一、           Introduction:


The Chinese language pronounces lanzao

Be called spiral Zao again

The outside text phrase blue green algae

The blue Zao door knowing together as of plant.Be divided into blue ball Zao, rib ball Zao generally, ground tube Zao, the beads Zao with many eyes with  row Zaos, total bout 2000 classification units, there are about  classification units in China.The blue Zao is having already existed on the earth for  years, is an age to put the oxygen living creature most longly, to the Earth surface from have no oxygen to change into the oxygen environment contain huge function.Some categories in the blue Zao be the forage of the nitrogen fertilizer source, fish and domestic fowl etc.s of the farm crop and be directly provided for mankind to eat.But the blue Zao breed too much and would become the water R.O.C., causing the fluid matter corrupt, bringing harmful influence to the marine products farming industry and the environment thus.


The appearance constructs

The blue Zao becomes the silk form body of the Zao silk for the unicellular individual, community or cell bunchy alignment, don't divide into, false cent or true cent.The cell has outside mainly by many afterbirths walls that the sugar constitutes, and usually have the sticky quality gum sheath or gum is wrapped up.The cell quality can be divided into the color quality District and central part that the surroundings have dye to have no center quality area that the color has to check quality.Often has the strong reflection grain that the size doesn't wait for in the cell quality.Float to swim blue Zao to usually is a false empty afterbirth(call spirit a bubble again), present the miniature of the taper for the both ends empty tube constitute, there is function of hiding the light and flotage.


Biology characteristic

The blue Zao cell is propagated with direct bruption.Split up the cell central part accept to hang to become next door, the cell penny is two, the silk form the blue Zao usually splits short cell row, can continue to split up to become a new silk form body.Blue Zao all right asexual reproduction, formation inside get a spore or get a spore outside.There are many Zaos with blue silk forms to become a chlamydospores, the Zhu saves to contain a thing to enrich, being stronger resist a badly environmental ability of the external world.The cell quality of the chlamydospores can split up new Zao silk of creation.The beads Zao eyes has an abnormal shape afterbirth with true in categories with many Zao purpose, is divided formation by the nourishment cell, its breath function more the nourishment cell is strong, causing abnormal shape afterbirth inside of be disgusted with the oxygen environment, is a solid nitrogen the main place of the solid nitrogen.


The blue Zao distributes very widely

In the fresh water and the sea water, damp with the dry soil and the rock up, the tree trunk and leaf and hot springs, the ice snow, even sew in the bittern pool, rock etc.s can exist, some can also wear into the calcium quality rock or the calcium quality skin hull living, have tremendous adaptability.The growth is particularly prosperous in the tropical zone, sub-tropical neutral or tiny alkalescence get the Jing.Having many categories is the Pu born natures of, not only is existed in as six tree mushrooms(the Nostoc commune) tropical zone, subtropics with temperate zone, in the Frigid Zone even the Antarctica has already found as well.

         The anti- negative of the blue Zao is very strong, the ability is dry, some dry specimens save Zhu and can also keep vitality for  years.The solid nitrogen fish Xing Zao(Anabaenaazotica) aridity of Chinas keep  re- grow again after year can also grow with the solid nitrogen.Some blue Zaos can the growth breed in 76 hot springses, having of can also grow solid nitrogen under the condition;(as the whip the Zao Mastigocladus laminosum)Have of can anti-- low temperatures;(as ground tree mushroom)Have some can also grow in the supersaturation brine.Therefore, the blue Zao often is a vanguard plant.


Develop with the exploitation

There are  various blue Zaos(majority for the beads Zao purpose category) to fix the numerator Tai nitrogen in the atmosphere to become combining the Tai nitrogen about, and synthesize protein further.There are many abundant sugar gum qualities outside its afterbirth, and contain the growth incitement material, be suitable for to make the paddy field fertilizer, the improvement soil, raise soil to protect fatty, protect the water ability.


These blue Zaos are called blue Zao of solid nitrogen.Region in the tropical zone and subtropics, solid nitrogen the blue Zao is in the each hectare paddy field every year ability the solid nitrogen is grams.China has already sieved blue Zao Zao of solid nitrogen to grow and established artificial to breed a technique.Its method is first Be testing indoor development to grow at first, then inoculating to the water deep  the Li riceses to teach the Zao pool--the extension in the soil pool or the plastics thin film pool develop.Chih-Shang adds the small arch thin film overlay to defend by controling rain.Zao the full with surface gain airing Zhu to save a back up in time namely, or inoculate to empty the Xian Chi farmland, miscellaneous hand over paddy rice to make to farm extension production Zao to grow.The Zao of the result's growing can dry in the sun or inoculate to go to lately- transplanted rice seedling night paddy field to breed by fresh Zao, is the fertilizer of this farmland piece.Can also gain part of fresh Zaos to receive other Tienchung to breed or dry in the sun to will apply next year fully.Make use of blue Zao of solid nitrogen the seed with the growth incitement material processing crops or the rice seedling in addition, can acquire the strong Yang and root plant with flourishing department.


The blue Zao has the higher protein(general is), more complete amino acids and various vitamins.Some blue Zaos be a food, if deliver the vegetables(the Nostoc flagelliforme, produce Chinese northwest and dry region), Ge fairy rice(N.sphaeroides, produce R.O.C. in, R.O.C. south mountain area paddy field with wetly), ground tree mushroom etc..Spiral Zao(the Spirulina platensis) the thick egg white content can reach to, is suddenly with the traditional food of Mexico, in recent years already the artificial development is a merchandise, useding to keep fish forage.China breeds the spiral fish Xing Zao(the Anabaena spiroides) as fish to grow bait to anticipate result good, some fishes,such as non- Ji, wait for of the fish also uses blue Zao as bait to anticipate.



二、The ingredient result of the blue Zao:

Blue Zao is the whole world is generally accepted for have already developed prospect most of the microorganism Zao, it is seen to a kind of fast nourishment source.The blue Zao growth is in the sunlight ample climatic zone and the water of the alkalescence.It symbolizes a big breakthrough of the manufacturing of food, it the protein produced is a same land area to plant the soybean income egg white quantity up.


The concentrated nourishment plain and other corn, the medicine grass or food dissimilarity that the blue Zao contains.It has γ a flaxen oil sour(the gamma-linolenic acid, GLA) and flaxen oil sour(the linoleic acid), peanut four Xi the iron, proteins, RNAs and DNA nucleic acid, chlorophyll of the vitamin B12(is what healthy red corpuscle needs, the vegetarian needs the complement B12 particularly), high quantity, a kind of blue vegetable(the Zao is green vegetable, phyco-cyanin) that is seen in blue green weed only of the sour(the arachidonic acid) and high quantity, this dye can raise the livability of the experiment rat of getting the liver cancer.


The blue Zao is a kind of natural easily digestive food, it to contribute to protecting an immune system and reduce cholesterol, absorbing mineral quality.Break a food a period, take blue Zao rather good.He provides the nourishment vegetable that can help the clearance body endotoxin and the treatment affected part, and also can repress appetite.Because the high quantity protein that it contains has already helped stable blood sugar, at two of the meals take blue Zao, the possibility is beneficial to low blood sugar sufferer.


The blue Zao is an alkaline department number is the highest in the alkaline food, can improve acidity constitution.The acidity constitution is all sources of chronic diseases.


三、the weight reduction result of the blue Zao:

The spiral Zao is called blue Zao again, its shape was like a pole green of the DNA-RNA structure, and own strong green vitality.Because its nourishment worth and special physiology function, make the spiral Zao always own a place in the health food boundary.Today in the weight reduction doctrine in power, the spiral Zao also takes to reveal its dazzling ray of light again up this upsurge.Actually it has what captivating miraculous magic, let to reduce the assistance result that the heavy reaches a relaxed weight reduction.


High-quality protein source

The spiral Zao has to enrich, integrity of have to amino acids, can provide the body organization reconstruction and adjust the liver metabolism function of important element.The spiral Zao has to be up to  high-quality proteins, comparing soybean to have another  above, even is a beef above, so can be considered as the high protein food of the superior quality.In reduce the heavy process, the change food nourishment composition takes a comparison, is a matter.In"enter a health to bring" one book, Ba Lyu.seat the Er Si Doctor speak  existing food condition only, can make the metabolism appearance that the body reaches most a top.Adjust the comparison of the nourishment vegetable, the total calories controls in greatest cards, in the food three kinds of sources of the calories, its comparison should be protein:Fat:Carbohydrate, enough high-quality protein, reduce taking of fat again plus just the right amount of carbohydrate, is reduce heavy the most important required course.


Abundant γ -time the flaxen oil is sour(GLA)

It have flaxen oil of the γ -time of the high quantity in the spiral Zao sour(GLA), is almost Evening Primrose Oil of .The GLA is a kind of have to fatty acids, can help the brown fat(exist in the fat Zhui meat of the surplus) organization in the body a metabolism, then reach result of removing the fat and the surplus weight.The GLA can also synthesize in the body prostaglandin in of PGE1, the help controls several body physiology function, including to reduce the cholesterol in the blood.


Green multi-vitamins

    The spiral Zao has abundant vitamin and the mineral quality, can maintain metabolism of reducing weight the period of smooth.Vitamin AN enriched to contain, can maintain the health of the skin.The vitamin Bs, can promote the metabolism of the calories and the exclusion of the humidity.The potassium can promote the excretion of the metabolism humidity, the calcium can repress fat hormone to secrete, the Lin can strengthen the metabolism of the energy, the magnesium can maintain to build the blood function and nervous system normally of normal.


Super and alkaline food

Reduce a heavy period because of metabolizing the increment of the discard, make the blood and constitution incline toward acid reaction easily, and make the velocity of the metabolism decelerate down, and make to reduce a heavy to usually feel difficult to express muscular fatigue feeling.The alkaline mineral quality(is the potassium and the calcium quality particularly) that the spiral Zao enriches, can maintain blood to be worth in the sour alkali of balance, make the metabolism maintain a high level performance, and reduce to reduce a heavy period the creation of[with] tired feeling.


The chlorophyll counteracts poison function

Will produce a great deal of discard and toxin in the fat metabolism process, if can't expel quickly, will bring bad influence to cell.Therefore reduce a heavy period the counteracting poison of liver workload to surge, the excretion of the kidney burden would also opposite increment.Abundant chlorophyll can help the human body exclusion harmful chemistry material, heavy metals and pollutant in the spiral Zao, protecting the interference that the liver cell avoids toxin, can also lighten discard's burden for kidney.


Chemical structure

Chlorophyll is a chlorin pigment, which is structurally similar to and produced through the same metabolic pathway as other porphyrin pigments such as heme. At the center of the porphyrin ring is a magnesium ion. The chlorin ring can have several different side chains, usually including a long phytol chain. There are a few different forms that occur naturally:


Chlorophyll a

Chlorophyll b

Chlorophyll c1

Chlorophyll c2

Chlorophyll d

Molecular formula






C3 group






C7 group






C8 group






C17 group






C17-C18 bond








Mostly plants

Various algae

Various algae



Common structure of chlorophyll a, b and d

Common structure of chlorophyll c1, and c2


三、The hairdressing effect of the blue Zao:

Maintain a healthy skin

Reduce a heavy period to produce because of metabolism of free radicals would suddenly doubly, cause cell disorganization.Caused very easily when contemporary thanked a discard to pile up to the skin organization dark sink the creation of the skin and the skin spot.The spiral Zao enriches to contain of the little mineral quality and the SOD composition, provided cell a basic defense ability, plus to enhance the result that the liver counteracts poison, make to reduce the person whom the heavy period adds spiral Zao, can preserve a healthy skin and the skin color.


DNA-RNA not old legend

The spiral Zao has the precious DNA-RNA nourishment composition, is dominate cell to propagate, freshman, repair and maintenance and metabolism of important key material, so have the function of"endow with to live" to the body function.Can make people acquire the nourishment complement of the DNA-RNA easily by adding spiral Zao, can decelerate aging phenomenon of physiology not only, can also make the metabolism of the cell vibrant and vigor, let to reduce heavy become more relaxed and comfortable.



Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is a nucleic acid that contains the genetic instructions for the development and functioning of living organisms. All living things contain DNA genomes. A possible exception is a group of viruses that have RNA genomes, but viruses are not normally considered living organisms. The main role of DNA in the cell is the long-term storage of information. The genome is often compared to a set of blueprints, since it contains the instructions to construct other components of the cell, such as proteins and RNA molecules. The DNA segments that carry this genetic information are called genes, but other DNA sequences have structural purposes, or are involved in regulating the expression of genetic information.




RNA is a polymer with a ribose and phosphate backbone and four different bases: adenine, guanine, cytosine, and uracil. The first three are the same as those found in DNA, but in RNA thymine is replaced by uracil as the base complementary to adenine. This base is also a pyrimidine and is very similar to thymine. Uracil is energetically less expensive to produce than thymine, which may account for its use in RNA. In DNA, however, uracil is readily produced by chemical degradation of cytosine, so having thymine as the normal base makes detection and repair of such incipient mutations more efficient. Thus, uracil is appropriate for RNA, where quantity is important but lifespan is not, whereas thymine is appropriate for DNA where maintaining sequence with high fidelity is more critical.


RNA with its nitrogenous bases to the left and DNA to the right.