The bright grass Euphrasy, Euphrasia Officinalis



The promotion only blood process - prevents the eye inflamed mark , then is natural eye moistens the medicinal preparation, can accelerate only the blood process use spot: The entire plant, the root is an exception. Counter- catarrhal, the astringency, the eye puts on make-up the water, anti- inflammation. specifically is used for Dou Yanho the conjunctivitis. Chemistry and nutrition ingredient tannic acid, volatile oil, phenol aldehydic acid phenolic acid (, Iridoid glycosides (aucubin) bitter taste medicinal preparation, phaseomannite (Inositol), volatile oil, to amidogen benzoic acid (PABA) Para-aminobenoicacid, sulfur, tannic acid, vitamin A, B3, B5, B12, C, D, E. Ridoid glycosides, aucubin, sulfur.

The eye is window of the soul, but but stares at the computer eye to run counter for a long time with this leaf of window,  astringent, bursts into tears, sends , wearily, the stabbing pain, is the modern people does not cherish the eye the portrayal.

In Europe, treats eye disease the traditional herbal medicine is the eyebright, since the discipline, namely is assigned for by European doctor to protect naturally the eye tonic, even is explained “the eye drops which is may drink”, eyebright English Eye Bright is the eye bright meaning.

The eyebright essential component is Iridoid glycosides, aucubin, the tannic acid, the phenol aldehydic acid and the volatile oil, to the eye  pain, the eye inflammation, the eye sends  and so on the eye diseases all to have some kind of degree help, meanwhile may relieve the eye multi-tear symptom which cold or the allergy cause, as well as maintains binocular the vision.


The western medicinal herbs record, the eyebright has promotes the vision, an improvement eye function, eliminates eye strain, the affable eye does, the anti-free radical effect astringently, suits the long time to hit the computer, long time staying up late, the night duty, long time reading, long-term and takes a test the indignant war, the black eye socket, the worry vision decline, the eye frequently bitter and bursting into tears.


Must let eye this leaf of window maintain the eyeball as necessary clearly several bright, besides the daily health care, supplements the eyebright correlation product frequently, also does not lose the wise move.


Herb essence

The herb essence, can comfort the affable eye skin, the promotion  circulation metabolism, desalinates eye Zhou Anch'en. The decomposition skin surface unnecessary fat, the balanced fat secretion, reduces the skin inflammation symptom.


Suits ingredient of to the eye absorption, can effectively moisten an eye periphery tender flesh, itself and contains the rich nutrient, the easy eye flesh absorption, to sharpen the anti- oxygen ability, reduces the flesh  and the dry rough phenomenon, warm gathers does not stimulate.


The vegetative cell growth hormone can enrich activates the eye week flesh, smooths the wrinkles. Rapidly fades an eye edema; -Instantaneous tightly sends the flesh, upplements the moisture,evenly caresses. The mix flesh may the calm flesh supplementmoisture content


The eye bright treatment serum contains soybean peptides, oxido reductases, by the hydrolisis rice bran extract which purifies, with yeast protein active dispensing grade complex in hyaluronic acid solution. In four weeks treatments later and the eye bright treatment serum, has demonstrated in the vivo clinical test to the dark circle 35% reduction, to puffiness 31% reduction, with in under eye skin texture 43%


improvement. Labor Makes the improvement circulation to reduce puffiness under the eye and to illuminate in the under eye region this effective component combination. The eye bright treatment serum increase collagen and tension protein synthesis creation smoothing by grinding, the year despises the skin. It and provides the superior anti- oxidized protection to exempt the free radical damage creates by the ultraviolet ray and other skin irritants.


Direction: Is suitable to , clean skin two every day. Scarcely uses. Gently massages into the region to treat. The small amount is the foot  is two in the under eye region. The result is noticeable after four weeks treatments. The retention in is cool, dark place.

(Note: If you use C+ to change the reliable serum, changed the reliable serum using the eye bright treatment serum in C+ to absorb.After)


Operation effective component: Oxido Reductases, soybean Peptides, yeast protein, hydrolisis rice bran extract, Hyaluronic acid


The tannic acid

iEnglish tannin transliterates, generally also calls the tannic acid, the tannic acid or the tanning substance, because its may with the protein union therefore (is painstakingly

astringent) the taste, is in plant's polyphenol, because it once used in the animal skin to make the leather (tanning), because the phenol chemical characteristic had the weak acid (pKa = ~10) therefore to call the tannic acid, it for the polymericular weight one, the representative structure did not divide into two big kinds:


The tannic acid is an astringency, bitterly and astringently tastes the fetter and the precipitation protein plant polyphenol. The deadline tannic acid mentioned the tannic acid the origin is used the animal which tans to hide into the leather; But, stipulated applies to any one kind of big polyphenolic compound to contain the sufficient hydroxyl and other suitable groups (for example carboxyls) to the form strong complex and the protein and other macro-molecules. The tannic acid has the molecular weight scope from 500 to surpass 20,000.


Proanthocyanidins, is joins by the carbon carbon bond, is not Yi Shouyu the hydrolysis is broken out (or are more) 2 to 50 the flavonoid unit's polymer. When hydrolyzable tannic acid and most concentrations tannic acid water-soluble, some extremely big concentration tannic acid cannot dissolve.


On the tannic acid medicine is perhaps used in antidiarrheal, hemostatic, with antihemorrhoidal compound. And, they cause the different color and the hard chloride (or blue color, blue color black, or green to green black) acts according to the type tannic acid.


The gallotannins example is the ester tanning substance acid (C76H52O46) uses the glucose, is discovered in many floristic components leaf sum. (1) may the hydrolisis (tannic acid be tannic acid)


the structure contains and the acid two basic units. The grape is more common Gallic acid and ellagic acid is the main acid. the hydroxyl and the acid carboxyl group links by the ester key.



May cause to relax the flesh to restore and receives the effect. But effectively suppresses the tyrosine activeness, after intercepts a series of responses which the flesh because the UV illumination produces, achieves the beautiful white effect.Effect of the contraction pore; The seed essence potency lies in the promotion flesh metabolism, around the sustainable activation pore cell, the maintenance pore tightly sends; Has anti- oxidized the function human body metabolism, removes the deleterious substance, purifies the body, anti- always guards against fades, beautifies the flesh; To makes the blood function also very much to have the help, can increase the Run facial expression, the most main anti- flesh is senile.



Phaseomannite (myoinositol)


Chemistry name is called the inositol, the molecular formula is C6H12O6, is one nutrition medicament, also is makes the medicine intermediate phaseomannite English is myoinositol perhaps inositol Inositol is the myoinositol common name, is only treated as by the human body the nutrient the phaseomannite form.

Advantage and function: Cholesterol: Important is the suitable cholesterol metabolism. Esophagus: Provides some bowel movement functions by to stimulate has business the canal muscle motion. Hair: Help maintenance healthy hair. Liver: Protects the liver to exempt is fatty deposited; And is importantly plays the role for the liver and

the gallbladder. Neurology: Reduced stress and anxious response.


The vitamin B crowd of center phaseomannite (inositol), grows the very related department with the hair, when the animal obviously lacks the phaseomannite, his/her hair namely can fall off. Animal fat nature metabolism normalized promotion growth. Can prevent skin mucous membrane epithelial cell  , the prevention got older [ a human body senile big reason already confirmation was in vivo free radical excessively is the result of Has in the plant and the animal includes the abundant phaseomannite. It is usually called the non- essential vitamin, but actually is has the biological activity in the feed ingredient. In any event, has some researchers the phaseomannite classification for the vitamin B compound one kind. In the majority on land animal fodder strengthens by the phaseomannite is does not need, but these have fin as if the fish and shellfish's feed should have the necessity to perform to strengthen.


This compound the most abundant source is the muscle of the organ, the lord has of the muscle Chun leave by swiming the form existence or become the composition of the Lin fat.The good source of other muscle Chuns is the wheat bud, barley, oats, wheat and sugar Mi etc..The majority all combines with the phosphoric acid salt and becomes sour salt of plant from the muscle Chun of the plant source.



PABAPara-aminobenzoic Acid

Basic knowledge:

1.     Water-soluble.Belong to one of the most new-found vitamins in the compound vitamin Bs.

2.     Calculate the unit as mg.

3.     Can synthesize in the body.

4.     Helping the folic acid synthesizes, having important function to the human body exploitation protein.

5.     Can separate sun ray.

6.     Contribute to being suffused with sour absorption exploitation, and raise its result.

7.     PABA with be suffused with sour suitable for use, can make the grey hair recover originally hair color.

The PABA is the folic acid is basic to constitute it a, and it helps to be suffused with sour exploitation.This anti- oxidizing agent help prevents the sun sunburn and skin cancer.The impersonation assists the Mei dime on the protein decomposition and the exploitation, also helping red corpuscle formation.


If because of the pressure or the malnutrition and the hoary head hair, taking the PABA can help hair to reply an original color.Belong to one of the most new-found vitamins in the compound vitamin s.The calculating of commonness unit is a milligram.Can synthesize the help folic acid to synthesize in the body.The human body takes a function of having the importance while making use of protein.In the animal the experiment, the PABA and class get sour function more, can make the grey hair recover original hair color.



1.Can prevent insolation from while using ointment

2.Mollify the La pain of the fire wound

3.Keep a healthy lubricant skin

4.Delay the appearance of the crease

5.Helping the hair replies a natural color

If be used for the pimple skin, can fuse keratin, the acceleration form the shallow Yan disease fade away, promoting the hair bag top skin cell increase to get, making the pimple loosen to move, and banishing to make to shut to match sex pimple to become to open sex pimple to spilt open and eject sooner, contributing to papula and knotting stanza to fade away.



The vitamin A(Vitamin)

Or call the role of the Retinol to regulate growth, eyesight, grow and cell divide to increase to get to play importantly.Can find in the skin vitamin A(Retinol), AN ester(the Retinyl esters), and A sour(the Retinoic acid) existence.Actually are the vitamin AN and A sour to have why not and together?At the function on the skin is why?May be many persons are inquisitive.It is a Department of Health particularlyu and rule general cosmetics, skin care products and can't have a sour ingredient of A recently, cause many persons worry in uncertainty more.The AN is sour is a group of structure the similar vitamin A synthesize medicine.At person

In the body cell, the vitamin A can become A through two steps of enzyme conversions sour.There is research to show at the keratin cell in, greatly part of vitamin As will metabolize AN ester, only having few parts of conversions A sour.Because the vitamin A conversion becomes sour quantity of A quite a little.


The vitamin A, be called "the vitamin of eyes and mucosa".It has a rather close relation with of the human body eyesight, resistibility necessarily.The research finds the condition of illness and the vitamin A shortage inside the human body of the moon blindness are vitally related.Vitamin the not enough eyesight come after to become to differ, saying simply, the reason that our eyes can feel the ray and color, whole with see retina up of the bar form cell and awl-shaped cell.And is the bar form cell or awl-shaped cell in spite of in, all have vitamin.Especially the light sensitive dye that the bar form cell contains-see purple quality(Rhodopsin), the main composition is a vitamin A.When human body the person lack of the vitamin A, influence and, seeing the purple content will also reduce immediately, can't respond weak ray then as a result.


Use the A sour function principle and effect outside


The 1. As is sour and can promote the corn of the skin periostracum turn phenomenon to turn normally:

The epidermis cell canned reduce to die the periostracum cell to glue to connect each other, made to die can escape from epidermis normally, periostracum as a result can reduce fatty and thick and rough phenomenon, skin as a result seem to be smoother and soft and tender.A the sour medicine cream can also avoid a periostracum piling up, tidying up to jam the hair thin hole and the sebum gland, reducing the chance of the formation of the pimple and pimple and canning cure a pimple effectively.


The 2. As is sour and can regulate the growth of the skin cell and divide:

The AN is sour to promote the skin metabolism regulate the growth of the skin cell and divide, can reduce aging speed of skin, prevent the skin cancer creation from, and can improve the sunlight ultraviolet ray to skin of injury, can be a skin care products usage over a long period of time.


The 3. As is sour to increase female cell of the skin fiber a manufacturing a collagen:

The AN is sour and can increase female cell of the skin fiber a manufacturing a collagen increment a skin flexibility, downplaying thin Wen, reach the result of the skin quality beautification improvement, and can improve very small scar formation.


The 4. As is sour because of canning make to pile up to shed off in the melanin acceleration of the epidermis:

The AN is sour and can make to die of epidermis cell, can escape from normally, pile up in the melanin of the epidermis, as a result canned accelerate to shed off.So the AN is sour and can also downplay shallow black spot of the epidermis layer form.However the result also can't is very obvious.


Improve various skin problem as:the aging crease, pimple, pore is bulky and the skin An sink.



Vitamin B5

Or call to be suffused with sour( Pantothenic Acid)


Be suffused with sour for human body of the function is rather important.


Be suffused with in the human body sour for assist the main composition of the Mei.In addition to be suffused with outside and the metabolism of carbohydrate, protein and fat sour also synthesize with cholesterol relevant.In the laboratory, scholar with do not contain to be suffused with sour forage to feed a rat.Find the rat not only appears dermatitis, the adrenal glands function to reduce as a result etc. phenomenon, the end even dehydrates to die.



Be suffused with sour and widespread distribute in move, plant in, enrich particularly by contents, such as animal liver, kidney, leaven and acrospire...etc. again among them.Only on the market the processed food sold or refrigeration food, it contain to be suffused with sour but very few, this is because of Be processing or frozen of process, be suffused with sour have already been resolved of cause.The exploitation and the conversion fat, carbohydrate, protein of the vitamin become energy.


Also needed to be been suffused with when adrenal glands made the steroid and cortisone sour.It is also the necessary element that assists Mei.All cells inside the body all need it, it is mainly concentrated in each organ.Maintain digestive system normal function and treatment melancholy and worry anxiously, all need this vitamin.


Have to be suffused with sour food:liver, soybean, the beer leaven, lobster, the sunflower son, maize, peanut, the wheat Pei, egg, garden pea, the whole Gu products, hyacinth bean, various meat



1.     Promote to develop normally and grow

2.     Helping the food releases energy

3.     Help various material inside the bodies, it synthesizes

4.     Having the anti- oxidizes and the function of the anti- mind and body pressure. The help resists an air pollution thing toxicity

5.     Can help the skin organization repair function

6.     Permeate sex very good, in addition to have effect of hydration

7.     Promote leather of the collagen increase to get

8.     Helping the scar formation Yu match, and prevents a skin from aging, the crease creation

9.     The increment of repairing the cell contains a water degree



Vitamin B12


Or call A Ji Qing cobalt An( Methylcobalamin)

A Ji Qing cobalt An is the vitamin B12 to assist enzyme, it is active in the brain and medium nervous system in.


The vitamin B12 can the anti- is anemic.It helps the life of the cell formation and maintenance cell.The appropriate digest and the absorption function, protein synthesize, the metabolism of carbohydrate and fat all needs B12.In addition to this, it also prevents nerve damaged, maintain fertility and promote a normal growth and growth.


Absorbing will cause B12 to lack of badly, this is the most familiar to have the trouble in the old people and the digestive system.The vegetarian also suffers from B12 to lack of a disease more and easily, its condition of illness includes to walk abnormal, loses memory and fantasizes a disease, eye disease, anemic and impaired digestion trouble.The anti- gout medicine, the anti- Ning blood and potassium add an article, all may obstruct digest the absorption of the B12 inside the way.The vegetarian adds the vitamin B12, so it mainly contains in the source of the animal.


Have the food of the vitamin B12:liver, beef, pork, egg, milk, cream cheese, kidney


Lack of a disease:pernicious anemia, the brain obstacle, the depth weariness, weak(particularly in hand feet part), tongue pain, disgusting, the appetite doesn't flap, the weight eases, the tooth Yin bleed, hand and foot benumbed La pain, can hardly hold the balance, the lips, tongue and the tooth Yin deliver white, eyes and skin deliver Huang, breathing short, upset, be fond of feeling and dull-witted, have a headache, memory bad



1.     Promote the formation and rebirth of the red corpuscle, in order to prevent anemic

2.     Promote the kid grow up, promote appetite

3.     Promote physical strength

4.     Maintain the health of the nervous system

5.     Can make fat, carbohydrate, protein, is a body aptly inside make use of

6.     Remove twitchy discomfort

7.     Promote concentrated power, memory, the cancellation spirit and don't flap

8.     The treatment fatal of anemic

9.     Eliminate inflammation



The function of the vitamin C


 The vitamin C at the effect in the body is why?It is the cell organization, the gum becomes at first of key material.What is the gum originally?It is the knot Di that constitutes body to organize a main ingredient.Knot the Di organization to contact of the cell and cell closely, this also seems When the bricklayer build brick wall, is the cement that the fixed brick piece uses.Lack of the vitamin C, the strength of"cement" would be not enough, will not agree with specification, "the brick wall" will appear a problem, one shot ground.Lack of the close of the vitamin C influence cell and the cell alignment, want  the external world only slightly more pressure, the blood leaks out tube wall namely, causing the skin a little bit next form condition of illnesses such as issue of blood or tooth Yin issue of blood etc.s, this is the bad blood disease.So the vitamin C also is called bad blood of anti- sour.


The mankind maintain life by breathing oxygen, but body inside of oxidize respond and will also produce the harmful material(if the free radicals waits for) bane cell.The vitamin C is also the important material that removes a free radicals, and participates the metabolism of the protein.It again with adrenaline etc. the endocrine hormone synthesize relevant.What is an adrenaline?When you meet state of emergency exertive usually have no of potential, is do obeisance adrenaline grant.Pressure big person's adrenaline secrete quantity more, the demand of their vitamin C also compares ordinary people greatly.


What role does the vitamin C play in the immune system actually?It can protect cell, strengthening the activity of the leukocyte.While therefore lacking of the vitamin C, the cause body encroaches upon a successful probability high, also get infection disease more easily.And get the infection disease, the demand of the vitamin C will also be increased with multiple.Also the vitamin , with enhance the immunity ability, hard organization, repair to catch a free radicals relevant, and can keep the second nitrate and An from combining the second nitric acid An carcinogen, so the vitamin C is also an anti-cancer nourishment one of the vegetables.


The vitamin C is advantageous to the absorption of the iron, and can accelerate the wound Yu to match.Also someone think it can prevent lead poisoning and can be fair and can defend old, can turn down allergic condition of illness.Also have something to do with nerve conducting because of it,


Report according to the scholar's experiment at the hairdressing aspect, show that take the vitamin C well, really can repress because the sediment of the freckle, black spot etc. dye caused by excessive insolation.The vitamin C has a function of letting this dye revivification, since can prevent because the freckle, black spot of[with] the insolation creation, can also make the spot color that have already had originally become thin, Disappear perhaps.Make the cell activity turn by the vitamin C again of characteristic, will contribute to the metabolism of the cell, reach to keep skin from aging result.In addition, if the human body lack of the words of the vitamin C, at gum inside the body the condition of the original shortage under, certanly will influence a skin to lose flexibility, produce crease.Currently, market bottom, a lot of cosmeticses all glorify to have original composition of gum, the reason is here. 



The vitamin E( Vitamin E)


Thinking the vitamin E can regulate the balance of the hormone, will be able to improve the ability of growing obviously.In addition to the vitamin C, the vitamin E also belongs to the best anti- oxidizing agent of human body.The vitamin E has the function that the strong anti- oxidizes, can repress a body inside lead a creation of oxidizing the fat.Lead to oxidize a fat is thought to harden with artery, cancer, aging relevant.For the sake of the valid prevention, the best way is namely guarded a pass by the vitamin E.


The inside of the vitamin E, have a kind of composition that is called the anti- Ning blood, can bolt by this deliquescence blood, perplex your vein song piece again and again in this way, can immediately acquire an improvement.Not only such, the scholar's research, show the vitamin E to have the effect that the blood bolts of deliquescence to the heart coronary artery, the brain artery equally.Prevent with the vitamin E Xia heart disease, myocardial infarction, and cerebral paralysis, it may be said very ideal.


Substantially, after female enter menopause, because the estrogen secretes decrease, causing the self-discipline nerve maladjustment, and the factor of the mental state, will appear weariness, face the department have fever, heart palpitates, faint, suffer from insomnia etc. menopause obstacle.We a great deal of Zhu saved in the adrenal gland of the human body from the vitamin E, the not difficult understanding vitamin E and the human body hormone's metabolizing greatly is, improve estrogen maladjustment with the vitamin E, from have it the effect.In addition, the vitamin E can also make the human body end nerve extend, promoting blood circulation, the above-mentioned condition of illness can also ease.


Along with callous aging, ascended the person of the age, the on the face would have some brown spots.The dye precipitates as soon as, seeming to be then hard disappearance.Suggest at this time you might as well add the vitamin E just the right amount, strengthening the function of the cell on the other hand, making the good-for-nothing be able to eject smoothly, another the aspect then can enter blood circulation to become gradually by expecting a brown spot thin.Defer aging phenomenon of cell, provide oxygen for human body, make you energetic.Draw up the product of having the vitamin E in the wound, can even absorb directly the wound, accelerate to recover from illness.



Anti-virus and virussafe:Is stronger and anti-virus eliminate inflammation a function, peach leaf coralline And it gathers body more to have to suppress the germ function obviously, peach leaf coralline The dollar all has already repressed a function to the Ge Lan surname feminine gender, male germs.Peach leaf coralline Suppressed germ, the benefit urine function, and canned promote the wound Yu match;Peach leaf coralline And glucose After preparing development together will also produce an obviously virussafe function, but it opens and doesn't have virussafe function


Phenolic acid

The composition lets it have anti-virus function in the meantime. On the internal usage, it has melancholy(antidepression) cancellation fatigue(fatigue) of anti- to ease the headache(headache) and migraine(migraine) and promote digest and circulatory system balance of function. 


The effect of the hairdressing:


1.     Anti- free radicals effect

2.     Downplay the black rim of eye eye dark sink

3.     The herbs essence, can pacify a slow eye skin

4.     Promote a circulating metabolism

5.     Resolve a skin surface surplus grease

6.     The equilibrium grease secretes

7.     Ease skin inflammation condition of illness.

8.     Suited for the ingredient of the eye department absorption, can moisten the eye department effectively surroundings delicate and weak skin, oneself also contain abundant nourishment a vegetable, improve an anti- oxygen ability

9.     Reduce thin Wen of skin with the dry and rough phenomenon, periostracum as a result can reduce fatty and thick and rough phenomenon, matches and doesn't stimulate.

10.   Stimulate gum to increase to get with the elasticity egg white at first, increase a skin flexibility, moment tight with the result that skin

11.   Add the water, even fondle thin Wen, protect wet, activate a skin not easily allergic

12.   Hybrid sex skin can with town quiet skin complement humidity, permeate sex very good, in addition to have effect of hydration.

13.   Make the flabby skin recover tightly and actually and accept the Lian result, eliminate a Tun eye department anasarca quickly.

14.   Promote the skin metabolism, can keep on to activate the cell of the pore surroundings, maintain tight Zhi of pore, have the function that anti- oxidizes into the human body metabolism and expel harmful material and purify body, anti- old defend Shuai, beautify skin, increase a smooth complexion towards building the blood function also very doing good, canning, the most main anti- skin decrepitude.

15.   Delay the appearance of the crease, improve very small scar formation, downplay thin Wen

16.   Epidermis cell canned make to die, can escape from normally, pile up in the melanin of the epidermis.

17.   Eliminate inflammation, accelerate the wound Yu to match.