Almond acid.杏仁酸

Scientific name: Prunus dulcus

Properties: almond acid is a white extract


Almond two items, A process for the production of sweet almond, bitter almonds In addition, according to the kinds of production. The drupe front include fixed oils and emulsions. In the early 20th century, almond oil medicine internal use, provided that it can not be doped with bitter almond. It is quite common in medicine, especially the oil secreted by the part can be used in aromatherapy.

Bitter almond is a wide range of usage than the sweet almond and short-lived, and contains about 50% of almond oil from sweet almonds. It contains glycosides are soluble in water, enzymes to produce glucose, cyanide and bitter almond or benzaldehyde oil emulsion. Bitter almonds may yield 6% to 8% cyanate (also known as prussic acid). Bitter almond extract medicine had been used in the drug less severe, excessive fatal dose. Acid hydrocyanic acid must be canceled before use. Almond nuts can also be used as preventive medicine for alcoholism.

The seeds contain fatty oil about 5%, 2% amygdalin, including vitamin A, vitamin E, linoleic acid

Vitamin E Vitamin E

Import Source: Ashland Co. Ltd. Come from USA
Product Name: Almond acid Extract Liquid
Description Light white liquid
Assay 20%
Specification Method
Milkfat 7.5% max. AS 2300.1.3 (S.B.R)
Moisture 6.0% max. AS 2300.1.1
Protein Dry Basis AS 2300.1.2
Ash 4.0% max. AS 2300.1.5
Standard Plate Count 50,000 / g max. AS 1766.2.1
Colitorms Absent/0.1g AS1766.2.3
Yeast 100 / g max. AS1766.2.2
Mould 100 / g max. AS1766.2.2
Salmonella Absent/375g E.I.A
Coagulase Positive
Staphylococci Absent/0.01g AS 1766.2.4

Storage: Store in a well-closed container away from moisture
Shelf Life 1 year if sealed and store from direct sun light

★ Note
Department of Health for the extract, almond acid as skin care products, cosmetics added an indefinite amount of.
Product Name Recommended dosage
Almond acid Essence 2% -10%
Almond sour cream 2% -8%
Almond acid emulsion 2% -6%

A human experiments, 8-week, for 20 25 to 50 years old with moderate to severe skin wounds, skin cell aging skin with fine lines of the public, almond acid extract added in accordance with the above recommended dosage ratio skin care products that are found in the clinical trials.

36% of the subjects said their skin texture and wrinkles improved 47% to enhance the skin glossy, 55% repair skin wounds, 63% improvement in skin firmness and restores skin elasticity, and 77% said rough , drying of the skin is improved.

Almond acid extract was found that the proportion of the amount of a slight increase in the proportion of added to the clinical trials of various skin care products in accordance with the above suggestions and then a human experiment for 20 25 to 50 years old with moderate to severe skin wounds the aging of skin cells, skin fine lines of the public.

As long as the six-week, there are 42% of the subjects said their skin texture and wrinkles improved 53% to enhance the skin glossy, 68% repair skin wounds, 70% improvement in skin firmness and restores skin elasticity, 85% which means that a rough, dry skin improvement.
[Use the results of Example]
◎ antioxidant repair skin wounds

Before long-term use

Before long-term use

The ◎ chromatography Spectrograph
◎ white
Recommended dosage: 2% to 6%
Tabu: used in moderation, avoiding irritate the skin and cause skin allergies.

The beauty role of:
Almond acid extract in addition to anti-inflammatory, but also tightening the pores
Help vulnerable skin antioxidant, inhibiting the generation of melasma and fine lines
Conditioning acne skin, protect the rich hand, moisturize and soften the skin
Remove spots, soft skin, tight skin, deep moisturizing effect
Rich in vitamins, easily absorbed and has a nourishing and moisturizing effect
For facial acne, rough skin, dull pigment having a good improvement
(Frequently used effectively delay skin aging, skin clean and bright, with luster and flexibility)
Eliminate cellulite, excess emissions fat Skin role
Prevent sagging skin traces formed quite effective
"Material Safety Standard"
First, hold the standard
(1) temperature standard of 20 degrees to 24 degrees
(2) refrigerated

Second, the need to stay away from high temperature, away from dangerous goods, away from the pH

Third, the active storage standard
(1) Thermostats:
Half 5% decrease in activity
The activity of the year will be reduced by 10%
Activity will be reduced by 15% in a year and a half
2002 will be reduced by 25% activity

※ standard component does not decay

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