Super oxide Dismutase

1.The super oxide Qi turns the brief name SOD, is the abbreviation of English Superoxide Dismutase, is a body inside resist a free radicals together defense line, be our body inhale the oxygen carry on metabolism will produce the super oxygen anion(O2-) free radicals, if don't give cancellation and will produce chain reaction in the body, break our cell, is the human body is aging and the cause of the disease, happily there is SOD in the body remove them.The SOD is in only function inside the body is remove super oxygen ion, make them become to have no to the human.

2. SODs is a kind of enzymes.The healthy person can make 5,000,000 SOD and its colleague of the units to lead to oxidize hydrogen (catalase)nearly everyday#.The SOD also helps body to make use of zinc, copper, manganese.Increase gradually along with the age, the SOD density will reduce, the content of the free radicals increases at this time.It is studied just currently.The SOD complement article of the tablet or the medicine slice has to be had one film, making SOD ability the integrity didn't lack ground to arrive the small intestines absorbability through the stomach department.Add an article and have to can provide about 5,000,000 or higher unit of the day need quantity.The natural SOD sees in the barley grass, green cauliflower, cabbage vegetables bud, cabbage, wheat grass, and greatly part of green plants.
SOD function mechanism

3.The human body metabolism will produce a kind of outcome with greatly vice- activity to call "the reaction oxygen clan".(ROS, the reactive oxygen species, call ROS as follows)The ROS will hurt the cell, organization and DNA.More and more evidence shows the ROS is also necessary to life.If the ROS is super to oxidize an anion(the superoxide anion), is the weapon that the leukocyte deals with the cause body;Then have something to do with blood pressure adjusting to control while oxidizing nitrogen(the nitric oxide).ROS even possible the oneself adjust to control the metabolism rate, many genes and protein are thought to resist to oxidize to press and prolong life, leading to oxidize hydrogen#(catalase)turn(the superoxide dismutase) with the super oxygen thing Qi-handle of nematode, can compare normally of live 44%(the Bick Institute Simm Melov detection) more in the fruit fly, some extension life of the mutation can increase the power that the anti- oxidizes to press in the meantime.For example the fruit fly of[with] the methuselah gene mutation, live not only longer, and all have holdout to the heat and the insecticide"paraquat"(destroy insects by increasing a great deal of ROS)ses.

● The substantial evidence of individual disease and the anti- free radicals medicine treatment

1.The myocardial lacks blood:
The Vladimilov reported the artery gruel kind to harden the sufferer's fat inside the blood plasma to lead the oxide(LPO) content to go up in 1986.LPO's going up is the blood oxygen free radicals function in the result of the fat, becoming the vicious cycle of the coronary outbreak, and the myocardial lacks the example that the blood is a typical model.Have already known the free radicals participates a myocardial to lack the again infusing of the blood Zhu harm evidence to have currently:(1)The fat leads to oxidize the outcome C two Quans increment;(2)Anti- inside the organization oxidizes#the activity descend, oxidizing to hurt to oxidize with anti- to be out of balance.(electron spinresonance; ESR)its application, free radicals after all obtaining to infuse again Zhu in great quantities born direct evidence. When myocardial lacked blood to infuse again Zhu, the creation of the free radicals contain three important paths.(1)While lacking blood to infuse again Zhu, swiming to leave calcium can activate the Lin fat, can make the cell membrane Lin fat decline a solution, releasing peanut four Xis sour, the latter can accelerate the free radicals formation of the wreath oxygen and the fat oxygen catalyst.(2)Lacking the blood can trigger to repair the body system to activate and tend a creation of turning the factor, both all can cause to lack blood to infuse again to love a neutral grain cell to pile up in the Zhu area, can oxidize creation free radicals through a NADPH.(3)Lack blood the oxygen provide quick decrease, urging to lack the blood area ATP to resolve for the yellow Biao purine to accumulate to gather continuously, in the meantime grain the gland body function is damaged, the cell dye that breathes a chain eventually an end oxidizes(the cytochrome oxidase) is repressed, cause the yellow Biao purine take off hydrogen(the xanthine dehydrogenase) to develop to oxidize for the yellow Biao purine, in the process the formation of the super oxygen free radicals.According to move.

2.The mental exertion crocks up
Heart because the pressure burden and capacity carries a surfeit, final often can cause the mental exertion crock up.Relevant free radicals, all haded affirmation at home and abroad ago together of clinical research paper.Hint the heart Shuai exist an obvious fat over oxidize respond to strengthen, the anti- oxidizes#the ability reduce.For example, someone to strenuous effort patient and normal person's 100 for each, after investigating the SOD of the red corpuscle point out its result as the former only 76.28+ is 20.79 μ g/mls.And then 107.22+ then is 29.03 μ g/mls.The medicine that cured cardiovascular disease few days ago maximum amount, but some curative effect is very low, using the SOD concert reatment can make result more obvious.

To the research of the shock.was laid particular emphasis on in low blood pressure quantity, cardiovascular dynamics and lost the liquid therapy in early days etc., in the shock of various type.the creation of the oxygen free radicals was the Zong color result of the much heavy factor:
(1)Organize to re- acquire rich oxygen blood to infuse Zhu after the shock appearance turn for the better, organize to take off hydrogen in the yellow Biao purine at this time#conversion oxidize for the yellow Biao purine#, is declined solution by the ATP to become yellow Biao of yellow Biao purine, time to sing to metabolize further in the catalyst the organization, release a great deal of O2-.
(2)Wound ache, lose blood, cold incitement and should arouse reaction causing it, the body can release a great deal of son tea Fen An, at adrenaline from oxidize and the body re- synthesize adrenaline all can release O2-.
(3)In addition to the endotoxin shock is starting a stage and then stimulating a grain cell to activate to release O2 with it-, the other,such as the wound shock appearance, "infection"s to all become an outstanding problem in slightly and late some time, at this time organize inside a great deal of cell gradually and release a great deal of O2-. In the shock appearance particularly is the shock that merges to infect, the live oxygen free radicals rose to emphasize to want to use yesterday in the organization the damage and the shock the outbreak the mechanism, therefore, at the shock took place, needed an anti- to oxidize the Mei or anti- oxidizing agent help rather.

4.Many system organs crock up:
Many system organs crocking up(the multiple system organ failure;MSOF) is more a clinical symptoms that is valued more, and the recent years free radicals cause the detection of the organization harm, for studied the MSOF mechanism to provide important clues.By organize the organ part to lack the blood or the Yan disease and cause oneself of the free radicals hurt of fact, already confirm extensively;The harm of the liver, lung usually more outstanding, its reason has at least in great quantities huge bite cell and can become abundant free radicals source after activating relevant.Was proven by the corpse check data, the MSOF pathologic change takes the non- particularity Yan disease as its characteristic, this important position that proves a free radicals further in the MSOF the outbreak the mechanism, the damage of the definite free radicals is a blood vessel first inside skin of damage, cause afferent transparence increment and organize edema etc. the Yan disease respond.Therefore.give in the possible scope the anti- oxidize therapy to still belong to a necessity.

5.The adult breathes hard-pressed symptoms:
The adult breathes hard-pressed symptoms(the adult respiratory distress syndrome;ARDS) and calls impatient lung harm.for the shock, wound, burn, infect, inhale a kind of complications of special type of poisonous air etc. severity disease, is one of the important cause of diseases that the Wei heavy disease causes death. Many facts all think that the ARDS lung harm is come together with lung of with by repairs the neutral grain cell that the body activates to release of the oxygen free radicals etc. toxic material relevant.When the impatient lung hurt, in great quantities neutral grain after activating the cell be detained by the lung, releasing a great deal of O2 while being "breath explosion"-, and the SOD and CAT etc. anti- oxidize#reduce, the H2 O2 cans not gets in time of clearance, their interaction becomes the high and live oxygen metabolism thing to cause the lung organization harm.The oxygen free radicals has a direct toxicity function not only to the lung organization, and passes a neutral grain cell to tend to turn factor of born, can also enlarge the Yan disease to respond, aggravate the organization harm that waits for to the lung.In case of meet such of the patient match with usage anti- to oxidize therapy and will do good greatly for sufferer to saying.

6.The self immunity disease and anti- Yan function:
As for the self immunity disease medical science field there are very a few parlances, in recent years again someone think because the some link mechanism for cell to oxidizes metabolism is out of tune, causing the SOD content reduce and O2-with the other oxygen free radicals density increment with the result that.Someone tries out SOD treatment rheumatism arthritis, whole body erythema lupus, the gram Long surname disease(the Crohn's disease)...etc., through after curing a few months obtained obvious result;But also the one who have to hold a negative attitude.Say aught, cure a chronic rheumatism arthritis(a muscle Zhu 8 mgs, every week 2-4 times), the bone arthritis(inject a 4 mgs once toward the joint Qiang, inject every two weeks) with Er fruit Ting in above Europe, and more than 100 prostate gland cancers or the urine bladder cancer project the linger effect"the radio bladder inflammation" of curing the back(a muscle inject a 4 mgs, the total measures a 8-70 mgs;The best is in the treatment the back the half an hour to inject immediately for good)etc., all obtained good result.Didn't hurt to the cartilage organization in the anti- Yan process, also have no side effect, better than steroid and non- types solid medicine.

7.With other several relation for getting sicks:
Someone measuresed 33 kidney diseases to wait a flock to suffer from son and 32 health child the oxygen free radicals and concerning clinical index sign, find as a result:

1.While waiting a group of childs with the healthy child and the kidney disease to alleviate to expect to compare, in the kidney disease wait a flock of impatient period that suffers from son, the total and super oxide Qi of the blood plasma turns#(TSOD), the CuZn-SOD, the GSH-Px activity is obvious to reduce, the MDA content rises;In the high urine TSOD, CuZn-SOD, the GSH-Px is live to build up, and the MDA content have no obvious change.
2.The related analysis hints, the blood plasma TSOD and white egg white present just related;The blood plasma MDA and white egg white present to take related, with urine the amount of egg white present just related;Urining the TSOD and urine egg white fixed amount presents just related.Besides, 17 beginnings cure to suffer from son from usage the steroid go to urine egg white to disappear time and its acute needed to expect the blood plasma MDA to present just related and TSOD negative related, and present and TSOD/MDA height negative related.This research hints, the kidney disease waits a flock to suffer from the son body inside exist an anti- to oxidize an ability to reduce to lead to oxidize to build up, its degree and clinical processes with fat closely related.The body will produce the free radicals of a series after ising subjected to emanation line project light upon, among them to human body endanger biggest is O2-with OH, and can cause radiation behind synthesize condition of illness, severity can cause death.
Someone does to experiment with the small white rat, at before radiating or radiation after use the certain SOD for measuring, can reduce emanation line consumedly to the harm of the machine body cell, reduce linger effect;Don't add to use the SOD its survival before projecting the line irradiation.

8.The oxygen free radicals and decrepitude:
The free radicals oxidizes the living creature numerator, is one of the important mechanisms of the decrepitude occurrence.Aging hour"fat brown quality"(lipofuscin;Call old-age dye again)pour is a more important marking;On the other hand because of fat of over oxide and the structure and function of the breakage cell, make on the other hand big numerator of living creature of the occurrence hand over Lian, coming together the huge numerator of the abnormality, piling up in dissolve the body, becoming a kind of sloth discard of cancellation with hard cell ……fat brown quality. Experiment according to the animal, the cell centerline grain the Mn-SOD activity in the body, 20 months of big rat ratio in August age the big rat is obvious to descend, and the male severity in pantheress.The recent years also had many scholars to carry on investigating to the mankind, though some data has a little bit discrepancy up, the total trend is the SOD value along with increase an age and descend.For example:Someone's measuresed youth a person's red corpuscle SOD content is(the μ g/g.Hb) 481.43 ±s 10.13, and the old people are then for421.24±27.17(P<0.01)。And then someone to youth(18-33 years old), the old age expected(50-59 years old) ago, longevity old age(90-96 years old) etc. a few blood MDAs, the SOD content carried on a measurement, along with the increment of the age, the content of the SOD is reducing continuously, the content of the MDA increased continuously.
More someone's data shows:The healthy person red corpuscle SOD is worth, the 20-29 years old set is obvious and low in child's team;Later 30-59 years old of each 10 years old set the degree with gradually light value descend, but set have no obvious difference;60-99 years old of each 10 years old set the value have no obvious rise and fall;The 100-108 years old set has already reduced trend slightly.Among them, the middle age expects to add up a set of SOD to be worth to compare adolescence aggregate a set a value to is to be obvious to reduce;But win an old-age set the , old age and the longevity set, the SOD is worth to then have no obvious difference.Therefore increase the outside source SOD and other anti- oxidizing agents, and the hour clearance excessive oxygen free radicals, possibility availably anti- decrepitude(anti-aging).

9.Care food SOD
Breathing air everyday is for needing oxygen to make the organ circulate, be us to attract oxygen, the oxygen will be entered blood by the lung, is been afferent by the heart to send the oxygen to the body each place, carry on various reaction.But the oxygen will produce the oxygen free radicals in the function process, the oxygen free radicals will have to the cell of the human body to kill wound power very greatly, will make diseases, such as gene mutation and arteriosclerosis...etc., there is the nature defense system-SOD in the body can will super oxidize a free radicals to clean.The SOD is a kind of anti- oxidizing agent, the natural food that contains SOD comes from green plant almost and all, as barley bud grass, wheat bud grass, Cruciferae vegetable etc..If make into the nourishment complement tablet then want to plus the protection layer in order to prevent is lost result by the stomach acid decomposition in its stomach, and ability directly since the childhood the bowel absorbability make use of.So the taking of adequacy anti- oxidizing agent and related nourishment complement article to maintain, prevent cancer, anti- is beneficial always and rather.

The some anti- free radicals medicine has of already applied in clinic, as the vitamin E, C, AN etc. have abundant of experience, extends it to apply to prevent and cure in the Wei disease, develop the function that its anti- oxidizes harm, this may has no a problem to clinical doctors.The problem is all an any functions of medicine to have it to limit sex, adding it to oxidize to hurt and ising a complicated process, this need how choose a few functions of different medicine, reach larger curative effect.

Value the research of the anti- free radicals medicine and develop more and more at home and abroad currently, in addition to hard extension the scope of the new species is outside, to the anti- free radicals medicine that have already affirmed as:The SOD, the vitamin E etc. is improving in the Gou effect to reduce its weakness and increase particularity.As SOD because the half- life is very short and the obsolescent clinical application, the recent years applies to gather ethylene two Chuns the super oxide Qi turn enzyme half- life and can reach to for 30 hours, and can stick to attaching in the skin surface inside the blood vessel, increasing its nti- free radicals function;The SOD that produces with the genetic engineering's gathering body more will also be applied in a clinic.Worthy of particularly put forward of BE, the some Wei heavy disease person's pathology is very complicated, the possible nerve, endocrine, nourishment metabolism, immunity and various body fluid factors all participate among them, be in a certain situation and a certain degree top free radicals likely to be unique with the result that hurt material, in order to correct the whole process of disease, anti- free radicals have to also and other medicine and prevent and cure of all possible measure unites an application in the meantime, can acquire more ideal curative effect.

Really there is obvious result in the SOD anti- skin the aging function experiment and reduce the function of the melanin content.The SOD is a rather popular anti- to oxidize a product now, its reason BE, the live oxygen(the Active Oxygen) of one of no matter inside or foreign factor and free radicals inside the body of[with] creation has already caused the cell membrane and the cell fat lead oxidize of function, as a result broke the normal growth of the cell, cause aging and other problems.Therefore wait for a natural anti- to oxidize composition to become modern cosmetics to spoil son toward the SOD.Much skin care products increases SOD, being the product protection on the other hand, reaching an aging purpose of the skin anti- on the other hand.Besides, if the skin contain the small wound of the shallow layer, the suggestion can use SOD an original liquid to help the wound Yu to match and repair and maintenance.

The appearance of the thin Wen, the initial stage may is because of what the skin aridity causes, as long as does like hydrate and can immediately improve, but if long-last accumulation of injury, still probably appear true of veins is a particularly modern female due to insolation, pollute, pressure, live falsely often, sit up, smoke etc., all may make the false of the skin aging in advance, make the skin age present more than 30 years old Ans, flabby, thin Wen etc., therefore resist aging, really is in spite of age, prevent aging want early as possible.
To the 30-year-old female for do not say, suggest that do old preparation of good anti- everyday, use some anti-s to oxidize particularly and much, the composition of the anti- free radicals, as the SOD anti- mature and steady cent, and really do to like to defend to insolate with hydration, then prevention aging of appear in advance.
Young female ignore from how old start maintaining, all want to build up a right idea BE:Protect.

Oxidize to respond is a kind of chemical reaction what to point, having to certainly coming in contact with oxygen not then would take place, skin inside most main of oxidize reaction excessively, mainly by each kind of free radicals cause.Ultraviolet ray, project line, smoke to drink, the exercise excessiveness, nervous pressure, edible the excessive processed food, sugar and grease, will make free radicals a great deal of creation, accelerate cell to oxidize.
When the unsteady free radicals produces after, will start attacking normal numerator, cause reaction of producing the catena, bring much injury to the living creature cell, include to cause the cell membrane unsaturated fatty acid sour of over oxidize, then change the transparence of the cell membrane, or because of acceleration DNA inside the cell oxidize injury, causing the gene mutate, then making skin aging lightly, the skin presents of omen,such as crease, spot, pimple...etc., , heavy then cause body of the immunity power reduce, heart afferent disease, high blood pressure, glycouria the far-gone chronic disease finds to come slowly.
Even can reduce various foreign free radicals injury as far as possible, the living creature body as long as breathe the function, energy conversion to keep on carrying on, body inside will also have the free radicals creation for diverting continuously, can't avoid completely.The anti- that have to depend on the human body formation at this time oxidizes enzyme(SOD, GSH etc.) and contiguously complementary each kind of anti- to oxidize composition, resist a free radicals;Aims at the small injury that the free radicals causes in the meantime, also want to take in to repair to pile up by reducing injury at any time.Wanting to synthesize an anti- to oxidize enzyme and keeping on repair cell has to need depend on a great deal of amino acids, therefore, the adequacy takes the protein, vitamin and anti- to oxidize a food very important, and use anti- more to oxidize to protect skin care products.Want to avoid ultraviolet ray, smoke harm, getting empty as far as possible in addition.

The anti- oxidizes, what to represent is the prevention is aging.Ignore any age, any skin quality, all is threatenned by the aging injury at any time, all need to put on the protection cover for the skin, from this, the anti- oxidizes composition, are all helpful to anyones.Just, real young and healthy skin, the metabolism is prosperous, making repair function stronger, is hurt by the free radicals even if, can also repair very fast, hurt a not easy accumulation, so, oxidize to maintain in the anti- up, relatively will not emphasize its importance excessively. But no matter men and women, go to 25 years old above, because the metabolism starts becoming slowly, and the pollution of the environment, ultraviolet ray, smoke harm, live pressure etc. unavoidable, once the quantity of the free radicals inside the body have another get up, body inside repress the SOD of the free radicals and can not produce result, the free radicals will start breaking our cell then;If hurt accumulation of speed exceed the repair speed of the skin, will present in the appearance then, let the skin lose the flexibility and sheen, cause various outside and aging phenomenon of creation, therefore strengthens the protection that the anti- oxidizes, can keep skin from the injury pile up with advance aging occurrence.

Need ethnicity:
1. Arthritis and autoimmune disease sufferer
2. Traffic accident, sprain and wound sufferer
3. High uric acid, gout, shoot to protect swelling of gland greatly, liver disease sufferer
4. Cancer, heart attack, glycouria far-gone chronic disease sufferer
5. Drink, take out the cigarette habit
6. The modern people, middle age and old people cares generally
7. The immunity ability shortage
8. The blood fat leads high, heart afferent disease
9. Chronic disease, cancer dangerous flock