紫蘇子.common perilla fruit


一、           Introduction:

Chinese name:Su's son

Chinese pronounces: Suzi

English name: common perilla fruit

The business uses name:Su's son black Su's son

The clinic uses:Su's son fries Su the son Du Su's son black Su's son purple Su son house Su's son

The Ji is original:

For the origanum purple Su Perilla frutescens Britt.Of dry and mature fruit

The purple Su leaf is the leaf whom the lips form section gives birth to purple Su of herbs for a year(bring a leaf)

Purple Su's caulis presents square, high bout;Leaf's edge contain teeth of a saw, the leaf faces to carry on the back with leaf is all purple red, have especially different of sweet smell spirit.


Open lavender floret at the end of summer and early autumn;Knot the thin fruit of the black brown, big as mustard seed.


There is another a kind of white Su, shape is likeness to purple Su, is also an origanum, but white Su's caulis, leaf is green green.


Purple Su's fruit call purple Su's son, being so called black Su's son, calling Su's son.Purple Su's old caulis is Su Geng.(region in Shanghai used white Su's old caulis in the past)


White Su's fruit, present a white, compare black Su's son greatly, call white Su's son, effect and purple Su's sub- likenesses and the medicine power are weaker.


The habitat distributes

The lord produces in Hubei, the south, Shandong, river's west, Zhejiang of the river, Szechwan, the river north, Heilongjiang etc. ground.


Chien of the effect says

The Su's leaf has already perspired to spread cold, go spirit and counteract poison etc. effect, have fever, fear in the cold applicably cold, have no the sweat and chest are stuffy to cough, the stomach Peng spirit bulge etc. disease;Again applied vomit diarrhea in the Ai eaten the fish crab to be poisoned to cause etc. disease.


Su Geng has agreeable spirit and prevent miscarriage of effect, can be used for chest stuffy air bulge, foetus to move discomfort.


Su's son has already stopped coughing, dispeled phlegm, even breathe heavily etc. effect, applied talk in a cough have another, the chest stuffy air breathe heavily etc. disease.The in common use honey fries, calling white Su's son of Zhi Su's son(namely the Mi Zhi purple Su's son), Zhi.Su's son has oiliness rather many, the function slips bowel;The honey has a smooth bowel function again, so diarrhea should not take.


Sex form Jian don't

This article is for the egg circular or type spheroid granule, the surface beige or dust-colour, tiny swell up of dark and purple net Wen, the Ji department is slightly sharp, there is grey color to order the form fruit Geng Hen.The fruit peel is thin and frailty, crush to pieces easily.Grow the skin film quality, cotyledon,  type is white, enriching oiliness.Crush to pieces spirit joss-stick, flavor tiny H.Have already presented black brown after frying, have aroma.



Sex flavor returns throughH,

The function lord cures

Decline spirit to certainly breathe heavily, turn phlegm to stop coughing, benefit Ge breadth bowel. used for coughing phlegm to have another, asthma, chest the stuffy E is negative. Clinical application:The old people eat few phlegm have another, a cough breathe heavily to go against, going together with to use the son of Lai, white mustard seed;The phlegm Xian Yong is prosperous, the lung spirit goes against to make to breathe heavily up, going together with to use ex- Hu, thick Pu, half summer, Chen's skin;Move bowels dry knot a difficult solution, go together with to use the Ma Ren, pound into pulp, the water Lyu takes juice, cooking a gruel food.



A.Wrinkly purple Su's whole grasseseses contain volatile oil, including purple Su Quan(Perillaldehyde), purple Su(Shisonin), the white Su Xi Tong(Egomaketon), the left Xuan lemon Xi(l-Limonene), the  -Pai Xi(α -Pinene).


Two.Sharp purple Su contains the Lan balsam vegetable(Elemicin), the stone bamboo Xi(Caryophyllene), Nan derivatives etc..


The fruit and seed contain the fat oil, is a dry sex oil.Contain vitamin B1 still


Process a method

Mow to take the whole stubses or the fruit Sui while usually being mature in the autumn fruit, beat fruit, remove miscellaneous quality, dry in the sun.



The bowel one who slip debility hates to use


二、The effect of purple Su's son:

Take beneficial unsaturated fatty acid sour, the improvement blood vessel and the brain health, the seal oil becomes popular health food in recent years, national National Research Institute of Chinese Medicine bureau chief in Taipei Wu's day appreciate but think, the purple Su son oil is the slightest not inferior to.


The body and chemistry department in Chengkong University hires Wu's day of professor to appreciate to indicate especially, purple Su's son is purple Su's mature fruit, enriching to contain many Xi unsaturated fatty acids sour-α -flax sour( series unsaturated fatty acids are sour), content exceed it total the half of the fatty acids above, it metabolism the outcome is familiar with for the people of the EPA, DPA and DHA, among them, the DHA is the main composition that constitutes a brain and sees the retina nervous system Lin animal experiment finds currently, frying purple Su's son can improve small rat to walk the ability of the maze, the decrease mistake, have a development to become improve related health food of intelligence medicine even of potential.Not only are beneficial to the old people probably;Is also helpful to baby's kid's intelligence development, the pregnant woman also suits to take, do not lose popular seal oil completely.


In addition, the purple Su son oil can promote immunity, reducing the blood fat, promoting a good cholesterol comparison, reducing bad cholesterol, can strengthen an anti- to oxidize result indirectly.Still have anti- tumor, the anti- allergy, anti- decrepitude and stop coughing on the pharmacology even breathe heavily.


Wu's day appreciates Doctor to point out, the research relatively strengthens the effect of the immunity power, unexpectedly find purple Su's son extracts a thing purely to still excel a traditional "perfect repair soup greatly" with square Chinese herbal medicine in promoting lymphoid cell, γ interferon of lysozymes, and dissolving blood vegetable, etc.  anti- disease immunity index sign.


Purple Su goes into the part of the medicine to have purple Su leaf and purple Su's son, the former is purple Su's dry leaf, the latter then is a dry and mature fruit.Purple Su's whole stubseses contain volatile oil, but the leaf content is more, the main composition waits for few several kinds for the purple Su Quan, as for the rosemary of the content less is sour to then have an anti- to oxidize, functions such as anti- inflammation and anti- tumor etc., do not lack a related research paper recently.


In the purple Su leaf, the rosemary is sour and three acids each of material physiology regulate function.Wu's day appreciates to say, taking rat as the animal of the object to test a manifestation, these rat after particular chemistry material inducting tumor, through rosemary sour or purple Su extract the processing of the thing, the formation of the tumor is repressed.There is another the research detection, the rosemary is sour and can protect the liver cell, can repress allergic sex inflammation.


Another in purple Su's sub- aspect, purple Su's son extracts and get of the purple Su son oil, have abundant many Xi unsaturated fatty acids sour, its metabolism outcome is the EPA, DPA and DHA, among them DHA again is the main composition that constitutes a brain and sees the nervous system Lin fat, contribute to promoting kid's intelligence develop.Wu's day appreciates to reveal, the mainland has ever done to fry purple Su's son to extract a thing's research for the child intelligence influence, all find from the maze intelligence test and the diving platform intelligence test, this kind of extracts a thing to take amount of more many small rats, the mistake rate is more low.


The Rosmarinic Acid that purple Su contains, then have an Aflatoxin's function for the body influence of alleviate.


Mainland human body experiments a manifestation, taking test-receiver of the milligram Rosmarinic Acids everyday, it is subjected to the degree that the Aflatoxin influences, comparing everyday take milligrams obviously, show purple Su in all aspects really healthful



三、Purple Su's sub- ingredient chemistry type:

It have in purple Su's son about  of the fat cents, still have abundant vitamin in addition 1, also find purple Su Quan of the main composition of the volatile oil is purple Su the source of the sweet smell flavor.




Systematic name


Molecular formula


Melting point

248-250 °C (hydrochloride salt)

Boiling point

xx.x °C





The sulphur An, and then call vitamin B1, vitamin B1.Molecular formula  OSseseses.It is the human body is essential of one of kinds of vitamins is a kind of water-soluble vitamin, belonging to the vitamin B clan, in the human body with assistThe form participates the sugar decomposition metabolism, there is function of protecting the nervous system, can also promote the appetite wriggle, raise appetite.


Various name of the sulphur An(Thiamine):

In general use: vitamin B1(English:Vitamin B1)


The sulphur An isn't enough stable, meet hot, the ultraviolet ray, oxygenses all will take place chemical reaction, resolving or changing in character. sulphur An can be dissolved in a water, don't be dissolved in Chun to wait for organic melting agent.The normal temperature descend in the pH is of the aqueous solution to stabilize, and will take place decomposition in the neutral and alkaline aqua.Usually will be manufactured to wait for a more stable form for the hydrochloride to use.



四、The hairdressing effect of purple Su's son:

Because have purple Su Quan who can repress the sensitive reaction and the vitamin A, make the skin time meticulous healthy.


Have the function of the anti- allergy, have already moistenned effect of repairing the spirit, and purple Su will extend the blood vessel of the skin, stimulating the sweat line nerve, so, there is the function of the diaphoresis.