighten with flexibility.is the best saint article of female healthy sex and the youth hairdressing.

The calcium constitutes the main ingredient of the tooth and skeleton.

can help a kid to develop.grow high.prevent elder from the body Ge Shu heavy loose disease

The iron organizes the ingredient of the hemoglobin and muscle red vegetable, can promote metabolism the men and women increase the blood of important element.

Potassium.the magnesium participate a carbohydrate metabolism, being an energy metabolism factor, helping the human body maintenance endocrine of balance is also the Rong meat constringency and the heart Lyu normally, the menopause needs most of element.

The meal fiber has satisfied foot feeling and promotes to have a bowel movement to help an environmental protection inside the body after being edible                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Magnesium bone space set

五、   Collagen:


The main extracellular matrix components of the lung, type I and III collagens, were studied in chronic allograft rejection developing in a porcine heterotopic bronchial transplantation model. Specific porcine complementary DNA probes were constructed for detection of the expression of type I and III procollagen messenger RNAs in the bronchial wall structures and in the obliterative plug by in situ hybridization. In autografts, and in allografts immunosuppressed with 40-O-(2-hydroxyethyl)-rapamycin, cyclosporine A, and methylprednisolone, no histological changes of obliterative bronchiolitis (OB) developed, and the number of fibroblast-like cells expressing type I and III procollagen mRNA remained low. In nontreated allografts obliterating within 21 d, a preponderance of fibroblast-like cells showing positivity for type III procollagen mRNA existed in the obliterative plug and bronchial wall. This study shows for the first time the temporal and spatial activation of type I and III procollagen genes during the course of obliterative bronchiolitis. The number of cells expressing procollagen III mRNA increased parallel to developing obliteration and fibrosis in nontreated allografts, whereas autografts and immunosuppressed allografts exhibited no such trend. This finding suggests a positive association between type III collagen mRNA expression in fibroblast-like cells and development of obliterative bronchiolitis.



A Frenchman who was named the Pa article(Papin) spoke of in a report that cooked procedure in 1682, he tried to refine gum form material from the bone.

The collagen first time is admitted to is a kind of food that has value to is in Napoleon's times, at that time is blockaded a British period, it was used to supply to need very much protein of France.

The first English patent was recognized in 1754 issuable.

In 1870 the wave was a collagen especially----Protein.

Since 1950's, the collagen is industrial a is strengthened

Now, the high standard health production and product quality.

In the human body can natural formation, account for of the healthy human body protein total amount about

Be located the leather layer in, fiber the female cell manufacturing come out of the fiber form protein, have to prop up power goodly, its role is like to support reinforcing bar structure of rising the skin organization, can let the skin look plentiful smooth

More than 25 years old, the collagen runs off speed high in born speed, the skin starts appearing the evidence of the decrepitude




The collagen enriches to contain

1.     Glycine ,

2.     proline

3.     alanine

4.     hydroxyproline

5.     hydroxylysine

    All is an essential An Ji is sour not