川芎油.Rhizoma Chuanxiong Oil

Brief introduction

English name:

Rhizoma Chuanxiong

Scientific term:

Ligusticum sinense Oliv


The Qiong poor and little leaf's hemlock parsley


Department source:

San form section plant hemlock parsley Ligusticum chuanxiong Hort.Of root-stock


Sex flavor:

Flavor H, sex is hot.Returning the liver,Dan, heart wraps through



Produce in Sichuan, expensive state,Yunnan, produce quality by Sichuan excellent.


The plant introduces


Plant type

Get herbage for several years,high.The caulis straightens hollow,the surface contain Zong ditch.2~3 return to feather form,the compound leaf gets with each other, little leaf's 3~5 rightnesses, egg form triangle,feather form whole crack;The petiole Ji department presents a sheath form to embrace a caulis. The Fu San form inflorescence crest gets, total Bao slice 3~6,umbrella;Small Bao slice line form;Flower stalk,the flower is white.The double hangs a fruit oval.The flower expects for months, the fruit expects September.


Sex form

The root-stock knots the stanza form boxing form conglomeration, diameter.Is the surface deep Brown,have already had another Does the parallelism swell up,The top end has hollow of Hen,descend And Have already had another up Small lump Root Hen.The surface deeply yellow brown,has the round that the parallel most swells up the stanza,the top end contain hollow caulis Hen,descending side and round stanza is most a small lump form a root Hen up,Color,spread is thin?Color oil,Become?Present wave.The quality is solid,breaking a noodles yellow,spreading thin and yellow oil to order,the formation layer presents a form wreath line.Fragrant Qi,The flavor is bitter,hot and tiny back sweet, have the hemp tongue the feeling.The aroma is thick,the flavor is bitter, hot and tiny back sweet, have the hemp tongue the feeling.


Adopt to make

In summer when the stanza dish on the caulis notable Peng big,and bring slightly purple hour adopt to dig, remove caulis seedling and sediment, dry in the air or the Kang do, bumping to the root of whiskers.


Ancient works summary    

1.the God agriculture this grass through:"The lord suffers a stroke to have a headache into the brain, cold Bi, the Jin vein is slowly nasty, gold Chuang, the women blood shuts have no son.


2.this grass remit speech:"The Qiong Qiong, the north bound head of group, descends to adjust through water, medium open Yu knot, spirit medicine in blood ……taste for the Chinese angelica make,cure blood to have a great achievement not and, and cure spirit God to also check also the flavor hot sex sun, annoy kind walk to flee and have no the Yin Ning glue the Tai of Zhi, although go into blood cent, and then go to all breezes, adjust all spirits.


3.this grass weaves lately:"Hemlock parsley ……the blood shut an ability,outside feeling can spread, treating a the breeze its God,the ache of gold Chuang.This medicine can gentleman can minister, can make,but can't be single to use for the Zuo again if the list uses persistently to move by increasing the blood then blood,anti-have lost sorrow.If the list use persistently to relieve pain painful then,



Alkaloid(as hemlock parsley tetramethylpyrazine)

Volatile oil(main is Originally inside fat,the joss-stick cook Xi etc.)

Fen material(as Wei sour ferulic acid)

Inside fat vegetable(4-Qian Ji-3-the D Ji ester inside the Yan 4-hydroxy-3- Ester senkyunolide inside the butylphthalide, hemlock parsley Yan),Originally inside ester Ligustilide)

Hemlock parsley Fen(chuanxiongol)

The Se Dan is sour(sedanic acid)

Vitamin A,folic acid

Cane sugar

Zi Chun, fat oil etc.



(1).Relieving the afferent and smooth muscle(aorta) convulses.(the adrenaline, chlorination potassium cause)


(2).Extend coronal blood vessel,increase hat vein a blood quantity.The myocardial which resists to hang an empress, leaf,'s vegetable of body to cause lacks blood anoxia.The myocardial Geng eased a ligation hat vein to cause dies pathological changes degree.


(3).Extend cerebral easy shield through the blood brain, distribute inside brain more;Repress blood platelets gathering;Improve tiny circulation.




◎    ferulic acid

Repressed the function that the blood platelets gathering releases with the from the blood platelets.can repress the big rat blood platelets that the ADP induces with gum at first to come together. Its sodium salt and  vein's injecting can repress the big rat blood platelets that the ADP induces with gum at first to come together respectively. Use the marking blood platelets of the HT Hs-5s, observe blood platelets gathering and release the relation of reaction medium, its sodium salt to Ning blood The blood platelets gathering of inducing repressed obviously,also repressing to release from the blood platelets.lacking guts stroke under medical treatment,can pass to repress blood to bolt formation, reduce the blood sticky degree, increase a brain tiny circulate.The Senkyu ether,methyl alcohol withdraws a thing,and the Senkyu flick hair liquid Hao origin inside the ester(ligustilide),the butylidenephthalide of the neocnidilide and's ising notable to increase benzene AN is sour(benzoic acid) with the result that of callous transparence




Volatile oil

Flick hair liquid and call ethereal oil, English is an essential oil,is a type of generic name of the volatility oil form composition that have sweet smell smell and can distil and mix to dissolve not and mutually with water again with the steam which exists in plant.Is a type of oil form which has volatility and can distil with water steam liquid,greatly part of have aroma,as peppermint oil,oil of clove etc.The medium herb medicine contained to flick hair liquid is quite a few,also having fragrance spirit more,with the sections, such as the fragrant section(orange,Jie,wild pepper.etc),Zhang section(Zhang,cinnamon.etc) of the lips form section(mint,purple Su,Huo joss-stick.etc),San form section(fennel,Chinese angelica, coriandra,white Zhi,hemlock parsley.etc),chrysanthemum section(Ai leaf,bacterium Chen Gao,Cang Zhu, white Zhu,wood joss-stick.etc),Yun and ginger section(ginger,ginger Huang, Yu gold etc.)etc.is more abundant.Contain medium herb medicine of flicking the hair liquid or withdraw of flick hair liquid to mostly have diaphoresis,manage spirit and relieve pain, suppress functions,such as germ and Jiao flavor.etc.


◎    senkyunolide




Lived the function that the blood Qu Yu,Qu breeze relieves pain.


Tradition be used for chest Xie ache,rheumatism Bi pain,the agglomeration of Zheng Jia,Chuang Yang is swollen pain,fall Pu to distress,the mentruation doesn't adjust,postnatal period Yu pain,and catch a cold to have a headache,be partial to is having a headache etc.


The modern is used for a coronary,angina pectoris and lacks the guts chest afferent disease.



(1)Hemlock parsley Can extend a coronary artery, increase coronary artery blood quantity,improve the blood oxygen of myocardial supply,and reduce the oxygen consumption of myocardial.

(2)Hemlock parsley Can extend cerebral,reduce afferent resistance,notable increment brain and body blood quantity,improve tiny circulation.

(3)The formation canned reduce a blood platelets surfaced activity,repressed blood platelets to solidify, prevented blood from bolting.

(4)Contain the Wei's sour neutral composition small amount of promote,the big amount of repress the womb smooth muscle.

(5)Water fries system to is depressant, and have obviously and hold out for long time to the animal central nervous system of declining and pressing function.

(6)Can accelerate the bone fracture partial blood swollen absorption,promote the bone Jia become.

(7)Have anti-vitamin the E to lack of a function.

(8)Can repress various rod bacterias.

(9)There is anti-organization An and benefit Dan function.

(10)The anti-radiates.



It inside contain of the Wei is sour and can prevent melanin from growing,keeping skin white clean to promote skin metabolism, keep abnormality melanin from sediment


The hairdressing magazine of the China medical science publishes, in the hemlock parsley The black and plain cell developed outside to the body suppresses a manufacture to use a research in, shoot electricity mirror to observe a manifestation deeply,add hemlock parsley Back the black and plain and small body reduces obviously.Conclusion hemlock parsley Can repress black and plain cell to propagate,the black vegetable synthesize,the Lao ammonia sour Activity,this may be the clinical application Chinese herbal medicine the hemlock parsley cure the skin dye the mechanism of the disease.


The vitamin A contained composition can make the person's skin soft and smooth, eyes are bright, and reduce sebum spillage and make the skin have flexibility


Among them,the Zi Chun control oil composition,the ability is valid to prevent the sebum secrete excessively,making the skin keep to sweep with long hours dry,reduce skin problem creation, and make pore meticulous


Mainly can use in the hair care and the face skin aspect:

Can extend the head hair thin blood vessel;Promote the blood circulation of head;Increase the nourishment supply of hair,make the hair allow of no inconstancy frailty;The anti-pulls strength and extension to increase obviously;Also can defer a grey hair growth, avoid hair withered shed off,keep the hair oil smooth sheen.BE withdrawn an equipment by the hemlock parsley to make into of various shampoo fragrant wave,shampoo a liquid and get a hair liquid,all have the hair care of[with] different degree to protect hair effect.


Because the hemlock parsley has already defended the effect that the system vitamin E lacks of a disease, and the vitamin E is among nations generally accepted is the anti-old.He can promote blood circulation inside the skin;Can clean skin even crease.The hemlock parsley has anti-vitamin E to lack of the function of disease,so often take hemlock parsley and its product,to defer