Scientific term:Tanacetum parthenium

Chrysanthemum parthenium (L.) Berhn.

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For the chrysanthemum section, the Chu chrysanthemum is produced in short many years of Europe to get herbs at first

Is a kind of perennial that acquaints with for the ancient European early, it has the agile leaf and fragrant blossom, is a kind of newly arisen health care plant.

The small white chrysanthemum has already been used to a medicine grass plant in 78 B.C. early.Its English name feverfew is because it cans do for the solution of developing a fever(fever) the patient a hot, then is been used for the treatment

headache by the herbalist now.Bring bitter taste slightly, have already been used for in the wine and a little bit small in.

The European plants to reside home garden in the house in with drive out miasma and get rid of an insect plant.The ancient Greece cures the effect value that the teacher affirms small white chrysanthemum already, the century has already come to small white chrysanthemum to still is subjected to an European deeply like.

At 1978, the British healthy magazine(the British health magazine) reports a  years old old women that contracts long-term sex migraine, trying leaf's slice of using the small white chrysanthemum, several the condition of illness relieves completely after month.As a result from 1980 start small white chrysanthemum widely popular in England.French later on, development in Canada for prevent the plant medicine that the migraine, the relief mentruation convulses ache and treatment the joint pain.Have ever jumped to reside the sale champion that the American plant makes a medicine in 1990's.

Cultivation management and current conditions: 

There is the economy cultivation, world cultivation area every year about  hectares, main concentration in western countries.According to the market scale and investigate it to belong to price stability, but the demand reduce slightly of medicine grass.The small white chrysanthemum needs whole day to shine on a cultivation, being bred with the seed or the offshoot, stub is high bout .

Sow seeds quantity:The hectare is 1-1.5 kilogram seeds each time.Best teach by teaching the seedling dish seedling about certainly plant a farm again for 8 weeks.The feat catchment is good of the sand quality soil educate.

The cultivation goes stub to be apart from. The prosperous flower expects to harvest whole grass usage.The yield is equally about the kgs/ha.( get for 1-2 years)

The disease harms:Leaf's spot disease

Insect pest:Aphid, Pan, slice an insect and fly Shi etc..

Use part:Flower, leaf, seed.Usage:Soak and the liquid extract, fresh or dry leaf slice mixture don't the flower department of the lignification is the medicine grass tea to drink an usage.

High and additional value product:Manufacture the Ding by the root and the caulis bar in the fresh efflorescence, and the seed extract ethereal oil.Process to appear on market a product to need to contain parthenolides.

The toxicity function reports:Pregnancy's expecting can't use. 


二、The ingredient chemistry type of the small white chrysanthemum:

Chemistry the main composition include doubly the half ester inside( sesquiterpene lactones:Parthenolides, canin, artecanin, santamarin);Type yellow much plainer sugar body(flavonoid glycosides:Luteolin, tanetin, apigenin, 6-hydroxy-flavanols);Doubly the half and single(monoterpenes, as: Camphor, borneol, germacrene, the and pinenes);Polyacetylenes, pyrethrin, melatonin etc..Index sign the live composition is doubly the parthenolides composition in the half ester inside, the content is the most high(about), existing in leaf's slice, blossom and the seed.






三、The effect of the small white chrysanthemum:

The effect of the small white chrysanthemum is a lot of, the medicine grass of ancient Greece doctor's Di Ao department bottom cures an arthritis with it;Carl sent a suggestion women to take it as in womb enhanced" also pointed out "its rightness various headaches were effectively all very"; The medical science magazine of Englands in 1985 Lancet announced a report, pointed out the small white chrysanthemum can repress two kinds of incitement materials inside the human body~come from the Qian color An of the blood platelets and the prostaglandin of the leukocyte, and these main causes that cause migraine, and may cause a rheumatism arthritis.

According to report the Parthenolide can prevent excessive blood platelets agglomeration from and keep some harmful materials from secreting, if the serum is plain with some with the result that Yan material.This occurrence that can reduce migraine, ease condition of patient and speed completely recovered time.The medicine use develops a fever for the treatment, condition of illnesses such as migraine, arthritis, cold, indigestion, diarrhea and hysteria etc..

What is meant by headache

The half side has a headache

The sufferer only will feel the headache of the half side, some meetings a jump of ache is synchronous with the flutter of the pulse, and possibility along with body of the activity or strain turn worse. 

The stomach department is unwell

In addition to having a headache, the stomach department is unwell and can be regarded as migraine another one main condition of illness.The sufferer will feel disgusted, vomit and usually will feel quite a few after vomiting, so the migraine calls "disgusted migraine" again. 

Vision obstacle

Sufferer at migraine, there is part will have the vision obstacle, Be willing appearing in the moment a little bit some, the illusion of the star, curve and other shapes. 

Other condition of illnesses

The headache, the stomach department is unwell with the vision obstacle, besides which, the parts of sufferer will have consciousness benumbed, the skin is piercing, even appearing thinking misty, can't talk normally of condition. 

The reason of the migraine

Pressure, strain

Strain, pressure etc. the motion is sudden change is the main reason that causes migraine, mainly take place because of most migraines the most busy in the life, bear the most heavy of stage, it is thus clear that the strain is the main factor that produces migraine. 


The hormone is also one of the reason that causes migraine, the female occupied migraine the great majority in the sufferer, there are nines in ten migraine patients is female, so the estrogen in the female body be an also likely to be chief culprit that causes migraine. 


There is to there is close relative to get this disease about in the sufferer, so, the migraine has a certain relation with heredity also. 

The treatment method of the migraine

The prevention method of the migraine mainly is turn down the pressure of the life, these make to the nervous condition to turn down, contributing to preventing migraine.Also want to keep in mind the food well balanced in the daily life, the mood is relaxed. 

There are some sufferers would to some food sensitives and cause migraine, so have a headache every time round, record to rise to have ever taken a meal of the food and condition, then avoid as far as possible, after canning turn down consumedly opportunity to deliver. 

The Feverfew won reputation are choices to have a headache for the migraine to the normal regulations Liao distance in  in England.Actually,  migraine victims survey in England to rear, more than  individuals feel biggest and fortunately Yan descend  slices of fresh feverfew leafs equally are everyday hereafter.From that later, several securities that design a good research to carry on evaluating feverfew well have a headache with efficiently for the migraine of the prevention and the treatment.Mostly these researches found a beneficial result.For example, in the research of  migraine victims, those Yans descended the feverfew capsule(milligrams) newspaper 4 months to experience personally to reduce to  of the attack and the hard whereabouts be usually accompanying with migraine, like disgusting with vomit of condition of illness, compared to accept placebo and those.

Though this studies a result face to  face, some experts' quantity to these researcheses indicate a doubt.Study two recent commentaries concerning the feverfew of had a headache to hold a cave way slightly different conclusion up to the present for the migraine.A group expert thinks feverfew's being seen is beneficial to is the prevention of the migraine headache, but, science studies in this topic is designed poorly up to the present, make it pay all firm conclusions seldom until good design of the research carry on.Expert of another a team illustrate, at the conclusion, "the feverfew may be valid prevention in migraine."

Again, many individuals have a successful operation to control their migraine by a herbaceous expert by usage feverfew.It is particularly important to be usage feverfew to do thus with the guidance is from the expert because of having the breadth variable at this herbage of put into formula is sold in the cabinet pedestal.This perhaps explain why some research manifestation improvements are in the migraine be others not.

Temporarily, some suggestions, feverfew is perhaps the most appropriate for become the not better usage normal regulations therapy of migraine victim or can't is tolerant of a standard Liao distance because of side effect.Other experts point out that many prescription Liao distances are used for for the headache have no the most strong data to support their use perhaps.They say that assumption feverfew has a little amount side effect with more great of can suffer a degree, this herbage is an important choice behavior for certain with the migraine.

The plant is full of in ester inside the sesquiterpene, main an is a parthenolide in.The other constitutes the glycosides, the derivatives of Pai Xi and costic that the part includes ethereal oil, flavonoid compound sour.The Feverfew should be usually adopted to accept the biggest advantage and protection to don't need to be subjected to migraine.

The small white chrysanthemum can cure migraine.In case of there is the migraine occurrence, various herbses can also cure headache, among them, the wild and small white chrysanthemum be seen then as the essential medicine, is some advantages to the treatment migraine. 


Although many laboratories experiment the demonstration feverfew anti- inflammation products and many professional traditonal Chinese medical doctor recommendation feverfew to cure for the arthritis, studying to carry on at 1989 think, feverfew ratio placebo effectively of Be improving a type of arthritis condition of illness of rheumatism.Some expert argument say, this studies is designed poorly, special because some sufferers continue, during the period of studying, usage the non-steroidal anti- inflammation medicine(NSAIDs), may interfere with feverfew and reduce its efficient.(NSAIDs, like ibuprofen is ruled or is recommended jointly for the arthritis.) Until the further research carries on, looking, feverfew security with efficient at person the type is had by the arthritis of the rheumatism science ground be proven.


四、The hairdressing result of the small white chrysanthemum: 

Mainly have already eliminated inflammation with the anti-virus effect, and, effect there been gentle town to settle, there is also the skin of preventing the aridity from retention humidity feeling.