PhytoCellTec TM AIP ROSE.玫瑰幹細胞

Chinese name: Rose stem cells

English name: PhytoCellTec TM AIP ROSE

Properties: Rose Stem cells are a faint pink extract

The Rosaceae Rose subfamily rose genus.

Morphological appearance
Branches up to 60 cm high, cultivation conditions, generally 60 to 80 cm high. Minor taupe,
Acupuncture, twigs smooth skin. The phyllotaxis single leaves are alternate, elliptic to oval, serrated margin. The corymbs red petals Fen bud with red, colors and sizes because of different varieties.

Rose is rich in vitamin B c specific cell activity factor addition, Rose acid, tannic acid.

Rose stem cells can effectively revitalizes skin, lock water, water, water transport, water production, water catching, such as the five "water-play cycle mechanism: the lock water - tension the link force between the skin cells, 100% moisture locking is not lost ! Skin lock water lies in the close link between keratinocytes "molecular riveting" (CEj) on. Which is responsible for the blockade of peripheral cells between the left and right molecules riveting "(tight junctions) damage due to external environmental damage and the formation of the hole in the cell, resulting in the loss of moisture from the inner layer of the skin to the periphery; responsible for cell tight" omni-directional molecular riveting "(sticking junction) due to fracture widened intercellular space, resulting in the loss of intra-cellular water. The new "Desert Rose complexes can also repair damaged molecules around rivet" hole in the cell, and tension rose stem cells can cell gap, double strengthen the skin lock water. Water production - to stimulate the metabolism and activation of cells, the cells to produce the water molecules uninterrupted. Can stimulate the metabolism and activation of cells, the cells themselves naturally without interruption generated by the muscle at the end of the water molecules, cells need moisture, so skin autologous use running water energy. Carrying water - to clear the water transmission system to achieve the perfect water balance of the skin. Maintain the cells lose water channel "aquaporin" healthy and fast transfer of water to the cells need water, every inch of skin to achieve the best water equilibrium.
■ storage - Additions water-holding capacity, emergency skin will not dry. Thorn hair "produce" a subset of moisture within the skin will be temporarily useless to the water stored in the cell, when the lack of internal and external sources of water supply, the skin will be able to emergency release "a subset of moisture."

PhytoCellTec TM AIP ROSE

Import Source: Ashland Co. Ltd. Come form USA


Product Name PhytoCellTec TM AIP ROSE Extract Liquid


Description Clear liquid Conformed
Odor Characteristic Characteristic
Taste Characteristic Characteristic

PhytoCellTec TM AIP Rose 90%

pH (4% in water) 2.5-4.5 3.8

Hevy Metals NMT 100ppm Conformed
Arsenic NMT 2 ppm Conformed

Total Plate Count NMT 1,000 cfu / g Conformed
Total Yeast & Mold NMT 100 cfu / g Conformed
E.coli Negative Negative
Salmonella Negative Negative

Storage: Store in a well-closed contalner away from molsture
Shelf Life 1 year if sealed and store from direct sun light

★ Note
Department of Health for apple stem cell extract added as skin care products, cosmetics, indefinite dosage.

Product Name Recommended dosage
Rose Stem Cell Serum 5% -14%
The roses stem cells Cream 5% -12%
The roses stem cells emulsion 5% -10%

A human experiments, 8-week, for 20 to 48 years old with moderate to severe skin pores too large, the skin lacks moisture, dull skin, rough skin, apple stem cell extract solution in accordance with the above recommended dosage ratio added found in clinical trials of various skin care products.

70% to enhance the skin glossy, 80% of the convergence of the pores of the skin, 85% of rough, dry skin improvement, 60% moisturizing skin.

If the apple stem cell extraction solution in accordance with the above recommended use ratio and then increase the proportion of a little, added to the various skincare products. Clinical experiments found, and then carry out a human experiment, for 20 20 to the 48-year-old, moderate to severe skin pores too large, lack of moisture to the skin, dull skin, rough skin people.

As long as a six-week, 70% to enhance the skin glossy, 80% of the convergence of the pores of the skin, 85% of rough, dry skin improvement, 60% moisturizing skin.

[Use the results of Example]
◎ skin moisturizing, whitening, wrinkle
Before long-term use
Before long-term use
The ◎ chromatography Spectrograph
◎ short Fen color
Colors that Correspond to Various Wavelengths of Radiation
Green 0.54to0.57 0.56
Red 0.58to0.61 0.60
Orange 0.62to0.64 0.63
Red 0.65to0.67 0.66
Yellow 0.68to0.70 0.69

Recommended dosage: 1% to 6%
Tabu: used in moderation, avoiding irritate the skin and cause skin allergies.

The beauty role of:

Efficient deep penetration, The hypoallergenic activated absorption, promote cell DNA repair damaged fragile cells,

In extreme environments (such as cold or high UV index), continuously enhance the muscle at the end of stem cell proliferation and division,

Increase collagen and tender muscle rehabilitation rate, created from the bottom of the muscle elasticity and plump skin, to fine pores HYDRAT skin

Suitable for skin ︰

1) large pores, water and oil imbalance, rough sarcoplasmic

2) water scarcity, vulnerability to weather changes sensitive

3) looking dull, tired, lifeless skin

4) relaxation, fine lines, wrinkles and expression lines

"Material Safety Standard"
First, hold the standard
(1) temperature standard of 20 degrees to 24 degrees
(2) refrigerated

Second, the need to stay away from high temperature, away from dangerous goods, away from the pH

Third, the active storage standard
(1) Thermostats:
Half 5% decrease in activity
The activity of the year will be reduced by 10%
Activity will be reduced by 15% in a year and a half
2002 will be reduced by 25% activity