一、           Introduction:


Scientific term  Nasturtium officinale

And then  water jar vegetables




Nasturtium microphyllum, a watercress

Scientific classification















Nasturtium nasturtium-aquaticum L.
Nasturtium microphyllum Boenn ex Rchb.


Belong to Cruciferae a green plant often, is the hydrophyte of the hollow caulis, grow in the water of the chill, can be found in the flowing water, river and garden pond in, present the turnip type extension growth, at the leaf on the Man is circular, the feather form compound leaf is green brown, the smaller delicate leaf presents oval or oval, the delicate leaf and caulis can provide edible, the caulis crest will open white of flower, grow the corn fruit.

The paddy field Jie enriches to contain the chlorophyll, vitamin A, vitamin Bses, vitamin C, E and various mineral qualities to include elements, such as iron, iodine, sulphur, copper and calcium...etc., because of having to stimulate a function and enriching to contain the mineral quality, the paddy field Jie as a result become a kind of important nourishment complement source, suit the patient usage of the surgical operation convalescent period and physical strength crack-up.The paddy field Jie has fair health care result because of having the vitamin C, having already been used for on the hairdressing skin care products.

The small literary reference western vegetables rises in Europe, being called[the paddy field Jie], the Frenchman likes to be used as soup to anticipate particularly.A hundred years front of the devolution,

There is a youth in Guangdong contract tuberculosis, avoid to reside Vietnam, because have no thing edible, and gain the paddy field Jie in the French water edible, as time passes, the tuberculosis disease incredibly and by oneself completely recovered, henceforth the Cantonese develops to eat this kind of new vegetables namely of habit, because it is liked by westerner, so call it as the western vegetables, if measure from the nourishment ingredient of the western vegetables, because it enriches to contain the protein and the mineral quality to contribute to the lung department it maintain, then can cure good tuberculosis also some truths.

By more than 20 years, the western vegetables beginning produces in this province, because the vegetables stub is picking delicate soon afterward again grow new bud, and the Yong vegetables have a little same of, again because of its longer than water in, everyone calls it as the vegetables of water Yong.Make choice of purchase the method western vegetables to also call the vegetables of water Yong, academic name is[the paddy field Jie], in order to being a paddy field to educate, the plant is strong and healthy, after picking fresh and delicate tail to provide food slightly, and then can grow another new, eat part is the tail of the plant slightly, and although the branch and trunk see thick old, actually quality go to rather meticulous.While making choice of purchase leaf's stub is bright and shiny clean have no miscellaneous articles or objects, leaf slice the integrity have no defoliation, is better without the quality of the Fu Sun.


Nourishment ingredient

The western vegetables compares a general vegetable to contain more protein, cellulose, the vitamin C and the mineral quality are a rather good vegetable and can usually eat.


Suggest edible season

The western vegetables gets a cultivation for the water, the yield isn't much, the fresh water town is a cultivation in water between the mountain.Chang-hua County some paddy fields then educate, the whole yearses all have production.The prices are all just about all the year round.



二、           The chemistry type of the paddy field Jie ingredient:


Folic acid

Folic acid



Systematic name

benzoyl]-L(+)-glutamic acid.

Other names

pteroyl-L-glutamic acid,
Vitamin B9, Vitamin M,

Molecular formula





crystalline powder


Density and phase

 ? g/cm³, solid

Solubility in water

8.5 g/100 ml (20 °C)

In ethanol, ether,


Melting point

250 °C (523 K), decomp.

Acidity (pKa)

1st: 2.3, 2nd: 8.3

Chiral rotation [α]D

in 0.1 M NaOH


Main hazards

non-toxic, non-flammable

R/S statement

R: – S: 24/25

RTECS number



Lambda-max (pH 13)

259 nm
368 nm

Extinction coefficient (pH 13)

32340 (259 nm)
7410 (368 nm)

Related compounds


sodium folate

Except where noted otherwise, data are given for
materials in their standard state (at 25°C,)
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 Retinol (Vitamin A)


Retinol (Vitamin A)

Vitamin A is an essential human nutrient. It may be found in any of these forms:

retinol, the animal form of vitamin A, is a yellow fat-soluble, antioxidant vitamin with importance in vision and bone growth, it belongs to the family of chemical compounds known as retinoids.

other retinoids, a class of chemical compounds that are related chemically to vitamin A, are used in medicine.

carotenoids or other substances that enable the body to synthesize retinoids. Carotenoids are organic pigments that are naturally occurring in plants and some other photosynthetic organisms like algae, some types of fungus and some bacteria.


三、           The medical treatment result of the paddy field Jie:

The paddy field Jie is a kind of stimulant and the Qu phlegm, used to regard as the antidote and tonic from the classic times.

The medicine grass of the modern the doctors then make use of the characteristic of the paddy field Jie to cure a cough and bronchitis.According to jot down, the paddy field Jie can promote to digest and the benefit urine, ejecting a body inside organize and the poisonous material in the blood, and have effect of reducing the blood pressure.

This kind of herbs can decelerate the cancer condition of illness, can also make the AIDS suffer from the blood number of the condition of illness and virus contain improvement, psoriasis, bring the form bubble Zhen and will disappear.

Whet the syrup and salt and can be the gout and arthritis to press cloth after mixing.

Besides, the paddy field Jie also has the effect that the town settle, stabilizes sleep, the paddy field Jie that chews immaturity can also enhance, activate the tooth Yin it use.


四、The nourishment vegetable of the paddy field Jie plant:

Have already studied the plant nourishment vegetable contained to include from the paddy field Jie currently:


Type the flavonoid is plain(Flavonoids):

Have anti- oxygenation, can prevent cholesterol from accumulating in on the artery in the meantime, and avoid the blood coagulation whole piece with reduce the probability of the artery hardening occurrence.Type the flavonoid vegetable can also stop the bad activity of some hormone, repressing an enzyme activity of causing the inflammation, can also repress capillaries to increase to get.


Type the carrot is plain(Carotenoids):

Can protect eyes, prevent the degeneration disease of the eye nerve from.Can make the cell maturity divide in the human body, have already confirmed to have certain effect to the occurrence that prevents cancer from delivering again and prevents a heart attack from on the prevention of the disease.Have already started using some carrot a vegetable on the clinic, carry on at the cancer patient's body additional of prevention chemotherapy.


The Fen type is sour(the Phenolic acids):

Occurrence had anti- oxygenation, canned be regarded as a kind of antioxidant quality, canned keep the blood coagulation from becoming a tectonic plate, made the blood circulate to have no Zu in the blood vessel, and reduced afferent disease of heart.


The different sulphur cyanate(Isothiocyanates):

Have anti-cancer function, can have enzyme of[with] protection in creation inside the body, can relieve a carcinogen, contribute to the result that protects DNA.Can strengthen the counteracting poison of liver function in the meantime.

Recently, beautiful, English, day, method, virtuous five scientists the first time Jian of the countrieses don't pay and complete the complete gene diagram of the paddy field Jie plant, this is new to find and will contribute to mankind and may grow to produce higher crops of quantity, can also help to get chemist to develop a gene technique further.Because some genes of the paddy field Jie have something to do with cancer of the gene has a close connection, so the scientists believes this to is the gene research is historical and then a graveness breakthrough.


五、The hairdressing result of the paddy field Jie:

The paddy field Jie also enriches to contain the vitamin C, having the health care result, using fair frost of strong effect can remove a pimple, improving a rough skin, making skin soft to slip pure.And have abundant chlorophyll, the vitamin A, include the iron and iodine with many mineral qualities.

The paddy field Jie extracts a thing:Maintain the skin good hydration degree, equilibrium grease.