Good name:   true daisy; meadow daisy

Scientific term: Bellis perennis

Don't call:     Postpone life chrysanthemum, spring chrysanthemum

Classification: The chrysanthemum section, the Chu chrysanthemum belongs to



The Chu chrysanthemum produces Europe to go to west at first second, the present generation field all has a cultivation everywhere



Have to crawl subterranean stem;Leaf spoon form, by the ground Cu born circle dish form, its leaf cluster draw out a stem, the crest gets a head form inflorescencee assortment is thick red, pink, white etc.;The stem is then because the species is different, having of diameter smallest a round spheroid to spend, diameter big rounds are heavy to do flower etc..



Stem from draw out in leaf's cluster, the crest gets, head the form inflorescence has long Geng, total the Bao present the spheroid or the Kuo clock form, total the Bao slice arrange two rows;Assortment because of species and difference, there is white, pink, scarlet and dark and red etc. color.Spending the form has spheroid and takes care of the form flower, the Bing separates the single petal or the heavy petal.


Spend a period: months

Fruit: The thin fruit presents a flat even form slightly


Get herbage for many years, make a biennial cultivation resistant to cold but not heat-proof, again the pleased sunshine is good.

Be suitable for to drain good fatty fertile fields soil, the general park soil can also adapt.Stub high

Use:Is the spring flower terrace familiar grass flower, can also do a flower to appreciate

Spend a period:      The early spring goes to plum raining season

Sunshine:The whole day shines on or the half day shine on all ideal, sunshine not enough plant easy Tu long, bloom badly


The seed sproutlaces proper degrees C Chu chrysanthemum root of whiskers flourishing, can divide into a root to breed after blooming, plant in the flower

Basin, place a cold cool place more a summer, the early winter moves into the glasshouse, strengthening a fatty pipe line reason, the winter or the Yi spring can bloom again.Summer the blazing hot weather usually grows badly, even losing plant.

Water:The potted plant notices to infuse a water usually, keeping soil degree of humidity

Apply fertilizer: Growing the season gives ample and fatty water, then bloom luxuriantly, spending to expect can also prolong

Breed:    The dibble, offshoot and Yi's inserting to breed all can 


二、The application of the Chu chrysanthemum

The reason that this kind of Chu chrysanthemum wills give out light, is because of having green fluorescence egg white(the green fluorescent protein, brief name GFP)-this kind of is first in the jelly-fish body find of protein is the molecular biology house one of the most favorite tools, as long as imbed the GFP gene into the gene of the living creature body, can make by that gene the output protein numerator have and would give out light of the GFP symbolize.The scientist can make use of this kind of GFP marking to track the cell numerator for calling away, or call away to the body the cancer cell of other parts.In the past also once applied made it give out light on the plant, and gave out light of Chu chrysanthemum is first time is"decorate" a purpose carry on of research.However this development that cultivate flowers:Saint Anne's east Ni Ao flower horticulture test the Tito Schiva of the academic association to indicate, this technique can also use to monitor gene modification crops.


This kind of technique can be applied on any blossom of white.Researcher at first is imbed the GFP into the plants, such as tabacco and lavender...etc., but the dye of these blossoms will cover up GFP;Turn after and to two sow in purple and outside light to project light upon the blossom is an achromatic plant(the steppe dragon Dan belong to the plant and the Chu chrysanthemum) to start experiment, just producing obvious result.In addition the scientist still finds recently a kind of have relation with GFP, under the natural light the protein that will send out the red light-if transplant this kind of protein into the flower petal, will more arrestive.


三、The ingredient of the daisy

Constitute part:

volatility oils(include blue oil azulene, ice slice, terpineol, isoartemisia Tong, cineol of , the D son fragrant Fen, thujone, Pai Xi, camphor, achillin, sabinene), inside the ester, the cyanogenic glycosides, the black head and isovalerianic are sour,

The water Ji is sour, asparagin, triterpenes, the Zi Chun, flavonoid compound(apigenin, rutin, rattan yellow germ vegetable, five flavonoids, kaempferol), the bitter taste is good for the stomach medicine(include ivain), the Dan is rather sour, hydroxycoumarins, saponins, sugar, cyanidin, amino acids, fatty acids, go together with the sugar alkali(achilleine), resin, fluorescence material.

3-Methylbutanoic acid, or more commonly isovaleric acid, is a natural fatty acid found in a wide variety of plants and essential oils. Isovaleric acid is clear colorless liquid that is sparingly soluble in water, but well soluble in most common organic solvents.

3-Methylbutanoic acid

Chemical name

3-Methylbutanoic acid

Chemical formula


CAS number


Melting point

-29 °C

Boiling point

175-177 °C












Isovaleric acid has a strong pungent sweaty smell, but its volatile esters have pleasing scents and are used widely in perfumery.

Other synonyms include delphinic acid, 3-methylbutyric acid, and isopentanoic acid.



Is a compound with the usual practice C6 H4(OH) CO2 Hs, the OH group is in the Qian Ji place in the sour group neighborhood.This achromatic crystal organic acid is extensively applied at organic comprehensive is a plant hormone with function.This is probably the best to work properly with of A Si effectively part of is the chemical engineering likeness but not same compound are well-known.The name acquires for the willow(Salix) from Latin phrase, may be acquired from barking up a voice.


Make up articles use

Also call a 2 hydroxybenzoics sour(several beta Qians are sour in the middles, the water Ji is sour is the key additive to concern a product to cure for the pimple, psoriasis, callouses, corn, the keratosis pilaris and the You in many skins.It treats a pimple by cause the skin cell shed off gladly, keep pore from stopping.To this function of the skin cell and do the water Ji sour kind of valid composition is thought to treat in several fragrant waves a head scraps.The use answered to straight and even water Ji causes the skin of hyperpigmentation unpretreated as those perhaps with the more dark skin type(the Fitzpatrick phototypes IV, v, VI), and with the use of the spectrum sunblock that lacks of to one comprehensiveness


三、The hairdressing result of the daisy:

Have slow curative effect of activate

The Chu chrysanthemum's hasing a function of promoting the circulation can help bad situation of the skin improvement circulation

Applied the plant have of nourish, town settle, hydration, equilibrium grease, refrain from rash action pore etc. characteristic, maintain to adjust reason skin.The purely natural plant extracts the prevention skin aging, the acceleration blood circulation, anti-virus, the anti- allergy

Downplay scar formation and limber up the effect of the contusion

The characteristic of the Chu chrysanthemum downplays scar formation and limbers up contusion to let it gradually to fade away slowly, having a soft skin, stimulating blood circulation and limbering up etc. function, have contusion of make to restore to original quickly of ability, can pacify whole back of the scar formation let it restore to original gradually, pacifying to have to downplay function of removing the dark Chuang pox Ba gradually.

The live ingredient in the Chu chrysanthemum is the half doubly ester inside the Xi, being thought can reduce the ache and inflammation

Is anti-virus with the anti- Yan characteristic, can reduce ache and swell