Name:Chinese mallow


Don't call:Money Kui


Good name:Common mallow


Scientific term:Malva sylvestris


English name:Mallow Extract

Chinese name:Chinese mallow essence


Composition content:A kind of sticky sticky of the gum quality has a flavonoid vegetable and spend a green plain slow, the Yu match, with soft benefit, also have anti- Yan and improve the thin Wen and the function of the eye department edema.

Original text name:Malven-Pflegemilch


Distribute:The habitat is south Europe at first


Classification:The Chinese mallow section, Chinese mallow belongs to


Type:Stub high 60-100 Li rices;The caulis straightens to divide into more, leaf the kidney form, leaf vein Zhang form;Spending the Cu was born in leaf Yi, the corolla purple red, there is also white.Fruit flat spheroid, the seed is tan.


Use:The good Xiu root flower, in common use is green to turn or used to flower terrace and spend path material in the courtyard.The flower, leaf can go into a medicine.The blossom can manufacture the flower tea to drink;At morning divide in to pick blossom under, direct or a little bit dry after, remake to make tea;The delicate leaf can be a vegetable, making into butter to fry vegetables is also a good choice.If join the lemon juice in the Chinese mallow the flower the tea, the color of the tea will be become pink by the blue, very interesting.


Spend a period:7-9 months, the fruit expects for 8-11 months


Sunshine:Sex pleased sunlight, the anti- is cold to bear a drought, don't choose soil


Breed:The dibble, offshoot breeds




Mallow has been used as food and medicine in Europe since the time of ancient Greece and Rome. Traditional herbal medicine continues to regard the plant as a useful anti-inflammatory agent for the respiratory tract, the skin, and the gastrointestinal tract. The esteemed German physician and herbal authority, Rudolf Weiss, MD, recommended mallow primarily for irritations of the mouth and throat, as well as for dry, irritating coughs. He also mentions its use topically for mild cases of eczema.

Like its close relative marshmallow (Althea officinalis), mallow leaves and flowers contain high amounts of mucilage. Mucilage, made up of complex carbohydrates, gives mallow most of its soothing activity, though flavonoids and anthocyanidins may also contribute. In herbal medicine, mallow is classified as a demulcent-a soothing agent that counters irritation and mild inflammation. Both mallow leaf and flower preparations are approved by the German Commission E for relief of sore throats and dry coughs. Mallow is typically used as a tea or gargle for these indications.


At the herb medicine, the Chinese mallow is categorized is the agency that resists a demulcent consolation of the Yan disease of[with] provocation and geniality.The Chinese mallow leaf and flower prepare the quilt German committee E approval has peace of mind and dries a cough for the ache throat.The Chinese mallow typical model ground's useding to for the tea or the gargle is these omens.


Contain abundant plant amino acids, can activate the skin cell organization and reborn ability, comfort and break.This kind of plumping extracts the thing contain a high sticky liquid content, inflation be expose in the water, create a the protection cushion to be like the gum Ning body.The Chinese mallow extracts a thing the leaf and perianth of the plant to acquire from the Chinese mallow, the region to Europe, the north isn't with the south western region Asia.The Chinese mallow extracts a thing to be used for in the folkloric medical science help to fix wound.




The plant An Ji is sour(Amadorine)


The ingredient can separate sugar into gum at first a fiber, preventing gum from original the fiber hardening make muscle flabby, can even accept tightly and fructify a skin, strengthening a skin flexibility, improving orange skin Wen.

Suitable object:Suit to have intention to the improvement lines, aim at a not perfect personage of partial position lines.

Advantage:The massage can relax the effect of the muscle to allow of no to raise doubt





·                     Easy to apply rich creamy lotion

·                     Readily absorbed leaving a protective sheen

·                     Intensive treatment for dry skin

·                     Protects skin from moisture loss and dryness

·                     Keeps skin mosturised all day

·                     Improves smoothness of the skin

·                     Leaves skin feeling silky soft

·                     Can be used as an after sun lotion

·                     Comforting mellow fragrance

·                     Suitable for vegetarians and vegans




The vitamin P(living creature flavonoid) function

Nickname:Living creature flavonoid

English name:bioflavonoid

Calculate unit:mg

Water-soluble vitamin


The vitamin P calls a living creature flavonoid again, mainly by lemon vegetable(citrin), the Yun is delicious(rutin), the lemon is yellow vegetable(hesperidin), the flavonoid vegetable(flavones) and yellow alkane Chun(flavonals) constitute.



The vitamin P controls thin blood vessel of hair to permeate sexual main factor, the P comes from the first letter of alphabet of English permeability, indicating and permeating sex contain important relation.The main function of the vitamin P, strengthen the hair thin blood vessel and adjustment to absorb an ability.



The living creature flavonoid is a water-soluble material, is found in the plant and the flower, they are the natural form of the pigments, giving the color of the vegetable, fruit, for example:Grape, tomato, cherry peach, orange fruit, bean section plant, onions etc..We all know just the right amount red wine very good to heart, is because he has a living creature flavonoid;Its existence is many natural plant of composition in.The living creature flavonoid plays the role of anti- oxidizing agent in the body, to our have many advantages healthily, can help a human body to virussafe, the carcinogen, toxin and the allergy material.



Have already found more than 800 category flavonoids currently, the living creature flavonoid is always regarded as is the vitamin P, not at last have to of vitamin, although they not are regarded as vitamins, one flavonoid seldom uses Be preventing or curing the mankind's disease, although the living creature flavonoid doesn't calculate vitamin, can play count for much role, using to prevent and cure many diseases.



It can make the vitamin C and adrenaline not the copper oxidize, also helping enzyme of the creation anti- free radicals(the free dispersal and unsteady numerator).Its ability is virussafe, the anti- inflammation respond, the anti- is all Jing Luans.Under the healthy appearance, the living creature flavonoid can help the vitamin C store gum at first, your merging to use can develop to help each other a function, enhancing each other mutually of function, can raise for blood vessel of effect with regulate the ability of permeating, is maintain life have to of element.



The Yun joss-stick is sweet(Rutin) and the Jie skin vegetable(Quercetin) is two great commanders of the living creature flavonoid.The Yun joss-stick is sweet and has been being all used to cure the tooth Yin issue of blood, having result rather;The Jie skin is plain, can repress the carcinogen occurrence function, in fact the soybean also enriches to contain the flavonoid material, so often drank bean milk healthful.



Type the flavonoid is a natural flavonoid, generally accepted is the most strong in the world of anti- oxidizing agent, its anti-'s oxidizing an ability is the vitamin E of 5000%, the vitamin C of 2000%, particularly its numerator structure is small, water-soluble, is easily absorbed by human body, didn't store sex function.And the living creature flavonoid have of benefit, have:



A, the prevention heart disease:The living creature flavonoid can prevent the heart disease from taking place, its anti- oxygenation that it contains can obstruct the oxygenation of the low density fat egg white(LDL) cholesterol, then reaching the heart disease that the prevention artery gruel kind produce when hardenning.



Two, anti-cancer:The living creature flavonoid can repress the cancer cell occurrence function, as a result stopped the cancer machine in the cell to turn Meng to deliver.In addition, the anti- oxidizing agent effect of the living creature flavonoid also contributes to the cancer that prevents causing because of oxidizing injury.



Three, virussafe:The living creature flavonoid has virussafe function, particularly is merge with the vitamin C to use result better.In the research, merger used the vitamin C of the 100 mgs and the living creature flavonoid of the 100 mgs, find the lips pimple Zhen that can accelerate to cure the pimple Zhen virus to cause as a result.



Living creature flavonoid for the effect of the body circulation:

A, promote the minuteness circulation, keep blood vessel unimpeded.

Two, promote blood vessel flexibility, maintain afferent transparence good.

Three, repress the blood fat LDL(the low density fat egg white) of over oxidize, keep the blood fatty acids from hurting and the artery harden.

Four, repress the blood platelets Ning to gather a function, prevents the complications that the blood bolts formation, afferent disease, cerebral paralysis and high blood pressure, diabetes from.



Living creature flavonoid for the effect of the body circulation:

1.     Promote the minuteness circulation, keep blood vessel unimpeded.

2.     Promote blood vessel flexibility, maintain afferent transparence good.

3.     Repress the blood fat LDL(the low density fat egg white) of over oxidize, keep the blood fatty acids from hurting and the artery harden.

4.     Repressing the blood platelets Ning gathers a function, preventing the complications that the blood bolts formation, afferent disease, cerebral paralysis and high blood pressure, diabetes from.

5.     Can pass cerebral Zhang wall, protect the brain cell, prevent an elder from stupid.



The treatment use of the living creature flavonoid:

1.     The arteriosclerosis and capillaries obstacle.

2.     The diabetes and its complications.

3.     Stomach ulcer.

4.     Vein disease.

5.     Have the pantheress hormone mess with have a miscarriage of women.

6.     Project line or put the side effect of the line therapy to the X light.

7.     The blood bolts the disease that sex vein cancer gathers with other blood Nings.



The vitamin P has the importance influence to the digest and absorption of the vitamin C, both have already helped to used to use, can maintain the health of the knot Di organization together.


Main effect

1.     Strengthen thin afferent wall of hair, prevent contusion.

2.     Keep the vitamin C from oxidizing.

3.     Strengthen the function of the vitamin C.

4.     Increase the resistibility to the infectious disease.

5.     Contribute to prevention and treatment the tooth Yin issue of blood.

6.     Contribute to the anasarca that cures the inner ear disease to cause or dizzy. 



Lack of condition of illness

Hair the thin blood vessel become weak, easy extravasated blood.





Usually the deep color fruit all contains to spend a green vegetable in great quantities, spending a green plain and main ingredient to constitute for the anti- oxidizing agent and the free radicals


The chemistry constructs

Spending the green vegetable belongs to a type within Fen compound flavonoid(flavonoids).


The basic structure includes two benzene wreaths, and is linked(C6-C3-C6) by a 3 unit of the carbons.Spend a green vegetable to get to synthesize path through the benzene Ji C sour path and type flavonoid born, is adjusted by many enzymes to control a catalyst.



With India Kui dye(pelargonidin), cornflower vegetable(cyanidin), the flower Cui vegetable(delphinidin), the Shao medicine spend Go together with Ji(peonidin), short lead long cattle Go together with the Ji(petunidin) and the Chinese mallow dye(malvidin) six kinds of go together with the carbohydrate body(aglycone) as lord not.


Spend a green vegetable because of the Qian cardinal number(-OH), A Ji brought turn(methylation), the carbohydrate Ji turn(glycosylation) number, the carbohydrate category and link position etc. factor and present a different color.

The performance of the color conditional change because of bio-chemical environment, if is spent a green plain density, total color function, the liquid afterbirth in the pH?Of influence.



Spending the green vegetable is the very excellent natural and fair anti- oxygen material in the nature, its anti-'s oxidizing an efficiency is the vitamin C of 1800%, the vitamin E of 5000%.Not only such, it still has oil to dissolve and the water dissolve of dual characteristic, can be in conjunction with other anti- oxidizing agents, for example:The vitamin C, E and little element, develops the function that the anti- oxidizes fully in the human body organ, blood vessel, strengthen the metabolism of the skin and prevent the melanin hoard from, and can repair in time were hurt by the free radicals of gum original the fiber and the elasticity egg white fiber, let skin maintenance smooth and transparent.


Spending a green vegetable and spending all of green vegetables ago is plant in of Fen material, the color presented in the every plant blue or purple of vegetable and fruit most partses all had this type of ingredient, the report of two 00 two years American agriculture food chemistry periodical pointed out.



The hairdressing of the Chinese mallow is applied:

1.     There is anti- to oxidize

2.     Tight Zhi skin

3.     Slow

4.     Anti- inflammation

5.     Refrain from rash action

6.     The town is quiet

7.     Eliminate a fat weight reduction

8.     The prevention is aging

9.     Hydration

10.   Anti- allergy



Be used for maintain win can maintain a skin of outline lines tight Zhi, improve bulky aging phenomenon of pore, keeping on the usage can prevent in advance the skin is aging, feeling a skin have the animation and vitality more.Promote the blood loop, there is excretion of helping the uric acid, can alleviate is unwell because of what gout, arthritis cause.Having the strong anti- oxidizes and the anti- inflammation function, moderate a free radicals effectively, prevent cardiovascular disease.Have soft, refrain from rash action, the town is quiet, going to the fat weight reduction etc. effect.The sensitive skin applies, the town pain/soft skin care products.Cure to face the Bao cream, after bathing the gum liquid, shave a water, cream, lotion, make up a water.



Can give to be partial to the dry sex skin to maintain a function intensively, and hold out for long time the prevention skin water to run off.The cancellation relaxs the Chinese mallow of the function to extract, the Chinese mallow protects the skin lotion to arouse a skin of soft slippery, and let you feel of to the soft skin quality of the skin.Protect wet, the prevention inflammation, fair, and have slow damaged skin effect.More the ability extreme achievement anti- oxidizes, the anti- oxidize, protects wet, the town is quiet, anti- allergy, catch a free radicals.



Can catch a free radicals to have soft, refrain from rash action, the town is quiet, go to a fat weight reduction, alleviate, skin soft, hydrate, anti- inflammation, anti- allergy etc. function.Extreme?With, can avoid causing the pimple turn worse of not appropriate excessiveness sweep, effectively comfortable?The swollen and inflamed that the pimple inflammation causes, thoroughly the dirt of the clearance face grease and set color pore, the valid decrease grease secretes.The skin is soft and slips and doesn't draw tight after using, letting the skin feel immediately delightfully fresh and comfortable and great soft slip delicacy.