一、           Introduction of Milk:




Milk, be so called milk, is one of the most ancient and natural beverages.The milk just as its name implies is from the pantheress milk cow body extruded to come.

Have four kinds of main proteins in the milk

S-milk globulin beta-lactoglobulin:Can will cause some person appetite allergy, but have an antigen ability most

γ -Milk white egg white gamma-lactalbumin

Milk pure egg white whey protein

Lao egg white casein:Main protein, had the milk egg white is , may cause some person appetite allergy


In order to enriching to contain lactose in the milk, the lactose is a kind of two sugar, needing the lactose that the living creature secretes in the bodyTo resolve, the mammal You bodies all would are natural to produce lactose , But after the adulthood lactose Of secrete and then will reduce or stop.To person, the condition dissimilarity of different race.

General horde due to usually with milk product for get, will secrete lactose  the whole life through the natural choice, As European, mongols etc..

But also there is the race breast feed to expect to no longer get in touch with the milk ware later on, so stop secreting the lactose , To them, the milk can't digest, will cause diarrhea, even causing disease, as African some races.

Chinese because the top of the history with Mongolia, the full clan and northern horde half-blooded isn't a sensitive to the milk so, but also be unlike the European is similar long-term with milk product for get, so each individual to the reaction of the milk dissimilarity, someone is pleased to drink an addiction, someone can't digest, also someone vomits easily after drinking or unwell, the general child absorbs milk with young man easily, the old people digest not easily.


Hairdressing result

The milk smoothes a day to harm a skin

Don't speak that not to know, originally the milk can give not only the skin nourishment, and according to the function of enzyme, have already eliminated inflammation, decreased swelling and mollify the effect of[with] the skin strain as well.After being to enjoy the sun bath through therefore, if discover face to burn to appear swollen and inflamed because of insolation, can make use of milk to come to nursing.

Wash face with the jelly milk first, then whole spread up immersed milk of makeup cotton, or is spread with the thin towel Zhan top milk Be delivering to burn of infected part.Whole body if all have the ache feeling, might as well immerse the milk bath, so, can make to suffer from the skin that the sunlight hurts then can slow, reduce pain-suffering and prevent the creation of the Yan disease from.


The milk emergency mask goes to wrinkly and fair

The milk has abundant of the milk fat, vitamin and the mineral quality have natural hydration result, and is easily absorbed by skin, can prevent a skin from dry, and can repair dry Wen, the hairdressing result is very good, emphasizing natural hairdressing of you might as well try.



The milk is worshiped fully of help sleep food.It hypnotizes the effect comes from it contain of two greatest material:The color ammonia is sour, can promote the brain nerve cell secrete to go abroad as ambassador person's drowsy nerve to pass quality;Natural morphine material, can be like opium similar combine with nervous system, develop a painful function of anaesthesia, town, let the person feel whole body comfortable, be advantageous to relief fatigue, help to fall asleep.Many vitamins that milk contain, can lustrous skin, prevent a skin from aging, promote the metabolism of the skin.The milk can also reduce weight, abundant calcium can help human body combustion fat. How to eat:Drink a cup of milk before sleeping, if plus honey, drink 1 hour before sleeping, the result is more obvious.


二、           Introduction of peptide:


In fact Xing Is the small part of the protein numerator, by the An Ji the sour key knot become of the chain form structure, exist in the human body set, do to play an important role in the skin the natural mechanism.The human body skin is the most heavy want to constitute an element to is a protein, and protein is the An Ji the sour key become of many Xing Chain(poly-peptide), if the An Ji sour key knot number less than ten we are called few Xing Chain(oligo-peptide), seem two Xing, Three Xing s, Five Xing s, Six Xing sWait for.


Peptide Of function

Compare with a collagen, Xing Of the molecular weight is smaller, can even go deep into a skin to produce result, and Xing Is the part key that constitutes protein to solve, although the numerator is sourer than single An Ji greatly,the stability is also opposite and higher, also running off to change in character not easily, therefore cosmetics development personnel also continuously various Xing Constituting the different chain knot method, and testing it can make to use exertively and to of the skin help, currently the Xing  knownThe most main function lies in sending a message to and cell, let the cell accept to the right instruction, and deliver through the different way, reach different result to reach acceleration or stimulate the natural function of some cells or repress, decelerate some functions of the cell.

Xing The chain form structure been been sour by the An Ji to constitute, different numeral the representative be been sour by a few An Jis to constitute, by the An Ji of the different numeral and the category sour combination, can have special effect to different need of skin.


Dipeptide two Xing 

The structure is sour(Valine) for a Xie ammonia to plus a color An sour(tryptophan) become two Xing , Can repress the afferent constringency vegetable of causing the eye department anasarca conversion Mei(the Angiotensin-converting Enzyme) effectively, and reach to promote effectively the lymph circulation and expel the eye department surroundings the surplus humidity maintain result.


Carnosine muscle  

Is also two Xing sOf a kind of, is one Xing Composition(β -alanylhistidine), C An is sour+set the An is sour, having anti- carbohydrate to turn result, having an anti- to oxidize in the meantime, anti- inflammation, enhance a live function of the skin energy enzyme


Tripeptide three Xing 

Imitate poisonous serum to synthesize three Xing s from the snake, Can keep the nerve of B Xi Dan alkali from conducting effectively, reach result of relaxing the muscle, improve dynamic state crease by this.


Four Xing Acetyl Tetrapeptide-5

Include sweet An sour(Glycine), the Fu Xi An is sour(Glutamine), the Pu An is sour(Proline) and the Jing An sour(Arginine) four Xing ss constituted by four kinds of amino acidses, The function is similar to DHEA(revivification male vegetable), having the cell hormone IL6 of prevent from to release, avoiding the skin inflammation, and effectively exertive anti- anasarca, anti- inflammation, reduce the result of the skin incitement.


Five Xing

The Vialox  and the Leuphasyl( Pentapeptide-3):The nerve that obstructs B Xi Dan alkali conducts, reaching result of relaxing the muscle, improving dynamic state crease by this

The Matrixyl( the Palmotoyl Pentapeptide-3) is plused by five amino acidses 16 the palm tree of the carbons sour fatty acids and become of numerator, the entire content has for the Palmitoyl-Lys-Thr-Thr-Lys-Ser the collagen and the Ji quality of incitement increase get of characteristic, add a grow a chain of the fatty acids can increase absorption result.


Six Xing Argireline(Acetyl Hexapeptide-3)

By the South pole gulf glacier mire the germ found grows:Single afterbirth green Nong germ develop of 6 dollar Xing (Hexapeptides), because it has a botulinus' function for skin, so be so called a type of botulinus, through paint 6 dollar Xing , The An Ji is become by sour compound the structure of the similar botulinus, can the Zu break nerve to send the muscle constringency message, influencing the skin Rang nerve conduction, making a face of department muscle relax, reaching even fondle the dynamic state Wen, the static state Wen and the purpose of the thin Wen.Also prevent the son tea Fen crease that An(catecholamine) produce when excessively release, seem the familiar age skin face the crease that department become when repeating affect.Smooth and repress forehead rise Wen effectively, eyes fish tail the constringency and activity of the thin Wen and the crease perimeter muscle, help a muscle to relax, make the flexible organization of skin reply meek and smooth lines, reduce face Wen with thin department.Own the result of the botulinus, but didn't inject a negative function of using the botulinus(the Botulinum toxin A).



Enhance the base film, promote blood circulation, strengthen cell to increase to get, maintain a tightly solid degree of skin, returning can improve dark sink and be suffused with yellow phenomenon.


Eight Xing Snap-8(Acetyl Glutamyl Heptapeptide-3)

The function is similar to six Xing , Veins canned help an improvement to cause because of the muscle constringency, seem the dynamic state Wen(the facial expression Wen), especially at the ex- sum and eyes neighborhood.


Few Xing  Lipeptide , Peptireline( Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein)

Many Suo amino acidses extracted by bean comprehensive, enhance the skin collagen sticky connect sex, have hydration result, can improve the skin aridity water shortage phenomenon.


Many Xings(Polypeptide)

Is the An Ji of a series is sour with The Xing key(the peptide bond) line form that  chains become when knotting huge numerator.Various sequence with sour protein An Ji according to each gene inside contain of password and settle.The protein presents for the living creature body various biological phenomenon, having the structure function and enzyme sexual function etc..



Allgemeine Struktur einer Aminosäure, das R steht für einen variablen Rest.





Xing Trend of maintaining

Combine the different effect and the Xing  of the numerator, Can reach to be in conjunction with to maintain result betterly, but in addition to Xing Outside, still need to notice in a bottle of product in the meantime whether have already increased to protect wet, the anti- oxidize, and repair etc. composition, can be regarded as a bottle of product with old anti- of integrity, seem another A sour, AN ester etc., in addition to repairing an anti-wrinkle, can also promote a new-born metabolism of keratin, the result compares single Xing  farCome good.


In addition to in addition, the Bo uric acid, collagen that is like hydration still has already defended to insolate a product, have to develop effect by helping big numerator, don't need to seep into the skin first floor to produce result, only needing to stay around the skin surface layer then.Still have, not numerical more many Xing sRepresent effect more big, Xing  The key of the effect lies in the way of the category, quantity, each other chain knot of the combination etc., and the chain knot number more many its numerators are more big, current experiment detection, more than 10 An Jis sour numerator Xing  of chain knot and becomeThe possibility seeped into the skin first floor to produce result not easily.



Main for skin of the effect has already hydrated and the result for moistenning, there is good hydration result, often be used for manufacture to face frost in hydration, and, there is high effect and high function of nourishment ingredient, suit all skin usages, and have no stimulative, is the ingredient that matches.