(The lotus leaf extracts a thing)



EnglishLotus Leaf P.E.


LatinFolium Nelumbinis


Constitute part: The lotus leaf includes nuciferine, N-nonuciferine, O-nornucifeine, anonaine, armepavine, N-methyt- coclaurine, paronuciferine, liriodenine, dehydro- The roemerine and nelumboside, five flavonoids, isoquers- The cetin, tastasic is sour, the lemon is sour, vitamin, wait for.





The perennial water gets herbage.The root-stock bock, the cylinder form, is covered up to place in the mire.Stay to the peltate, the radiately nerved, add the edge wave, the petiole is long, having already stabbed, inserting to go into in the leaf middle.Bloom greatly, Gu zero zero, handsome with fragrant, the rose or white, the heart skin is many, ovoid, meat many, separate an underground to sink hole in the container, mature go into the nut-like achenes, the skin is strong and tough to be maturity with blackish-brown.




The lotus belongs to many years to get Xiu nature hydrophyte.The root and caulis was born in the water bottom mud in, robust and powerful, there is obvious stanza five segment, hollow have hole, edible use to call "Ou".Subterranean stem five sections connect with each other past call "lotus root". Leaf Geng and leaf face to float to get a surface a circle a Tuo form, being called "lotus leaf", opening white, pink, the deeply red etc. color flower, brightly colored, posture beautiful, the soft Ya is free from vulgarity, having aroma, being called "lotus".



Can manufacture the lotus tea, at the blossom haven't yet bloomed adopt under, take in to dry.Adding the water becomes the lotus tea namely after cooking the heat, smell subtle fragrance, in order to having the lotus powder and the lotus Peng, can open stomach to quench thirst, fresh and cool decline fire.In addition, the lotus has pure hotness with stop bleeding of effect.Pound into pulp external application, can cure a day Chuang, eczema.

Lotus Di:

Prevent miscarriage, the effect of the Xie, be applicable to women's foetus to move diseases, such as discomfort, diarrhea and prolapsus...etc..




The lotus Peng(the lotus building):

Cooking the tea can prevent diabetes, the flavor bitter sex Se, dry in the sun lotus Peng of taking out the seed, can also add rock sugar to drink by the cook soup, flavor the bitter sex Se is wet, in order to spread Yu to cure to bring a medicine, the placenta doesn't descend after canning build a fortune, flow nosebleed, extravasated blood stomachache, white to bring an excessive etc. disease.




Lotus seed:

Lotus seed the nourishment enriches, besides which, fragrant and beautiful and tasty, and have pure blood, spread Yu, benefit stomach and tranquilize the nerves of effect is been the outside of the precious Zi food, the lotus seed, the lotus Ruis are all good Chinese herbal medicines.Lotus seed the sweet Se is even, having already repaired Pi Xie, the pure heart rests and restores energy the function of the benefit kidney, in common use to cure heart palpitates to suffer from insomnia, man's nocturnal emission, slippery Jing, women's mentruation is excessive, the white bring excessive, and appetite weak of the Xie Xie wait for a disease.Jot down according to this grass outline, the lotus seed has "hand over the heart kidney, thick appetite, solid vitality, strong joints, repair falsely Sun, the benefit ear eyes, in addition to cold and wet" to wait for function.Can have already repaired Pi Xie, the pure heart rests and restores energy the function of the benefit kidney, and in common use suffer from insomnia in the treatment heart palpitates.But the indigestion and the one who move bowels dry knot, not proper edible lotus seed.

Lotus seed Xin:

Use to make tea, can pure eyes, have pure hot and solid Jing and tranquilize the nerves in addition and still of effect, can cure high and hot Zao vexed, the confused state of mind, nocturnal emission slippery Xie etc. disease.There is also function of declining the blood pressure, can be used for high blood pressure and have a vexed and hot condition of illness.




Echeveria son:

Lotus seed after frost, the old and familiar fruit falls a water, in the river mire, bring to have the ash black fruit hull of seed, be called "the echeveria son".There is pure heart in addition to vexed effect, and ability Ou, open stomach.In common use in cure the bitter Yan dry and vexed hot, chronic gonorrhea and dysentery etc.s disease, and can solve melancholy, Liao tenseness top Yan.




Lotus beard:

Go into a kidney through, and go into heart through, is solid true the article of the Se Jing, have solid Jing and stop bleeding effect, be applicable to nocturnal emission, throw up blood, womb bleed etc. disease.Getting to use to fry to use all can.But urinate a disadvantageous to hate to use lotus beard.




Lotus root:

Lotus root clear and crisp delicacy, use to make vegetables to cook soup, very tasty.The lotus root process processes, making into the lotus root powder, adding rock sugar to drink after pouring, fresh and cool back fire, open stomach to quench thirst, be the appetite indisposition, or anger rising, can wash some Ou powder thirst, can be good for the stomach the whole bowel.The rare lotus root can eliminate cool blood, pure heat of Yu to quench thirst, open stomach.Women's postnatal period is cold to all hate, only have a lotus root and do not hate, because of canning eliminate the cause of the extravasated blood.Familiar of even the Ou, sex geniality, can repair appetite, having already kept the effect that the stomach reinforces body fluid.




Lotus leaf:

Can make lotus leaf rice, lotus leaf to steam meat.The flavor bitterness is even, the color green spirit joss-stick, fresh or the aridities can go into a medicine.The dry leaf can get to deliver vitality, repairing appetite.The fresh leaf cans be pure and hot and solves heat.But the lotus leaf rise to spread, the debility hates.

Lotus Geng:

The delicate lotus caulis can be edible, there is the effect of the agreeable spirit, breadth chest, milk, can cure chest stuffy not comfortable, the human milk impassability etc. disease.Use should scrape stabbing of Geng.




The chemical engineering constitutes part

The leaf includes alkaloid, nuciferine, romerine, also not the nuciferine and flabonoid, five flavonoids.The plumules produces the protein, sugar and vitamin.The container includes five flavonoids.




Make up use

Seed: The heart attack repairs, the semen repairs a , astringent, tranquilizer, refrigerant, strengthen kidney, the clearance phlegm, clearance Yan disease eyes.The water lotus is subjected to love of beauty female most to like, making tea, the whole lotus pours, the aroma is heavy, keeping and improving looks, after drinking, the flower can extrude the juice liquid, is the plant placenta vegetable, paint directly in the on the face, make the person young very several year olds, and other match the health fix menu in restaurant of the lotus seed, also be subjected to favor.





The mature seed causes a health function in the nervous prostration, supermatorrhea and the metrorrhoea case.The leaf and the seed core at drop the Lou is valid for suffer from insomnia, the issue of blood and haematemesis.The plumules, thin silk or container the drop is been used for by the form of the Lou Be treating the bloody stool, haematuria, the womb issue of blood and haematemesis.




The pharmacology acts: The son includes nuci- Fierce and cruel be like the material contain the antispasm action.The leaf extracted the thing and drop Lou to show direct vaso- Inflate an action and ease to reduce the experiment animal a blood pressure function.The crystal liensinine and the seed of the maturity the dry plumule was isolated to show that change to reduce the blood pressure function in a sudden with strong with long time period of action be change to the n methyl alcohol dendronbium be the non- crystal alkaloid Nn-9 has the stronger low sulfurous acid Na tensive action and tachyphylaxis.The anti-virus function that the dry lotus stamen is shown




The leaf contains various alkaloids:Lotus leaf alkali(nuciferine), N-go to A lotus leaf alkali(N-nornucife-rine) O-go to A lotus leaf alkali(O-nornuciferine), cattle heart fruit alkali(anonaine), round Mei alkali(roemerine), Asia and America Pa alkali(armepavine), the N-A Ji Heng state black medicine alkali(N-methylcoclaurine), original lotus leaf alkali(pronuci-ferine), the goose Zhang Qiu alkali(liriodenine) and go to the oxygen round the Mei alkali(dehydroroemerine).Contain another the lotus leaf(nelumboside), Hu skin vegetable, different Hu skin and vitamin C, tartaric acid, the Gou Yuan sour, the malic acid, grass is sour, the amber is sour, the glucose is sour, the Rou quality, also contains the alkaline composition that the anti- has the silk abruption function. 








[Sex flavor and effect]

    The flavor is bitter and astringent, sex is even.There is hot the pure heat solution, rise to deliver pure sun, the cool blood stops bleeding of function.Use vexed thirst in the hotness, hot and wet leak Xie, the Pi leaks Xie falsely, the blood heat vomits Nyu, then the blood collapse to leak.The lotus leaf Tan refrains from rash action to turn Yu to stop bleeding.Use are dizzy in various issue of blood diseases and the postnatal period blood.

Dosage:3-9 gs;The fresh article can use a 15-30 gs;Lotus leaf Tan 3-6 gs.    




[The pharmacology function and clinical application]

    The lotus leaf alkali material uses the solution Jing function to the smooth muscle.Put forward the alkaloid and flavonoid to make in to immerse the cream slice from the lotus leaf, in order to cholesterol-lowering with the cholesterol and the obesity.The lotus leaf immerses with fried can extend directly blood vessel in the animal the experiment, causing degree to decline to press in etc..


Lately natural reduce a heavy material, have absorption of repressing the sugar and fat and resolve, burn three greatest effects, is the new jinx of the high fat food.


The lotus leaf contains compositions, such as alkaloid, lotus leaf alkali lotus leaf alkali nuciferine and the lotus alkali...etc., can lower internal heat, help digest, maintain engaging physique


The lotus alkali Roemerine original lotus leaf alkali Nornnciferine is Asia and America a Ying Su alkali dl-Armepavine

Repress the surplus carbohydrate absorption, promote the fat resolve, ?Come to the cell function of the fat combustion)




Have lotus alkali, lotus leaf alkali, original lotus leaf alkali, the Jue skin vegetable, lotus leaf flavonoid in the lotus leaf according to the measurement, The clinical application proves that the fat person usually cooks a gruel to eat with the fresh lotus leaf of washing the Jing, reducing weight curative effect obvious.Use the fresh lotus leaf generation a tea bubble to drink, use to do the lotus leaf generation a tea bubble to drink in winter, all there is curative effect.



The lotus leaf gets leaf's slice of the herbs lotus for many year waters.Its chemistry composition mainly has the sour sour sour lotus leaf alkali, lemon, malic acid, glucose, grass, amber sour and other anti-s to have the alkaline composition of the silk abruption function.The pharmacology research finds the lotus leaf has a solution heat, suppress germ and solve a Jing function.



Its adsorbing grease an ability is an appetite to absorb an ability of 5-800%, so side effect, ?Good reduce weight, relax bowel result, take the row oil?Fatty Bag 15 days, row be the result of the oil more than an imagination, move bowels to have?Lyu, constipation, abdominal distension, ?Elephant?Have, does the blood fat decline a bottom?, Is the skin an oil not?, Isn't the small pimple ?, The woman is more beautiful, the man also changes of spirit a hundredfold.Take the lotus leaf alkali ingredient as to reduce weight the capsule of the weight reduction to have already become popular Korea, Japan, French etc.?House is the product that reduces weight, regulates the blood fat function.



The lotus leaf is fresh and cool decline fire, remove a grease inside the body and reach to reduce weight result.Have nerve of stability, help digest, remove fatigue and cure an out of tune function of endocrine.The work pressure is big, life the strain cause the constipation, halitosis, pimple, the piles crest suggestion be able to take much.


The lotus leaf ethanol extracts the thing hardenned to the artery gruel form to develop in early days its influence


The artery gruel form's hardenning disease is the civilization disease of the modern people, also is the main disease of 21 centuries, have something to do with the artery gruel form hardenning disease according to the covariance data of Department of Health Year 92 of the Republic of China of death, in the people ten bigly the cause of death namely had three items, include cerebral disease, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure disease.


The lotus leaf is the leaf of the plant lotus(the Nelumbo nucifera), from ancient time namely in order to pure solution hotness, spreads the use that the Yu stops bleeding.Point out it has abundant antioxidant quality according to the research, test a result a manifestation the lotus leaf ethanol extract the acetic acid B ester of the thing distinction layer to have live oxygen of the best clearance to belong to the free radicals ability, and can repress the copper ion inducement human body to leave the body low density fat egg white to oxidize effectively, showing the acetic acid B ester a distinction a layer may have to reduce to oxidize pressure in order to prevent the ability of the artery gruel form hardening, can also promote in the meantime huge bite cell to gobble up to oxidize the low density fat egg white, and can decelerate huge bites the foam cell that the cell develops and oxidizes the inflammation reaction that the low density fat egg white inducts, show the acetic acid B ester distinction layer possibility to harden to the artery gruel form to develop to have the influence ability in early days, and by this effect that reaches defer the artery gruel form to harden a development.




Containing abundant natural plant meal fiber can promote the bowel way peristalsis, increase satisfied foot feeling, make the night soil comparison soft and be easy to eject a body inside, have a bowel movement smoothly, let the body have no burden easily.

Was been by the clinical studies confimation cholesterol-lowering, go to the fat and the deceleration coronary, angina pectoris etc. effect




Because of having lotus alkali, lotus leaf alkali, original lotus leaf alkali, the Jue skin plain, lotus leaf flavonoid , The clinical application proves for fat really have already reduced heavy effect.And there is abundant mineral quality, vitamin, iron etc., fresh and cool back fire, promote metabolism, help digest, go to oil to get fed up with eliminating, have a bowel movement smoothly.Modern people because of widespread food excess, the lotus leaf can make the life turn down burden, having a function of expeling the body endotoxin and the surplus humidity, relaxing bowel smoothly, to reduce weight more helpful.




The main chemistry composition of the lotus leaf has the sour lotus leaf alkali, lemon, grass sour etc., mainly reducing weight a function is the lotus leaf alkali, the pharmacology research enunciation, the lotus leaf has the benefit urine to relax bowel, bowel poison, decline a fat in addition to oil, the pure and hot solution heat etc. function, can reduce serum obviously is three Chuns and the cholesterol content in the glycerin, have a health care function of regulating the blood fat.Adopting the lotus leaf reduces weight and doesn't need to be dieted intentionally, having no side effect to the human body.