卡瓦椒.Kava Kava


一、           Introduction:


Kava Kava    









P. methysticum













Nickname:Card tile pepper 

Scientific term:piper methysticum

The card method Jiao is many meat qualities of the pepperystomach-ache section the green bush be often produced in tropical island of the south Pacific Ocean at first

Main composition:The card tile fat inside the Jiao(Kavalactones) 

Adopt to accept to process to make use of value with medicine:Tuber, root

The person who finds the card method Jiao first is firstthe voyage explorer car gram captain(J.Cook), he is called"inebriate person Jiao" to this kind of plant.

Wave mile the person with second Ni west take its root to make into a kind of greatly popular beverage, is called "the Sa is high";And the this place herbalist always all takes it to cure the nerve strain and insomnia.

The card method Jiao can also help to ease painful phenomenon of the Jing that the muscle spasm causes.

In addition, it is also a kind of diuretic of geniality.


Care effect:

1.Have the result of the tranquilizer

2.Can put aside pressure and mollify melancholy

3.Have the result for relieving pain


The Fiji traditional health care tea drinks to bring to has no tumor and have no cancer of record

Nonalcoholic beverage by what the root of the card method Jiao makes, it plays important role in some Pacific Ocean islands live together the pattern, including the Huang clan of the hospitality visit and receiving the elder of the village, its value lies in the result that has fragrance and matches the community life of need, it also can make sound peace and health of sense, strengthen spirit sharp degree, memory and feeling axis, the card method Jiao also is used for at Pacific Ocean the traditional treatment of the islands come up improvement ache.

For more than  years, the residents of the south Pacific Ocean island all take the card method Jiao of one of the pepperystomach-ache families to make into beverage to promote a relaxed pleased mood.Therefore see it be promoted sales recently in order to cure a sophisticated"new" product of anxious disease, I can not help laughing secretly--only we just say it is new.The scientist just confirmed wave a mile a number century with second Ni west to the fact for being familiar with recently:The card method Jiao is a natural motion improvement.They find in 1993, its inside has a kind of strong power compound:The card method ester inside the Jiao, this is a kind of natural muscle to relax, all having comfortable town to the mind and bodies settle of effect.


Apply disease:

Worry anxiously, menopause


二、The function of the card method Jiao: 

 Natural tranquilizer-card method Jiao

The anxious disease also called the spirit organic functions disease in early days, including various nervous uneasy, excessiveness anxious disease caused, generally all is used tranquilizer medicine to cure, but also someone chose the natural herb medicine card method Jiao of the side effect less.

The card method Jiao(the kava kava):All take the card method Jiao at the residents of the south peace Ping island, make into the slight anaesthesia beverage to promote a relaxed pleased mood.When in 18 jerkins, European and wave mile When the island people with second Ni west get in touch with, just start using this herb medicine.The card method Jiao has the special function that the worry anxiously and muscle relax of ease, so often be used for Be suffering from insomnia, anxious discomfort.

Very a few researches all show the card method ester inside the Jiao can cure the condition of illness of the light worry anxiously, the result stand comparison with and even exceed the medicine of the anti- worry anxiously, and will not cause unwell side effect, for example:Thirsty with disgusting.The better BE, the card method Jiao can't let the person become addicted, also being unlike a similar ream person of many tranquilizers feeling anaesthetize or whole body have no power.You should feel quiet but again in town wide awoke very much just to.

The card method Jiao mainly has a set of chemistry material to call the card method Jiao C ester(kavalactones), these materials can relax a muscle, ease worry anxiously, pressure and sleep well a function...etc., but also will not cause the attention of patient's the second day not concentrated and love to sleep phenomenon.

The card method Jiao although it is said is very safe while curing the amount of, but as long-term big amount of under, may cause red Zhen of skin of skin pathological changes, with lose the linger effect of[with] alertness.

At Germany, the card method Jiao is allowed of is the patent medicine that cures the spirit worry anxiously, strain and discomfort, at the United States, the card method Jiao is also the popular merchandise in the health food ranking.

However, finds one after another in Germany and Switzerland the first 2 years the card method Jiao causes the liverish case example, causing next dispute of product.

But also there is folk botanist to query, aborigine the edible card method Jiao all has never taken place for several thousand years similar of condition, problem should be pay in extracting a method, and not plant.

Summary:The card method Jiao helps sleep and slow pressure probably, easing nerve strain and being taken by surprise.

The distinguishing feature of the card method Jiao is to reduce spirit nervous, the but again will not be like a general town quiet the medicine produces influence to consider so


三、The ingredient of the card method Jiao:

The herbs card method Jiao(kava-kava, the Piper methysticum) be used for in the family medical treatment, and is seen to a kind of nourishment supplies in the world at a lot of places for long time.

The root of the card method Jiao extracts in the former alcohol, can extract a kind of live material card method ester(kavalactones) inside the Jiao in the know-how technique.In addition, the extracting of typical model procedure creation about  card method ester inside the Jiaos, at most  flavokawains, the industry produces up the card method ester inside the Jiao equally can't more than  and include some harmful dissolubilities to remain a thing.The invention is a concerning plant to extract a thing and it extracts procedure, being applicable to the card method Jiao particularly up with get the extracting of liquid, the half solid thing, or the Hu form extract a thing.


Piperidinalkaloide der Kavapflanze




Grundger5ust der Kavapyrone



Spirit live composition is the main card tile root, some common bush Pacific Ocean islands.


The root-stock and root bush is the production and the steps degree the non- hard drinks expansion flock that the ground infatuates with in the water to say, spirit clear degree decrease worry anxiously.(see main Jia R.O.C. into)The current quantity and comparison are the highest isn't even, when extract melting agent rather than root traditional tea art

Have of withdraw with the fat help kavalactone(namely;Whole fat milk, cooking oil etc.)

Compound 18 different kavalactoneses have already made sure up to the present.


Include a light degree a function with quiet town, there are the slight and benumbed tooth Yin and, vivid dream.The Jia R.O.C. it is said that improve an accomplishment and promote the cognition mood bright.The muscle relaxs an anxious function of, anaesthetic, anti- epilepsy, anti- is thought cause of directly interactive use the card tile with the kavalactones electric voltage dependence ion channel over a long period of time and didn't cause reduce and cognize the ability test to sweep to see.

Bad result

The American food and medicine manage bureau(FDA) to also warn to say, condition the very rare liver damage or may cause the liver function crock up to deliver the card tile to contain a supplement suddenly and violently however, these may cause injury pipermethystine], alkaloid parts of factory premiseses that use on the industry currently, but usually throw  traditional preparation away.


四、The hairdressing effect of the card method Jiao:

The card method Jiao can have town to the skin to settle of effect, and, can also defer a skin aging.