山金車花.Arnica Flower




Science name: Arnica Montana

Common name:  The Leopard's Bane(the poison of the flower leopard), the Wolf's Bane(wild wolf of poison), and the Moutain Tobacco(top of hill tobacco)

The arnica is the beautiful blossom that a kind of orange belongs to the chrysanthemum section, growing in medium south Europe, Central Asia and the forest of North America, wetly etc..

The arnica makes use of a night in the history comparison of the plant therapy, just being used for till 18 centuries of cultural heritage, South America's printing a ground of Anne's person will use arnica to extract a liquid to cure various Yu wound and sprain, in fact, this also is the arnica behaves most be familiar with of curative effect part.


Say all:

The arnica usually speaks of the arnica Montana, the mountain plant is used for for bruise, stiff, have peace of mind with the muscle ache in the herb medicine.The arnica is extensively applied is a salve for the bruise and sprain, and sometimes is a Ding, is same anti- inflammation, painful relief purposes.It has a more wide use in the homeopathy.It is most jointly is sometimes in the natural/health provisions store, with gum Ning figure type.


The plant describes:

The arnica is a herbaceous category, belonging to the sunflower family(Asteraceae).Type the name arnica is perhaps acquired from Latin arna, "lamb", concerning soft shaggy leaf.

This circumboreal and montane occurrence mainly at the west Sac gentle region, be two is local to the Eurasias mainland(A. The angustifolia and A. Montana).

The arnica includes in the tribe Senecioneae, because it has already stabbed the hair pappus.This is very fast asked and the Nordenstam settled it in the tribe Heliantheae s.l.This arrangement and become uncertain is in some categories due to the ester chemistry inside the sesquiterpene.The arnica is settled recently at a do not solve of the clade and Madiinae, Eupatorieae, Heliantheae s.s. With Pectidinae together.

A few categories, like the arnica Montana and the arnica chamissonis include helenalin, is an ester(main objection bruise) inside the sesquiterpene that a kind of main ingredient prepares in the anti- inflammation.

The arnica category is used for when the food plant is included Bucculatrixarnicella by some Lepidoptera category young insects.



They have an inveteracy, straight, usually have no.Softness is born toward the sharp crest of the root in front at the leaf.Ovoid, leather, the foundation leaf is arranged in rose R.O.C. Shi.

They show a greatly yellow or orange flower, the  breadth with light floret and many dish florets for growing. The phyllaries(=a Bao is under the flowerhead) has each phyllary to contact the ray of light floret a together long-term dissemination.The category of the arnica is arranged with perianth( the Bao turn the son arranged to round the Long flower head) in two rows, there is the unique ir outside phyllaries with the related ray of light floret.The flower contain a slight and sweet smell smell.

The seed is like the fruit contain plumose, the white or pale tan stabs the hair pappus.



The arnica is a growth from 1-2 foots perennials.It is oval, becoming the foundation rose R.O.C. Shi to get soil surface tightly in front in the leaf.It has a bright yellow, the daisy-like spends.The dry flower head is a main spare parts to be used for from the plant.Root-stock and be used for.The arnica is local to many mountainous country areas of Europe toward south Russia.Irrelevant plant, attach son(the Aconitum spp) to sometimes point wolf to curse.



Inner part with outside prepare a head bloomed by arnica to be done a medicine to be used for for last a hundred years up.The alcohol Ding is treated the ache throat in early days by the colonist usage, Be reduced fever a medicine, with the improvement circulation.

The Homeopathic use includes the treatment of the surgery or accidental spirit wound, is an analgesic, and after operation the thrombophlebitis and lung bolt the treatment of the son.It is outsidely used for for the pimple and bruise, sprains with the muscle ache is 11 sort typical model counterirritants and conduct and actions.The arnica was used for broadly in the European civil medical science.The German philosopher Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe says drinking the arnica tea"mollify"s his throat pain.The arnica disinfected products to be used for for chafe and bullet wound.



At the United States, the arnica is managed bureau's listing as the herbage of an insecurity by the food and the medicine and only consider to the food use in the hard drinks, it takes on an agency for seasonning.The arnica includes some high and poisonous compounds, like helenalin, with is thought insecurity as for oral communication usage.In addition to the ester helenalin inside the sesquiterpenoid, the arnica includes carbohydrate, like construction cosmetics; The An thing, like the sugar beet alkali and Dan alkali; coumarins; Flavonoid compound, like five the flavonoids, kaempferols, isorhamnetins and rattan yellow germ vegetable; thymol; Coffee of sour; phytosterols; And other ester inside the sesquiterpenoids, like 11 alphas, 13-the dihydrohelenalin and chamissonolid.The arnica uses the plant Heterotheca inuloides and includes sesquiterpenoids Qians from the Mexican medicine-dihydrocadalin with-hydroxycadalin.


Act a mechanism:

The ester helenalin inside the sesquiterpenoid with, to the few degree, the ester  alphas inside the sesquiterpenoid, the dihydrohelenalin and chamissonolid by modify a report to forbid the duplicate factor NF-kappa B to activate this factor of function directly.The NF-kappa B activates a function to cause an excited activity.This can think, at least one part, the typical model arnica prepares of possible anti- inflammation and the analgesic action.Be not able to believe the research support anti- inflammation and/perhaps the analgesic activity is Yan under of arnica.

The sesquiterpenoids and the Heterotheca inuloides are isolated Qians dihydrocadalin with hydroxycadalin reported the activity objection Gram-positive germ, include Two AN oxygen Ji benzene penicillin anti- sex Staphylococcus-aureuses(MRSA).This anti-virus activity mechanism is unknown.The same didn't know is how the action of the anti-virus activity of the compound and the any time of the Mexican arnica possibility relate to.Actually, a research paper only slight activity outside the body of arnica is opposed to oral communication cause living creature.


The use of the arnica:

Arnica with it extract a thing is applied extensively in the civil medical science.It is outsidely used for like cure for the pimple, boil, bruise, Zhen, sprain, painful, with other wounds.It and use for the heart and the circulating problem, the decrease cholesterol, with the incitement CNS.


The side effect of the arnica:

The plant is poisonous and takes and may cause stomach-ache, diarrhea with vomit, the dyspnea, heart fights stop, with death.Contact the skin Yan and occurrence.

Use the typical model ground, the arnica is generally safe.But, the long time expects of the use incenses a skin perhaps, causing eczema, paring, bubble, or other skin conditions.The arnica shouldn't is used for in the decrepit skin, like the leg ulcerates.And, being people of the allergy or allergy to the herbage should avoid it.

Under the any condition, the arnica should is used for with the dilution form-if the internal use is too high, dizzy, diarrhea, the heart heart rate disorder with even the death may take place.Equally, the typical model prepares to still cause to respond and leads to peel allergy under the some condition perhaps.If respond occurrence, break off use.


The quantity and management:

The medicine been not recommended measures.The arnica is to make use of of become the gum jelly and withdraw butter in the homeopathic the preparation, the herbaceous Ding and the typical model ointment.The arnica is listed in the Homeopathic medical dictionary of the United States.


The medicine use and omen:

The arnica typical model ground is used for to include a bruise, sprain for the great scope condition, the muscle ache, the wound Yu match, the pimple, surface phlebitis, rheumatism is painful, the Yan disease bites from the insect Ding, with bulge greatly due to break.

A clinical worker of well experienced recommends arnica as perhaps to the doddering heart, the throat pain, or coronary artery disease of a herbage remediable.

The Homeopathic prepares and is used for to treat the ache muscle, bruising, and other orientation the companion get with the overexertion or the spirit wound.Homeopathic medicine quantity very dilution with is considered generally of safe as for the inner part usage be adopt to match with direction in the product marking.


Form canned make use of:

Many typical models prepare including the arnica business can make use  arnica prepare most jointly to is a Ding, possibility and be used for when in order to withdraw butter, ointment, the base compress, with poultices.The arnica oil perhaps and be used for in the typical model to prepare.

Is an internal herbage remediable, the arnica is adopted perhaps is a tea.

The homeopathic of the certain quantity's rectifying is to make use of of with the medicine slice, typical model, or can inject of form.


The arnica action is in the blood vessel:

The main ctive compound is an ester inside the sesquiterpene in the arnica.Besides, the flavonoid compound and ethereal oil return importance.Ester inside the Sesquiterpene influences a lot of decreases that the excited roads cause excited process.Our group finds ester inside the sesquiterpene forbids an excited Xuan person issue because they forbid the duplicate factor NF kb, is a central Xuan person in the immune system.


The Homeopathy A Si works properly:

The section of the queen Victoria hospital facial plastic surgery at western region Suker fill Si, England,  sufferers made surgical operation to synthesize condition of illness to attend a pair blind researches for the wrist bone tunnel. researcher carried out the homeopathic arnica slice and herbaceous arnica ointment to the sufferer with thinking, there is the group that is treated in the arnica to the painful major decrease.

The anecdotes evidence for arnica'the s is efficient to abound friend makes the hip surgical operation in England adopted the homeopathic arnica six weeks a basis her doctor before her operation.She didn't experience personally to bruise after operation with the few Yan disease.Had better be all, pain isn't almost similar to be like her to expect deeply after this main surgical operation.

Homeopathic use of the arnica is the exercise medical science is praised by the American expert, .The D.C., author and the Duan Lian of the history Di text Subotnick,  athletics hurt:Normal regulations, Homeopathic with provide the treatment(north Atlantic Ocean 1991) of the choice, find in he have deeply the injury and the affliction the patient from the overuse, the homeopathic arnica reduce pain and the speed Yu match.The Subotnick therefore bears firmly in mind with its result, he points arnica homeopathy.""The the A Si work properly;

The Irmgard Merfort Doctor Freiburg university knows in Germany, the arnica operates- But detection, it does to use a very another way thus to work properly from the of A Si.Merfort'the s research confirm, this is ester(the ester derivatives helenalin and dihydrohelenalin) inside the sesquiterpene that thinks to is an active compound in the arnica.The Yan disease of the these natural product joint efforts stop blood vessel.But differentiation BE, they study a numerator level- By forbid to tell the news that the gene importation is the disease.


Analytical chemistry:

been appropriate by the usage RPLC modus for to ester(SLs of) inside the sesquiterpene periodical the quantitative analysis is in the arnica Montana, seven SLses isolated the helenalin tigloyl and the methacryloyl ester to make to add up to. Way the space pull

Arnica the super and critical carbon dioxide business extract the thing Sesquiterpenes to describe(1) H (1)for two Wei homonuclears-the H is been anti- by the cent optics of[with] connection and two Weis toward the heteronuclear transfer to hand over function cent optics with each other.Bilia 2002(+)-Arnicenone, one sesquiterpene and the arnica plant of the angular triquinane are isolated, is synthesized at the first time at the enantiocontrolled method from a comprehensive sex equivalent.Iura in 2001 two sesquiterpenoids flavonoid compounds, five flavonoids, kaempferols and their glycosides, used a plant with Heterotheca inuloides(Asteraceae) medicine be isolated with"the arnica was well-known", is evaluated Be anti- oxygen. 1997 of Haraguchi



1.The Homeopathic anti- inflammation& make the relief mixture pain and arnica, Rhus tox.The Aesculus hippocastanum& Belladona is making up a water; American patent

2.The treatment disorders and oxidizes second nitrogen for various each kind skin, muscle and consociation, fatty acids, gum original, the nicotinamide, wool fat, vitamin E, methyl alcohol salicylic acid, arnica and anti- set An; American patent

3.The Parondonthopathy treatment is with the Chelidonium, mint, ten thousand life chrysanthemums, musk grasses, Millefoils, and at will the Chamomile, fragrant clover, lilac or arnica withdraw; American patent

4.The dry skin of head and the skin treatment include the Er pear seed, sulphur, castor oil, cod liver oil, mint, orange water, camphor and arnica; American patent

Extracts the security valuation that the report of the thing and the arnica Montana selects and appoints to be used for to the arnica Montana in almost  kinds of data that makeup puts into formula be over and can make use of is a shortage to support these ingredient securities.



The arnica knows the incitement blood circulation, may lift high blood pressure, especially in the coronary artery.The plant is outsidely used for for the arthritis, burn, ulcerates, the eczema and pimple.It reduces probably painful and dilatant anti-virus with the anti- inflammation quantity, improve the wound Yu to match

Although the arnica extracts an useful way of thing with it of a long history, a little amount research suggests its extracting a thing a clinic is useful.Its use is the stimulant that a kind of typical model counterirritant and the wound medical treatment use to continue.


二、The hairdressing result of the arnica

The medicine grass of the autumn-have slow curative effect of activate

Arnica can the medicine use of the part is its blossom and its root-stock part, having the ethereal oil of the orange, is equalized by the musk grass Fen, the arnica vegetable and the type carrot vegetable to learn composition combine, have very excellent slow effect.

Arnica's hasing a function of promoting the circulation can help bad situation of the skin improvement circulation.

Applied the plant have of nourish, town settle, hydration, equilibrium grease, refrain from rash action pore etc. characteristic, maintain to adjust reason skin.The purely natural plant extracts the prevention skin aging, the acceleration blood circulation, anti-virus, the anti- allergy

Prevent black rim of eye from maintaining saint article

 In the aspects of being used for a skin to maintain, the arnica often is used to increase among the foot department, the leg department nursing articles, slow the foot department because what long-term exercise cause is unwell, however interesting BE, arnica why can increase an in the middle investigation at the eye department product of preventing the black rim of eye to cause one of the reason of the black rim of eye, is cause the blood-red dye in the blood vessel precipitate because the blood circulation isn't appropriate, lacking of oxygen of hemoglobin sediment after will become black red, again add very thin cause of the upper eyelid skin, causes on the vision with the very black hemoglobin so-called panda eye, certainly arnica to prevent this kind of similar the Yu harm "black and green" black rim of eye to say and then become the best saint article.

Downplay scar formation and limber up the effect of the contusion:

The characteristic of the arnica downplays scar formation and limbers up contusion to let it gradually to fade away slowly, having a soft skin, stimulating blood circulation and limbering up etc. function, have contusion of make to restore to original quickly of ability, can pacify whole back of the scar formation let it restore to original gradually, pacifying to have to downplay function of removing the dark Chuang pox Ba gradually.

The live ingredient in the arnica flower is the half doubly ester inside the Xi, being thought can reduce the ache and inflammation;

Is anti-virus with the anti- Yan characteristic, can reduce ache and swell,

The other has ethereal oil, flavonoid Chun, green original sour, type carrot vegetable, the plant Zi Chun and yellow vegetable etc. ingredient,

Stimulated blood circulation and promote blood pressure, especially the function of the coronary artery blood pressure,

Use can match the arnica oil and the marigold oil and the chamomile oil mutually usage, have already added the result for riding.