何首烏.Polygonum multiflorun Thunb 

Source this article is the Liao section(Polygonaceae) plant flowery knotweed Polygonum multiflorum Thunb.Of dry piece root.

The medicine material form the root present the spindle form or piece form.Grow about the 6-15 cms, Peng big department the proper path 3-12 cms, the appearance is red and brown or purple and brown, the color contain not tidy Zong ditch, cave and convex gravamen, the both ends is each to have a Hen, making a strong fiber, the quality Jian.Cross section pale red palm tree, the color center is a bigger wood heart, there is the abnormal shape Wei of the several circular around control.


The flowery knotweed starts to carry in open a treasure originally grass , for the dry piece of the Liao section plant flowery knotweed(the Poly-gonum multiflorum Thunb) root, its sex tiny, flavor bitterness, sweet, Se.The clinical application has already got a black with make a black do not.Get a black can counteract poison, eliminate Yong, the smooth bowel relaxs bowel.The lord cures the Luo Yang Chuang Yong, the nettle rash Sao Yang, bowel dry constipation.Making a black function repairs the liver kidney, the benefit Jing blood, the black beard delivers, strong joints.The lord cures blood falsely Wei is yellow, faint buzzing in the ears, must deliver white early, the waist knee is limp, the body is benumbed, collapsing to leak to bring a bottom, the long Nue is body is weak.In common use on the modern Chinese medicine clinic in cure a high fat blood disease.


Get to make a black sex flavor homology, the effect lord cures a dissimilarity.The experiment expresses its composition, the function toxicity all has difference, getting a black after drying by heat making can change in to swim to leave a type containing to combine a type;As a result get a light degree of a naught Xie to descend a function and make a black have no;Get a toxicity with obvious naught and make a black toxicity very small. 



One chemistry composition

The flowery knotweed mainly contains three types of valid compositions: two styrene compounds, types compound and come together to spend a green vegetable at first.Still have the egg Lin fat and various little elements in addition 4.Two styrene compounds are a type of water-soluble compositions that have an obvious pharmacology activity, it represents composition two styrenes(2, 3, 5, 4 s-four Qian Jis two styrenes-2-O-β -D-glucose, the stilbene glycoside), having to decline a fat function obviously.From produce the flowery knotweed piece the acetic acid B the ester part of the root to get Szechwan 16 have already known compound, the manager turns the constant and spectrum analysis, the assurance is a greatly yellow vegetable

(Emodin), greatly yellow plain AN ether(physcion), greatly yellow vegetable-1, 6-2 AN ethers(emodin-1, 6-dimethylether), greatly yellow vegetable-8-A ether(questin), the ω -Qian Ji is greatly yellow vegetable(citreorosein), the ω -Qian Ji is greatly yellow vegetable-8-A ether(questinol), 2-B is greatly yellow vegetable(2-acetylemodin), greatly yellow vegetable-8-O-β -D-glucose(physcion-8-O-β -D-glucoside), 2-A oxygen Ji-6-ethyl-7-4 Ji walnut(2-methoxy-6-methyljuglone)s, clover vegetable(tricin), Mu ping birthwort An (N-trans-feruloyl-3-methyldopamine), 2, 3, 5, 4 s-four Qian Jis two styrenes-2-O-β -D-glucose(2, 3, 5, 4 s-tetrahydroxes-ystilbene-2s-Os-βs-Ds-glucosides), carrot and do not eat son sour.Signs to wait for lately 6 again the separation gets five single bodies in the flowery knotweed acetic acid B ester not dissolve the part, the manager turns the constant measurement, the spectrum analyzes and the derivatives make, the structure that made sure two compounds is a new compound.The compound I is 1, 3-2 Qian Jis-6, 7-2 mountain Tongs-1-O-β -D-glucose, named after a flowery knotweed B vegetable;The compound is 2, 3, 5, 4 s-four Qian Jis-two styrenes-2, 3-2-O-β -D-glucose, named after a flowery knotweed C vegetable, Rest three single bodies treat in separate further, consultation.In addition from make the positive D Chun of the flowery knotweed to extract part of medium separations and authenticated 5 single body compounds, among them 6-A oxygen Ji-2-ethyl-3-A Ji-1, 4-8-O-β -D glucose(6- methoxyls-2s-acetyl-3-methyl-1, 4-naphthoquinone, -8-O-β -D-glucopyra-noside, )with 2, 3, 5, 4 s-four Qian Jis two styrenes-2-O-(6 s-Os-ethyls)-the β -D-Pu sugar(2, 3, 5, 4 s-tetrahydroxystilbene-2s-Os-(6 s-Os-acetyls-βs-Ds-glucopyranosides, V)is a new compound.In order to using composition as the flowery knotweed quality to control only the composition contain certain drawback, take two content of the styrenes as flowery knotweed to there is the quality of the effect composition to control standard generally currently.

All of the ingredient contain Fen compound, the root contains greatly yellow Fen, greatly yellow vegetable, greatly yellow sour, the greatly yellow plain AN ether waits for various spring onion sType derivatives, egg Lin quality, fat oil, starch, sugar, soil greatly yellow soap .Have the egg Lin fat, there is strong nerve function.Have a greatly yellow root sour, have already promoted the bowel tube wriggle a function.Can obstruct cholesterol to accumulate in inside the liver, have already eased the artery Mi kind to harden a function.

In a brief, the structure of the Fen compound includes two part, an is the benzene wreath, the another is the Qian Ji that connects on the benzene wreath.



The Polygonum multiflorum- contain of check in the Fen compound to of 13 kinds of ingredients, all have the common structure of the Fen, but can subdivide six types is the gallic acid, catechin, procyanidin, emodin, galloylcatechin and gallotannin respectively, summarizing as follows.




In a brief, the structure of the Fen compound includes two part, an is the benzene wreath, the another is the Qian Ji that connects on the benzene wreath, ising shown as diagram below.





1.      Gallic acid:A benzene wreath, a the head connect a Ji with sour Zui, connecting three Qian Jis in front, constituting one of the rather basic units of list.



2.      Catechin:Belong to yellow alkane(flavane), can also be regarded as a flavonoid family member.Another name is a son tea vegetable.




3.      procyanidins:Connecting two catechin numerators together is a procyanidin, the oolong tea also has this composition.



4.      Emodin:This compound categorizes for the kidness Kun(two word the tops of the head all have to add the running style of writing head, English is an anthraquinone), is three benzene wreaths to connect basically a glimmer of, two carbons that are most in the center oxidize the Tan Ji, the emodin be a Xie medicine.



5.      Galloylcatechin:This compound is been linked with the ester key by the gallic acid and the catechin numerator and becomes.



6.      Gallotannin:This is rather the list of a kind of, is been linked with the ester key by the gallic acid and the sugar, only twos are a gallotannin in three compounds, the another doesn't have the part of gallic acid, Be just a Fen compound that goes together with carbohydrate.




Above composition, the gallic acid, gallotannin is from the shikimic acid pathway since then, the catechin, procyanidin and emodin are from the polyketide pathway since then, the galloylcatechin comes from respectively above both.



Chrysophanol(greatly yellow Fen), the Emodin(greatly yellow vegetable) only doesn't have to decline the blood pressure function goodly, also ability valid help fat combustion.Help the cell immunity function and anti- decrepitude function in the meantime.Have a kind of Lecithin(the egg Lin fat) in the flowery knotweed, it is the composition that constitutes the cell membrane and nervous tissue, ising the main composition of the brain spinal cord, and having a strong heart function, can cure nervous prostration, and then promote blood new-born and develop.Still have the iron, magnesium, iodine, protein, fat brown vegetable besides.




greatly yellow root sour Chrysophanic acid, 3-methylchrysazin

the Liao section plant Zhang leaf greatly yellow Rheum palmatum L.Root

[The chemistry name]9,10-Anthracenedione, 1,8-dihydroxy-3-methyl-

[The structure type][molecular formula]C15 H10 O4;


[Molecular weight]254.23


[Physical property]six squares or single and inclined form crystallize(the ethanol or benzene), the Rong orders 196 °s, sublimating.BE dissolved in a water scarcely , is dissolved in cold Chun just a little, is dissolved in the Fei ethanol easily, dissolve in the benzene, chloroform, B ether, the ice acetic acid and acetone etc.s, very tiny dissolve in the petroleum ether.The orange slice form body, the Rong orders 198 °s.


[The pharmacology function]have to stop coughing a function more and obviously.Have different degree to A type streptococci, pneumonia ball germ, the flue rod bacteria and the card his ball germ to suppress a manufacture to use[7].Can promote the bowel take care of of animal, and can urge the nerve excitement and muscle paralysis.Take orally or subcutaneous injection, all have to shorten a horary function of the blood concretion obviously.The big rat experiments proof, this article is beneficial to urine a function.Strengthen the skin flexibility and soft slippery;Prevent the sun ray hurt to the callous radiation



Eemodin and Chrysophanol in Longdan Pill




this name is originate the Greek Lekithos- among them of the meanings is "egg yolk in fat with the Lin quality", is also the cause of"the egg Lin fat" name.It is 1846-1847 years, , by French chemist Gobley find, Gobley by separate to have nitrogen, phosphoric fat mixture in the egg yolk, have already had the history of more than 150 years up to the present.In fact the use of the egg Lin fat is very extensive, all without exception medicine, food, generally industrial, animal forage, the makeup skin care products …development of etc. manufacturing, all see an application of getting the egg Lin fat.

Its main ingredient






The function

The maintenance

The Lin fat is mainly the living creature body cell membrane to constitute, so if by take the Lin fat of the amount of foot in the food, can help damaged cell membrane of repair.That is to say:The egg Lin fat has the cell structure of promote to turn, strengthen cell function, activate human body metabolism and avoid cell leading normally early aging effect.Promote the hair grow, beautify a skin, prevent a skin from aging.Raising the cell grows function.




1.     Clearance free radicals:The son tea vegetable is the natural grease anti- oxidizing agent, the anti- oxidizes an activity even higher than the vitamin E!And free radicals canned be produced with the clearance human body with protect cell membrane.

2.     Defer aging:There is the effect of the clearance free radicals, so canned decelerate decrepitude.

3.     Prevent decayed tooth:Have fluorine in tea-leaf, so canned make the tooth have a stronger resistibility to the sour erosion.Also there is clinical studies to point out in addition, the son tea the plain type can reduce the tooth germ spot and the deceleration tooth disease clearly.

4.     Change the bowel way distributing of microorganism:The son tea the plain type can repress a human body with the result that germ(as botulinus), do not hurt beneficial germ(as lactobacillus) to multiply greatly again in the meantime, so had whole bowel of function.

5.     Anti-virus function:Can repress germ of causing mankind's skin disease, and have good curative effect to the treatment eczema.

6.     In addition to smelly:The son tea vegetable can remove the bad smell of A sulphur Chun, so canned clean halitosis of smoking, and ease the bad smell of the pig, chicken and person excrement.(because the son tea vegetable can resist the human body bowel way smelly inside the creation of germ)7.Other:Have some the research manifestation son tea vegetable to still have the blood pressure(can reduce a comfortable piece to press to press with constringency) and blood sugar(repress the carbohydrate decomposition enzyme) of repress and reduce the cholesterol and the low density fat egg white(LDL) in blood, and increase the quantity(Japan use to do low cholesterol egg), the anti- effects such as radiation and ultraviolet ray(the United States has already made into cosmetics of preventing the ultraviolet ray), the anti- mutation(have already acquired a confimation in the microorganism, but still has no a human body to experiment of report) etc.s of the high definition fat egg white(HDL).



The oxygen accounts for 20% of air, the breath function is by absorbing oxygen to let out carbon dioxide.The oxygen produces the live oxygen and free radicals in the metabolism process of the human body, these materials can break the human body cell in the functions, such as fat, protein and gene...etc., making cell aging or dying to wait for phenomenon, causing diseases, such as cerebral disease and cancer...etc., the son tea vegetable, as the EC, EGC, ECG, EGCg and GA etc., can prevent live oxygen inside the body and the creation of the free radicals from.The scientist finds that hardenning over the oxygenation and the artery of the fat egg white, the occurrence of the diabetes is germane.Lead an accumulation of oxidizing the fat along with the age increment, cause the comparison of the cardiovascular and chronic disease increase gradually.



The son tea the plain type can repress the low density fat egg white(the Low Density Lipoprotein, the brief name LDL) of over oxidize(preoxidation) to respond, and can obstruct the creation of the free radicals.So the complement son tea vegetable can reduce the occurrence of the cardiovascular disease.Developing the personnel points out, the son tea vegetable can repress the rat liver and kidney availably to lead to oxidize a fat in the cell of born.Have already known the vitamin C, E and the carrot vegetable can oxidize and anti- fat currently relevant, and the function of the son tea vegetable is higher than the vitamin E to pay 2000%, and can reduce live oxygen's breakage for chromosome.The research paper of Japan also points out that green tea not can only with anti- decrepitude, can promise longevity more.




The Procyanidin Oligomers(also call Proanthocyanidin) grapestone extracts a thing to spend a green vegetable at first

Have already been confirmed the growth that can be like similar incitement hair of"fall Jian"(Minoxidil).There is Japan to learn the house function that studies the Procyanidin Oligomers to own for the incitement top skin cell(skin of head) and the hair bag recently.In the Revivogen increase the Procyanidin Oligomers is the function that increases the product incitement hair growth.



Anti- decrepitude function

Many scholars think that the decrepitude animal backlog inside the body a great deal of fat lead to oxidize an outcome, and accompany with super oxide Qi to turn the Mei(SOD) activity to reduce.The experiment expresses as a result, the flowery knotweed can reduce the old-age and small rat brain and liver to organize C two Quans(MDA) content obviously, increasing single An inside the brain to pass the quality(5-the Qian color An, go to AN adrenaline and dopamine) content, strengthening SOD an activity, can also repress single An inside the organization of the old-age and small rat brain and liver to oxidize the activity of the Mei-B(MAO-B) obviously, remove free radicals' harm for the machine body thus, defer the decrepitude and disease to take place 9.The free radicals theory thinks that fat lead oxide of born can cause a series of decrepitude condition of illness with deposition, therefore Fat lead the content of the oxide is an evaluation decrepitude of one of the main index signs, the small Ling wait for 10 report way, the flowery knotweed withdraws a thing to the small rat skin fat lead oxide of born have to repress a function very obviously, explain the flowery knotweed has a function of defering the skin decrepitude, can be a good skin anti- decrepitude cosmetics additive.In addition, the flowery knotweed can also raise lymphoid cell DNA of outside of the old-age and big rat to hurt the repair ability obviously, passing to repress single An inside the brain to oxidize Mei-B(MAO-B) activity, influence the content that the living creature body central nervous system passes quality, regulate the central nervous system activity thus, defer brain of decrepitude.



To the influence of the immune system

The small rat thymus gland that the pine or strong pine dragon made the flowery knotweed ability Jie anti- immunity depressant hydrogen to turn to test cause atrophies with deteriorate function, increase its thymus gland, adrenal glands, spleen and belly cavity to pour fawn on of weight, raise white cell total amount, promote belly cavity huge bite cell to gobble up function, reduce a compound content of the small rat circulation immunity.The immunology thinks that decline and the machine body of the immunity function of aging closely related, the thymus gland is the axis organ of the immune system, can maintain the immunity function of the machine body availably.The flowery knotweed can delay the thymus gland that appears with the decrepitude to deteriorate, may be its defer decrepitude and lift

The important mechanism of the high machine body immunity power 12.In addition, the flowery knotweed can also increase the thymus gland nucleic acid and the protein content, defer the old-age and big rat thymus gland age to deteriorate a function, and can promote the super and tiny structure of young rat thymus gland of old age converse variety obviously, making young rat belly cavity huge to bite cell to gobble up index number to rise obviously, raising the machine body thus not particularity immunity function



Cholesterol-lowering and the anti- artery gruel kind harden a function

Test the research enunciation, make the flowery knotweed Chun to withdraw the thing 0.84-8.4 gs/kg.the d infuse stomach to the medicine, in 6 weeks obvious reduce the blood plasma glycerin of the old-age coturnix three esters(TG) and swim to leave the cholesterol(FC) level, repress blood plasma total the cholesterol(TC) and the cholesterol ester go up.The water that makes flowery knotweed's lifting a thing can raise the small rat serum high definition fat egg white cholesterol(HDL-C) content obviously, reducing the TC level, combining the HDL-C/TC specific value obvious go up, hinting the flowery knotweed can improve the ability of the machine body operation and the clearance cholesterol, reducing the blood fat level, defering the artery gruel kind hard Development of turning.Flowery knotweed's declining the mechanism of the fat function didn't definitelyyet, possibility by following one of a few paths or be in conjunction with completion:(1)type the Xie of the composition descend a function, accelerating the poison metabolism in the machine body, making liver of fat metabolism the path can recover;(2)It influences liver availably 3-the Qian Ji 3-A Ji E two assist the A revivification(HMG-CoA revivification) and Ta-Qian to turn activity, repress to synthesize inside the source cholesterol, promote the cholesterol change become gall sour, and repress gall sour from the bowel way heavy absorption, strengthen gall sour eject from the bowel way;(3)Induce the liver microsome Zui Ji ester, promote the body internal water solution process carry on, accelerate the excretion of the poison inside the body relevant. The artery gruel kind hardening pathological changes occurrence contain several links, smooth muscle cell's propagating is important one wreath among them.The experiment expresses containing a square Chinese herbal medicine of the Fu of the flowery knotweed can repress a smooth muscle(SMC) of the aorta of the cattle to propagate obviously of function, the function of its single flavor medicine not equal to set square of result obvious 13.Chen ten thousand get to wait for the 14 researches detection, make a black win a new of four the Qian Ji two styrene compositions can repress afferent and smooth muscle cell of the calf of the blood platelets source growth factor(PDGF) inducement to propagate, at 10-4 mols/L, repressing the rate can reach to 50.6%, this hardens a function to provide an experiment for anti- artery the gruel kind of the flowery knotweed basis.



Protect a liver function

Two styrene compositions that the flowery knotweed contains oxidize the fat content rising towards leading to oxidize the corn oil with the result that the fat liver and the liver function of the big rat injure, liver leading, C in the serum valley turns the ammonia and the valley grass to turn an ammonia to go up to wait for to all is obvious resist a function, canned also make the serum swim to leave the fatty acids and liver to oxidize a fat obvious descend.Test outside body medium, can also repress by two phosphoric acid gland(ADP)s and restore a type to assist (NADPH) with the result that the big rat liver microsome fat of over oxidize, ease the liver cell damage and is good protect the liver function.In addition, the flowery knotweed has to enrich of the egg Lin fat, make variety because the egg Lin fat reduce of the liver disease get complement or promote to synthesize, preventing and curing the fat liver and the deposition of the cholesterol.And the flowery knotweed increment liver sugar original function in also be advantageous to the protection to the liver.



The nerve protection function

The main valid composition in the flowery knotweed:two styrenes to the β -starch kind egg white with lead oxidize hydrogen with the result that the nerve cell livability descends and the lactic acid take off hydrogen to leak to increase an obvious Jie anti- function.Also measure increment with, its nerve protection function strengthen.Hint two styrenes dull-witted to old age wait for nervous system to back to go sex disease of the prevention and cure has a certain function.Bin waits for 19 the report way, make a black withdraw a thing can the density dependence ground repress white cell to lie a vegetable(IL-1) and an oxidize nitrogen of creation, develop the nerve dollar a protection function thus.



Anti-virus function

Flowery knotweed the different cannon product a water to fry a liquid to the golden color staphylococcus, white surname dysentery rod bacteria inside the staphylococcus, blessing surname dysentery rod bacteria, Song, typhoid rod bacteria 901, vice- typhoid rod bacteria B, diphtheria rod bacteria, B the type dissolve a blood streptococci, Nai surname card his germ all has different degree to repress a function, getting a black water among them fried liquid anti- golden color staphylococcus the function all compares other cannon ware strong, and make a black water fried liquid dialogue color staphylococcus, the wine steams a black water fried liquid and ground the yellow juice steam a black water fried liquid dialogue larynx the rod bacteria repress an ability to all surpass to get article and other cannon ware.



Cure a high fat blood disease

With the single flavor flowery knotweed or the head is black for the Fu of the lord the square product can make the blood fat obvious to reduce.If use to make a with fried black 30 gs, everyday 1 cure the high fat blood disease a sufferer 32 example, and with the western medicine Fu the square decline a fat to work properly the slice and the elasticity slice and the vitamin B 1 for matched control, cure 20 divas, make a black set to show an effect 19 example, valid 10 example, invalid 3 example, efficient is 90.93%;The western medicine set shows an effect 9 example, valid 13 example, invalid 10 example, efficient is 68.75%.Two sets of contrasts have very obvious difference(P<0.05) Also all good reaction.In addition, in order to the flowery knotweed cures the high fat blood disease for the flowery knotweed soup of the main medicine 36 example, show an effect after taking a medicine 4s continuously 22 example, have 61.11%;Valid 10 example, have 27.78%;Invalid 4 example, have 11.11%, total efficient is 88.89%.



Cure blood vessel dull-witted

The blood vessel is dull-witted mainly is a cerebral pathological changes with the result that of the intelligence obstacle clinic synthesize to advertise for, is the disease that a kind of chronic stairs make progress. Make a black is a nourishing sex Chinese herbal medicine, to the axis B Dan alkali ability the nerve dollar and it projects a fiber to have protection function, so had better treatment result to the cerebral pathological changes. Immerse the cream slice(fairy peach City Chinese herbal medicine factory in Hubei produce, each equal  to make a black 0.8 gs) to cure a dull-witted sufferer of blood vessel with the flowery knotweed 40 example, each time 6 slices, the day connects to use 3 times 12 back the MMSE grade point has an obvious exaltation, hinting the flowery knotweed can improve blood vessel dull-witted with the result that of cognition Function obstacle. But the MMSE be worth the improvement degree for each cent different, is compared with the definite direction power and the memory improvement obviously;(P<0.01) The Blessed-Roth grade point is obvious to reduce(P<0.01), but be worth variety for each cent after curing different, with the daily life take care of  an actively sexual improvement of the ability and the emotion personality  for oneself to compare for outstanding(P<0.05), and don't obviously(P>0.05) improve to the social activity ability. Hints the daily life ability that the flowery knotweed can improve a dull-witted sufferer..



The treatment takes off to deliver

The motherland medical science thinks that the growth of the hair with shed off, lustrous and pale, and the Jing, blood and the liver kidney contain close contact.This grass outline jot down flowery knotweed for: "this thing temperature, the flavor is bitter and astringent, can keep blood benefit liver, solid Jing benefit kidney, Jian joints, black Zi to deliver, is a nourishing good medicine ".In the civil proved prescription, the flowery knotweed is a lot of to use and must deliver in the treatment white early, drop to deliver, spot bald etc..There is the report way to are divided into 00 sufferers with bald spot of l random to cure the set and matched control 50 for each, cure a set to use a black get to deliver pill: make a black, Rehmannia, fruit of Chinese wolfberry, Chinese angelica, get ground, black sesame, the medicine quantity with 4:2:1:1:2:2 of comparison totally for thin face, the Lian Mi is a pill, each pill heavy 10 gs, everyday 3 times, each time l pill, the matched control uses the Guang ammonia sour slice and vitamin E6 sliceseses. Result connect take 8s after, treatment set and matched control of total and efficient distinguish to 90% and 62%, two sets of was learned by covariance the processing difference contain obvious(P0.01), explaining a black get to deliver bald curative effect of the pill treatment spot obvious, and all good reaction.



Cure old-age sex skin Sao Yang

Take flowery knotweed as a main medicine from drawing up a black and smooth skin to drink, cure the old-age sex skin Sao Yang disease 42 example, the clinic cure(the Sao Yang disappear, 2s haven't yet relapsed above) 21;Turn for the better(the Sao Yang eases obviously) 18;Invalid(use the medicine l Sao Yang without the obvious improvement)3 example, total efficient 92.8%.



Cure a chronic bronchitis, bronchus asthma

Take flowery knotweed as a main medicine, make into a black breather to work properly a capsule(constitute:head black 15 gs, know a mother, each 6 gs of birthwort, licorice 4.5 gs.Through process 1 grain, the capsule is each 0.29 gs, each time 2 grain, everyday 3 times)cure a chronic bronchitis, the bronchus asthma 30 example, treatment result the clinic control 1 example, show an effect 7 example, valid 19 example, invalid 3 example, total efficient reach to 90%.



Other functions

The flowery knotweed has the adrenal glands skin quality hormone kind function, making a black can make the liver sugar of the hungry and small rat the original content increases obviously to the adrenal glands, can make the adrenal glands of the small rat obvious to increase heavy also can resist firewood Hu, hydrogen to turn can of pine with the result that of the thymus gland, adrenal glands atrophy.In addition, the derivatives contained can promote the bowel wriggle and have the light degree the Xie to descend a function in the flowery knotweed.



Clinical application

Anti- decrepitude

Taking flowery knotweed as the main medicine constitutes of variety in the patent medicine is extensively used in the prevention and cure decrepitude, as seven treasure the beautiful Ran Dan, head is black to postpone the life Dan and flowery knotweed pill etc..The head is falsely black to restore virility a capsule(mainly contain the flowery knotweed powder and it withdraws a thing) to cure an old-age kidney a sufferer 60 example, show an effect 18 example(30%), valid 32 example(53.3%), total valid 50 example(83.3%), and with the vitamin E treatment of matched control 59 example it shows an effect, valid and total valid distinguish is 12.Two sets of sufferer blood plasma fats lead the oxide(LPO) value to all haven't Often reduce obviously 22.Surname 23 take flowery knotweed as a main medicine to make into "head the black and solid origin take orally a liquid" and take 75% rhesus macaque peach juice as to check against, cure to have no obvious machine quality disease old people 30 example, 2 months is one Liao distance, result:treatment the set show an effect 6 example, valid 16 example, invalid 8 example, efficient is 73.33%, matched control valid 9 example, invalid 12 example, efficient 42.86%.Two sets of have obvious difference(P< 0.05), hinting should take orally the liquid improvement decrepitude condition of illness and raise better than rhesus macaque peach juice of the machine body function function..



Nourishing, strong, refrain from rash action, eliminate inflammation.

Be used for:

1.      Blood falsely physically weak, there is yellow limp the waist knee, Wei, nervous prostration.

2.      Various Chuang Yong, skin Yang, urticaria.

3.      The hair is pitch-black and bright, the nourishment root of hair, the defer grey hair produce.Improving the sebum secretes.Promote the melanin produce. Promote blood circulation.

4.      Increase blood circulation, limber up cell, promote the metabolism and growth of the cell develop, defer the decrepitude of the cell thus.

5.      Having the anti- oxidizes

6.      In addition to wrinkly, enhance a skin

7.      Black rim of eye

8.      Cure the You of eyes surroundings, reduce weight and beautiful skin