草木樨.Sweet Clover



     The plant Xi is the bean section plant Xi to belong to(the Melilotus Adans.), For getting for a year or biennial herbs. My country produces up the in common use category for the biennial and white flower and grass wood Xi. Plant Xi? Separately the content is high, is a not only good green manure, is also an important forage. But its plant contain a fragrant bean vegetable, making forage directly.


     Does the plant Xi have very?Of the living power and adaptability, the ability is dry, resistant to cold and bears barren and acid-proof alkali etc..The plant Xi root, bury deeply, root is big, is the anti- drought especially??.Be to contain amount of water to reach 11.8% on the light Rang quality soil, glue heavy red clay in the quality up, contain amount of water to reach 15.8%?, Can immediately promise a good germination rate.But want to keep the plant Xi of high produce the humidity condition of the necessity and also can't be few, contain amount of water on the sand Rang quality soil with reach 70% that the farm holds amount of water~80% is proper. The plant Xi seed at average? The degree is 3 ℃ ~4 ℃ ?Grow for the ability Meng. Develop a strong plant the first year below zero and 30 ℃ strict and cold descend in the winter ability the security is more a winter.


     Is the plant Xi very to the adaptability of the soil?, Be gluing the barren soil of the sex soil, sand and a little bit other green manure crops more difficult growth and all canning grow nicely. The plant Xi bear salt also very?, Is the salinity more than 0.30% not?, The plant Xis all can grow growth nicely. The plant Xi seed also needed a processing generally before dibble, mainly for removing an in great quantities hard seed. The plant Xi sows a period longer, early spring, all can sow seeds and early winter in summer. Sow to expect mainly according to make use of a way and settle. At sandstorm more and greatly northern region, the plant Xi usually is a summer to sow, does the summer sow generally not? In mid- July, for the convenience of in the security is a winter more.


     River Huai a?, Does the autumn sow in September? Proper. The northern region winter sows generally tiny and cool turn a jelly at noon sooner or later in the soil, ground? Low sow seeds in 2 ℃ .Sow seeds quantity Sa to sow generally each 2-3 kilograms in the dry land, the water ground about one kilogram; Sow generally each 1-2 kilograms of dry lands, water ground?0.5-1 kilograms.


     The plant Xi need Lin fatty? Much, uses Lin fatty can promote the plant Xi root the department develop, raising to bear a dry ability, increasing a root lump quantity and improving a solid nitrogen ability, making to produce amount of grass to increase obviously. The plant Xi uses Lin fatty should make to grow fatty or the Ji is fatty, each dosage takes leading the calcium phosphate 15-25 kilograms or the Lin mineral powder 25-50 kilograms as proper.



General use


     Sweet clover is valued for its medicinal uses because the flower contains coumarinic acids. Coumarin is the active ingredient in prescription anticoagulants (blood-thinning medications). Its presence in sweet clover allows it to reduce inflammation and swelling by increasing the flow of blood between the heart and the veins. As an herbal remedy, sweet clover is used in the treatment of bruises, hemorrhoids, and varicose veins. Its wound-healing properties have been confirmed in tests conducted on animals.

     Taken internally as a tea or as a tisane, sweet clover relieves discomfort in the legs, particularly night cramps, itching, and swelling. The herb also supports the traditional medical treatments of vein inflammation, blood clots, and congestion of the lymph nodes. Applied externally as a poultice, sweet clover speeds the healing of bruises and eases the swelling of hemorrhoids.






     Commercial preparations of sweet clover are available as dried crushed herb, as ointments, and as suppositories.

     To prepare a sweet clover infusion, boiling water is poured over 1-2 tsp of the crushed flowers and stems. The infusion is allowed to steep for 5-10 minutes, then strained into a cup. For the treatment of varicose veins, 2-3 cups per day is recommended.

     To prepare as a poultice, the crushed herb is mixed with a small amount of boiling water, then spread on a soft cloth. The cloth is applied to the affected area until the cloth is cold. The poultice is applied as needed.



     The herb, Melilot, contains coumarin and its derivatives. The flowers have essential oil, which consists of coumarin, resin and mucous substances, choline, tannin and choline glycoside. The seeds contain protein, starch and essential oil. Besides coumarin, the leaves contain melilotic acid and an oily substance called melilotol, which has a specific scent.




     The herb has aromatic, emollient and carminative properties. The tender foliage makes the plant acceptable to horses and other animals, and it is said that deer browse on it, hence its name 'Hart's Clover.' Galen used to prescribe Melilot plaster to his Imperial and aristocratic patients when they suffered from inflammatory tumors or swelled joints, and the plant is used for that purpose in the present day in some places.

     The juice of the plant is believed to clear the eyesight and ease inflammation of the eyes. Melilot tea is said to relieve flatulence, and its addition to tea blends is thought to improve the flavor of the other ingredients. The dried leaves and flowering tops form the drug used in herbal medicine. It can be infused in oil and used as a salve or liniment. Applied as a plaster, or in ointment, or as a fomentation, it is an old-fashioned country remedy for the relief of abdominal and rheumatic pains.

     The dried herb has an intensely fragrant scent, but a somewhat pungent and bitter taste. The flowers, besides being very useful and attractive to bees, have supplied a perfume, and a floral water distilled from them has been used for flavoring. The dried plant has been employed to scent snuff and smoking tobacco and may be laid among linen for the same purpose as lavender.

     When packed with furs, Melilot is said to act like camphor and preserve them from moths, besides imparting a pleasant fragrance. The fresh or dried leaves and flowering stems of sweet clover were traditionally used as a diuretic. The chemicals present help to reduce fluid leakage from blood and lymph vessels. For this reason, its been used in the treatment of varicose veins and venous insufficiency (two closely related conditions).

     Sweet clover (oral or topical) is also used for hemorrhoids, bruises, and minor injuries. Steeped in vinegar or Rose Water, it may mitigate a headache. It is said to ease earache when dropped into the ears. In traditional medicine, Melilot is used as an expectorant, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, sedative and carminative remedy. Melilot preparations are taken in case of inflammatory diseases of upper respiratory tract, gynecological diseases and dermatological inflammatory processes, as well as in case of high nervous excitability and insomnia. Melilot preparations are prescribed in case of hypertonia, atherosclerosis, and thrombophlebitis, heightened blood coagulation as direct anticoagulant.

     The stimulating effect of Melilot preparations regarding tissue regeneration is also known. Melilot is widely used in the food industry. It gives piquancy to fish products, cheese and alcohol drinks. Dried flowers and leaves are used as a spice for soups, salads and compotes.

"In Switzerland, Melilot abounds in the pastures and is an ingredient in the green Swiss cheese called Schabzieger. The Schabzieger cheese is made by the curd being pressed in boxes with holes to let the whey run out; and when a considerable quantity has been collected and putrefaction begins, it is worked into a paste with a large proportion of the dried herb Melilotus, reduced to a powder.

      The herb is called in the country dialect "Zieger kraut," curd herb. The paste thus produced is pressed into moulds of the shape of a common flowerpot and the putrefaction being stopped by the aromatic herb, it dries into a solid mass and keeps unchanged for any length of time. When used, it is rasped or grated and the powder mixed with fresh butter is spread upon bread."' (Syme and Sowerby, English Botany.)



Miscellaneous Information

     Yellow sweet clover is an aromatic plant, but is a member of the pea (legume) family. It is not a true clover. Combined with Chamomile flowers, it is said to ease stomach pain and flatulence. It is delicious blended with mints in a beverage tea. Legend has it that washing the head with the distilled water of the herb and flowers strengthens the memory. The British Herbal Pharmacopoeia suggests a combination of Nettles, Melilot and Yarrow may prevent coronary thrombosis.

     Improve the humidity metabolism and enrich to contain a blood improvement ingredient.

     Does the plant Xi withdraw a thing to have abundant flavonoid and type, promote a lymphoid department?Circulation, remove edema, increase?Hair thin afferent function, stimulate cell to increase to get, have to eliminate inflammation, refrain from rash action, the town is quiet, making the Chong blood fade away to wait for effect.




1.     Eye department:Maintain an eye benefits 2-3%, cream, lotion, the make-up water, the dosage is 3-10%.

2.     Reduce weight:Improve the humidity metabolism and enrich to contain the blood improvement ingredient, reduce difficult orange skin organization seen.

3.     Cleansing oil:The natural plant extracts, also is made use of in the cleansing oil, so can also stimulate a skin at the time of removing a face of makeup with colourful department and dirt thoroughly of tiny circulation, the cell of the increment skin contain amount of oxygen, and promote metabolism, reach the result of the beautiful skin.


Apply object

1.     Want to remove orange skin organization

2.     Want to promote blood circulation

3.     Often long sit or long station

4.     Hope that the shape curve is better