Scientific name: Coccoloba lentillifera
Properties: sea grape extract is a dark green
Country of Origin: Japan's southwestern islands, the Philippines, Guam,
Distribution: tropical to subtropical waters

,Seaweed, amino acids and fatty acids:
Help lower blood pressure, relieve stress, inhibition of cholesterol levels rise, to prevent thrombosis and myocardial infarction have a preventive effect on the circulatory system diseases.

,Seaweed inorganic elements:
Health chapter in the sea algae to have transcripts ground duties more and more natural than the more than 45 inorganic elements, the seaweed inorganic elements in them, satisfied, potassium, iron, calcium, the most abundant. The absence of the above elements of human bodily functions will be an imbalance, so daily intake of sea grape can supplement inorganic elements.

Third, seaweed vitamins:
Seaweed contains a variety of vitamins, the occurrence of major vitamin B12, C, E and niacin, and prevention of human metabolic disorders and other diseases.

Seaweed dietary fiber:
Dietary fiber polysaccharides structure of macromolecules, on human health purposes: to improve the symptoms of high blood pressure grease, inhibition of cholesterol increase the regulation of blood sugar levels, contribute to the maintenance of cardiovascular and anti-cancer effect.

Seaweed polysaccharide:
The seaweed with enhanced immunity and antitumor activity of a substance, fucoidan The study found that sea grape ingredients with anti-tumor and anti-clotting activity, also enhanced lymphocyte activity

Plant morphology:
Sea grape green algae Caulerpa, likes the growth in the warm clean sea water, heat intolerance, and fear frozen breeding afraid of the water is too deep to be afraid of the water is too shallow.

The main ingredients:
Containing a variety of units unsaturated fatty acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamin B2, E and zinc, calcium, magnesium, selenium, iron, manganese, cobalt and other trace elements, sea grape varieties are brown algae, because it contains a large number of DHA can reduce cholesterol and lowering blood pressure, prevention of gastric ulcers.


Import Source: Biocon Co. Ltd. Come from Japan
Product Name: Seagrpes Extract Liquid
Item Specification
Color Light green clean liquid
Odor Characteristic
Taste Characteristic
Assay 5% Proanthocyanidins (OPC)
Carrier None
Heavy Metals NMT 20 ppm
Total Plate Count NMT 1,000 cfu / g
Total Yeast & Mold NMT 100 cfu / g
Total Coliforms Negative
E. coli Negative
Salmonella Negative

Storage: Store in a well-closed container away from moisture

Shelf Life 1 year if sealed and store from direct sun light

★ Note
Department of Health for sea grape extract added as skin care products, cosmetics, unlimited usage.
Product Name Recommended dosage
Sea Grape Essence 2% -8%
Sea grape cream 2% -6%
Sea grape emulsion 2% -4%

A human experiments, 8-week, for 20 25 to 55 years, with moderate to severe skin cell aging, dull skin, rough skin skin skin lacks moisture of the public, the sea grape extract in accordance with the above proposals clinical trials found that the proportion of the amount of added skin care products.

36% of the subjects said their skin texture and wrinkles improved 47% to enhance the skin glossy, 55% improvement in skin aging cells, 63% improvement in skin firmness and restores skin elasticity, as well as 77% of the rough, dry skin improvement.
The sea grape extract the proportion of the amount of a slight increase in the proportion of added to the clinical trials of various skin care products in accordance with the above suggestions, and then a human experiments, for 20 25 to 55 years, with moderate to severe skin cell aging, dull skin, rough skin skin, the people of the lack of moisture to the skin.
As long as the six-week, 42% of the subjects said their skin texture and wrinkles improved 53% to enhance the skin glossy, 68% improvement in skin aging cells, 70% improvement in skin firmness and restores skin elasticity, 85% of rough, dry skin improvement.

[Use the results of Example]
◎ skin against UV

Before long-term use
Before long-term use
The ◎ chromatography Spectrograph
◎ dark green
Colors that Correspond to Various Wavelengths of Radiation
Violet 0.68to0.70 0.69
Blue 0.64to0.67 0.65
Green 0.61to0.63 0.62
Yellow 0.57to0.60 0.59
Orange 0.53to0.56 0.55
Red 0.49to0.52 0.50
Yellow 0.45to0.48 0.46
Blue 0.42to0.44 0.43

Recommended dosage: 2% to 4%

Tabu: used in moderation, avoiding irritate the skin and cause skin allergies.

The beauty role of:
Effective relief and inhibit the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles surrounding muscle contraction and activities to help relax the muscles, the skin elastic tissue Reply supple, smooth lines. Can slow down the discomfort of sensitive skin, and reduce the sense of tension and tingling of the skin, can effectively improve the rough, sensitive and Dry skin.

A variety of amino acids and mineral content, you can adjust the body's normal metabolic function. Another can promote cell activity, so that the elastic fiber hyperplasia, and then repair cells, but also effectively capture the free radicals generated by sunlight, prevention of skin photoaging.

Activation of microcirculation, blood flow, applied against dark circles, bags under the eyes is particularly effective. Applied to improve the eye dull.

"Material Safety Standard"
First, hold the standard
(1) temperature standard of 20 degrees to 24 degrees
(2) refrigerated

Second, the need to stay away from high temperature, away from dangerous goods, away from the pH

Third, the active storage standard
(1) Thermostats:
Half 5% decrease in activity
The activity of the year will be reduced by 10%
Activity will be reduced by 15% in a year and a half
2002 will be reduced by 25% activity
Lot: Aa000071001