狗尾草油.Hairy Uraria Oil

Brief introduction

English name:

Hairy Uraria

Latin scientific term:

Uraria crinita (L.) Desv. ex DC.



The green foxtail,dog tail brings, the dog tail shoot, fox tail,wildcat tail,all-powerful grass,tiger tail round,rabbit tail grass,greatly this mountain is green, the cat tail grass, cattle spring spend, cat Zi tail(Taiwanese)



The bean section(Leguminosae) rabbit tail grass belongs to(Uraria)


The habitat distributes:

The dry wasteland of Taichung,Nantou,Chiayi,Tainan, Kaohsiung,Pingtung,Taitung has been already planted.Tatu mountain mountain area in the central part and mountain area in Nantou planted in great quantities.


Eat a part:

I am mature to spend Sui


Bear Yin, drought, with seed heavy plant for lord.


The plant introduces

Plant type

Caulis:The second bush which gets for several years, the plant height can reach to there is short hair on 1.5 meters,caulis erection and separately one more of caulis.


Leaf:The odd numbers feather form compound leaf,get with each other;Have a long handle;Little leaf's 3-7 slices, cover with needle form or oval towards getting, leaf slice egg form, grow 10-15 cms, the breadth is 5-7 cms, carrying a short point first,Ji department circular or slightly heart form, whole good luck,up hairless,back fluff;The leaf of the Tuo is small.


Spend:The total form inflorescence crest gets, becoming a Sui form,30 cms of long above,carry flection first, the likeness"dog tail",spend very dense;The E tube is very short;The corolla Die form, purple color,the ensign petal Kuo,wing petal and main beam of boat petal glue to post;The stamen is two bodies, ovary place of honor.The flower expects for 5-7 months, the fruit expects for 7-9 months.


Root: The root presents a beard form.

Fruit:The Jia fruit is 2-4 sections, distorting overlap, slightly short hair.The seed black brown.There is sheen.



Ecosystem distinguishing feature

Gets miscellaneous grass for a year, sproutlacing the feat temperature is 15-30 ,10 can also sproutlace, but the germination rate is low and pay seedling slowness,paying seedling depth to 0 in the soil layer a 8 cms.In all aspects Heilongjiang starts seedling at the beginning of May, can keep on till the end of July,blooming for 7-8 months, 8-9 month,the seed is mature,mature seed must through more the winter dormancy can sproutlaced.Region in Shanghai April in, the last ten days of month pay seedling,attaining high peak at the end of last ten days of month,September up, the middle ten days of month still have an occurrence high peak, can take place 2-3 for a year.


Plant special features

Jot down according to"the primary color Taiwanese medicine use plant diagram Jian"green foxtail,flavor is badly sweet,not poisonous and main to cure child growth,has Pi of open,benefit urine, be good for the stomach in addition to accumulating etc.effect,still have function of stopping coughing the smooth larynx in addition,people even cook water to it be the tea drink, its flavor flavor fragrance,sweet Chun,like ginseng tea,so also have"Taiwanese ginseng" of call.


     Green foxtail whole yearses can adopt to accept, going to by August among them December the medicine which adopt to accept is the best,it not only is a good medicine to use a plant, but also can be regarded as health food.In the last few years,in Nantou,Chang-hua one the road both sides brought everywhere it is thus clear that the placard of"dog tail chicken"become vogue at that time,general dog tail chicken cook the way take the green foxtail and the black bone chicken as main material,or again consider to add Chinese herbal medicine,braising soup by slow fire can immediately eat, can also braise to cook together with fish, meat, frog, braising soup sweet and not greasy,it is for the food to repair a delicacy.So-called"the medicine repair a not equal to food to repair",we should make something of this kind of natural medicine to use a plant, recent international just big to Taiwanese home rhinoceros corn four attack,blame Taiwan is the chief culprit moment which destroys completely a rare wildlife on the earth, if the people want to eat tonic food,natural plant-all-powerful grass,can also reach the function of repairing the spirit of strengthening figure equally.


Was born in the side of the slope bushes or the miscellaneous grass cluster in, Taiwan then is almost a profession to educate in great quantities currently.The seed breeds.



The green foxtail that Taiwan produces belongs to the same to plant to have kind, its composition has alike with minor differences and mostly:


Go together with a sugar body(Glycosides)

Flavones flavonoid

The Vitexin male Jing vegetable

The Saponaretin soap is plain

The Orientin red grass vegetable

Saponarin(Orientin-n-o-glucoside) red grass(vegetable)

Vicenin- Hu Ba is plain-

The Vitexin-n-o-glucoside male Jing

Saponaretin-4'-the o-glucoside soap is plain

Sugar waits for various ingredients.


The flavonoid& Flavonoides flavonoid of the Flavones is plain


Have a toxicity(small poison) slightly,have virussafe, anti-virus, eliminate inflammation to relieve pain etc. function.Other compositions,such as Vitexin, Saponaretin,Orientin,Vicenin-etc.all belong to a type of Flavonoides with plain flavonoid.


The composition of green foxtail,such as the pharmacology function of flavonoid Flavone and type flavonoid Flavonides,have a Lian function of accept, stimulate or excited the stomach and intestines secretes digest enzyme or other gland body secretion,exaltation appetite,strengthen digest function,so develop child bad with wear monkey disease.(muscle thin skinny,like monkey generally past call a monkey disease)These compositions still are anti-virus besides virussafe and





Going together with a sugar body(glycoside) and calling the sugar sweet or sweet quality is the outcome that the sugar matches through the gene together some organic compound Suos of its revivification.In sugar return a dollar Ji,alcohol,ethanol, hydroxyl etc.the organic compound knot synthesize of the compound generic name is to go together with a carbohydrate body,it has the function of stimulating hormone,in addition still depressant,increase the effect of blood quantity and adjust myocardial ability.


The pharmacology experiments



1.Green foxtail root inspissation liquids all have coagulation to the Taiwanese dog and the domestic rabbit,stopping bleeding a function obviously


2.Leaf after hanging a body to the brain coronary artery constringency and high blood pressure caused by hormone, have to resist and remove a function,the phenomenon heart rate presented by it reduces slowly,coronary artery blood quantity increment,myocardial blood the depletion of the oxygen contain obvious decrease.


3.South Hui dog tail pill condense a liquid, make vein to inject and take orally to experiment to the Taiwanese dog and the domestic rabbit,all have a function of declining the blood pressure,its time,inject(IV) compare take orally fast.Does making another white rat experiments, has time that Ba of extension compares secure sleeping pills,postpone long time.


4.To the tapeworm,insect and hookworm get rid of an insect function all and obviously.


5.All have a very strong anti-virus function to the helicoid,enterovirus,diphtheria rod bacteria


Function and application

Spend maturity Sui Dao to crumple,dismantle thin fruit,after going to skin cook a gruel edible.


The whole grasseses have solid stomach Jian Pi and digest in addition to accumulate,living what blood stop bleeding.


   The whole grass lord cures cold a cough,malaria or cold and hot contacts,thrombus(absorb) disease,throw up blood,spit blood,


   Urine blood,stomach and intestines weak,the stomach trouble,stomach intestinal ulcer,womb descend to hang, gastroptosis and muscle Jian are burning

   Wait for a disease.


Root has to eliminate inflammation to dispel wet, the Lao turn Yu of function.


The lord treats a rheumatism arthritis,muscle Jian to blaze,ligaments inflammation,periosteum inflammation, cartilage(knot Di organization)


   Deteriorate and exercise to hurt,fall dozen inside the external injury,nocturnal emission and shoot to protect swollen big,brothers have no power.


Destroy insects to eliminate to accumulate


Lord cure child appetite not to open,develop badly, the child Gan accumulate,the appetite doesn't flap etc. disease.


The grandma of one generation it is rumored can turn a bone,child puberty growth bad,long not big,can braise sparerib or chicken edible,there is the good reputation of"Taiwanese ginseng,suit special medicine grass of strengthening the physical strength.


Jot down according to the Chinese Herbal Materia Medica,sex is smooth,not dry not hot,open Pi and decline stomach fire,has been ising health and food of folks devolution to treat food material.In early days in the village society,adult would with the green foxtail braise sparerib,chicken to let the child love have a meal,grow up at once,up to now be still the grade four is above of Mr.the amah thinks of rather of ancient time early flavor.


The traditional food treats convenient can also use to drink in opening gastric green foxtail of.In Nantou County country farmers'association with all-powerful grass and oolong tea of speciality,the development becomes green foxtail health tea