The Holland language in South Africa is a red bush

Science assigns name to Aspalathus linearis


Northern earth in Cape Town in South Africa, be not subjected to the place of the pollution of the environment, a kind of original plant of[with] growth, belong to a leaf-like plant of needle.Can gather full sun energy with the mineral quality enriched.


The native son is namely called "the Luo depend on the cypress silk"(Rooibos) an idea of"red bush".


The Rooibos only increases in a small scope Cederberg region in the western region cape province.Usually, the leaf is oxidized or is fermented cause particularly red brown color, but do not ferment of"green" rooibos and produce.


The Rooibos vanilla tea namely from here the needle leaf of the plant dry to make and become.


Because need special weather and can grow, only South African can produce this vanilla.Past also be called "the light (the Rooibos Rising Sun)of South Africas"s, "South African national treasure tea"s.


It is the member of the plant bean family and be used for to do tisane(herbaceous tea).The product is widespread in South Africa for the generation and is consumed in many nations now.


Rooibos the red bush extract a thing:Have anti-cancer and fair result, the anti- of the strong power's oxidizing effect can even stop a skin aging


Having the tartaric acid(AHA, the α -hydroxy acid) has result of keep and improve looks, maintaining to the skin very helpful.Can promote metabolism, can make the skin lubrication have sheen and keep and improve looks.


There is result of mollifying the skin trouble, turn down the occurrence of[with] allergy, and can ease allergic condition of illness of skins, such as skin Yang and eczema...etc..



二、Apply for Rooibos :


The history of the red bush


In 1772 although was the rooibos first time reported by botanist CarlThunberg, the Khoisan people of the district use the medicine value that it is an age and is aware of it.Holland colonist adopted rooibos as a choice to the cape to the black tea, an expensive merchandise for depend on supplying a ship from Europe of colonist.Till 19 centuries, however, Holland usage of the tea is minimum.


Was this hero clear in 1904The Ginsberg(Russian colonist to cape and descendant a well-known tea family) developed the rooibos potential and beginning to trade and harvest its place Khoisan people.He sold his "the mountain tea" to contact with become rooibos suddenly the first exporter usage from the family tea business at the cape to the colonist.


At the 30's, the Ginsberg persuades a place doctor to experiment with the cultivating of plant.The trial is successful, lead the Ginsberg encouragement farmer in place to cultivate a plant to hope this meeting becomes beneficial business.The first trial is in the big capacity cultivate is a disaster because of the small size of the seed.They compare a grain of sand have no big of with therefore difficult detection with assemble.This causes the seed Teng fly a rightness an astonishing of 80 each pounds is far too expensive of is place farmer.

Point out according to the expert, a kind of red bush tea(the Rooibos Tea) that produce from South Africa, confirm after testing that have already helped the prevention variety because of the environment pollution or food bad and cause of cancer, various tea-leaf brand it is said that will announce this kind of anti-cancer function of teas beverage.


The red bush tea is produced in Cape Town suburb mountain area in South Africa at first, is dried to make and become for the plant of the Aspalathus Linearis by one specific name, become the healthy beverage of the local database Yi clansmen then early very much, connect South African white man to its medicine diligently the effect also believe deeply to doubt not, even letting the sons and daughters wash the red bush tea bath, insuring a child to grow up healthily.


The latest science research finds that red bush tea vessel anti-cancer function, drink the laboratory rat of the red bush tea, can be obvious to reduce to suffer from the chance that a series of cancer gets sick.Although haven't yet confirmed up to now whether is valid to the human body, several tea-leaf brands are eager to have a try already, plan to announce this kind of new tea beverage.There is hearsay to point Coca-Cola Company to also hope to divide into a cup of thick soup recently, plan to produce the ice tea of the red bush tea taste. 


The characteristic of the Rooibos


The Aspalathus Linearis is in fact a kind of bean section plant, doing not up pull with tea plant to relate to.The laboratory test result shows that the high anti- oxidizing agent composition contained by red bush tea, easily help already to contract the cancer disease of the Nie Chi animal"clearance" swim to leave the Ji numerator, it doesn't need the cell is swum to leave the Ji numerator attack.In other words, red bush tea through increment liver of counteract poison the liver You each quantity, and control or reduce the slow gene mutation process at least, strengthen body of anti- disease ability.


British expert sand the benefit text that works on the cancer disease research indicates that although the green tea and black medicine tea have higher anti- oxidizing agent, the red bush tea do not contain caffeine, it become it more safe with more valid healthy beverage.


Apply for Rooibos

Rooibos Tea


The eating is meek, is South Africa to is subjected to favorite"red bush" beverage most , bring a point too the flavor of imperial concubine's sugar and caramel.Don't contain caffeine, and Dan rather the content is few.Add milk better drink.Sugar or honey, can make it more delicacy.



The advantage of the Rooibos

(1)The Rooibos is a kind of completely natural, without the beverage of the miscellaneous quality, don't contain the additives, antiseptic or artificial dye.


(2) The Rooibos doesn't contain caffeine, there is the result of quiet central nervous system system in town, suit to recommend very much to have allergy, have a headache, sleep disorder, suffer from insomnia, nerve strain, slight the person of condition of illnesses such as hypochondria and the height strain etc..


(3) Drinking the Rooibos can ease as disgusting, vomit, the stomach Zhuo is hot, stomach ulcer and be constipated etc. stomach and digest the trouble of the aspect.


(4) Rooibos Dan rather the content is few, not agree with stomach cause very big burden.


(5) The Rooibos has an anti- to cramp of effect, so can ease infant's stomach to cramp etc. is with the stomach acute pain trouble.


(6) The Rooibos has result of mollifying the skin trouble, if spread directly on the skin of being subjected to the infection, skin Yang, wet Zhen, diaper Zhen, the Cuo Chuang etc. skin allergic condition of illnesses all can ease.


(7) The Rooibos represses aging, the free radicals(the normal cell revolve of by-product) in the human body causes the cell oxidize, the Rooibos has an anti- to oxidize composition, and can decelerate oxygenation.


(8) The Rooibos doesn't contain calories.


(9) Actually the Rooiboss can help the human body absorption iron, and have an iron, potassium, copper to wait for someone necessary mineral quality of the body metabolism.The Rooibos also adds the calcium human body need everyday, manganese, especially fluoride, and all of these are to develop the strong and healthy tooth and skeleton essential.


(10) The Rooibos has zinc of promoting the skin health and strengthens the magnesium of the nervous system.


The health of having the human body have to the mineral quality and natural SOD, not contain caffeine, have no agrochemical cultivation, have no tea alkali, is suitable for whole family to drink(include an infant) to contain each gram of natural SOD(the superokxide Dismutase) to contain units.the low list is rather sour is general tea-leaf of 1/12, the excessive list is rather sour and will cause the absorption obstacle of the iron and protein.contain integrity of mineral quality.Have abundant mineral quality and little element, add the need of the human body:Contain the mineral qualities, such as abundant iron, potassium, copper, calcium, manganese, zinc, Na, magnesium and fluorine...etc. and little element, behave a body to operate normally need, can maintain healthy., Can promote the body fluid to quench thirst, remove fatigue, add a little element, promote a skin to contain amount of water.in no way stimulating, will not increase the body burden, is the modern people is real to drink healthy tea.The tartaric acid(the α -hydroxy acid) in the South African national treasure tea maintains to the skin very helpful.


The ordinary people is a health care the Rooibos to drink tea much currently, because it doesn't contain any caffeine, but has to let the human body health necessarily often the mineral quality and natural SOD, drink this tea and do not influence a daily schedule and do not sleep, can promote the body fluid to quench thirst, cancellation tired, add little of vegetable, promote a skin to contain amount of water.Wasn't in no way stimulating and whole not to stimulate the ingredient of the nerve, will not increase the body burden, is a modern people ability real drink healthy tea;Can enhance physical strength, improve weak constitution, remove fatigue, make the skin lubrication have sheen, and turn down the occurrence of[with] allergy and mollify the stomach and intestines and belly unwell with muscle pain, baby of the healthy condition can also improve. Great majority


If soak Rooibos in the hot water to exceed a clock very much, the anti-  raise it oxidizes sex.In addition, they also find, the Rooibos has treatment result to the diseases, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, various skin disease, liver disease, artery hardening and allergy...etc. equally.And it seldom also is this is in the world only there is just Rooibos in the Cederburg region, the year yield there are nearly 90% yields to sold inside the country not much, only that few  just exports, so drink all not enough drink, still less take to do skin care products, therefore just precious.


三、Rooibos to the main ingredient of the hairdressing effect

α-hydroxy acid


The formal scientific term of the tartaric acid delivers for the AN Er-the hydrogen Ji is sour(the α -hydroxy acid, AHA)




Refined from the fruit at the earliest stage of, so was so called for the tartaric acid.And the main source of the tartaric acid product of the market is the lactic acid and sweet Chun are sour.The α tartaric acid can reach good hairdressing result.


And the tartaric acid is a group of organic acids to know together as, mostly is saved in a natural fruit in, so call it is "tartaric acid", generally what to point is the α -hydroxy acid, is also the AHA for being so called.Having a representative most among them is the sweet Chun is sour(the Glycolic acid), its molecular weight is minimum, wearing a deeply callous ability easily, therefore is often used to cure in the tartaric acid up.


BE have on the α carbon-the COOH Ji of a group of acidses, the category is rather many, among them, the sweet Chun is sour(the Glycolicacid ) is currently to use the most extensive a kind.The safety is high, the side effect is small.Its main function lies in cleaning aging keratin cell, promoting the epidermis cell renew, increasing cell to contain amount of water and promoting the leather layer collagen increase to get.Make the thin hole of the skin hair smooth, touch a delicate water of water delicately, match with ultra sound ducting, fair emergency mask and high pure oxygen treatment etc.s, quickly fair and improve skin quality.

Can live immediately and normally after the Shu, need not particularly caring.


The tartaric acid daubery at on the face, passing by certain time can permeate a periostracum, causing the periostracum removal shed off, so go to the keratin is the most main effect of tartaric acid, also having treatment the pimple, the clearance pimple and the function of the thin class in addition.


Truncated diastereoselective Passerini reaction, a rapid construction of polysubstituted oxazole and peptides having an α-hydroxy-β-amino acid component

Guylaine Cuny, Rocio Gámez-Montaño and Jieping Zhu*


*Institut de Chimie des Substances Naturelles, CNRS, , Gif-sur-Yvette Cedex, France, G. Cuny, R. Gamez-Montano, J. Zhu, Tetrahedron,



The reaction of aldehydes and ketones, including aliphatic and aromatic ones, with amides of α-isocyano-β-phenylpropionic acid in toluene in the presence of lithium bromide gives 2,4,5-trisubstituted oxazoles in good to excellent yield.

see article for more examples


Die Reaktion von aliphatischen und aromatischen Aldehyden und Ketonen mit Amiden der α-Isocyano-β-Phenylpropionsäure in Toluol in Gegenwart von Lithiumbromid führt in guter Ausbeute zu 2,4,5-trisubstituierten Oxazolen . 

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Key Words

Diastereoselectivity; N,N-Dibenzyl aminoaldehyde; α-Hydroxy-β-amino acid; Multicomponent reaction; Oxazole; Passerini reaction


Diastereoselektivität, N,N-Dibenzylaminoaldehyd; α-Hydroxy-β-aminosäure; Multikomponentenreaktion; Oxazole; Passerini-Reaction

The familiar acidity changes skin composition:


The Alpha hydroxy acid is most familiar= AHA= the α Qian Ji is sour


The most familiar is a generation AHA: The Glycolic acid(the sweet Chun is sour, tartaric acid) and the Lactic acid(lactic acid)

The time of low density is to regard as to absorb water to hydrate composition


Higher density have a treatment of lending support to the pimple and downplay a black spot of shallow layer and clean aging keratin of surface layer

Of function


In addition Citric acid(the lemon is sour), Malic acid(malic acid), the Tartaric acid(tartaric acid)

And the Mandelic acid(the almond is sour) is also a same composition


Because the AHA stimulative stronger manufacturer turn the since low stimulative to the AHA ester

And appear the Esterified AHA(the ester turn the α Qian Ji sour: The Trialkyl citrate, the Dialkyl malate)of composition


Another a kind of method that reduces stimulative to raise to bear to be subjected to a degree

BE plus the Xing to the tartaric acidBe called Xing Sour( Peptide-Acid Complex)


The next generation AHA is called the Polyhydroxy acid= PHA(the much heavy Qian Ji is sour: the gluconic acid(glucose

Sour))in addition to the geniality changes there is still result of anti- oxidize and hydration outside the result of the skin


The third generation AHA is called the Lactobionic acid= the Complex PHA(the lactose is sour)

Is the half lactose(galactose) to combine a sour(the gluconic acid) outcome of glucose

The geniality degree and anti- oxidize power better mainly is regard as to hydrate the anti- old product usage


Still having a kind of familiar category is stillthe Beta hydroxy acid=BHA=the β Qian Ji is sour=salicylic acid(Salicylic


Can regard as the assistance treatment composition that the pimple, the inflammation pimple and the pore corn turn a disease

For clean old and old keratin and the help keratin to metabolize also slightly effective


And AHA+ the BHA combo(α +the β Qian Ji sour combination) also appears in the reason Liao article of some anti- poxes


The BHA also has ester to turn a type to be called the Esterified BHA= LHA= the lipohydroxy acid= the ester turn the β Qian Ji sour

:Capryloyl salicylic acid)


Still there is a kind of more gentle salicylic acid formulation to be called the Silanediol salicylate in addition

May also meet in the cosmetics


Still have to change the skin method to seem more and lately in the skin section boundary recently in addition


The amino acids changes the skin AFAs= Amino acid filaggrin based antioxidants


The acetone is sour to change the skin Alpha-keto-acid= Pyruvic acid


Plant sour change the skin Phytic Acid= the Inositol Hexaphosphate= IP6

(There is anti- to oxidize and the Ao match the copper ion to avoid a sour Mei activity of the Lao An reaching to repress a born function and of melanin

With take the effect of the keratin, have already used it for recent 12 yearses in change the skin and cosmetics, in regard to fair result also

Without sourer and strong than Qu, go to the keratin result and talk also didn't compare tartaric acid good, but the geniality degree is higher BE)


Even is the chicken tail wine the compound type change a skin(have the α Qian Ji sour, the β Qian Ji is sour, the Qu is sour, hydroquinone,