海膽.Sea Urchin


Sea Urchin

A Sea urchin

Scientific classification










Superorder Atelostomata

Order Cassiduloida

Order Spatangoida (heart urchins)

Superorder Diadematacea

Order Diadematoida

Order Echinothurioida

Order Pedinoida

Superorder Echinacea

Order Arbacioida

Order Echinoida

Order Phymosomatoida

Order Salenioida

Order Temnopleuroida

Superorder Gnathostomata

Order Clypeasteroida (sand dollars)

Order Holectypoida


Order Cidaroida (pencil urchins)































Species characteristic


The shape constructs

The body of the sea urchin by the Dan hull of a spheroid or the dish form surround, the biologist is called "hard gram"(Test).The hard gram of the common adulthood sea urchin usually is Li rices greatly, the shape presents the spheroid, the heart form or flat thin form mostly.Generally the sea urchin pointed means in fact so-called"positive form sea urchin second key link", the shape is a globosity and five symmetry, and in the middle include a few dissimilarity the sea urchin of the classification:Sea urchin eyes, the turban eyes(or be called the pencil sea urchin) and other.In addition to sea urchin, the sea urchin eyes still include three sets of"slanting form sea urchin second key link":The Shun form eyes(the sand money), the cake sea urchin and the Wei regiment eyes(the heart form sea urchin).Sea urchin generally all is sink a color more, if have the green, olives color, Fei color, purple color and black.


The sea urchin is an echinoderm(the echinoderm door), belonging to with the starfish, sea cucumber, the snake tail and the sea bulb of lily same door.Is alike with other echinoderm, all of sea urchins are five symmetry, but also see not easily, want in the top of its dry hull and can see.


Guard against system

Dan hull of the sea urchin spreads all over Ji to stab, general bout  the Li riceses are long, 1 or  millimeters of thick, present a cone form.Active stab longer Li rices to grow in the Ji of the hat sea urchin(the Diadema antillarum) of Caribbean.The Ji La is hollow and easily ground, breaking of the Ji stab and can be grown out with rebirth.The Ji stabs to be linked with the ball nest joint and the bottom, can point to any direction.If make slight contact, Ji's stabbing will come together the direction contact to order immediately.So can protect a sea urchin to don't need is preyed for food a violating of, the Ji of some sea urchins stabs a more poisonous bag of bitter end.Kui sea purpose Ji stabs is an all short bluntness generally, can resist the impact of the wave, have already helped the water of keeping the sea urchin surface more.


The Ji stabs, besides which, the sea urchin has the fork Ji more to resist a foreign enemy.The fork Ji spreads the top of the form in the whole sea urchin body and rounds a people's area, some fork Ji Districts of sea urchins and Ji stab distinction to open, as white Ji three fork Ji of the row sea urchins concentrate Be treading to bring area, and presenting purple red, can deter an enemy.The fork Ji by have the calcium quality bar form bone slice to prop up, the top contain the jaw slice and several poisonous bags, the jaw slice can bite to match, and the poisonous bag then can anaesthetize or poison to death small animal.



All sea urchins are all androgynous, having pantheress to ovulate in the meantime and the male arrange the reproductive organs of the Jing.Five genital glands of the sea urchin are located the step of the body Qiang to bring, coming close hard good luck inside the gram and connecting on the body Qiang wall.They will eject the sperm and ovum in the sea water to conceive, the sand money is growing the hole neighborhood to is long thin grow the You foot, send the sperm and the ovum to the sand to face, the help increment opportunity to conceive.The partial sea urchin will put a fertilizied egg Be rounding a people's department or rounding the anus department neighborhood, stab to surround by Ji and protect these eggs.


Because the sea urchin presents a globosity and revolves the symmetry, with other living creature likeness, the sea urchin is at the embryo stages all is present a globosity and revolve the symmetry, but very strange is a sea urchin at its childhood stage(namely long wrist young insect) but isn't such.Long the wrist young insect just reflect symmetry of Be growing up a stage, sea urchin must by revolve a symmetry change originally is glint symmetry, and by glint symmetry change in to revolve again symmetry.


When a flock of long wrist young insect is partial to the Jing elephant that the light mirror descends to present a ream a person to look askance at in the microscope.The whole sea urchin of childhood, include the skeleton of its lime quality, is all transparent.But, its skeleton is the double is refracting.This is because when the sea urchin of the childhood is swiming, it is opposite to be partial to the light mirror to sit to change continuously, only the skeleton descends to become in rainbow color it is thus clear that of.



二、           The research of the sea urchin:

The sea urchin is a kind of echinoderm, dwelling for rest mostly in neritic cay bottom in littoral or stone of the seaweed bushiness sew, mainly taking seaweed as to eat. sea urchin stabs mat to look like a circular of inside hull, the top overlay wears many points to stab, can take food, its tiny pin can also use to crawl along on the bottom of sea.belong to stab skin animal, it is the same kind to still have the starfish and sea cucumber.However, the mankind belong to the ridge Suo animal, this kind of animals all have vertebrate.Stab skin and the ridge Suo animals to all belong to a big type, after calling animal.This layer relation means the sea urchin can regard as us understanding to include mankind at inside of this animal is how split up and evolve different species characteristic of model. 


 reported by the scientists sea urchin gene set measure the preface item" group of the American shell Lei leadership in the university medical college, their gene measures a preface to seem purple sea urchin in California of a kind of male.research shows this kind of purple sea urchin has more than more than alkali Jis to, the scientist recognized to pay its genes altogether, having genes and mankind"use totally" among them.


sea urchin is a kind of to have no vertebrates, the outward appearance and mankind is totally different, the gene set but and mankind thus likeness, don't already make the scientists surprised enunciation, the sea urchin and the mankind's gene contact" wanted to estimate before comparing this of close have to be many, be rated as the mankind's"mother's relatives". 


Analytical this sea urchin gene sequence also finds the sea urchin has a very special and complicated inborn immune system, this can explain from an on the side perhaps, why  life of the sea urchin can long years are even longer.immune system that studies a sea urchin can inspire the scientists the development treatment mankind the new medicine of some Wan diseases perhaps.scientist says:life is similar to us long, even grow more, therefore have to protect them.So, have a necessity to design its set of defense gene diagram carefully.However, is absolute the person unexpected , this detection makes them expand to the natural immunity branch of its immune system up."


Though the mankind have the immune system that the day after tomorrow acquires, when the invader enters a human body, we still have to learn how steady live and exterminate it.And the sea urchin have dependable circuit to find the foreign germ and virus, and can start an attack to them.Abundant tool box of this sea urchin gene can resist infectious disease to bring new medicine for us.In fact, the sea urchin took to have something to do with mankind's many diseases gene, include a muscle to atrophy the disease and heredity to carry on sex chorea.(the Heng D dance a disease) 


This gene row preface still contributes to a scientist to uncover simply ostensible comlications of sea urchin to decorate of miraculous research finds that the sea urchin has no eyes and ear, but they can exercise with the sense of taste and the sense of smell and hears the gene that the power has relation with balance, thus the feeling know the external world.sea urchin gene measures  preface alliance one of the members, Brown University to add in-Wei private Er say:"nobody will predict a sea urchin like this a set of vision gene that is astonishing."



三、The main ingredient of the sea urchin: 

Little element

What is meant by a little element:

The hydroponics plant growth essential of in nourishment vegetables, the iron, manganese, zinc, copper, Peng, Mu and chlorine etc.s are , because the plant demand is very tiny, but again can't lack, so call it.


Does "little element" save where

little element exists less 

What role does "little element" play in human body

Have to be secreted enzyme by liver in metabolism of human body, can resolve protein  An Ji sour, the starch resolve carbohydrate, fat to resolve the glycerin and the ester Fang sour.And enzyme is also a protein of a kind of, have to there is little little element can have an activity, that is the little element is a kind of total enzyme( ENZYMEs).Various decomposition of nourishment vegetable that the human body takes with synthesize the existence that must have "little element", its function can can complete.


What curative effect does"little element" have

Iron-vitality with increase the blood, absorb oxygen and disinfect. Selenium-anti-cancer, anti- ultraviolet ray.Zinc-the exaltation immunity power, anti- oxidize, the anti- is aging. Fan-raise an anti- pressure acceptance degree.Manganese-the improvement muscle have no power disease, anti- to oxidize.


Chrome-decline blood pressure, decline blood sugar and turn down obese.

The relation of of"little element" and vitamin

If general understanding is usage that the vitamin controls mineral quality element, and lack of the mineral quality element, can't carry out some body functions to used to.But the ordinary people may understand not too and while lacking of vitamin, the person's body still can make use of the some mineral quality element, but if be in need of some little elements, then vitamin will completely useless, thus, the metabolism of the human body will take place obstacle.





四、The hairdressing result of the sea urchin:

The sea urchin has abundant little element, can add the skin water and the function of the lustrous skin quickly.

The little element of the sea urchin permeates a strong and equilibrium skin water of ability, and promote the skin cell rebirth, strengthen a skin's resistibility for air pollution.


The little element of the sea urchin has soft and smooth numerator of high negative electricity, can urge the knot Di organization to make a collagen continuously, and new cell, enhance a skin to the air, ultraviolet ray with the holdout ability that cleans, can provide the eye department skin to hydrate and promote the eye department skin hemal of circulation, downplay black rim of eye, improve the eye department flabby and thin Wen phenomenon, make the eye department skin tightly solid, remove aging condition of illness.