De-Melano P3C.葵醯胺

English name: De-Melano P3C
Color: light red
Source: Royal Jelly or black peak extraction

Can activate the skin tissue and regenerative capacity, comfort and refresh. This plumping extract a high mucus, swelling when exposed to water, to create a protective cushion like gel. Stimulation of the skin by ultraviolet stimulate MITF, hand a drive melanin production chain reaction of the enzyme group, the Kwai amide can help reduce MITF, in the production of melanin in the front-end that master Yang system key, according to the research, its brightening effect greatly.
The Kwai amide De-Melano P3C
Import Source: Ashland Co. Ltd. Come from USA
Product Name: De-Melano P3C Extract Liquid
Description Light red clear liquid Conformed
Odor Characteristic Characteristic
Taste Characteristic Characteristic
Apigenin 20%
pH (4% in water) 2.5-4.5 3.8
Heavy Metals NMT 100ppm Conformed
Arsenic NMT 2 ppm Conformed
Total Plate Count NMT 1,000 cfu / g Conformed
Total Yeast & Mold NMT 100 cfu / g Conformed
E.coli Negative Negative
Salmonella Negative Negative

★ Note
Department of Health extract, skin care products, cosmetics Add an indefinite amount of for Kwai amide as.
Product Name Recommended dosage
The Kwai amide Essence 4% -10%
Kwai amide cream 4% -9%
Kwai amide emulsion 4% -8%
A human experiment, the proportion of the amount of an 8-week, for 30 to 48 years old with moderate to severe skin pores too large, the skin lacks moisture, dull skin, rough skin people, Kwai amide extract in accordance with the above recommendations found in clinical trials to the various skin care products.
79% to enhance the skin glossy, 50% convergence skin pores, 60% of the rough, dry skin improvement, 77% moisturizing skin.
If Kwai amide extract in accordance with the above suggestions to-use ratio and then a slight increase in the proportion of adding clinical trials of various skin care products found, and then carry out a human experiment for 30 20 to 48 years old with moderate to severe skin pores too large , lack of moisture to the skin, dull skin, rough skin of people.
As long as a six-week, 80% to enhance the skin glossy, 68% convergence skin pores, 70% of the rough, dry skin improvement, 85% moisturizing skin.

[Use the results of Example]
◎ skin moisturizing, whitening

Before long-term use

Recommended dosage: 4% to 8%
Tabu: used in moderation, avoiding irritate the skin and cause skin allergies.

The beauty role of:
Kwai amide extract used for the maintenance to maintain skin contour lines compact, improve large pores aging phenomenon, continuous use can prevent premature aging of the skin, feeling the skin more vitality and energy. Has strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, effectively neutralize free radicals. With soft, astringent, sedative and other effects. Sensitive Skin the analgesic / soft skin care products. Governance surface spore cream, bath glue, shave lotion, cream, lotion, lotion. Can give dry skin intensive care role. More extreme anti-oxidation, anti-oxidant, moisturizing, calming, anti-allergic, capture free radicals.
Kwai amide extract brightening effect is great, whitening both soothing damaged skin effect, continuous use skin brightness can be improved significantly from the inside out to improve the melanin, improve skin dull. The key to lock in moisture and retain skin moisture and improve the skin's defense capability, with a long-lasting moisturizing effect, you can adjust the skin surface moisture, improve skin barrier bi enhanced ability to resist external skin.
"Material Safety Standard"
First, hold the standard
(1) temperature standard of 20 degrees to 24 degrees
(2) refrigerated

Second, the need to stay away from high temperature, away from dangerous goods, away from the pH

Third, the active storage standard
(1) Thermostats:
Half 5% decrease in activity
The activity of the year will be reduced by 10%
Activity will be reduced by 15% in a year and a half
2002 will be reduced by 25% activity