一、           Introduction:




Leaf's tree of Niang Zi, pond Zi leaf


Belong to plant mulberry Morus alba L for the mulberry section mulberry.Of skin(mulberry white skin) inside the leaf, , fruit, root be provided for medicine to use.


Appearance characteristic

Shed leaves the bush or small tall tree, high can reach to a 15 ms.Bark grey color, often have a form crack.Root the yellow with red skin go to yellow brown, the fiber is very strong.The leaf gets with each other, having a handle;Leaf slice the egg circular or breadth are oval, growing a 7-15 cms, the breadth 5-12 cms, carry a sharp or long point first, the Ji department near heart form, the edge contain thick teeth of a saw, sometimes irregular abruption, the top is fresh green, hairless, there is sheen, underneath the color is slightly thin, there is the Shu hair on the vein, and have armpit hair, the Ji pays 3 veins.Spring, anti- open a green flower, spend list, bisexual and different stub all is the Sui form inflorescence, the Yi gets.The male flowers perianth slice 4, stamen 4, central do not teach pistil;The pistillate flower perianth slice 4, is very short without the flower column or the flower column, the column head is 2 Lies, the Xiu saves.Lose the outside of the fruit the meat quality perianth, the most becomes one egg circular intensively or long the circular collective fruit, again mulberry, beginning green, mature behind change the meat quality, black purple color.


Getting the Jing distributes

Was born in the village side, farm, ground Geng or slope.Flat ground then with the cultivation is edible or appreciate for lord.

Sex flavor function

Leaf:Sweet and bitter, cold.The Shu breeze is pure hot, pure liver clear eyes

:Bitterness, even.Dispel pure heat of breeze, Lao

Fruit:Sweet and sour, cool.Nourish the liver kidney, keep blood to dispel breeze

Skin inside the root:(mulberry white skin)Sweet, cold.The Xie lung is even to breathe heavily, the benefit water decreases swelling

Pharmacology function



(1) Mulberry the leaf causes to four oxygen Mi Ding diabetes and adrenaline of the big rat of high blood sugar diseases all have a function of reducing the blood sugar.

(2) The leaf of the mulberry has already reduced the blood pressure and benefit to urine a function.


Tree branch:

(1) The mulberry the skin is obvious decline to press a function.

(2) Keep a hair function:

 The mulberry immerses a liquid to all have to the domestic rabbit and the sheep to keep the hair result obviously.


Skin inside the root(mulberry white skin)

(1)Mulberry the white skin fry to take orally, having the obvious benefit urine function to the domestic rabbit.

(2) The petroleum ether, B ether, the acetic acid B ester of this article withdraws a thing to inject for small rat vein, depressant.

(3) This article has already declined to press a function to the domestic rabbit, can also extend the rabbit ear blood vessel.

(4) On trial on dog's body:The first step proved white skin line of mulberry to sew up wound and don't need to be removed stitches, and can were absorbed by the muscular tissue, but need a further research still.


The lord cures

Leaf:Breeze hot cold, headache, the eyes are red, the throat is swollen pain, the lung is hot to cough

:The rheumatism arthritis, breeze hot arm pain

Fruit:The deaf eyes faint, the beard delivers white early, nervous prostration, the blood is constipated falsely, rheumatism joint pain

Skin inside the root:(mulberry white skin)The lung heat breathes heavily to cough, the facial expression anasarca, urinate disadvantage, the high blood pressure disease, diabetes, fall to beat harm


二、The application of the mulberry white skin:

1. Xie lung fire, decline the lung spirit and pure lung to stop coughing:

The lung is very hot and with the result that a cough, vomit yellow phlegm or glue dense phlegm, thirsty, asthma, or cough blood etc. disease, can go together with a ground of bone skin, yellow Qin, get gypsum and know the mother, licorice, fritillary, melon Lou, reed rhizome...etc. use together with this article.


2. The benefit water decreases swelling:

Because the lung loses pure Su, influencing to the normal excretion of the humidity and with the result that the water stops a skin, appearing edema, bulge full, breathe to breathe heavily Cu, head to face arms and legs all swollen, urinate disadvantageous etc. disease, can use this article pure lung heat and the benefit water, often match with big belly skin, the skin of Fu Ling, Chen's skin, ginger skin, wax gourd skin, before the car son etc. uses together.


Mulberry leaf cool blood, dispel breeze, pure heat.The mulberry bribes people in power, attaining arms and legs, curing rheumatism, the pain of Liao Bi.

Ground skin with white bone skin, mulberry all ability pure lung in very hot, but the ground bone skin go into lung a cent through the blood, declining the Fu fire in lung, and ability the benefit kidney in addition to falsely hot.

Mulberry the white skin go into lung a cent through the spirit, in the Xie lung solid fire, and ability the benefit water decrease swelling.Before the car the son benefit water, be partial to in the benefit water

Under Qiao.

Mulberry white benefit water, be partial to in the benefit water on the source.

Mulberry the white skin can reduce its cold slightly after using the Mi Zhi, and can some effects of smooth lungs.The benefit water musts use to get mulberry skin




The leaf contains fragrant  of carrot vegetable, adenine(adenine), Dan alkali(choline), Yun, Different Hu skin (Isoquercitrin, the C21 H20 O12), Ba's alkali of Hu Lu(trigonelline, the C7 H7 O2 Ns), wheat corn Zi Chun, vitamin B1, sugar, Rou quality etc..

Tree branch:

The wood quality department of the mulberry contains mulberry dye(morin), the mulberry orange vegetable(maclurin, the C18 H10 Os 6. H2 Os) and 2,4,6,4'-four Qian Ji benzene Tongs.(2,4,6,4-tetrahydroxybenzophenone)

Contain Fen material, fruit gum, glucose, amber in addition and still sour, adenine etc..


It have the Lu D(rutin) in the fruit, the carrot vegetable, vitamin A, B, C, protein, sugar, spend green plain , Fat , swim to leave sour , Chun , the volatile oil is , the saddle quality and cornflower are plain(cyanidin) etc..Constitute fat fatty acids mainly is a second oil is sour , oil sour  and palm tree are sour , and the meat bean Kou of the jot is sour, the palm tree oil is sour , the stearic acid  and flax sour  wait for.The main composition in the volatile oil is an An leaf plain with fragrant leaf Chun.

Skin inside the root:(mulberry white skin)

Mulberry the white skin contain the Hua wood sour(the betulinic acid) and four kinds of new flavonoid derivatives:End Er shell wood(mulberrin, the C25 H26 O6), end Er shell Luo color Xi(mulberrochromene, the C25 H24 O6), the wreath end Er shell Luo color Xi(cyclomulberrochromene, the C25 H22 O6) and the wreath end Er shell wood.(cyclomulberrin, the C25 H24 O6)Contain α in addition and still-and β -the fragrant tree Jing(α -and β -amyrin, the C30 H50 Os), volatile oil, soft fatty acids, valley Zi Chun, glucose, fruit gum, many Suo E sugar, 11 Kui Xi Chun(undecaprenol, the C55 H90 Os)s and 12 Kui Xi Chuns(dodecaprenol, C60 H98 Oses)


四、The main ingredient chemistry type of the mulberry white skin:


Betulinic acid

IUPAC name

(3β)-3-Hydroxy-lup-20(29)-en-28-oic acid

Other names

Betulic acid


CAS number







Molecular formula


Molar mass

456.7 g/mol

Melting point

316-318 °C


Betulinic acid is a naturally occurring triterpene originally extracted from the bark of an African tree, Ziziphus mauritiana lam (Rhamnaceae) possesses anti-HIV, anti-malarial, and anti-inflammatory properties. It was later found in the bark of the common white birch. Unlike some other natural product anti-tumor agents such as taxol), sourcing is not a problem because betulin is a major component of the bark of the white birch tree and this can readily be converted to betulinic acid. Also it was isolated from various plants as Trifillum peltatum, Ancistocladuis heyeneaus, Diospyros leucomelas, Tetracera boliviana, Sizigium formosanum, Chaenomeles sinensis Pulsatilla chinensis


In 1995, betulinic acid was reported as a selective inhibitor of human melanoma. Then it was demonstrated, that betulinic acid induces apoptosis in human melanoma in vitro and in vivo model systems. Currently it is undergoing development with assistance from the Rapid Access to Intervention in Development program of the National Cancer Institute Also betulinic acid was found active against neuroectodermal (neuroblastoma, medulloblastoma, Ewing's sarcoma) and malignant brain tumors, ovarian carcinoma, in human leukemia HL-60 cells, malignant head and neck squamous cell carcinoma SCC25 and SCC9 cell lines. In contrast, epithelial tumors, such as breast carcinoma, colon carcinoma, small cell lung carcinoma and renal cell carcinoma as well as T-cell leukemia cells were completely refractory to treatment with betulinic acid.


Regarding the mode of action of betulinic acid, little is known about its antiproliferative and apoptosis-inducing mechanisms. In neuroectodermal tumor cells betulinic acid–induced apoptosis is accompanied by caspase activation, mitochondrial membrane alterations and DNA fragmentation. Caspases are produced as inactive proenzymes, which are proteolytically processed to their active forms. These proteases can cooperate in proteolytic cascades, in which caspases activate themselves and each other. The initiation of the caspases cascade may lead to the activation of endonucleases like caspase-activated DNAase (CAD). After activation CAD contributes to DNA degradation. Betulinic acid induces apoptosis by direct effects on mitochondria, leading to cytochrome-c release, which in turn regulates the "downstream" caspase activation. Betulinic acid bypasses resistance to CD95 and doxorubicin-mediated apoptosis, due to different molecular mechanism of betulinic acid-induced apoptosis.


Controversial is a role of  in betulinic acid-induced apoptosis. Fulda suggested p53-independent mechanism of the apoptosis, basing on fact of no accumulation of wild-type p53 detected upon treatment with the betulinic acid, whereas wild-type p53 protein strongly increased after treatment with doxorubicin. The suggestion is supported by study of Raisova. On the other hand Rieber suggested that betulinic acid exerts its inhibitory effect on human metastatic melanoma partly by increasing p53.


The study also demonstrated preferential apoptotic effect of betulinic acid on C8161 metastatic melanoma cells, with greater DNA fragmentation and growth arrest and earlier loss of viability than their non-metastatic C8161/neo 6.3 counterpart. Comparing the betulinic acid with other treatment modes, Zuco demonstrated that it was more than 10 times less potent than doxorubicin (IC50 4.5 μg/ml Vs IC50 0.21-034 μg/ml in doxorubicin) and showed an in vitro antiproliferative activity against melanoma and non-melanoma cell lines, including those resistant to doxorubicin. On the human normal dermatoblast cell line betulinic acid was 2-5 times less toxic than doxorubicin. The ability of betulinic acid to induce two different effects (cytotoxic and cytostatic) on two clones derived from the same human melanoma metastasis suggests that the development of clones resistant to this agent will be more unlikely, than that to conventional cytotoxic drugs. Moreover in spite of the lower potency compared with doxorubicin betulinic acid seems to be selective for tumor cells with minimal toxicity against normal cells. The effect of betulinic acid on melanoma cell lines is stronger than its growth-inhibitory effect on primary melanocytesStudy of combination of betulinic acid with γ-irradiation showed clearly additive effects, and indicates that they differ in their mode of action. Recently, Gauthier has synthesized a series of saponins of betulinic acid which demonstrated a strongly potent in vitro anticancer activity against human cancer cell lines



五、The hairdressing result of the mulberry white skin:

Can help a skin to reach delicate white and eliminate inflammation, hydrate etc. function, and, can prevent effectively skin of dark sink, and the sensitive of the skin, can repress 90% of the Lao Ans sour, stop melanin to synthesize further, don't let the melanin have results to show the chance of the form, so the fair result can make available, and, the stability is good, can help a skin to have good absorption to reach good result, and, can let the skin and cell sometimes can recover to the good condition.