Lycium fruit is obtained from Lycium chinense, a common plant of eastern Asia that is now cultivated to meet the high demand for its fruits, used in Asian cuisine and, more commonly, as an ingredient in traditional Chinese herbal formulas. Lycium is in the Solanaceae family that gives us peppers, eggplants, potatoes, tomatoes, and other food items. The fruit is known by the Chinese name gouqizi, meaning the fruits of the willow-like shrub, and has been used since ancient times, recorded in the earliest existing Chinese materia medica published around 100 A.D. It was reputed to improve the complexion and vision and prolong life if taken regularly.




Traditionally, lycium fruit is described as having the properties of nourishing the blood, enriching the yin, tonifying the kidney and liver, and moistening the lungs. It is applied in the treatment of consumptive diseases accompanied by thirst (includes early-onset diabetes and tuberculosis), impotence, sore back, dizziness, blurred vision, diminished visual acuity, and chronic cough. In China, treatment of bone marrow deficiency conditions (low production of red blood cells, platelets, or white blood cells, often the result of cancer therapies) with herb formulas frequently involves lycium fruit as a major ingredient.




The fruit contains beta-carotene, vitamin C, vitamins B1 and B2, beta-sitosterol (an anti-inflammatory agent), linoleic acid (a fatty acid), immunologically active polysaccharides (5-8%), sesquiterpenoids (cyperone, solavetivone), tetraterpenoids (zeaxanthin, physalin), and betaine (0.1%).

Chinese pharmacological research shows that lycium extracts administered to mice could enhance non-specific immunity, promote production of red blood cells, increase production of interleukin-2 (IL-2), and reverse the inhibition of white blood cells caused by cancer drugs. The principal active components are polysaccharides, betaine, and physalin. In a review of research on lycium fruit appearing in Recent Advances in Chinese Herbal Drugs, Dr. Zhou Jinhuang points out that polysaccharides from lycium fruit, like those from astragalus and ganoderma, enhance cell-mediated and humoral immune responses. Lycium fruit polysaccharides could increase activity of T-cells, cytotoxic T-cells, and natural killer cells in laboratory animals. In a study of lycium reported in the Journal of the Beijing Medical University (1992), it was noted that lycium fruit reduced antibodies associated with allergy-type reactions, apparently accomplished through the mechanisms of promoting CD8 T-cells and regulating cytokines. This effect may explain the basis for the reports that lycium fruit is useful treatment for psoriasis.

Betaine, when added to chicken feed, enhances growth of the animals and increases egg production, and it is currently used in poultry farming because of these effects. Lycium fruit given to rats lowered their blood cholesterol and blood sugar; given to rabbits, it inhibited the formation of atherosclerosis. Betaine was shown to protect the livers of laboratory animals from the impact of toxic chemicals; other pharmacologic studies have shown that it is an anticonvulsant, sedative, and vasodilator.

In 1974, it was reported that betaine could treat various chronic liver diseases; lycium fruit is often administered with another Chinese herbal fruit, schizandra, for that purpose. In recent years, betaine has been included in some Western nutritional supplement products, especially those used for improving muscle mass. Betaine is an alkaloid, sometimes classed as an amino acid, that is found also in capsicum, silybum (the source of the liver-protective flavonoid silymarin), and beets (Beta vulgaris, from which betaine gets its name). Betaine is used by the liver to produce choline, a compound which calms nervousness, enhances memory, and protects against fatty liver disease.

Like other commonly eaten fruits, lycium is non-toxic. Toxicity studies showed that injection of 2.4 grams/kg of lycium fruit extract did not cause adverse reactions;

only at the huge dosage of were toxic reactions rapid. The LD50 was determined to be about 8.3 grams/kg (corresponding, roughly to about one pound of the dried fruit, extracted and injected, for a human). There is a single report of high dose lycium fruit as a possible cause an elevation of blood levels or effects of Warfarin (coumadin).



When making a decoction (tea prepared by boiling the herb in water), 6-18 grams of fruit are used for a daily dose, usually in combination with other herbs; taken for one to three months as a typical course of therapy. In the treatment of atrophic gastritis (weakened digestion due to reduced activity of the stomach cells), it has been used by having the patients consume the whole fruits, 10 grams each time, twice daily before meals for two months. In the treatment of diabetes, steamed lycium fruit is eaten in the dose of 10 grams each time, three times daily (steaming softens the fruits, but this may not be necessary). Lycium fruit has been given to treat sexual impotence. It was reported that by consuming whole lycium fruit or an alcohol extract of the fruit, it could markedly increase androgen levels in the blood, making patients feel more energetic. It is likely that sitosterols or terpenoids are responsible for this effect. Further, the polysaccharides of lycium are believed to protect against infertility associated with aging. The daily dosage of lycium fruit needed to obtain these various beneficial effects is about 10-30 grams per day (a small handful of fruits is about 10 grams). Duration of therapy is one to three months. Lycium is also used in anti-aging formulas, consumed for years.

In a review of immune enhancing polysaccharides, it was suggested that a daily dose of about 0.5-3 grams per day would be a reasonable minimum dosage of this component for restoring bone marrow functions in cases of impairment such as side effects of cancer therapies. To obtain this amount solely from eating lycium fruit (assuming 5% polysaccharides, the quantity is likely to vary among samples of the fruits), the daily dose would be 10-60 grams. If the lycium fruit is taken along with other polysaccharide-rich supplements, it can represent an important contribution to the desired total daily dose. The good taste of lycium fruit, and the ability to consume it directly-cooked in foods, included in herbal wines, and in tablets-makes it an ideal source of the polysaccharides. Soft lycium fruit, suitable for eating directly or cooking, is provided in one pound bags, sufficient for a 2-6 week supply for this dosage range

Immune System Support
Many studies have shown Lycium fruits increase the lymphocyte transformation rate and improve the macrophage phagocytic function in animals. Lycium assists spleen lymphocyte transformation induced by Concavalin A. Lycium increases the antibody reaction to T cell-dependant antigen (SRBC) which means that it selectively strengthen the T cell immune response, it is believed to be the result of increasing the number of E receptors on the surface of T cells or increasing the numbers of T cells directly. Lycium also can be used to reduce lead toxicity by inhibiting the reduction of T cells and delayed allergy activity induced by lead. Besides, in a study it was showed that after taking Lycium, lysozyme, IgG, IgA and interleukin 2 (IL-2) in serum increased in all participants.

Lycium fruit functions to maintain normal cell growth as well as improve DNA restoration and repair. It also has the function of anti-peroxidation of free radicals, therefore changing the electrical parameters of cell membranes to the normal range. In one study in China, a 48% increase of Super Oxide Dismutase and a 12% increase of hemoglobin were found in serum for all senior participants. A 65% decrease of LPO in serum was found in the same study. This indicates Lycium fruit may be a potent anti-oxidant, which may slow the aging process.

Cancer Prevention
Other studies from China show that Lycium fruit extract inhibits the gene mutation induced by TA98 and TA1008. Some scientists believe that Lycium fruit may be a very good supplement to prevent liver cancer because it exerts liver protection and anticancer effects at the same time.
Seventy-nine advanced cancer patients in a clinical trial in China were treated with LAK/IL-2 combined with Lycium extract. Initial results of the treatment from 75 available patients indicate that objective regression of cancer was achieved in patients with malignant melanoma, renal cell carcinoma, colorectal carcinoma, lung cancer, nasopharyngeal carcinoma, and malignant hydrothorax. The response rate of patients treated with LAK/IL-2 plus Lycium extract was 40.9% while that of patients treated with LAK/IL-2 alone was 16.1% (P<0.05). LAK/IL-2 plus Lycium extract treatment led to a marked increase in NK and LAK cell activity than LAK/IL-2 alone. The mean remission in patients treated with LAK/IL-2 plus Lycium also lasted significantly longer. The results indicate that Lycium may be used as an adjuvant in the biotherapy of cancer. Another study from China showed Lycium increased the sensitivity to radiation therapy and enhanced the immune system for cancer patients. Japanese researchers reported Lycium could inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

Liver Protection
One study in China discovered that the hepaprotective component from Lycium helps counteract carbon tetrachloride induced hepatotoxicity. Another study from China found Lycium exerts hepaprotection through inhibiting the lipid peroxidation of liver cells in aging mice. Lycium helps to repair liver cell injury induced by CCl4 and facilitates recovery from hepatic necrosis.
Hemopoiesis Promoter
A study in China showed Lycium facilitated stem cell proliferation and increased the number of monocytes in bone marrow. Lycium helps the monocytes to convert to matured leukocytes.

Vision improvement
Lycium fruits were very popular for their vision improvement properties in ancient China. Modern scientists found Lycium fruits reduce dark adapting time and improve vision under subdued light. Physiologic scotoma decreased and vitamin A increased in patients after taking Lycium fruits.


One of the most well-known traditional properties of lycium fruit is its ability to improve vision. This has been documented for over fifteen centuries. Modern scientific studies have finally supplied some substantiation to this property. It turns out lycium fruit not only contains high amounts of b -carotene but this b -carotene is in a highly biologically active form which is readily utilized by the body.

However, b -carotene is not the only nutrient in lycium fruit. It is also reported to be very rich in amino acids (half in free form), other vitamins (B1, B2, C, nicotinic acid, etc.), and polysaccharides that have antioxidant and immunomodulating effects in experimental animals as well as other nutrients. Since oral administration of lycium fruit to humans in various studies have also improved their immune functions, raised the serum levels of superoxide dismutase (SOD) and hemoglobin but lowered the level of lipid peroxides as well as reduced senility symptoms, the polysaccharides obviously are an important active component of lycium fruit. Yet only about 25 years ago, scientists in America were still viewing polysaccharides only as carbohydrates (like starch and sugars) that supply our body with energy and had no other functions. They were so used to looking for instant response in their search for fast-acting drugs from nature that they either didn't know how to deal with anything slow-acting or did not have the patience that is normally a characteristic of the Old World. It was only when more and more evidence of these other properties of polysaccharides kept emerging from Japan, China and Europe that American scientists started to pay attention. Now, they have finally acknowledged that certain carbohydrates (polysaccharides) play important roles in our health other than simply supplying energy.

Another well-known and long-documented traditional property of lycium fruit is its ability to "benefit complexion and maintain one's beauty"; it is also considered to have anti-aging properties. To drug-oriented American scientists, this certainly sounds ridiculous. But various studies have shown lycium fruit to have numerous beneficial effects, including, antioxidant, immunopotentiating, antimutagenic, hypoglycemic, hypolipemic, hypotensive, etc., all of which contribute to the slowing down of the aging process or help us live longer.


The beautifying property of lycium fruit may have some scientific basis after all which may justify its use in skin-care cosmetics, as recent laboratory studies not only demonstrated its antioxidant effect but also its ability to increase dermal hydroxyproline level in mice, indicating increased collagen synthesis. All these effects are good for the skin.



Goji Juice, formerly a Tibetan secret, was used in ancient recipes as a delicious-tasting blend that provided many natural benefits.

Goji Juice is enriched with naturally Occurring Minerals (Zinc, Calcium, Germanium, Selenium, Phosphorus, Copper and Iron) and Many Amino Acids (Isoleucine & Tryptophan).

Goji Juice is also a natural source of Antioxidant Vitamins. It Contains four unique Polysaccharides and Phytonutrient compounds, that work in the body as directors and carriers of the instructions that cells use to communicate with each other. These Polysaccharides are "Master Molecules" that command and control many of the body's most important defense systems and encourage good overall health:

Immunity: Polysaccharides from Goji berries enhance cell-mediated and T-cell immune responses. Polysaccharides were also related to treat efficiently hypertension, gastrointestinal disorders and periodontal disease.

Allergies: Goji was noted reducing antibodies associated with allergy-type reaction by promoting T-cells and was related to alleviating psoriasis.

Anti Aging: Goji's unique LBP Polysaccharides complex has been found to be a powerful secretagogue, by stimulating the secretion of the rejuvenative human growth hormone and by increasing the T-cells and white Cells activity. Goji could also increase androgen levels on the blood while improving sexual performances, exercise tolerance and general good spirit.

Anti Cancer: Goji LBP Polysaccharides have been particularly active of enhancing the production of Interleukin-2 (IL-2), a cytokine (cell protein) that induces potent anti-tumor responses in a variety of cancer models.

Obesity: Goji LBP Polysaccharides enhance the conversion of food into energy, improve general metabolism and reduced body weight.

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The matrimony vine is a kind of plant that has durable vitality and energy.Have 14 kinds of amino acidses, a great deal of carrot is plain, also having sugar beet alkali, smoke sour, the cattle is yellow sour, vitamin B, the vitamin C, and calcium, Lin, iron etc. material.The modern medical science research proves that the matrimony vine not only is been used for to prevent and cure the diabetes, high fat blood disease, the liver disease and tumor, having special medical treatment value towards preventing and curing the eye disease more.Have a great deal of carrot vegetable in the matrimony vine originally, after entering a human body Of function bottom, can convert the vitamin A, the vitamin A has always been to be seen do the protection eyes and prevent the special effect vitamin of the eyesight degeneration from, can know matrimony vine's health care effect for eyes from here.


The matrimony vine has amino acids, alkaloid, sugar beet Jian, sour strach red and plain and various vitamins, also have various second oils sour.

Its efficacy of medicine has a solution extensively very much hot, cure diabetes and stop coughing to turn phlegm etc. curative effect, and the matrimony vine root decoction behind drink, can decline blood pressure:As for the matrimony vine tea then has the treatment constitution falsely cold, sex is cold, be good for the stomach, liver kidney disease, tuberculosis, constipation, suffer from insomnia, low blood pressure, anemic and various eye disease, drop hair, mouth cavity Yan and protect a skin etc. is various result.


The fruit of Chinese wolfberry has a kind of material, the person calls "the vitamin X", this kind of material has already helped to enhance the brain and the nerve cell function, easing the blood toxin that increases with the age growth, and strengthening sex hormone to secrete and reaching to retain youthful looks to defend old and promise longevity result.So someone is called"the vitamin X" more"retain youthful looks vitamin".

Be used for the skin surface layer outside, can rise to prevent a skin from aging, increase the effect of the white hairdressing, improve a black spot, freckle, might as well on trying have a strange effect necessarily.The anti- oxidizes, defering decrepitude.

The matrimony vine extracts essence to oxidize effect with dual anti-, the increment skin's injury toward ultraviolet ray, pollution of the environment, free radicals, give the skin protect most completely.

Have abundant vitamin C, promote the gum dollar egg white to increase to get, improve a thin Wen creation, make skin bright and pure white.

Have essential vitamin A, B2, C of hairdressing with little element calcium, Lin, iron...etc., particularly the vitamin AN and the C content is high, increasing fruit of Chinese wolfberry to withdraw a thing in the cosmetics, can prevent taking off hair from, make hair pitch-black to become bright, in the meantime to human body essential vitamin and little the element lack of and cause of yellow hair, grey hair, complexion have no there is obvious curative effect in R.O.C., the skin aridity...etc..Because it can also promote the hair melanin of born, is bald to have good curative effect to the spot.

And muscle Of the dual anti- oxygen effect, strengthen a skin to resist an ability to resist environment in the injury of the free radicals, ultraviolet ray and the air pollution, its effect better than vitamin A, the C and E, for protect a skin to be free from the external world


Vitamin A

The content of the vitamin A, in the yellow green vegetable and the fruit, internal organs, liver, egg yolk, butter, milk and the cod-liver oil, all rather abundant.But, the vitamin A must it first the quality just can produce result after the human body inside through the conversion function.To skin, the adjustable stanza epidermis and the metabolism of the periostracum, protect epidermis and glue a film, make the germ violate not easily.Therefore, the vitamin AN is aging in the anti-, goes to crease, makes the skin spot downplay, smooth and delicate and prevent skin cancer from etc., clinic usage up rather extensive.


The vitamin AN is strong and healthy, lubricate skin of function, lack of of the time skin will become dry, rough, can promote the bone gum original and the growth of the flexible egg white, make thus skin of flexible to build up, can also strengthen lock the water effect.



Vitamin B2

Get plain B 2 be called to check again yellow vegetable(riboflavin), by miscellaneous wreath different Luo?Wreath(the heterocyclic isoalloxazine ring) with the pit sugar Chun(ribitol) constitute.Checking the yellow vegetable is a kind of water-soluble and have fluorescence of orange needle form crystallize material, to hot, the acidity material and oxidizing agent present stability appearance, but be subjected to easily it is thus clear that the light and the alkaline material breakage.

The vitamin B2(check a yellow vegetable), and then be called "skin of vitamin".The vitamin B2 and protein, phosphoric acid...etc. combine, becoming yellow plain egg white, is main enzyme of the cell oxygen revivification function.

The vitamin B2(check a yellow vegetable) to the formation of the red corpuscle, the manufacturing of the antibody, cell breath the function and growth are necessary.It ease the fatigue of eyes, and can prevent and from cure cataract.It lends support to carbohydrate, fat, the metabolism of the protein.And the vitamin A suitable for use, the B2 can maintain and improve mucosa organization of digesting the way.The B2 also helps the body organization(skin, nail, hair) to make use of Oxygen, clean scurf and help an iron, the absorption of the vitamin B6.The period of the pregnancy, lacking of the B2 will injure embryo's health, even this mother didn't check to feel B2 lack of  probably. At body inside is converted the color ammonia of the nicotine vegetable(Niacin) a sour (Tryptophan) metabolism, demand B2 of help. The B2 and B6 contribute to the treatment of the wrist bone tunnel symptoms(the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome).Its importance it is thus clear that general.

When the vitamin B2 wasn't enough, the quarrel Yan was most familiar .So-called quarrel Yan, what to point is the both sides mouth corn to spilt open, or appear Kui

Lousy etc. condition of illness.In addition, flavor Lei a the each grain Tu of the tongue rises, nose two sides appear a fat to leak sex dermatitis, eyes full is a blood silk and fear the light etc. very much, is also the phenomenon that lacks of the vitamin B2.

Similar to the vitamin B1, the demand of the vitamin B2 measures, have to also see the calories taken how much to decide.In general, take calories 1000 cards each time, need the vitamin B2 0.6 milligrams in the meantime, compare the demand of the vitamin B1 to measure obviously much some.

Promote the healthy growth of the cell, keep the skin, nail and head health for delivering, lacking of the vitamin B2 can cause a fat to overflow sex skin Yan.


Vitamin C

And the fair function of the vitamin , mainly is according to the anti- inflammation function, because it can prevent a sunburn from, avoiding the excessive anti- inflammation function, because it can prevent a sunburn from, avoiding excessive linger effect left in sunshine.Because the vitamin involves the gum egg white with glue many carbohydrate to synthesize, so canned also promote the Yu of the wound match.If lack of, then influence to the function of knotting the Di organization, urging is easily encroached upon by free radicals(the Free radical) and cause to change sex.However the vitamin but again is the important anti- oxidizing agent that repairs these injuries.Therefore, the then extensive usage is aging in the anti- recently,

Repair the use of the insolation injury up.Three kinds of vitamins contain similar effect, and each other have a complement each other function, because of three all is good anti- oxidizing agent, ability the clearance skin not appropriate insolation after, the harmful free radicals become.

The vitamin C can prevent the skin blood vessel from aging, strengthen blood vessel flexibility, increase a white skin, reduce an imperturbable function of the skin dye.

The vitamin C and then anti- the bad blood is sour(the ascorbic acid) is the most unsteady vitamin, water-soluble very high, easily for the light, heat, oxygen, alkali, oxidize enzyme and few metalses,such as copper, iron, , break.So in the general meal only Can depend on fresh Vitamin C.Content the high fruit is its source.

Physiology effect

(1) Promote original(collagen) formation of gum

The gum is originally a kind of protein, is the cell and the cell combine material, having already helped to become in the knot Di organization of the skin, muscle, skeleton, ligaments, the tooth enamel quality, the Vitamin C.BE the gum makes process at first in can't lack of main factor, so Vitamin C.Can promote the wound Yu match, burn to restore to original and increase to suffer power towards getting hurt and infecting of. (2) Participating the hydrogen turns reaction

a.Is sour the color ammonia to change into serum to promote the vegetable make the nerve deliver and shrink blood vessel normally

b. Change the cholesterol as Dan sour, can reduce a cholesterol content inside the body

c. Change the Lao amino acids as new adrenaline to maintain the blood vessel and nerve normal

Movable power.

(3) When anti- oxidizing agent

Vitamin C.It is a very strong anti- oxidizing agent, can protect sour excessiveness of the vitamin A, E in the bowel way and unsaturated fatty acid to oxidize.

(4) Increase iron absorption

Vitamin C.The ability restores three price irons as second iron ion(Fe) of absorbing the pattern, accelerating an iron through the small bowel mucosa and absorbability.

(5) Increasing the calcium quality absorbs

Vitamin C.Can activate a folic acid, help the metabolism of the calcium quality.

(6) Increase to the infectious disease with the febrile resistibility

It have abundant Vitamin C in the organization.Can arise the ability of the leukocyte holdout germ.The clinical medical science report shows Vitamin C.Can prevent and cure cold.

(7) Anti-cancer

a. Vitamin C.Promote the cell collagen synthesize, to patient's body the cancer cell transfer the function that may develop to contain.

B. The second nitric Ji compound in the human body contain 120 varieties, among them, 80% have cancer-causing, the vitamin C to various second nitric Ji compounds with the result that the mutation function has obviously it to repress.

C. By the result manifestation of the Epidemiology research, Vitamin C.Can reduce stomach cancer, the esophagus cancer, the occurrence rate of the womb cancer.

D. Smoke Vitamin C.Of the amount of demand must compare to smoke not much 40%, because of smoke will increase cancer-causing of dangerous rate, and Vitamin C. Can repress the creation of the carcinogen and the toxin of the defense cigarette.

Be smoking and the oral contraceptive user, its blood Vitamin C.The value compares to be worth normally low, so these two types of community vitamin the C demands measure higher than ordinary people's, should notice Vitamin C.Of repair

Because the vitamin involves the gum egg white with glue many carbohydrate to synthesize, so canned also promote the Yu of the wound match.If lack Lack, then influence to the function of knotting the Di organization, urge is easily encroached upon by free radicals(the Free radical) and cause to change sex.However the vitamin but again is the important anti- oxidizing agent that repairs these injuries.Therefore, the then extensive usage is aging and repairs the use of the insolation injury in the anti- recently up.

Its another an effect is at first to promote the leather layer bone gum synthesize, making the skin Hui Fu flexible, preventing crease from appearing thus and betterly.Fair go to the spot aspect, the vitamin C can suppress female cell of dye deposition, not only can prevent the black spot and freckle, return the ability will have another the dye of the Yu to eject the outside of the body, improving a dark and dumb skin color, it become pure white brightness the skin.


Vitamin X

Also call it as "retain youthful looks vitamin".Was confirmed by the animal experiment, the vitamin X, have already activated to the person and the animal's brain cell and the endocrine gland with the new-born function.The French government starts big area planting and strengthens a research for this. Vitamin X contains a unique anti-wrinkle hexapeptide that effectively reduces the depth of fine lines and wrinkles on the face and prevents apparent skin aging by inhibiting the contraction of neurotransmitters that cause repeated movements of the facial expression muscles promoting the appearance of smooth skin especially in the forehead and around the eyes. With more than three times the amount of active ingredient of our stretch mark reducing competitor; Vitamin X has 10% Argireline with the added moisturizing bonus of Hyaluronic Acid. One ounce


The fruit of Chinese wolfberry has a kind of material, the person calls "the vitamin X", this kind of material has already helped to enhance the brain and the nerve cell function, easing the blood toxin that increases with the age growth, and strengthening sex hormone to secrete and reaching to retain youthful looks to defend old and promise longevity result.So someone is called"the vitamin X" more"retain youthful looks vitamin".

Be used for the skin surface layer outside, can rise to prevent a skin from aging, increase the effect of the white hairdressing, improve a black spot, freckle, might as well on trying have a strange effect necessarily.The anti- oxidizes, defering decrepitude.


The application of the hairdressing


1.     The anti- oxidizes

2.     Anti- allergy

3.     Strengthening sex hormone secretes

4.     Increase the effect of the white hairdressing, improve a black spot, freckle

5.     Promote the gum dollar the egg white increase to get, improving thin Wen, strengthening the lock water effect

6.     Promote the healthy growth of the cell, keep the skin, nail and head health for delivering

7.     The anti- inflammation function, because it can prevent a sunburn from

8.     Promote wound of the Yu match

9.     Can keep skin from blood vessel aging, strengthen blood vessel flexibility, increase a white skin, reduce skin dye composure

10.   Avoid an aging special anti-wrinkle of obvious skin