米胚芽植物胎盤.Wheatgerm  placenta


一、The brief introduction of the rice acrospire:

The structure of the Dao Gu


The plant section of the Dao paints

The leaf of the Dao at childhood, follow miscellaneous grass very alike, similar have appearance of growing the flat type, the farmer depends on Dao more leaf special leaf's ear and leaf's tongue to distinguish analyse.Leaf's ear is the both ends of the Dao leaf's leaf's wreath to grow the thing of the ear form, leaf's tongue is the Dao leaf's leaf's wreath inside grow of thin film.Dao leaf's leaf vein is parallel, central have very obvious medium vein, present green, at in rib, the edge or point sometimes will also have purple dye.

The root of the rice presents the beard form, thin short and many, will increase along with the growth quantity of the Dao, the Dao stub will also grow a small continuously beside.

After Dao become the Dao Sui, a the stub Dao Sui opens 200-300 Dao flowers about, a Dao flower will become a grain of Dao Gu.The Dao flower has no flower petal, can hardly also see the stamen pistil, they are all spent by Dao of inside the outside Ying protect.Dao while teaching powder from the body, the flower medicine of the stamen will break, the pollen is rather small, meeting with wind force, the reel of the Dao, fall to the next door Ci powder above.Combine with the Pei bead in the Ci powder ovary, develop and become acrospire, also is the mankind are edible and take nourishment of main source.At the acrospire neighborhood, also there is albumen of straching the form will increase continuously, make ovary gradually fatty greatly.Then will see a down on the Dao Gu of the green in the appearance, be called the Dao long grass.

By outside and inside have departments, such as Dao hull(Ying), bran layer(fruit peel, grow the generic name of the skin, the Hu powder layer), Pei and albumen...etc. respectively.

The growth of the Dao very quick, the most long a year, quick 3-4 months, ability from germination, bloom, complete fructify of over become.The seed of the Dao is stretching out germinal time to need 23 days only, the You bud draws out the first leaf, only needing three days again, so the region in the weather geniality, can grow for a year three period Dao.The farmer chooses When the Dao grow, many meetings steep it in the water, light and float the Dao of to grow and will be eliminated, leave come of will grow Dao seedling


Acrospire rice:The Brown rice cleans the bran layer to reserve the Pei and albumen after processing, reserving 70% outcome comparison of the halfs, is the middle outcome of the Brown rice and white rice.

The acrospire in the acrospire rice is the most abundant part in the rice nourishment, having abundant vitamin s and vitamin , unsaturated fatty acid sour and have no machine salt, all of these are the human bodies the essential important nourishment vegetable.


The rice acrospire structure sketch map



Human body most must, most the Li enrich of embryo material-rubber quality foetus quality



1, delicate turn a skin and downplay a black spot, keep a skin shining and lustrous to there is flexibility, create to guide a bright and white and delicate and beautiful muscle.

2, help to promote blood circulation, improve an icy cold problem of hand and foot, keep body warm

.3, ease and slow pressure, improve sleep quality a vegetable and prevent°from the insomnia and nervous prostration.

4, can help the growth of the hair and skin, lustrous hair silk, reduce hair to break, open fork.

5, the improvement hormone secrete, for adjust the reason menstruation and ease the menopause symptom contain very big effect, can even help to build up man and lady to grow an ability.


二、The brief introduction of the placenta plain PLANCENTA EXTRACT:

Move, plant placenta

The placenta means viviparous living creature: Egg the viviparous living creature is pregnant the young man descends the son generation to wrap up the son generation to wrap dress(have the nourishment composition and the He Er to receive) among them, wrapping up the son generation organization that wraps dress to receive with the maternal nourishment composition and the He Er to exchange with air to call it as placenta among them.If the plant has above description to be pregnant dish it among them the nourishment ingredient and He and receive to call it as the placenta vegetable.


The ingredient of the placenta vegetable

The placenta vegetable is Cui namely the placenta get various ingredient of general name, each ingredient is each to have it special function.


Until today the medical science science and technology level, have already been analyzed directly of have:There is protein, carbohydrate, vitamin, little element, natural steroid, each kind of amino acids, enzyme, and hormone etc..Know indirectly of have:The super Lyu leads sex material, immunity factor, the Cu nerve to activate factor, and haven't yet been discovered to analyze of unknown material, the category reaches to 1,100 totally.


Placenta plain and main hairdressing function:Delicate white, activate a skin, anti- aging.

The placenta vegetable has growth the factor and red corpuscle the born vegetable have function of building the blood and organization rebirth, enriching to contain various nourishment compositions with live living creatures in the meantime, can urge the skin cell rebirth, raise the skin metabolism function, reach an anti- aging and reply the result of the skin vitality.And the placenta vegetable oneself can absorb the parts of ultraviolet ray AN and the ultraviolet ray B outside, also have a sour(Tyrosinase) function of the cheese ammonia of repress, can prevent melanin from calm and steady, it can also activate a skin in the meantime, urging melanin to float epidermis, downplaying gradually, reaching the result of the delicate white.


Because of the activating of the placenta vegetable function, the more suitable for and familiar age skin, wipes to put on the department and hand in the face, can downplay the skin color and elder's spot;Wipe to put on in the eye department surroundings and the neck, can remove black rim of eye and downplay the neck skin, make the skin delicate white and the light Cai bright.But because of placenta vegetable of activate the cell result stronger, after using if is unwell, should pause an usage namely.


Use the hairdressing effect of the placenta vegetable:


Ancient China makes use of dry placenta to be used for curing a man falsely Jing to repair Jing and tranquilize the nerves to keep a kidney, the benefit spirit to repair to win;The woman keeps and improves looks, increase the blood to adjust Jing etc..In recent years, the West day etc. the advanced countries is more used for the placenta vegetable various cosmetics come to hairdressing, smooth white skin and prevent a skin from aging.

The placenta vegetable has sour enzyme of the alkalescence and the acidity Lin and enriches of vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12, E with be suffused with sour, the cigarette is sour, life the vegetable, benzoin is sour, Dan vegetable, the Ji Chun, Dan Xiao, the A rice promise is sour, magnesium, silicon, Lin, calcium etc. material, also have many unknown bio-chemicals to activate material.


1.The usage can ease melanin effectively over a long period of time.Black spot, reduce scar formation effectively, and can shrink pore.Be filled with flexibility.Basis clinical report:The placenta vegetable can promote human body originally already the aging cell once more stimulate, and reaches a purpose of recovering the skin youth health.


2.Because placenta vegetable medium various amino acidses, mineral qualities, vitamin...etc. contained …and natural hydration of the human body skin

The factor homology, so can raise the skin hydration clinic manifestation, short date inside can immediately improve a skin availably because of excessiveness dry, the keratin pile up produce of take off dark condition of the scraps, coarseness or the color and luster Hui.


3.Function canned absorb the parts of ultraviolet ray AN and the ultraviolet ray B outside, also had sour Mei(Tyrosinase) of the cheese ammonia of repress,

The formation of the direct decrease melanin, if match other fair and thin spots and defend an usage of insolating, is have

Add the result for riding, and use to also have pure white result over a long period of time alone.


4.Actually the placenta vegetable has already regulated the endocrine function, so also use in the pimple to cure up.The adjustable reason oil

Become healthily neutral skin quality with dry sex skin, youth health skin.Let you of the skin keep a young beauty.


5.The anti- Ning blood egg white ingredient, can provide the wound repair directly need, the occurrence of the prevention skin inflammation, ulcer.


And other main functions of the placenta vegetable include:


1.Promote metabolism, organization reborn, after postponing the arrival of the menopause.The clinical studies proves the placenta vegetable can recover the male's self-confident heart, building up the man's dignity.More than ten years after canning also postpone for woman stopping menstruating age, so for late in the day the women of the late spring increase its youth vitality, recovering its charmingly feminine and moving posture!


2.Stabilize central nervous system, prevent allergy from.The placenta vegetable can make the brain wave equanimity, make you know nothing about mind ailment, entertain foolish ideas, then obtain full rest, in high spirit.


3.Defend old anti- Shuai, anti-cancer anti-cancer.The placenta vegetable can repress the function of[with] the factor mutation and fix the foreknowledge treatment of the gene harm and the radio injury.Repress the factor mutation and the repair and maintenance harm also is prevent the main theories foundation of the cancer from.The radio injury causes the leukocyte number reduce, being so called leukemia;The placenta vegetable can give not only the prevention result, also own the treatment result!


4.For promote the effect of female growth, the placenta vegetable has various hormone vegetables, can make to ovulate normally and outside, its Bi milk hormone can also make chest more full.


5.Take placenta vegetable, due to everyone's constitution dissimilarity, the nourishment that needs to be acquired from the placenta vegetable is also different, so respond on everyone's body of the result also doesn't fulfil a homology.The reaction that will produce generally speaking is as follows:


The spirit-spirit delectation, complexion is rosy;Suffer from insomnia the condition improvement, fall asleep easily.


The head-hair has sheen more and drops hair not easily;Face the department skin become thin smooth, the migraine condition of illness improves.


The nose department-the allergic condition of illness improvement and not easy stuffed-up nose;Will not sneeze when the morning gets up because of the nose is uncomfortable.


Department-mouth cavity feeling better, the halitosis condition of illness turn down;Brush teeth will bleed of the condition of illness ease and can improve a hoarse and long cocoon of vocal cord of condition of illness.


The chest-windpipe, bronchus enhances to compare to catch a cold not easily, the asthma condition of illness improves.The chest breath is smooth and has the comfortable piece the feeling, not stifling;The heart blood circulation is smooth, the high blood pressure alleviates.


The belly-stomach department feels comfortable more, the stomach-ache eases;Excrete aspect to also relatively improve the condition of illness of the constipation normally.The liver function improvement, can't the easily hangover and yellow Dan condition of illness can can also ease.


The skin-skin becomes thins smooth and white deeply red;The scar formation and freckle or elder spot color downplay to then disappear!


Physiology-male impotence improvement, in addition to more easy erection, excited time also prolongs obviously;The female private parts white brings decrease, menstrual cramp to ease, compare to ovulate easily;The vagina slips smooth liquid increment, having sexual intercourse pain-suffering to ease.

In fact in Ming Dynasty Lee the hour Jane wear"this grass outline" also put forward:The placenta benefits value on the clinic very high, and the western medical science finds the placenta really has natural He Er to receive value.


四、The main ingredient protein of the placenta vegetable:



The protein is a kind of complicated organic big numerator compound.Along with the modern age physics, chemistry of develop continuously, more and more proteins acquired a pure crystallize.According to element analysis, in addition to carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, usually still have a little amount nitrogen and the sulphur.Parts of proteins still have a little bit other elements, mainly is the Lin, iron, copper, iodine, zinc and Mu etc..These elements occupy in the protein constitute of comparison BE:The carbon occupy , hydrogen about to occupy , oxygen about to occupy , nitrogen about to occupy , sulphur about to occupy about with other little elements.The protein is most basically a life to constitute one of the parts, is one of the biochemical main research objects.



The protein is been sour by the An Ji to pass The key has the preface conjunction and many s of the formationChain.The basic unit of the protein is the An Ji is sour, the An Ji sour ammonia Ji and Zui Ji Suo become  after matching lose a waterKey,  constituted by three or three Can Jis with sour above An JisBe called many sThe formation has another Chain.


The numerator structure of the protein can divide the line to four classes:


One class structure:Constitute many sThe line An Ji of the chain sour sequence.

Second class structure:Depend on different The C of the key=the stable structure of the hydrogen key formation of the O and the N-H Ji regiment.

X-rated structure:By a many sThe stable structure that the interaction of the different An Ji sour side chain of the chain becomes.

Four class structure:By much more different The chain second Ji the interaction formation has the protein numerator of the function.

A the class structure depends on the covalence key maintenance that turns to record to become in the process.Fold formation high one class structure through a protein.Particular many sThe chain may have more than a stable Gou types, each Gou types all have an own the particular living creature activity, only having among them a kind of have a natural activity.


The second class structure includes α helix, the β fold, the β turn corn with have no rule curl.


If subdivide further, the second class structure includes the super and second class structure and structure area with of the x-rated structure still.


The super and second class structure(the super-secondary structure) means close together some and second class combinations of the second class structure that the structure(usually is the α helix and β to turn corn) each other interaction formation has regulation, is the components that constitute x-rated structure.


The structure area(the structual domain) means the second class structure or super and second class structure constitutes of the part of the x-rated structure fold district.


The x-rated structure overwhelming majority can be categorized in these four:Whole α structure, whole β structure, the αβ mixture structure with enrich structure with metals or two sulphur keys.


Four class structure point many sThe interaction of of the chain.



The protein is usually been divided into dissolubility, the fiber form or film combine egg white.(see also the integration film egg white)Almost all living creature catalysts, namely  It is all protein.(20 century later period, people find a certain RNA sequence also has the catalyst activity)The transport structure and the ion channel combined with film, can transfer to the bottom thing from a position another position and don't change them;Be subjected to a body, usually also don't change their bottom thing, is the shape and the bottom thing that changes a self to combine only;And antibody, see to seem to be to only combine function;All of these are the proteins.End, the composing cell framework and animal are greatly part of structural of the fiber material is also a protein:The gum constituted skin, hair and cartilages with the corn egg white at first;The muscle is greatly part of is also constituted by protein.


The environment of its surroundings for protein is very fastidious.They only within the scope of a pimping pH and have to keep their live or natural appearance in the aqua of a little amount electrolyte, many proteins can't be existed in distilled water in.The protein lost its natural appearance to be called to change sex.Become sexual protein usually in addition to random curl have no other second class structure.The protein that is placed in natural appearance usually all folds.



Catalyst.An important function of the protein is the living creature catalyst,

Adjust.Some proteins have a function of adjust to the metabolism in the living creature body, for example, insulin.

Conveyance.Some proteins have the function of the conveyance metabolism material, for example, ion channel.

Store.A great deal of protein in the seed is the storage that uses to come to Meng to deliver a hour.

Exercise.Benefit,such as muscle egg white, .

Structure.For example hair, etc..

Other, guard against for example, take the offensive an etc..For example there is a great deal of protein to participate in the mankind's immunity process.



The protein can be used

Produce energy, but they have to be converted to become some common metabolism mediums first.This process demand takes off an ammonia, a kind of material with very big toxicity.The ammonia is converted into urea in the liver, the toxicity dies down, is arranged into the urine.Another some animals convert the urea as uric acid.


The protein is the essential ingredient of the animal meal, developing to the pass importance to the growth and the organization, it can take from the meat, fish, egg, milk and the bean food.


The protein lacks of to usually involve dietetics, is the hungry and the malnutrition of national people in the third world particularly.Even in the developed nation for example the United States, this is also a healthy factor that is ignored.Because the pressure of the society causes to reduce.

Fatty hour, the food is depended on in carbohydrate seriously, being in need of essential the An Ji is sour.Protein's lacking of can with the result that disease, for example tired, the insulin bears to be subjected to, taking off hair, the hair drops a color(should be a black hair to change into red), the muscle weight eases(the protein can repair muscular tissue), the body temperature is low, hormone maladjustment.Serious protein's lacking of will be fatal.


The protein is excessive and will also cause problem, for example the horse turns over to pour due to the problem of the feet.


The chief culprit that usually causes to a certain food allergy and the allergy is usuallya protein.Because each protein of the structure has slightly dissimilarity, some proteins will cause some reactions of immune systems, and a little bit other very safe.Many persons all to a certain protein in the peanut, perhaps the protein of the molluscs or other seafoods is allergic, but few someone to all these are three kinds of all allergic.


 The plant protein will use a great deal of body calories to consume, so eat much and can also increase own satisfied foot feeling.And the protein need the vitamin Bs to make a conversion, so at the edible protein add a food, the suggestion matches with the vitamin Bs, will make the protein develop to the biggest effect.


The protein is in the middle, again the plant protein is better to human body, among them, the soybean refine of protein, more can't because the human body constitution causes to arrange his sex, so suggestion want to add protein, make choice of purchase to suit an own protein, in order to prevent spend money and harm a body.



五、The placenta vegetable of resist melanin:

Skin why would become black

The color of the skin is mainly made the amount of the melanin(Melanin, the general name for wheat pulls rather) quantity by the melanin cell to decide: the melanin cell will be the activity and creation by"the Lao An sour Hui" a great deal of melanin, this is the skin tans, various spot become of main factor.


What is "the Lao An sour Hui"

It is a kind of widespread exist in the body inside of enzyme is been sour by the Lao An to resolve and become, become melanin to mainly activate, and ultraviolet ray is urge a sour Hui conversion of the Lao An melanin of main factor.


Resist the counterplan of the melanin

The reason become by melanin knows, wanting to be real to present deeply white skin condition of nature, is not only guard against ultraviolet ray good, want to value the function of the fair product most importantly, can prevent the formation of the melanin effectively.

Have to have regard for three stages of the integrity to stop system while choosing a fair product, can reach real fair result.It three stages stop system respectively BE:

(A) Repress the formation of the melanin:

When skin be subjected to outside incitement after, we skin first floor of melanin would start produce, so we repress let it not want surfeit, not easily become"dark sink a skin color" and"produce new spot".

(Two) Melanin weakened to have already become:

Downplay already the dye and spot of being appeared in the skin, let spot a form to shrink by the slice order a form.

(Three) The complete metabolism has already become melanin:

BE already shallow turn, weaken of the melanin downplays, metabolize then and completely.


Making use of this Benzodiazepine represses a sour(tyrosinase) activity of the


Lao An to reduce the formation of the melanin(melanin), having to refrain from rash action, disinfect and downplaying the effect of the skin surface layer dye in the meantime.

CAS number    120-80-9

Chinese name  1, 2-Benzodiazepine

English name   O-Dihydroxybenzene;Catechol

Don'tLin Benzodiazepine;Son tea Fen

Molecular formula C6 H6 O2;C6H4(OH)2 The appearance and sex form  Have no color crystallize, see the light or Lou place to change color in the air, can sublimate

Molecular weight  The steam presses    Shans order:127

Rong Order 105 boiling points:246  Fuse sex  Dissolve in the water, is dissolved in ethanol, B ether easily

Airtight Degree Opposite density(water=1)1.34;Opposite density(air=1) Stability   Stabilize

Dangerous marking 15(the poison harm an article) Main use  Be used for taking a picture, dyestuff, anti- oxygen, the light stability, and is an important medicine middle body



All of them are to have no color crystallize.The Lin Benzodiazepine and Benzodiazepine uses to dissolve easily in the water, the hydroquinone fuses one degree in the water small.

The Benzodiazepine is the function that has the anti- germ and fungi, the strength is the benzene Fen only of .The stimulative is small, can used for curing skin disease,such as the eczema and tinea disease etc., .

The hydroquinone is in common use to make to develop.