小茴香油.Cumin Oil

Brief introduction

English name:


Scientific term:

Foeniculum vulgare Mill



Valley Hui,fennel,Huai joss-stick,joss-stick,fragrant son in the valley.


Department source:

Belong to plant fennel Foeniculum vulgare Mill for the umbrella form section little fennel.Of mature fruit;It root,leaf and whole grasseses can also the medicine use.



Come from south Europe and southwest second, is produced in at first once India and Mediterranean bring, Hawaii and Fuji in the Pacific Ocean also introduce development in great quantities now.The new little fennel delivers seedling with the seed.


Sex flavor:

Educate important point:

Pleased and moist weather,resistant to cold,the general soil all can plant a kind.The seed breeds.


Collect to process:

The autumn picks mature fruit,removing miscellaneous quality,drying in the sun.Whole grasseses and leaf can adopt summer autumn,the root can adopt all the year round,washing to the mud, drying in the sun.



The plant introduces

Little fennel(scientific term Foeniculum vulgare), several years herbs, and celery and carrot together section.The little fennel is mainly produced in Egypt and India, likeness with fennel flavor, but sweeter.



Type characteristic

Get herbage for several years, the whole stub surface contain powder frost,having strong aroma.Umbrella,grow a not to wait for;Flower stalk, grow ;The flower is sexual,the E Chi lacks,flower petal,upper part to pageboy song,tiny and cave;Stamen 5;The ovary is next, rooms.The double hangs fruit egg a form long circular,growing,dividing into a fruit often slightly bent, have 5 Lengs,have different fragrance to annoy especially



Straighten,upper part cent.The Ji foliation cluster gets,there is long handle,



The caulis foliation gets with each other,the petiole Ji department extension presents a sheath form to embrace a caulis,3-4 return to feather form compound leaf,final and little leaf slice line form.



In summer the carat fine yellow floret,for crest the Fu umbrella form inflorescence which get to get with side, have no total Bao with small total Bao;



Dry fruit, then present a small cylinder form, the both ends is slightly sharp.


The Ji department sometimes brings a small fruit handle, the top remains a tan flower column Ji department.


Appearance Huang is green,dividing into a fruit to present long oval.


With grain even,full and yellow green,the aromatic flavor is sweet is good.



Can use dibble or offshoot method,spring or autumn for sow seeds a proper period.Sex pleased dry cold and cool weather,the cultivation soil quality plants quality soil by the rich sandy loam soil or the Fu the best,the catchment needs good, the sunshine is proper and ample.


If adopt to accept be the vegetable use,inviting after sowed seeds through can immediately adopt to accept for 15~20 days.If adopt to accept fruit to be a medicine to use,sow seeds in spring,the that year autumn certainly plant,or can teach a seedling increment amount with the offshoot method.


Chemistry composition


Contain volatile oil about.

It the main composition is fennel ether(anethole, the C10 H12 O), right Xuan little fennel Tong(d-fenchone, the C10 H16 O), right Xuan and left Xuan lemon Xi, Bo Xi, two E Xis, fennel Quan etc.s.


In the albumen

Containing fat oil about, protein is about.Still have vitamin A kind material, starch, sugar and glue liquid quality etc.



Contain flavonoid Fennel(The fenicularirn is plain for Hu skins-3-L-Arabian sugar), Mountain Nai Chun-3-Arabian sugar,Mountain Nai Chun-3-the glucose Quan is sour and the Hu skin is plain-3-the glucose Quan is sour.


Calcium, Lin, iron


Volatile oil

Flick hair liquid and call ethereal oil, English is an essential oil,is a type of generic name of the volatility oil form composition that have sweet smell smell and can distil and mix to dissolve not and mutually with water again with the steam which exists in plant.Is a type of oil form which has volatility and can distil with water steam liquid, greatly part of have aroma,as peppermint oil,oil of clove etc The medium herb medicine contained to flick hair liquid is quite a few,also having fragrance spirit more,with sections, such as the fragrant section(orange,Jie,wild pepper.etc.)Zhang section(Zhang, cinnamon.etc) of the lips form section(mint,purple Su,Huo joss-stick.etc),San form section(fennel,Chinese angelica,coriandra,white Zhi,hemlock parsley.etc),chrysanthemum section(Ai leaf,bacterium Chen Gao,Cang Zhu,white Zhu,wood joss-stick.etc),Yun and ginger section(ginger,ginger Huang, Yu gold etc.).etc. more abundant








Vitamin A

And then see net Chun retinol, carotenoid β -carotene

The influence for lacking of

 See retina influence:The shimmer descends eyes orientation badly,causing moon blindness.

 The conjunctiva dry disease:The cornea is dry or deteriorates.

 Dry disease:The eye conjunctiva is dry and atrophy, sometimes spread out cornea, become a dry eye disease.

 The skin corn turns not whole: The skin dry Se,become a Lai skin disease.

 Other:Eyes sour Se,often flow tears, eyes easily tired, ascend skin cell corn to turn to cause the easy feeling emit,cough not and all etc.Skeleton and tooth develop badly and grow not high.




Pharmacology function

For the treatment of the guinea pig experiment tubercle, the fennel Quan can strengthen a small quantity double the effect of the hydrogen chain mildewed vegetable.


The lord cures

The stomach cold pain, lower abdomen cold pain

Pain through

Shan pain

The testicle sheath film accumulates a liquid

Schistosome disease.


It open stomach in,manage spirit to relieve pain,the liver spreads cold.


been used for very early and then to join meat to help digest,can cure headache,fell sick,in the religion,the little fennel is seen in order to can wash the soul clearly of the dirty crime,helpful to male infertility.


Enhance the heart function, flatulence,mentruation not and fluently,the human milk secretes few,encourage motion, arrange poison.



The young sprout of this article can be a vegetable to eat(fennel Zi),the inflorescence can be flower material to be provided for flower arrangement to use.(fennel flower)


Little fennel seed conduct and actions adjusts to anticipate of the history is long.In China it is to use to Dun meat,in common use in Europe then in fish.In addition to using in a lot of insides of Ka Li,the Indian also roasts the joss-stick(sometimes slightly more sugar) to it,eating a small Shao to eliminate halitosis after rice.


The flavor of little fennel is very heavy very strong, bring in the mordacity sweet and feel warm.taste taste abundant,there are light bitter taste and strong aroma.


Leaf's department can refine ethereal oil,but the pregnant woman should not use.


The efflorescence can do cut flowers,flower of the part can also be used for a flower arrangement decoration,but because the smell is heavy, should not use in great quantities.


Because get some diseases,if lack the iron anemic and big disease beginning more,can make hair by black become Huang.The fennel ether in the little fennel contributes to changing melanin at first for the melanin cell, making the hair become black and bright Ze thus, can use in the cause yellow hair.


Can be applied in in addition to smelly product


Little fennel ethereal oil can benefit circulation, help oil of eliminating the solution fat,have already prevented the function that the fat piles up from


Make skin soft,recover hair sheen


The seed of black and little fennel has mightiness, the pepperystomach-ache flavor of mordacity is very liked by people.From the seed the grease extracted is an Egyptian to be called"the method old king's oil"of the precious medical treatment medicine is square.Hydration protein extracted from the seed, can help skin holdout the injury of the free radicals.