白芍.White Paeony Root




The medicine : White Shao

Put together a sound : BAISHAO

English : White Paeony Root

Scientific term :  Paeonia lactif1ora Pall

Come to source :For double the root of the cotyledon plant medicine hair Gen section plant Shao medicine(the cultivation grow).

Do not :

The medicine of gold Shao(Anne expect to get to take the Lian method ), white Shao(the drugs turn righteousness ), the Shao medicine(Book of Poetry ), again:Leaving the grass(poem inside spread), Yu permits, it accumulates, solve a camalig(Wu Pu originally grass ), can leave(the Cui leopard ancient time now Zhu ), plough food, Ting(do not record ), have no bone flower(Hu originally grass ), Lan tail spring(the pure difference record ) and will leave(outline )


The prescription :

White Shao, Hang Shao, greatly white Shao, get white Shao, fry white Shao and fry white Shao, burnt white Shao, white Shao Tan etc. of white Shao, vinegar of Hang Shao, wine


Composition :

Contain solid Chun(β -Sitosterol) of the wheat Pei, the Shao medicine is sweet(Paeoniflorin), the muscle Chun(myoinositol), oxidize the Shao medicine sweet(Oxypaeoniflorin), the benzene A Ji Shao medicine is sweet, the Shao medicine Tong(Paeoniflorigenone) waits for.Originally belong the plant root contained and don't eat the son list rather(Gallotannin).


Sex form :

This article cylinder form, thick thin even and straight and even, grow 10-20 the Li rices, the path is 1-2.5 the Li rices, the appearance pale red palm tree or the powder white, flat or have wrinkly shallow Zong, the root of whiskers Hen and horizontal skin hole, bolting the skin don't in addition to exhausted has the palm tree brown spot Hen.The quality is solid, keratin, break not easily, the cross section isn't flat, grey or tiny brown, powder, the wood department annulose Wen and project the form germ flower heart veins.The spirit has no, the flavor is tiny and bitter and sour.Drink a slice-horizontal slice thin slice, thick about 1 millimeter, slice to face smooth, keratin, type the white go to tiny red, become the layer wreath Wen obviously, the Bu has 1-2s to break a continuous wreath form to swell up.Shoot a line white, compare breadth.Fry a yellowish brown color of white Shao, the burnt white Shao shows the palm tree black, having burnt spirit.


Discriminate :

The organic functions check-the root is thick to grow, keeping evenly, the quality is solid, the powder foot, the skin color is clean for good, the form is small bent, break the skin as time.


The organization discriminates-this article root cross section mirror check, the outside layer accidentally survive few rows skin layer cell, the tangent prolongs.The Ren skin department Shai tube, the afterbirth wall is thick, becoming a flock to distribute, the Ren skin thin wall cell or cleft contain the grass sour calcium Cu Jing, the path is 18-28 microns, the Gong becomes a layer wreath.The wood department has biggest part of, the pipe is the single or several gatherings, presenting path toward alignment, also having several make polygon, the path is 25-60 microns.The wood fiber is small, the wall is thick.Central have no Sui department, the just born wood quality department pipe stick spreads row.Shoot the line breadth three and 40 row cells, the wood department shoots the line cell, path to extension, the Ren skin department shoots near square of the line cell, all containing the grass sour calcium Cu Jing, the starch grain the personal Hu turn. Three.The powder discriminates-this article powder yellow white, the Hu turns starch many conglobation pieces, the grass sour calcium Cu Jing, the path is 11-35 microns, embarking on a journey or several gatherings, have the good luck Wen hole and the net Wen pipe, the path is 20-65 microns, the fiber presents a long shuttle form, the path is 15-40 microns, the wall is thick, the tiny wood turns, having a large circle Wen hole. Four.The chemistry discriminates-most this article powder, add the Chun 30 mls, flap to concuss 15 filter after minutes, take the Lyu liquid 3 mls to add the chlorination iron to try a liquid 1-2 drop, the aqua presents blue and purple~blue green, again change into dark and blue purple~dark green.(check the Rou quality)


Sex flavor effect

The flavor is bitter and sour, sex is tiny and cold.It increased the blood and is slowly nasty and even to decline the function of the liver sun with blood Lian Yin, soft liver.Be used for blood falsely Wei to is yellow, faint, Yin falsely the blood is hot, lose blood, through few through shut, the mentruation adjust, doesn't collapse to leak, form falsely from the sweat, night sweat, Xie pain, through go nasty ache of stomachache, Guan stomach, lanky Ju, the liver Yu Pi falsely, move bowels Xie Xie, liver sun top Kang, head of group to faint, have a ring in the ear, fidgety irascibility etc..



(1)Solve Jing

(2)Decline blood pressure, can extend outside blood vessel, reduce outside resistance

(3)Extend a coronary artery

(4)The town is quiet, the town pain and anti- surprised Jue

(5)The solution is hot, anti- Yan and anti-virus

(6)Have already counteracted poison a function to the carcinogen yellow  mildewed vegetable.





二、Apply :


Fat leaking dermatitis

The fat leaking dermatitis is one kind good sends to the

sebaceous glands secretion exuberant spot skin disease < for example:

Nose reason, eyebrow, ear, scalp, front chest and so on >. Its

characteristic creates disaster the skin epidermal cell proliferation

acceleration and the sebum secretion too much. The trouble department

skin can appear some yellow inked ribbon scale filings the mottling,

besides creates the seemingly puzzle, mostly the partner has scratches

with the finger  the symptom. The patient is easy and has  to

be many or youth smallpox many phenomena.

The fat leaking dermatitis reason is unclear, generally thought

concerns with the heredity physique. Also some people thought

the bud spore fungus excessively proliferation concerns with the skin

on. On clinical discovered in the patient the male is more than the




The fat leaks the treatment of sex dermatitis to be received with the part usage adrenal gland sebum He Er, as the 1% skin quality Chun frost or ointment and sulphur or the tar product is lord.General treatment the result is good, but due to the condition of illness possibility again deliver, the possible demand cures repeatedly.Should avoid receiving with the stronger adrenal gland skin quality He Er in order to prevent the side effect taken place by long-term usage.


Eat Liao

And repair the liver blood to nourish a skin by Chinese angelica, white Shao in eating Liao;The white Zhu, Fu Ling, ginger strengthens the function of the appetite metabolism;The firewood Hu, the mint Shu liver reason annoys the mitigation motion;Peony skin, the Zhi son pure liver through falsely hot, the skin inflammation red Yang, make the liver spirit dredge, the Yu heat evacuation, not only the feeling ambition can be slow, the skin aridity takes off the phenomenon of the scraps also solve together;Have to use wet medicine of the benefit of Jian Pi for the hot and damp constitution, if five Lings spread to add and subtract(laurel, white Zhu, the Fu Ling strengthen the appetite metabolism moisture of function;The pig Ling, the Ze Xie cleans a body inside and the moisture of the skin;Add a loquat leaf, yellow Qin the skin surface layer of the inflammation hot air spread)BE gone out by the body form and metabolism inside the body the hot and damp, make the appetite function operation normal, the hot and damp doesn't fume to steam the body skin, the fat leaks of the problem also solves problems with the greatest ease together.


In order to avoid the depravation that the fat leaks sex dermatitis or relapse, way maintained canned carry out as follows:

The food forbids quantity simple elegance, avoid the food or the beverage of the stimulative.

Work and rest to want to sit up normally and not, keep the mood delectation, appropriate comfortable solution pressure.

Just the right amount of exercise.


The fat leaks the condition of illness of sex dermatitis to also can't always be all very serious, it is a kind of skin disease that responds physiology and mental state.Get sick, mentruation, the mood is displeased and work the pressure is big, sit up, and wash face, take a sunbathe with the hot water, steam bath, spa, drink hot tea, hot coffees and will make condition of illness worse.Should change to adopt more simple elegance food, avoid a too greasy food, fragrant H anticipating and wine.




This investigation is divided into three parts. The first part is based on the test models of DPPH scavenging effect and Total Antioxidant Capacity (TAC) to compare the antioxidant activity of Shi-Chuan Chinese herbs. The results show that Baishao extract is the best with DPPH elimination rate and 80.6% in Total Antioxidant Capacity at a concentration of 1 mg/mL. The IC50 of Baishio is  and it’s antioxidant activity is as good as Vitamin C. The antioxidant from the best to the worst is in the order of Baishao Gougui, Gancao, Chuanxiong, Huangchi, Fuling, Dangshan, Baizhu, Danggui and Tihuang

The second part is to determine the antioxidant capacity of the ten herbs of Chinese herb extract mixed in certain percentages and evaluate their synergistic /suppression effects. The results reveal that antioxidant capacity increases with increasing concentration of the mixtures and Si-jun-zi is the best group in eliminating DPPH free radicals. It has  eliminating rate at  level. However, Shi-chuan combination is the best in total antioxidant capacity and it can eliminate  of ABTS

The third part is to analyze the content of total flavonoids in Shi-Chuan Chinese herbs. The content of total flavonoids shown from the highest to the lowest is in the order of Gancao , Chuanxiong Huangchi, Gougui, Danggui , Dangshan , Baizhu , Tihuang , Fuling  and Baishao . The content of total flavonoids in the mixture will increase with the content of total flavonoids in the individual component, however, the total flavonoids is not much related to the antioxidant activity of Shi-Chuan Chinese herbs.


四、Hairdressing result:

The white Shao can shrink pore, tightly solid skin

Main ingredient:  β-Sitosterol 、 Paeoniflorin





Paeoniflorin is abstract from the root of Paeonia albiflora Pall.  It has broad pharmacological effects, such as analgesic, anti-diureticanti-inflammatoryanti-convulsant, vasodilatic, and etc.



Product Name


Structural formula:


CAS Number


Molecular formula:


Molecular weight





No fixed figure hygroscopic powder.  Four acetic acid ester is colorless needle form crystal, and its melting point is 196oC

Special Rotation

[α]16D -12.8 (C=4.6Methyl alcohol)


Solvable in water, ethanol nad methyl alcohol




           Molecular Structure  






Nomenclature for steroid skeleton.


Plant structure

Plants contain a range of phytosterols. They act as a structural component in the cell membrane, a role which in mammalian cells is played by cholesterol.


[edit] Detection of organic matter

Due to its presence in terrestrial plant matter and only rare occurrence in unicellar algae, β-sitosterol can be used as a biomarker indicating the amount of terrestrially derived organic matter present in a sample. As these sterols are generally insoluble in water, they will partition onto suspended or settled solid matter (e.g. sediments). Due to grain surface area effects, muds will have greater concentrations by weight than sands or coarser grained sediments. To overcome this effect, ratios of individual sterols to total sterol content or cholesterol are usually used to indicate organic matter source.


[edit] Detection of adulteration

Presence of brassicasterol, together with auxiliary markers α-linolenic acid and erucic acid, is a marker of adulteration of soybean oil and sunflower oil with rapeseed oil. As there is no brassicasterol in sunflower and soybean oil, but its concentration in rapeseed oil is about , the amount of rapeseed oil added can be calculated.


[edit] Lowering cholesterol

As a food ingredient or additive, phytosterols have cholesterol-lowering properties (reducing cholesterol absorption in intestines), and may act in cancer prevention. Phytosterols occur naturally in small quantities in vegetable oils, especially sea buckthorn oil  and soybean oil One such phytosterol complex, isolated from vegetable oil, is cholestatin, composed of campesterol, stigmasterol, and brassicasterol, and is marketed as a dietary supplement. Sterols can reduce cholesterol in human subjects by up to.


The mechanism behind phytosterols and the lowering of cholesterol occurs as follows : the incorporation of cholesterol into micelles in the gastrointestinal tract is inhibited, decreasing the overall amount of cholesterol absorbed. This may in turn help to control body total cholesterol levels, as well as modify HDL, LDL and TAG levels. Many margarines, butters, breakfast cereals and spreads are now enriched with phytosterols and marketed towards people wishing to lower their cholesterol levels.