白及.Common Bletilla Pseudobulb


Common Bletilla Pseudobulb



Jail a few prisoners in a prison with big Ya formerly.Put in the custody of their old prison guard, behave virtuous, mind's eye good, have never beaten and scolded to the prisoner, also often talk heart with prisoner, concern their living sufferance.

A day, a call a white and of the one condemned to death is suddenly critically ill to die soon, the old prison guard favour reports a county officer.The officer of the county hears behind tiny a smile to say:"Lead again for a month, white and will behead, die now, also province we one knife!" the old prison guard heard wish:The white and offense although it is said damn greatly, but didn't go to the dead period, sick still want to see.Hence he deceives a county an officer from asked coming to a card shark outside, getting to big prison in give white and cure, oneself for his the medicine fee for paying.Didn't in a couple of days, white and of the disease like, being white for this and being moved very much.

In a flash more than 20 dayses are past, white and of the dead expected.White and tells the old prison guard says:"I make grave crime seven times, is often tortured by the Xing Xun, make the lung department get hurt with as for throw up blood. thanks to I have one secret recipe, all depending on this medicine to stop bleeding instauration. method is, only use the white root as end, the rice juice adjusts, its effect,such as God, ." is afterwards white and is beheaded to sentence to death, its chest sees the Qiao cave that the lung departments all have more than ten woundses after being split open, all having already been filled up, white root the color of the medicine also didn't change.

The old prison guard keeps firmly in mind this square.Behind turn to sue its friend piece card shark, piece the card shark use this square to save to cure on coughing blood a not only close upon death patient, stop bleeding namely on first effectively indeed as expected, save life.A day, piece the card shark ask this medicine of old prison guard to call what name, old prison guard because of year the old power of memory differ, only remembering is white and dedicate of square, white root the medicine forgot, easy to read said a:"White and!"




True pit area(Eukarya)


The plant field(Plantae)


The angiosperm door(Magnoliophyta)

Key link:

Slip leaf the plant key link(Liliopsida)


Day door the winter eyes or Lan eyes


The Lan section(Orchidaceae)

Belong to:

The white and Lan belong to(Bletilla)


Sex form:

This article Zhang form flat form, the You root-stock is fatty and thick, separately is short.Surface the smooth type is white, the path is 2-3 the Li rices, thick about 3 millimeter, there is the caulis Hen, have a piece of Hen under, the brown link thin root Hen, the film form scale leaf.The quality Jian, not easy fold.Drink a slice-horizontal slice thin slice, translucent keratin form, there is the dispersion Wei to control a point.The spirit has no, the flavor is thin, there is sticky liquid.

Plant appearance:Get herbage for many years, underground tuber disc-shaped or irregular rhombus, the meat quality, yellow white, the constant also get.The leaf covers with the needle form or covers with the needle form widely, carrying first gradually sharp, the Ji subordinate postpones the sheath form to embrace a caulis.The total form inflorescence crest gets, often having already spent 3 8;Spend thin purple red, the Shuo fruit spindle form, there are 6 Zong Lengs.



The organic functions check-is big, full, the color is white, translucent, the quality is delicate, the gum quality is heavy, have no root of whiskers, have no cortex is good. Two.The powder discriminates-this article powder is white, the drop adds alcohol, there is white fragment to present the grain form.Add a water, the grain form reduces.There is thin wall cell, Hu to don't all turn its starch grain(path 3-12 microns) and the needle Jing.(grow 50 microns)Match the chlorine Quan with the water transparent after, can see few Weis control the fragment and wood to turn a form epidermis cell.



The root contains the white Ji grape sweet dew to gather sugar(the Bletilla glucomannan) to wait for a sticky liquid many carbohydrate.

Sex flavor

The flavor is bitter and sweet, sex is even



The lord produces in Szechwan, Yunnan, Shan west, sweet Su etc. province, there is everywhere cultivation in whole country.



The lung, stomach bleeds, the issue of blood of the tuberculosis, ulcer, the Ka blood, the surgical operation bleed, tuberculosis, the bronchus extends, the purple Dian, nose Nyu, external injury bleeds



Along with the development of the medical science, the treatment scope of the white Ji more come more breadth, the modern clinic is in common use this article treatment empty spit blood, the bronchus extend to spit blood, lung the swollen Yang cough blood, the stomach and diseases such as 12 intestinal ulcers and issue of blood etc..Studies the important topic that the ideal blood vessel bolts to fill to have been tumor to get involved under medical treatment for many years.

The researcher has ever ground system to pay the Chinese herbal medicine white Ji powder grain as a central type blood vessel to bolt to fill, acquiring better result.Recently, they another Bi new path, withdraw it from mediumly the herb medicine the white Ji valid composition, system has a kind of new end blood vessel to bolt to fill-white Ji gum.


Chinese herbal medicine the white Ji gum is the application that the blood vessel bolts to fill

  Withdraw valid composition from the Chinese herbal medicine white Ji caulis piece, system has white Ji gum to bolt to fill.Carry on a series Jian concerning characteristic to it certainly, the Bing applies the white Ji gum carries on 4 head health pig of the liver artery bolt to fill an experiment.


The white Ji gum bolts system of filling to have:

  According to the white Ji generation the creation method of the blood plasma system article, the Bing makes to compare to improve greatly.Main system has a method:1.The water fries a white Ji caulis piece of Chinese herbal medicine;

2.Will fry a liquid to filter, leave heart and condense;3.Join to have no water ethanol dehydration and take off a color;4.Is dry the dehydration empress' white Ji Xu form thing Gan, press certain the comparison join 50% to be suffused with the Ying Pu An deliquescence and go together with;5.Pack into Anne Pou, seal a people's empress in the 15 lbs(about 668.6 kPas)/cm 2 high pressure fumes descend to put out the germ half an hour, the Zhu saves a back up.


The result shows:

The white Ji gum is all a kind of the gum form thing of the quality, certainly glue Zhi, not deeply X line, the Yi King 4 F pipe injects;2.The white Ji gum has the good blood compatibility and the organization compatibility, having no with the result that the hot original and toxicity function;3.After the white Ji gum-silk Lie mildewed plain C(MMC) body outside mixture, have no layering and suspend phenomenon, release MMC, 50% needs 1.8 hours about, 100% needs 3.4 hours;4.The white Ji gum mainly bolts to fill small artery of end, bolting to fill firm and reliable, maintaining time can reach to 5s, becoming a side to pay circulation not easily;5.The white Ji gum bolts to fill to hurt to normal liver organization slightly, didn't appear bad dead of the liver cell.


On the Zong say, the white Ji gum has good blood vessel to bolt to fill a function and carries the body characteristic to alleviate to release characteristic, using convenience, security, is a kind of more ideal end type blood vessel to bolt to fill. 

Winning the white Ji of herb medicine stops bleeding an application

By in in order to refrain from rash action to stop bleeding a medicine, white Ji the flavor bitterness, sex is even and not poisonous, and repairs lung to stop bleeding, spreading blood to get lately, so using it to stop bleeding an experiment in the feedlot.

  Main method:

  1.White Ji 150 grams grind the thin Mo and the rice vinegar to adjust the mire form, the external application wound is around.

  2.White Ji 200 grams grind thin Mo, taking 22 rice wines as to lead, infusing once.


The result shows:

The white Ji cures the knife wound breakage, external application to cure a pain swollen have certain result.

  The white Ji is digesting an application in the disease

The white Ji flavor is bitter, sweet, Se, tiny and cold, return lung, stomach, liver through, main function:Refrain from rash action to stop bleeding, turn Yu to decrease swelling, get a muscle to go to Fu.It make use of the white Ji treatment digest way in the long-term clinical fulfillment to be subjected to the benefit bandit in the disease process shallow, in numerously of in the herb medicine, white Ji to digest way disease of special treatment the function is higher on raising, be rated as treatment to digest a way "the saint medicine" of the disease.


The esophagus Yan and ulcerate, its pathologic mechanism is this kind basically, mostly by in spirit the Yu turn the fire wound Yin, hurt the esophagus Lao vein, and with the result that the mucosa Chong blood, edema formation the Yan disease, long then become ulcer, treatment be is counteracted poison with the Xie fire, turn Yu to decrease swelling.Choose to go together with with the white Ji up have the Xie fire to counteract poison of greatly yellow, turn Yu to decrease swelling of 37, system becomes the powder, boiled water adjusts the Hu form to swallow, light connect take threes namely more;If inside fire lead prosperous, the curative effect isn't quite right, or go together with the soup to use, choose half Xie heart soup to go to a party for summer three, add Su Geng, wood joss-stick, Zhi hull, Dan three it the type counteract poison by strengthening the Xie fire, managing to annoy solution Yu of function, reach to cure thus of purpose. 


Stomach inflammation, stomach ulcer, on the clinic for the sake of then in treatment, is divided into it the truth or falsity two major type.Their formation has another by inside outside feeling evil ways, or internal injury food, the feeling ambition not hence, liver spirit Yu knot, fell wound stomach to annoy with the result that.The disease sees the stomach Guan Zhuo pains be suffused with sour, the Gan, is bitter, the fidgety irascibility, tongue is red, the Tai is yellow, vein Xian.The treatment is with with stomach decline negative, the Xie fire counteracts poison for the lord.The in common use and square has half summer Xie heart soup, the firewood Hu Shu liver to spread etc..The disease sees stomach Guan secret pain, continuing and not only and pleased and warm pleased press, God tired power, complexion not R.O.C., arms and legs not, be suffused with to vomit clear water, tongue thin and fat, the side has tooth mark, Tai white, the vein is thin and weak, cure be is annoyed with the benefit of Jian Pi, moderates stomach for lord, the in common use square has the fragrant sand six gentleman soups, Huangs the type of the soup in Jian.Above two diseases,such as formation,s ulcerates, adding some live blood to turn Yu, go to the medicine that the Fu gets a muscle feater.Through the clinical identification, if the treatment  make selection joins white Ji in the square just the right amount of can shorten the Yan disease and ulcerate obviously of treatment time. 


The chronic knots enteritis, especially chronic not only the Yi ulcer knot enteritis, is a medical science is difficult to cure illness currently it a.Clinical full general it is falsely divided into the hot and damp type and Pi a type, the treatment corresponds Cai to use pure heat humid counteract poison the Jian Pi Se bowel in the method or to stop bleeding the Xie method, the representative's square has the Ge root the Qin respectively connect soup and three Ling the white Shu spread.But in the fulfillment the work, the Bian disease is right, using a medicine accurate, usually could not attain the expectation result of the treatment, there in no do not cause our deep thought.The colon under the premise that descend burnt, cure in the dialectical theory, how make the valid medicine go directly to a disease, just is cure a successful premise.White Ji in addition to oneself cure a function, its sex Se Zhi, glue sex strong, with other medicine mutually five, take orally to still infuse bowel no matter, all can solve this difficult problem availably, and not poisonous side effect. 


Clinical application

1.Be used for spitting blood, throwing up blood, Nyu blood, the external injury issue of blood etc. disease.The white Ji refrains from rash action, the function stops bleeding, it is persistent to stop bleeding a medicine.Wants to be used for lung, stomach to bleed disease, can apply alone, can also go together with A gum(the clam powder fry), Ou stanza and get a ground of etc. to cure to spit blood;Etc. of going together with the squid bone cures to throw up blood.

2.Be used for a swollen pain of the Chuang Yang, ulcerate long not close, the lanky Jun Lie waits for a disease.White Ji again have already decreased swelling Gong of getting the muscle, use to cure the Chuang Yang, in spite of already Kui don't the Kui is all applied, if the Chuang Yang beginning's rising don't Kui, go together with a silver flower, shell mother, smallpox powder, frankincense etc. has the dissipation function;As the Chuang Yang already Kui, long not the close and lanky Jun Lie, having can play Gong of getting the muscle Lian Chuang, usually the levigation uses outside.In addition, this article can also be used for diseases, such as dust lung, lung Yong and tuberculosis...etc..


三、White Ji gum

The main composition of the white Ji is:

        Gum quality         56-57%

        Cellulose        13-14%

        Humidity         9.5-10.5%

        Protein         6-7%

        Grease          1-1.2%

        The ash cent and other      1.5-2%

  The white Ji presents acidity, pH is 4-5;Heat the meeting water solution to become after adding thick caustic soda thin;Have no with weak organic acid anti-

Should;Meeting the acetone has already glued the knot gum to glue a sediment.         


The Hu liquid of the white Ji powder presents tiny and yellow and transparent, sex glues dense, don't bear heat long cook, will make to glue a degree significantly

The degree descends.Therefore use white Ji powder to strach up of cooking and straching time and use time not proper long, cook syrup to strach temperature and top

Not proper more than 95 .

  The white Ji powder syrup liquid with the pH is worth 4-6:00 to glue a degree for higher.

  The white Ji powder syrup liquid of the flexibility and strength of film and the syrup film are all good, but due to in the white Ji powder have compare

Many celluloses, while therefore straching up fall syrup also many.

  The white Ji powder can use or mix with starch to be used for medium, medium etc. a tight degree the top of the species syrup purely.Straching the yarn bears to whet

Sex with knit to build of break is all and more good through the condition.


四、The white Ji is in the application on the hairdressing

Book of Poetry is the most ancient verse of China, description beauty of the poem has "hand,such as soft Ti, , skin,such as the Ning fat, , get as the Qiu Qi, Chi,such as the Hu Xi, , the Qin head beautiful eyebrows, the Qiao smiles the Qian Xi, the beautiful eyes hope Xi." gist is the beauty's skin and hands soft delicate white, the neck sum is square just, the eyebrow is thin curved long, smiling face supple, double the eye black and white is clear.

From Book of Poetry with go to the in the past literature work it is thus clear that, the Chinese like a fair source far flow long, a few squares with ancient hairdressings all with fair is lord, be like Tang Dynasty imperial hospital medicine square of seven white creams, all of seven kinds of Chinese herbal medicines used are hairdressings in common use material, three palaces six user of the hospitals don't know if any several, however this square already fly go into usually common people's house, don't dislike bother, going to the medicine material shop to buy together material, can be self-made at any time.


Skin why would become black?

The color of the skin is mainly made the amount of the melanin(Melanin, the general name for wheat pulls rather) quantity by the melanin cell to decide: the melanin cell will be the activity and creation by"the Lao An sour Hui" a great deal of melanin, this is the skin tans, various spot become of main factor.


What is "the Lao An sour Hui"?

It is a kind of widespread exist in the body inside of enzyme is been sour by the Lao An to resolve and become, become melanin to mainly activate, and ultraviolet ray is urge a sour Hui conversion of the Lao An melanin of main factor.



The reason of the melanin formation

It is produced by the melanin cell of the epidermis base layer.Its tree branch form Tu stretches into the epidermis corn egg white cell, delivering mature melanin grain to the corn egg white cell.The reason that it becomes has a lot, the general and female skin is pure white relevant, the familiar reason is as follows:

1. Ultraviolet ray:

After skin projects light upon ultraviolet ray, melanin the female cell will make first plain protein inside the skin, starting sour  of the Lao AnOf manufacturing, the Lao An is sour the sour  is through the Lao AnA series of oxygenations and the formation melanin spot.

2. Motion, pressure:

When we be placed in negative bad motion over a long period of time, or face unexpected stroke, will make the brain descend to see the melanin cell that the Qiu secretes incitement hormone(MSH) increment, it is an excessive melanin to precipitate as a result in the skin to expel and cause a piece and black spot of the skin color An or area too late.

When the human face faces motion, pressure, will stimulate a kind of call "decline plain gene of calcium related get "(CGRP) of in lie material to synthesize, by 37 kinds of An Jis sour composing, it will induct the keratin cell to release melanin to promote hormone, make the melanin cell a great deal of manufacturing melanin, then cause the skin spot and melanin are born.

3. Age:

The skin is along with the aging meeting of the age cause to cause the wheat pull rather of the dye activate the factor MGF sooner and soon born, cause more spots are in the on the face, this also is familiar age female why easy appearance dark sink and black spot of reason.

Resist the counterplan of the melanin

The reason become by melanin knows, wanting to be real to present deeply white skin condition of nature, is not only guard against ultraviolet ray good, want to value the function of the fair product most importantly, can prevent the formation of the melanin effectively.

Have to have regard for three stages of the integrity to stop system while choosing a fair product, can reach real fair result.It three stages stop system respectively BE:

(A) Repress the formation of the melanin:

When skin be subjected to outside incitement after, we skin first floor of melanin would start produce, so we repress let it not want surfeit, not easily become"dark sink a skin color" and"produce new spot".

(Two) Melanin weakened to have already become:

Downplay already the dye and spot of being appeared in the skin, let spot a form to shrink by the slice order a form.

(Three) The complete metabolism has already become melanin:

BE already shallow turn, weaken of the melanin downplays, metabolize then and completely.


Making use of this Benzodiazepine represses a sour(tyrosinase) activity of the Lao An to reduce the formation of the melanin(melanin), having to refrain from rash action, disinfect and downplaying the effect of the skin surface layer dye in the meantime.

CAS number    120-80-9

Chinese name  1, 2-Benzodiazepine

English name   O-Dihydroxybenzene;Catechol

Don't            Lin Benzodiazepine;Son tea Fen

Molecular formula   C6 H6 O2;C6H4(OH)2    The appearance and sex form  Have no color crystallize, see the light or Lou place to change color in the air, can sublimate

Molecular weight     110.11     The steam presses    1.33 kPas/118.3 Shans order:127

Rong    Order       105 boiling points:246         Fuse sex   Dissolve in the water, is dissolved in ethanol, B ether easily

Airtight    Degree Opposite density(water=1)1.34;Opposite density(air=1)3.79   Stability   Stabilize

Dangerous marking 15(the poison harm an article) Main use  Be used for taking a picture, dyestuff, anti- oxygen, the light stability, and is an important medicine middle body



All of them are to have no color crystallize.The Lin Benzodiazepine and Benzodiazepine uses to dissolve easily in the water, the hydroquinone fuses one degree in the water small.

The Benzodiazepine is the function that has the anti- germ and fungi, the strength is the benzene Fen only of 1/3.The stimulative is small, can used for curing skin disease,such as the eczema and tinea disease etc., .

The hydroquinone is in common use to make to develop.