蕁麻.Stinging  nettle

一、           Introduction:

.Chinese name: Bite person's cat 

.English name:  Stinging nettle

.Learn : Urtica thunbergiana Sieb. & Zucc.

.Section : The section of Xun Ma(Urticaceae), the Xun Ma belongs to

.Do not Call: Xun Ma, stab grass

.Original habitat:There is all its trace in Taiwan, Europe, Asias

.Cent Cloth:    

The whole provinceses are low to go to medium, high elevation mountain area, often become a flock to was born in watery forest bottom.The river head, Chiayi rises lake to tread courageously an area roadside contain plant.

.Use part:     Leaf, flower, root

.Use Way: 

1.The leaf can spread to cure the snake wound, the European then cures diabetes in order

2.The delicate branches and leaves cans be provided to eat

3.The old caulis skin can adopt a fiber, providing spinning

4.Urine trouble, arthritis, piles, kidney Yan, bladder inflammation and descend Li eczema, parasite and asthma etc.s to the knot enteritis and the Bi good.Improve the sticky liquid, goiter and inflammation of the lung.A kind of diuretic.Dispel the phlegm medicine, pain reliever and tonic.


.Leaf:The leaf there is long handle towards getting, , wide paper quality, the edge contain dual teeth of a saw.Tuo is leaf's 4, widely oval.


.Flower:The summer autumn blooms, female and male together stub, the Sui form inflorescence Yi pays or the crest get.The male flowers is located the inflorescence lower part, the good luck white, the perianth is 4 Lies, stamen 4;


The pistillate flower is located the inflorescence upper part, the perianth also makes 4 Lies, the Lie slice doesn't wait for greatly.


.Caulis:High bout 70-120;The caulis erection, the Shu cent, spreads to get Xin hair with caulis all.


.Fruit Solid:The thin fruit is flat oval.


.Especially Sex:     

Get herbage for many years, high bout 70-120;The caulis erection, the Shu cent, spreads to get Xin hair with caulis all.The leaf there is long handle towards getting, , wide paper quality, the edge contain dual teeth of a saw.Tuo is leaf's 4, widely oval;The summer autumn blooms, female and male together stub, the Sui form inflorescence Yi pays or the crest get.The male flowers is located the inflorescence lower part, the good luck white, the perianth is 4 Lies, stamen 4;The pistillate flower is located the inflorescence upper part, the perianth also makes 4 Lies, the Lie slice doesn't wait for greatly;The thin fruit is flat oval.


.It :

 Poisonous part:The Xin hair of each part of whole stubses.

 Poisoned symptoms of disease:If the person's skin touches the Xin hair, being instant piercing or Zhuo painful feeling, very suffered, would not recover gradually until the half day is behind about.

 The antidotal method pounds into pulp with the leaf of the Gu old woman Yu, or the soap water of the alkalescence, urine a liquid to come to sour alkali to moderate, can counteract poison, decrease swelling Yang.

 .The chemistry and nourishment composition:

 The Dan alkali, chlorophyll, AN is sour, the iodine, magnesium, potassium, silicon soil, Na, sulphur, Rou is sour, vitamin A, C.

 二、the ingredient of Xun Ma introduce:


Vitamin A

Chemical name

nonatetraenoic acid

Chemical formula


Molecular mass

300.42 g/mol

CAS number


Melting point

180-182 °C



Vitamin A is one of four fat-soluble vitamins necessary for good health. It serves an important role as an antioxidant by helping to prevent free radicals from causing cellular damage. Adequate levels are important for good eyesight, and poor night vision may be one of the first symptoms of a deficiency. It is also necessary for proper function of the immune, skeletal, respiratory, reproductive, and integumentary (skin) systems.

General use

An adequate level of vitamin A unquestionably contributes to good health. It is essential for the proper function of the retina, where it can act to prevent night blindness, as well as lower the odds of getting age-related macular degeneration (AMD), which is the most common cause of blindness in the elderly. There is also evidence that good levels of vitamin A in the form of carotenoids may decrease the risk of certain cancers, heart attacks, and strokes. The immune system is also strengthened. It is unclear, however, if supplemental forms of vitamin A have the same benefit as consuming the nutrient in natural foods in the case of a person without deficiency. Taking high levels of vitamin A in any supplemental form is not advisable without the counsel of a healthcare professional.


三、           The medical science effect of the Xun Ma:

The Xun Ma is a kind of exuberant plant, growing in the world everyplace temperate zone region, the Xun Ma of its Latin text is an uro, the meanings is "the I BURN", stab(plant) symbol smallly.


The Xun Ma is the edible wild vegetable that can make the medicine grass.It has function of activating the kidney with therefore cause of the benefit urine effect, acquiring a confimation on the medical science all and already.


Curing the pollen heat and other allergies by the Xun Ma is very well-known civil special prescriptions.The Xun Ma can help to ease the inflammation condition of illness that the allergy causes, and remove the nose and the Chong blood phenomenon in the chest.Recent American national natural Liao the square college made the experiment of[with] a Xun anesthetic effect, among 69 allergic patients there are  of the persons the curative effect that thinks the Xun Ma being not bad, even very good, and here 57% of the sufferers in, half persons person thinks compare with the pollen that they took before hot medicine, the effect of the Xun Ma is similar good, even better.


The Xun Ma has already had very long history on the usage, the Xun Ma is also women's good medicine, it can deal with the vagina infection(if fungi infection), and can repress is excessive through the amount of blood:It has abundant iron and the vitamin C, can prevent anemic:Still having it can also urge a milk.Besides, the researcher is in the animal the experiment detection, the Xun Ma can reduce blood sugar, as a result the help prevents diabetes:And have a great deal of vitamin Bs, mineral quality(the iron calcium potassium Lin magnesium), the Hu Luo Bo vegetable, and protein, have already stimulated blood circulation, remove fatigue, increase the function of the physical strength.


The Xun Ma the most well-known application but is its pure blood function. The experiment and test show the Xun Ma ability the La arouse the metabolism of the human body, is it can fuse wastes human body of metabolism, is it can fuse wastes in system, with make use of oneself of benefit urine property, wash these wasteses to eject a body outside. Because this kind of deliquescence with wash row function to blood of the decontamination is of great account, the Xun Ma has already become a treatment is mainly been poisoned by blood with/the blood acidity(as:uric acid) lead high and occurrence of slight illness, if the breeze is wet, the gout and the best curative effect thing of the bone La.More because of the deliquescence of the Xun Ma with wash row function, it is also a kind of to reduce weight an effect food naturally.


The Xun Ma has the iron of the high quantity, so also similar to the fresh spinach juice is made use of in cure anemia and promote the circulation of the blood.


Iron to human body:

The iron in the human body often keeps in the "rusty" condition, because the iron is in the human body the most important function, is become red corpuscle in of hemoglobin, bring the oxygen to each corner of the whole body, the iron also often is kept in to oxidize of"rusty" condition, with drink a water to also without relation.It is also many ingredients of enzymes, participating various enzyme reactions.Lacking of the most direct problem of iron is the formation that influences hemoglobin, causing anemic, make the blood deliver the ability of the oxygen to descend.Cause tired, the complexion is pale, the nail splits up curved, and influence the resistibility to the disease.


The iron takes quantity


Iron why would be said is "the woman's nourishment vegetable"Female's the physiology regular meeting has monthly blood of loss, connect bring ground to cause the iron run off, so the nourishment vegetable suggestion takes the iron that the quantity(RDNA) suggests adulthood the female should take 15 milligrams everyday everyday, the male only needs 10 milligrams, stop menstruating behind of the women suggests the quantity then declines to 10 milligrams, with male similar.Puberty of male due to muscle of growth, the demand of the iron measures ratio to become adult male many, everyday is 15 milligrams.


The male iron of the green prime of life lacks of of very rare, the case example that lacks an iron concentrates above 65 years old the elder and the teenager only.Opposite to say, the female lacks the comparison of the iron much higher, the female lacks iron of the comparison reach to, is a male of 500%, again with 30~50-year-old age range most is severity, reach to .Female ratio the male need more irons, but their iron take quantity but can not compare with they, also seldom reach RDNA amount of suggestion.


The fabulous spinach and grape can repair an iron, is also the misconstruction of the incorrectly pass on a mistaken message.The iron content of the spinach with general greenery vegetable about, and grass the sour content is very high, absorbing a rate worse.It is said that year examines the iron content of the spinach put a black dragon, examine a result to order wrong decimal point, so spread a spinach to contain particularly high error message of iron.The grape iron content isn't high, is not ideally either to repair iron food.

Suggest an iron to take quantity everyday:Become adult female 15 milligramses, male 10 milligrams, women's 10 milligrams after stopping menstruating, the male of the awkward age due to muscle of the growth needs 15 milligrams everyday.


The Xun Ma is ten kinds of single flavor medicines that Germany makes use of most extensively to use one of the plants. It is particularly been included in already and formally the thing medicine of the European plant treatment science cooperation association(ESCOP) and German E committee volume, British plant medical dictionary, French provision to be used for a clinic of the plant medicine catalogue and Belgium three big provision plants record.(can see as the food)


Apply disease:

The prostate gland propagates

Bone arthritis

Withered grass heat

The pregnancy and postnatal period problem

Rheumatism arthritis

The Bi urethra infects




四、The Xun Ma is on the hairdressing of use an application:

 The leaf of Xun Ma is a very rare plant to protect the hair product, even is printed a ground of Anne's person to take in early days once to be become the secret recipe of the treatment bald.


 The Xun Ma is a kind of to refrain from rash action a medicine, being mainly used for stimulating and adjusting the reason sebum gland, being used for oil hair quality particularly

 The root of Xun Ma extracts a thing, having many wreaths to control oil compound


 Making use of the water alcohol(the Hydroalcoholic solution) samples a kind of many wreath compounds(the Polycyclical compound) that can control sebum to secrete inside the Xun Ma, causing the Xun Ma control oil to shampoo a water.The research finds the essence of Xun Ma controls the grease of the sebum gland to secrete effectively, and reduces the slow grease fluxion in the hair silk, therefore usually using the Pin degree that the decrease shampooes, preventing the excessive greasy hair appear again in the meantime.Having the ingredient of Xun Ma shampooes the water property very gentle, can keep hair from tying up the knot and the increment hair physical volume, make hair supple, be easy to comb and if the silk You slippery.


Adjust the reason sebum:

Don't need for going to oil and shampooing multifariously.The cation polymer can adjust to cut hair the sebum on the root, making hair fluffy to have vitality, not because of greasy and flat fall.


To skin, it has to refrain from rash action, the equilibrium grease secrete and provide the function of the appropriate repair and maintenance, for dry and cracked skin and scratch an itch sex sensitive skin contain the improvement result.


Why would the skin pay oil

The sebum gland distributes in the skin of head, face department, neck, ear, ex- chest etc. of our body form to is called the part that the fat leaks area, it is in the main function on the clinic is keep humidity to avoid a skin leading in the epidermis dry, just the sebum gland secretes under the some condition excessively cause the fat that perplexs the person leak phenomenon.A lot of person's on the faces start having to the oil light all over the face to summer each time, seeming to wash not clean and easily long pimple.In addition, the hair may also become oil again again bright seem can with fried egg.This is because the skin, the skin of head grease secretes excessive phenomenon, really causing a lot of persons the harassment in summer.


●    Why would the skin pay oilBecause When the awkward age develop, the male hormone incitement causes the sebum gland increase to get with fatty big, cause the skin grease secrete prosperous, in the summer period more would because the heat oppressive heat causes the sebum gland secrete increment, this kind of sebum secretes excessive phenomenon to be called a fat to leak a disease on the clinic, this is because the sebum gland of the leather because of certain sow the cause a vegetable to secrete excessiveness cause. A lot of persons found a blazing hot summer, the oil of the on the face was like natural oil-field, gushing constantly.The temperature really secretes with the skin grease relevant, the temperature rises Celsius once each time, skin row oil quantity increase 10%;And the summer still accompany with to perspire, again oil and then the appearance of the water, let the face look most for the oil light all over the face.The factor that influences the skin grease to secrete still has hormone.The male hormone will promote the sebum gland secrete, letting the on the face grease increase, so the generally male skin compares female oil.Although have no explicit science evidence to confirm the food will let the face pay oil, a lot of persons eat high oil, high sugar food to let the on the face emit oil easily more serious. 


 The weather, temperature(particularly summer), pressure that causes the worse factor of the oil condition include heredity factor, hormone factor, the heat hot and damp greatly, the daily schedule iniquity often, edible hot or stimulative of the food, mistake maintain(moisten excessively and sweep excessively), polluting environment


In fact, the skin isn't devoid of any merit out the oil.If you belong to the oil skin, congratulating you so, although now the skin oil Wang Wang, pile up easily in the hair bag to cause to jam, grow the Cuo Chuang easily, old after, let you compare other people the youth beauty.The grease that skin secretes is a natural skin care products, the oil skin had a grease to moisten, will is older than the person of dry sex skin slowly.However at present harassment, want to have a right way to solve.A few persons feel the summer is greasy to get fed up with of the skin is misery.More persons fear oil excessive, the formation pimple.


The maintaining of the oil skin method is to clean all of the greases, but"control" a grease to secrete. Having no an alone valid method currently in fact can the sebum gland of the permanent decrease skin secrete irritating sebum.To say a religious festival with the oil light all over the face the clearness doesn't bear for a summer, still needing to depend on right idea and slicing a solid performance.