葛根.Kudzuvine Root


Radix Puerariae

English:  Kudzuvine Root ,  PUERARAE

Latin scientific term: Lobed Kudzuvine root / Radix Puerariae / Pueraria lobata(Willd.)Ohwi

Nickname: Do Ge, sweet Ge, powder Ge, the Ge root, Ge Ma Ru, Ge son root, yellow Ge root, the Ge root

Say all: Belong to for the bean section plant Ge rattan


The Ge root is the wild Ge Pueraria lobata( Willd. )Or sweet Ge rattan Pueraria thomsonii Benth. Of dry root.Mostly wild.The spring, autumn adopts to dig, the wild Ge takes advantage of much fresh cut into the thick slice or small piece, dry.The sweet Ge rattan Xi calls''the powder Ge'', remove cortex more, after using the sulphur Xun, slightly dry, cut off or again the Zong slice two petals, dry.The medicine material with the quality is solid, the color white, powder foot, the fiber the young is good.Drinking a slice of cent gets to use, the Wei use with the Ge powder.

The Ge root has abundant starch, isoflavone material, and then has the calcium, selenium, iron, copper, Lin, potassium...etc. ten various human bodies the essential little element, having "break Gu not hungry, solve form to reduce fever, promote the body fluid to quench thirst, open stomach to descend a food, the Liao hemorrhoid anti-cancer" to wait for effect.It is the newly arisen green health care longevity food and exit to sell a product tightly.

The Ge root the whole body is a treasure, the caulis skin fiber can the Ning rope, knit the Ge cloth, can also make deckle raw material.Leaf's slice is a good green forage, can feed pig to keep rabbit etc..The Ge is miscellaneous and can make the edible germ cultivation Ji.Tuber's hasing abundant starch etc. can process the health care food, can also the wine of Niang Ge.The Ge flower can make into the Ge flower tea, solving the wine effect magic, having already repressed a function to various diseases of women's postnatal period, having to grow breast in the meantime, the hairdressing result.


Main live composition:

The Ge root the vegetable(Puerarin) Ge root plain wood sugar (Puerarin-xyloside)

The soybean flavonoid(Kaidzein) soybean flavonoid (Daidzin)

The β -Gu Zi Chun(β -Sitosterol) peanut is sour(Arachidic acid)

Sex flavor with return through:

Sweet H, even.Go into Pi, stomach through


Traditional effect:

Solving the muscle reduces fever, promoting the body fluid to quench thirst, delivering the spot Zhen deeply, rising sun Xie.Being used for the outside feeling has fever, has a headache, the item is strong, thirsty and eliminate thirst, the measles isn't deeply, hot Li, Xie Xie, high blood pressure, neck strong pain.The root of Wei Ge well the drum stomach annoy, being used for stomach falsely thirsty


Modern pharmacology:

1.     Regulating the heart function vein injects the Ge root the vegetable or the Ge root a total flavonoid to make the heart rate reduce obviously slowly, the heart exportation measures decrease, the aorta presses, left room comfortable piece the end press and the left room pressure rise speed to descend slightly, the left room makes the Gong decrease, the scheming consumes amount of oxygen to descend, the myocardial work efficiency raises.

The building room hands over the boundary area conduction time extension, the ventricles muscle shouldn't expect obvious extension effectively, the atrium muscle has a little bit extension.

2.The anti- myocardial lacks blood to the vein injects to hang a body behind leaf's vegetable causes the dog that the impatient myocardial lacks blood, the vein injects the Ge root a total flavonoid, can relieve the coronal blood vessel spasm, increasing the hat vein blood quantity.Can improve the myocardial metabolism, the myocardial consumes amount of oxygen to reduce, the lactic acid creation reduces.


3.Extend the blood vessel increment organ blood quantity, improve tiny circulation obstacle

4.Anti- high blood pressure

5.The anti- heart Lyu disorders

6.β -Be subjected to body Zu Zhi

7.Decline blood sugar

8.Isoflavone of the cholesterol-lowering Ge root contain cholesterol-lowering function, among them the soybean The dollar and the long grass handle's spending a yellow vegetable can decline the serum cholesterol, the gold Qiao the different and yellow vegetable can decline glycerin three esters, soybean There is also stronger and cholesterol-lowering function.

9.Solve heat

10.Contain constringency smooth muscle composition with the comfortable piece.


12.Counteract poison the Ge root a vegetable to have to certainly counteract poison a function, the Ge root the product contain the certain solution wine function.

13.Anti- anoxia

14.Repress blood platelets gathering

15.Protect liver


二、           The effect of the Ge root: 


Can solve hangover

BE pushed to allow for the hangover antidote, because it has two plant to turn a thing:The soybean is sweet is sweet with soybean at first, can help to reduce blood in of alcohol content.Although the clinical research of the relevant Ge root very few, many rumours all accuse, alcohol or after right away take the Ge root a supplement and can remove wildly after drinking often appear of E heart, headache, and the whole body is unwell.

In the past more than  years, the medicine grass teacher of the east always all took the Ge root cooked tea to cure to drink excessively of trouble.

Recently, the researcher of Harvard medical college point out, the Ge root samples the thing can let drinking habit of the rat reduce the taking of alcohol quantity.They rat at inject the soybean type original or soybean original type after, can choose water or add the water of the wine freely;Find these rats that have drinking habit originally reduced  of the alcohols to take quantity as a result.The United States is testing to cure alcoholism with it currently. 




Improving the diabetic sees a retina pathological changes

 Diabetic because of seeing the capillaries pathological changes inside the retina and merger slight the blood bolt, plusing blood plasma to glue a degree to go up, making to see the retina capillaries to take place obstacle circularly, past serious patient would eyesight misty, the eyesight descend, even becoming blind.The latest research of subsidiary hospital in Chinese Liaoning, province Liaoning medical college shows that the Chinese herbal medicine Ge root the vegetable saw the retina pathological changes to have curative effect in early days to the diabetic, can improve capillaries blood circulation of seeing the retina, can help a patient to improve eyesight.


Study the result manifestation, the Ge root vegetable treatment can change blood fluxion of seeing the retina, so improve towards improving eyesight more helpfully, however to the patient's eye bottom bleeding of absorbing having no obviously.According to send to carry the Ge root in the medium medical dictionary, can live blood to turn Yu, reduce high Ning appearance of blood to see the retina pathological changes to have curative effect in early days to the diabetic.





四、    The Ge root grows breast result:

The Ge root is a kind of root with vegetative bean, containing abundant mineral quality, can stimulate the prostaglandin and the He Er to receive to secrete, as long as periodically take the Ge root, can cover a cup of upgrade for two months, however the traditonal Chinese medical doctor says, the Ge root really is a Chinese medicine to grow breast the soup inside persistently the medicine material, but this kind of Chinese herbal medicine didn't grow breast result, usually only take to be considered as to fill a prescription to lift flavor, derivation efficacy of medicine.


The Ge root has no direct result to grow breast, is indirect follow some medicine materials, say a nourishing blood cent for example, say Chinese angelica and get ground for example, these Chinese herbal medicine, also have is in addition to blood the cent has some the medicine of the spirit outside, the mountain medicine heel yellow vetch matches together, then would grow breast obviously result.



The female chest develops not ideal reason, depending on female body to develop a stage in the awkward age in the very great degree, the growth vegetable needed lack of, and didn't develop completely normally with the result that. ?Fruit?Cause the chest be partial to small, the or so breast size is different, flat even, descend to hang with the Wei.The result will cause the chest be partial to small, the or so breast size is different, flat even, descend to hang and atrophy.


The Ge root can stimulate the prostaglandin and the He Er to receive to secrete, lengthening through a mammary glands piping of promoting the conjunction nipple on the other hand and continuously branch, strengthen growth of the mammary glands organization, and help the aggrandizement of the breast availably; Can also promote the circumferential base cell of breast of having the support and the Su form function increase on the other hand, promote thus the fat organize and the ligaments develop again, letting chest more tight system has flexibility;


When the mammary glands piping enters the breast inner part from the nipple branch, terminate in a great deal of leaf with little mammary glands, continuously promises the breast gets the absorption of the nourishment, so can make breast more plentiful full with strong.