Scientific term:  Achillea millefolium

Nickname: Thousand leaf Shis, nosebleed grasses, westerns saw grass

The section belongs to:  Chrysanthemum section

Classification: Get herbage for many years

Plant height:  About

Spend a period: Autumn

Assortment:  Variety

Make use of part: Leaf, flower

Characteristic:Resistant to cold don't bear a drought, leaf the feather form has another teeth of a saw

Spend a period: At 4~ is July


At first is produced in region Europe and Asia, transplant to go to after North America, spread all over temperate zone region now. 

The ethereal oil then is main to produce in Germany, Hungary, France, grounds such as ex- Yugoslavia, the United States and Africa etc..


Suit moist environment of the warm weather and soil, but must must notice to drain in good time, avoid cause because of accumulating a water over a long period of time root putrefied, this province plants to need in summer appropraitely hide sun, for the convenience of more summer.


Ancient Greece warrior and North America print a ground of Anne's aborigine and all will use the western Qi grass to smooth and cure wound, legendary with cure Greece myth in of the hero person-A Ji mile Si and be known for, have improvement result of town quiet and alleviate.

There is effect of activating the cell, crushing pieces fresh leaf to join fertilizer can accelerate the fertilizer decomposition, the root secretion can strengthen for four weeks, the anti- disease power of plant also can enhance the Liao disease effect of other fragrant medicine grasses, the western Shi grass to inside, the egress blood all has already stopped bleeding effect.

Flower:Immersing the liquid can be used to steam face, and regard as to maintain the makeup water usage

Leaf:Immersing the liquid can help digest.


Slightly sweet, bring fragrant H to anticipate smell


二、The ingredient chemistry type of the western Shi grass:

Constitute part:

 volatility oils(include blue oil azulene, ice slice, terpineol, isoartemisia Tong, cineol of , the D son fragrant Fen, thujone, Pai Xi, camphor, achillin, sabinene), inside the ester, the cyanogenic glycosides, the black head and isovalerianic are sour,

The water Ji is sour, asparagin, triterpenes, the Zi Chun, flavonoid compound(apigenin, rutin, rattan yellow germ vegetable, five flavonoids, kaempferol), the bitter taste is good for the stomach medicine(include ivain), the Dan is rather sour, hydroxycoumarins, saponins, sugar, cyanidin, amino acids, fatty acids, go together with the sugar alkali(achilleine), resin, fluorescence material.

3-Methylbutanoic acid, or more commonly isovaleric acid, is a natural fatty acid found in a wide variety of plants and essential oils. Isovaleric acid is clear colorless liquid that is sparingly soluble in water, but well soluble in most common organic solvents.

Isovaleric acid has a strong pungent sweaty smell, but its volatile esters have pleasing scents and are used widely in perfumery.

Other synonyms include delphinic acid, 3-methylbutyric acid, and isopentanoic acid.


3-Methylbutanoic acid

Chemical name

3-Methylbutanoic acid

Chemical formula


Molecular mass

102.13 g/mol

CAS number


Melting point

-29 °C

Boiling point

175-177 °C





Is a compound with the usual practice C6 H4(OH) CO2 Hs, the OH group is in the Qian Ji place in the sour group neighborhood.This achromatic crystal organic acid is extensively applied at organic comprehensive is a plant hormone with function.This is probably the best to work properly with of A Si effectively part of is the chemical engineering likeness but not same compound are well-known.The name acquires for the willow(Salix) from Latin phrase, may be acquired from barking up a voice.

2 Hydroxybenzoic


160 .C

211 .C (2666 Pa)

1.44 g/cm. (20 .C)


[ 69-72-7 ]












Make up articles use

Also call a 2 hydroxybenzoics sour(several beta Qians are sour in the middles, the water Ji is sour is the key additive to concern a product to cure for the pimple, psoriasis, callouses, corn, the keratosis pilaris and the You in many skins.It treats a pimple by cause the skin cell shed off gladly, keep pore from stopping.To this function of the skin cell and do the water Ji sour kind of valid composition is thought to treat in several fragrant waves a head scraps.The use answered to straight and even water Ji causes the skin of hyperpigmentation unpretreated as those perhaps with the more dark skin type(the Fitzpatrick phototypes IV, v, VI), and with the use of the spectrum sunblock that lacks of to one comprehensiveness.


三、The effect of the western Shi grass:

Skin curative effect:

Cure the wound of the inflammation and mow to harm with cracked of skin

The day is colder and colder, the skin is also more and more uncomfortable, being suffused with red, become itchy, shed skin …etc. the condition of illness always cannot bears to be bothered, serious words, even will also appear irritating psoriasis or the eczema.Once the winter go to, can be treated as the melancholy period of the skin!Used the front America to print a ground of western Qi grass that Anne's aborigine started using with ancient Greece warrior already in for the sake of the farewell melancholy.

And the western Shi grass aim at what the skin problem design more, purely natural formulation, do not increase any medicine composition, will not make the skin produce the dependence or drug-resistant from most basically adjusting the reason skin quality, can smooth an improvement to be suffused with effectively red, psoriasis, the eczema condition of illness etc. various skins perplex of skin care products.

Improving the pore corn turns a disease

Why would there is the pore corn to turn a disease

The creation reason that turns a disease to the pore corn on the medical science still not clear, but have already known to have something to do with gene constitution, heredity, also familiar in different the dermatitis, allergic sex dermatitis suffer from body.The pore corn's turning a disease in the top of the skin academic theories is a kind of pore excessiveness corn turns cause of problem, the periostracum that is the hair bag neighborhood becomes thick jamed pore, will produce "the corn bolt" phenomenon, look to be like a pimple very much, greatly parts of time also will not have unwell condition, but occasionally sweat, the season transformation will have already stabbed, the feeling of the Yang, if scart to grasp by hand, will cause hair bag inflammation and break skin on the contrary etc. the severity problem.

How improve the pore corn to turn a disease

Turn a slight sufferer of disease to the pore corn, can use to there is the western Shi grass ingredient of to the keratin body lotion, wipe after taking a shower everyday, because the western Shi grass has tartaric acid, salicylic acid.If the condition of illness is more serious, can look for the skin section doctor's help, use to have urea, A sour, salicylic acid etc. the composition uses a medicine cream outside.

Have to refrain from rash action an attribute, can equilibrium oil skin

Can stimulate a hair growth.Improve the condition of the skin of head unbalance, and reduce skin of head incitement feeling;Make the hair Nang more healthy.There is improved result to the dry and the oil scurf, also make the hair silk stronger and healthy and bright Ze degree better.

Body curative effect:

Circulatory system: Arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, thrombosis

Digestive system: Constipation, spasm, flatulence, piles, indigestion

The Bi urines system: Amenorrhea, the mentruation is difficult, the bladder inflammation and other infections.

Immune system: Catch a cold cold, develop a fever etc. 

Nervous system: Excessively nervous, suffer from insomnia, the pressure causes of the body is unwell


Western Shi grass ethereal oil

So-called ethereal oil(the Essential Oils) is a kind of flower, grass, leaf, seed, fruit, root or the volatility of the bark that extracts from the plant contain fragrant material.Have already about authenticate to there been various ethereal oils currently, have about among them  kinds of be made use of by the public.But the general family only need about kinds ethereal oil, can satisfy a possible need.

And the western Shi grass ethereal oil have cell of promote reborn with the effect of the hairdressing, it not only in the cell, body of level up big exhibition miraculous effect, in our life it still influence to our motion, intelligence, spirit and the esthetic sense.

The ethereal oil has in the growth of the plant the protection of the antisepsis function, they increased flavor for the herbs, still having health value partially.These marvellous materials can be used for perking up to come to a brain, relax the body, motion and mind and mollify the muscle body and hairdressing.Can also be used for a treatment general of annoyed, take a shower bath, take a bath, the indoor Xun joss-stick and room spray fog etc..

The medicine and housewares that we use mostly come from the chemistry composition recently, we eat bottom of the air of the thing and inhalation also has the chemistry material of the surfeit;The modern people is placed in busy and nervous environment in, excessive pressure, the motion for drawing tight, exceed the amount of burden of the our body already!Once bringing the ethereal oil to a life, we was oneselfs, families, and homes to provide the guarantee and fun, because the ethereal oil will not be like the chemistry medicine similar remain in the body, it is a liquid by having a bowel movement, urining, perspire, breathe out and is ejected.Eradicate completely cause the self and environment pollute because of using the chemistry medicine.By ethereal oil you can control an own life with the slow motion and beautify whole environments.

Ethereal oil in addition to face to the human body physiology and the motion the function that have a great achievement an ability, the natural pure ethereal oil product can let you re- feel the artificial can't make duplicate of natural fragrant Fen, experience personally it a natural and pure feeling.

Distinguish analyse according to the function, the ethereal oil can be divided in to smooth and fig up two major type;If can be divided into orange, medicine grass, perfumery, flower, resin, the foreign country taste and tree again by smell;If belong to according to the section of the plant to categorizing and then can be divided into:San form section, Yun the fragrant section, lips form section, peach gold Niang section, cypress section, He undergraduate course, Zhang section, fragrance of flower and other each sections.

Mind curative effect:

Remove upset motion

Special note:

1.The usage will cause headache with long hours.

2.The pregnancy expects to isn't suitable for an usage.

3.Will stimulate a sensitivity skin.