白柳皮.white willow bark


一、           Introduction:

white willow bark

Scientific term:Salix alba 

Latin name: SalixbabylonicaL.

Other names: Ba's willow of AN Er, white, willow bark

Plant source: 

The willow section plant white(SalixalbaL.)Of skin

The willow was grown in medium south Europe at the earliest stage, and North America region.

Use a plant like many medicines, the bark of the willow is also similar to have an efficacy of medicine.

Other belong to skin of the type to also have an efficacy of medicine.

Use thick Li, the gray barks up a cover, the tree grows 75 foots high;In some regions of worlds it and the growth is a bush.It provides a choice, lanceolate, the serrate leaf is on the coast gray at the color with soft slippery of at both parties.The horse Lyu and female spends occurrence in the discrete tree, appearing at the catkins at the leaf caulis at leaf of in the meantime.


Main composition:Water 

The molecular formula and molecular weight

Pharmacology function:

 Refined from white skin(Salicum), can use to cure headache, the solution heat and eases the swollen pain that the arthritis causes.

And water Solve in the body internal water after taking orally, oxidize to become water Chun, salicylic acid...etc., so have a solution heat, town pain, the anti- rheumatism function.

aquas contain the local anesthesia function, there is bitter taste to be good for the stomach still function.

Skin's passing by is to be used for a treatment to develop a fever, headache, ache, and the rheumatism cause of unwell.Expert in 1938 according to their research to the willow skin, refine a kind of was called B Xi Ji sour( the Salicylic Acid) composition, that is BE synthesize a the of A Si worked properly of compound, it has already comforted motion and put aside the effect of the ache.Most mainly is use pain in its town, the research paper shows it has already put aside the ache that the arthritis causes.

The basis of the expert to Of research, manufacture a kind of synthesize medicine--B Xi Ji is sour(the acetyl salicylic acid), is also the of A Si that everyone acquaints with to work properly.

Stomach the not good person can replace an of A Si to work properly with white skin.White skin contains a list rather sour, have advantage to the digestive system, be unlike an of A Si to work properly easy wound stomach.


Special note:

Some persons uses the feeling that skin will fell sick.And have the ulcer and stomach inflammation the sufferer to need to avoid usage skin.And skin can't use in the child to develop a fever up, this needs a special attention.


二、the effect of the white skin:





Chinese doctor uses white willow to bark up a BC relief pain from , but needed for five centuries as for that usage works its road lead to Europe.By 18 centuries, the white willow barked up a hot disease that was applied extensively to treat various each kind, with is a pain reliever.Colonized to introduce a tree to give in early days North America and founded many Indian tribes using local willow to bark up a voice to serve painful and cold Zhan, with hot disease.

In 1828, France and German chemist withdrew the active chemistry of the white willow to producted, salicin.After decade, the Italian chemist purified an of A Si to work properly an ex- body, the water Ji is sour.Although this strong pain reliever first time is found in the white willow, chemist by includes other herbage that this kind of same chemistry products manufacturing the first work properly

Meadowsweet.The Salicin is found in the meadowsweet in 1839.Betwixt the 19th century period, the researcher shows the salicin and the water Ji sour reduce a hot disease to reach agreement in addition to pain and Yan disease.


The usage of the white willow bark

The white willow bark is used for a condition to cause ache, inflammation, or develop a fever, for example:

.       Impatient lumbago

.       Develop a fever

.       Cold

.       Joint pain

.       Bone arthritis

.       Ache


People chase the willow bark white, because it is not isn't seen and be regarded as agree with stomach stimulating lining, may be natural because of white willow bark detection be just the form turns into acidity after, it absorbs belly.The researcher still thinks the white willow bark is a more more effectively live than aspirin composition, because of other find bark but isn't a medicine.Withdraw in the University of Cairo the research the animal willow bark to comparison, finds second thin Anne is the willow bark to extract an aspirin as a result similar ease inflammation effectively, even the content is low to measure the A department a wood in the equal.


And endanger a side function latently:

Disgusting, diarrhea, work properly germ, stomach ulcer, knock to ring in the ear(buzzing in the ears), with in the big amount of, breathe to paralyze with death.

The chemist created acetylsalicylic a sour of A Si to work properly sour is acquired from the meadowsweet from the water Ji.Viewpoint is keep a sour advantage of the water Ji to be to make it of the side effect reduce to the least.

The of A Si works properly final became the choice family medicine is a disease everyday of a comprehensiveness of scope.

The contemporary traditonal Chinese medical doctor recommends white willow to bark up a voice for have a headache, the hot disease, arthritis, other is painful, with Yan disease.

Constitute part: The water Ji glycosides(include salicin) and Dan are rather sour.


Medicine products:

Products:Relieve pain, antisepsis, astringency, perspire, the benefit urine, reduce fever, and repair.


Main use:

The white willow is really "the herbaceous of A Si work properly".It includes more salicylic acid ratio meadowsweets, diding it a more strong natural of Yu Liao.Try white willow to have a painful and hot disease at you, or the Yan disease Hou.


三、   The ingredient introduction of the white skin:

The water Ji is sour is a compound with the usual practice C6 H4(OH) CO2 Hs, the OH group is in the Qian Ji place in the sour group neighborhood.This achromatic crystal organic acid is extensively applied at organic comprehensive is a plant hormone with function.This is probably the best to work properly with of A Si effectively part of is the chemical engineering likeness but not same compound are well-known.The name acquires for the willow(Salix) from Latin phrase, may be acquired from barking up a voice.


2 Hydroxybenzoic


138.123 g/mol

160 .C

211 .C (2666 Pa)

1.44 g/cm. (20 .C)


[ 69-72-7 ]










The Na salicylic acid business prepares to be from the Na phenoxide and the carbon dioxide to respond in the Kolbe-Schmitt in the high pressure and the temperature.It sour turn is sour for the water Ji of the desire:





The medicine and the makeup articles use

Also call a 2 hydroxybenzoics sour(several beta Qians are sour in the middles, the water Ji is sour is the key additive to concern a product to cure for the pimple, psoriasis, callouses, corn, the keratosis pilaris and the You in many skins.It treats a pimple by cause the skin cell shed off gladly, keep pore from stopping.To this function of the skin cell and do the water Ji sour kind of valid composition is thought to treat in several fragrant waves a head scraps.The use answered to straight and even water Ji causes the skin of hyperpigmentation unpretreated as those perhaps with the more dark skin type(the Fitzpatrick phototypes IV, v, VI), and with the use of the spectrum sunblock that lacks of to one comprehensiveness.

The water Ji is sour and be used for conduct and actions a kind of valid composition Be cleaning the gum Ning body of the You.

The salicylic acid medicine products(main have peace of mind for the hot disease) knows from the ancient old age period.The material occurrence barks up a voice in the willow; Assign name to the water Ji sour from the salix, Latin name is acquired for the willow.

Of A Si the ester that works properly(the acetylsalicylic is sour or ASA) a possibility by the Fen Quan Qian Ji group turns to prepare the water Ji is sour, reserving some its strong Be analgesic and reduce it of acidity.

The Subsalicylate and the combination of the form of Cang lead the widespread stomach have peace of mind to help to know jointly to is a Pepto-Bismol.When combine, two kinds of key ingredient help control diarrhea, disgusting, the stomach Zhuo hot, friendly body.This and is a very gentle antibiotics.

water Ji the sour poison reason learn a function, however, is mainly harmful.It is harmful by take, inhale, and pass skin absorption.It is a stimulant, and the chronic function showed  water Jis sour hurt to the causes DNA, with and cause allergy at repeat of expose hereafter.This is why the most pimple treatment Liao distance use scope of 100 cents of 2-5 Be answering.

Other uses

The water Ji is sour is toxic if the Yan descends in large quantity, but the jot be used for is the food antiseptic and antiseptic in the toothpaste.For some people with the salicylic acid sensitivity very and these small medicines measure and may be harmful.

The Na salicylic acid is one useful yellow Lin purple take almost even quantum efficiency as a wave-length outside in  Ais in the vacuum[4 itses].Its flouresces is in the blue in  Ais.It prepares easily at the clean surface by create the solution of the salicylic acid of a supersatured in the methyl alcohol, spray to answer in the surface, with etc. methyl alcohol evaporate.


The Dan is rather sour

The Dan is rather sour is an astringency, bitter and astringent taste tie and precipitate the plant polyphenol of the protein.The term Dan is rather sour to speak of rather sour source of Dan to be used for Be basking black animal to hide into the leather; But, the provision Xiang any kind the big polyphenolic compound is applied for extensively a group(like carboxyls) of including the ample Qian Ji and other appropriate to the form strong compound body and protein and other big numerators.The Dan is rather sour to have the molecular weight scope from

The Dan is rather sour is usually marked to be divided into rather sour and concentrated Dan of the hydrolyzable Dan rather sour(proanthocyanidins).There are many Qian Ji compound carbohydrates at a center of numerator with rather sour hydrolyzable Dan.(usually D-glucose)The group of Qian Ji of the carbohydrate is partially or completely turned by ester with the group of Fen Quan like  sons are sour(in the gallotannins) or the ellagic is sour.(in the ellagitannins)The Hydrolyzable Dan is rather sour is been sour by the weak sour or weak base water solution production carbohydrate and the Fen Quan.The concentrated Dan is rather sour, also calling proanthocyanidins, is joined by the carbon carbon bond, is not be subjected to easily by add the humidity solution is sliced open (or more) flavonoid compounds of the polymer of the unit.When the hydrolyzable Dan is rather sour concentrated with the most of Dan the rather sour water dissolve, some very greatly concentrated of the Dan is rather sour and can't fuse.

The Dan is perhaps rather sour the medicine is used for up in the antidiarrheal, hemostatic, with antihemorrhoidal compound.And, they cause the different color and the iron chloride(or blue, blue black, or green to green black) is rather sour according to the type Dan.

The gallotannins example is a glucose  son sour ester is sour in the Rou quality, is found in many plant category leafs and bark up a voice.



The Dan is rather sour is a kind of important ingredient during the period of basking black leather. The oak barks up one the top of the tradition is the leather factory Dan is rather sour of main source, although the comprehensive basks black agency and is today in the usage.

The steel gall ink usage Dan is rather sour is collected from chafe, the typical model ground is from the oak.

The Dan is rather sour is a set cent at type the industrial particleboard glue second industry to study to organize and development and Forintek laboratory Canada to unite a development by the Tan mulberry Ni.


四、The hairdressing effect of the white skin:

White skin can ease the phenomenon of the inflammation, there is function of sweeping the skin and the anti- allergy, is usually been used for burnable fat inside the body, because have a list rather sour, is very helpful to the digestive system.

Also have in addition, clearance skin of head, enhance the result of the hair bag.