刺五加油.Ciwujia Oil

Brief introduction



Scientific term:

Eleu-therococcus senticosus (Ruper.et Maxim.)Maxim.



Siberia ginseng, five add Shen, shrimp Yi five add a wood,stab to turn stick,tiger Liao son and stab wooden staff,south five add skin,five add


Department source:

Five add a section(Araliaceae),La five add Acanthopanax senticosus(Rupr.et Maxim) Harms and belong to the same the root or the caulis skin of other plants.



Stab five add to was born in mountainous country a wood to descend and Lin-pien,main growth's northeast of the mainland and Russian Siberia in cold temperate zone, among them,Heilongjiang province river valley yield in China is the biggest.The etc province ground has already distributed as well in Jilin,Liaoning,river north,Xia west in China,to south westwards, can through grow white mountain,fog works properly mountain to go to go mountain too,can attain a dynasty eastwards toward the north fresh with Japanese Hokkaido.


The plant introduces

Belong to the same with ginseng five add a section plant, efficacy of medicine part for stab five add of dry root and root-stock, regard root as principle.

Adopt to dig summer autumn, shell to take a skin to dry in the sun.The plant is a bush at first, one meter in height much.The caulis is airtight to get thin stab.Zhang form the compound leaf, little leaf's 3-5, there is short handle,the oval form pours oval go to Ju circular,grow 6-12 Li rices, the edge contain dual Rui sharp teeth of a saw.The umbrella form inflorescence single crest gets or 2-4 gather to get, having to spend much;The flower stalk grows 1-2 Li rices, the list different stub or miscellaneous stub.The fruit near spheroid,there are five Lengs.Stab five the medicine material forms added present the knot stanza form irregular cylinder form for the root-stock,diameter 1.4~4.2 cms.Root presents a cylinder form, distort,grow 3.5-12 cms,surface dust-colour more to get black brown, coarseness,have thinner thin Zong ditch and crease, skin and have of peeling off,the peeling off presents ash a yellow.The quality is hard,cross section Huang is white.



(1).Super oxidize Qi to turn enzyme(SOD) compound.The SOD has a good anti-to oxidize function,can strengthen human body immunity and resist the result of free radicals attack, so can prevent aging.

(2).Have abundant vitamin and the mineral quality.Stab through research analysis five add medium have vitamin ,1,2 and etc vitamin,and manganese,copper, magnesium,cobalt,Nie,zinc,iron,sodium,potassium,calcium etc.mineral quality composition.


(3).Have abundant glucose, half lactose,carotenoid.And in the middle of going together with a type of sugar body to return a dollar Ji(alcohol,ethanol, hydroxyl etc.the organic compound knot synthesize of compound) also have the function of stimulating hormone,and the town calm down and adjust the function of[with] myocardial ability!


(4).Have to bolt another Tong,soap sweet, the leather is plain and stab five add sweet,not the fragrance not saturated organic acid etc. material.


Stab five add sweet A

Also contain this composition in the ginseng for the carotenoid.Can promote in the human body the excretion of cholesterol,can prevent and cure the cholesterol content in the blood to lead a high disease.


Stab five add sweet B

Is vegetable(Syringin) for lilac,is stab five add of main and strong composition,there is the radiation, anti-fatigue of the Cu line,anti-etc.function,have is plain with ginseng soap alike of physiology activity.


Stab five add sweet C

For ethyl half lactose PM.

Stab five add sweet D and E

For the double of the lilac resin Fen(Syringaresinol) carbohydrate PM.


The sesame fat is plain( Sesamin)

This ingredient has to stop coughing, Qu phlegm result, also have anti-tubercle the function of the rod bacteria


SOD( Superoxide dimutase)

Can repress a free radicals, have anti- oxygenation, can strengthen human body immunity power and prevent from aging and promote a health.








I am related to report:

Scholar Fulder once put forward a report in 1980, putting forward in the Olympic game of the Moscow to make Russian contestant exertive unique tournament appearance and cause a sensation a whole field,seize gold medal,attributed to Russian contestant to take a kind of supplement.


It is a kind of special essence ingredient which draws from in the ginseng of same race plant,being seen as the all-powerful medicine at Su Russia,this supplement in jot down in the former cultural heritage can make the person reflect nerve to become sharp,is have an exaltation the last long power and concentrated power of result,this is to stab five add.And stab five add and is been not included in inside the outlawed medicine scope of international Olympics, so the contestants can trust to take.


On the traditional medicine:

Stab five add is my country from time immemorial is a kind of in common use medicine material, the in the past this grass medicine all has already jotted down.Flavor H,tiny bitterness,sex,repair medium,benefit Jing, strong joints, strong will,long" light the body is able to endure hardship".The benefit annoys Jian Pi,restoring virility to tranquilize the nerves.For spleen weak, body is weak and tired, the appetite doesn't flap,the waist knee is aching,suffering from insomnia many the dream is particularly valid.


Stab five add of the effect lay particular emphasis on in benefit strong aspect,was seen in a Han Dynasty at the earliest stage[the God agriculture this grass through,have already listed as its first grade medicine.Pointing is first grade not poisonous, long can lightly body,promise longevity and harmless.Stab five add to be seen namely from ancient time as have the good medicine that the Jing repairs Sui and anti- decrepitude function of add.Ming Dynasty Lee Jane


On the clinical application:

(1). Chronic tracheitis:

6medical treatment units in Mainland China are 402 total chronic tracheitis clinical observations, stabbing five add to improve obviously to the chronic tracheitis.The patient sleeps an improvement after using the medicine, the food increases,the anti-is cold and the anti-catch a cold ability exaltation,the physical strength increase.Making use of the small white rat observes to stab five add to have to certainly stop coughing to dispel a phlegm function.


(2) .Nervous prostration:

Stab five add to have notable curative effect to the nervous prostration.Observe 559 in 9 medical treatment units of Mainland China, total efficient bove.The sufferer takes a medicine behind since effect time 3-5 day, feel after taking the ratio take a medicine premise ago fall asleep, increment sleep time and depth,improve a patient to suffer from insomnia obviously, heart palpitates,forgetful and tired etc.disease.Patient weight increment, remove a sufferer whole body have no power,suffer from insomnia,the appetite doesn't flap of condition of illness.Have better curative effect to the mental illness which suppresses a Yu type besides, make to suppress Yu to ease, activity and work ability exaltation.


(3). Cardiovascular system:

Stab five add to have certain curative effect to the high blood pressure,low blood pressure,can ease various condition of illness, to falsely often the blood pressure contain adjustment function.To high blood pressure sufferer,produce a kind of function which reduces artery to press gradually and gently.Stab five add result of curing the low blood pressure the most notable.Descend the anaesthesia cat skin or the vein inject to stab five add, can extend a cerebral improvement a brain to provide amount of blood.Function in the aspects of curing to observe to stab in the process five adding to have"benefit spirit,tranquilize the nerves,live blood"three,and be in conjunction with a function mutually.


(4). Repair infirmity:

Stab five the person, who add to be used for excessiveness fatigue and work under the hard condition,s can prevent fatigue.To once exercise the young, take to stab five add can strengthen an exercise ability.


(5). The leukocyte reduces a disease:

Stab five add to build up marrow to build blood function, have function of going up the red corpuscle and hemoglobin to the normally big rat,have already gone up a function to the leukocyte decrease.


(6). Diabetes:

Stab five add treatment diabetes, can ease a patient thirsty,falsely tired etc.condition of illness.Make the urine sugar turn down,the blood sugar also declines slightly,reducing the dosage of insulin thus.


(7). Artery arteriosclerosis:

Stab five add for blood of the fat turned normally of result.Detection in the pharmacy institute of the University of Tokyo in Japan stabs five add can make the cholesterol content in blood reduce a.Going together with a sugar body A can promote to excrete the cholesterol in the human body, curing a high blood cholesterol disease;Repress blood to absorb bad cholesterol and fat from the stomach and intestines, and slowly the obviation attach in the cholesterol and the fat of wall inside the blood vessel.Can also soften blood vessel and reply an afferent ability, promote blood.circulation,prevent.artery.arteriosclerosis.Shanghai the seventh pharmaceutical factory test proof, stabbing five add root,caulis, leaf and fruit to all have increment artery to flow


8). Women of all-directions care good medicine:

Stab five don't fluently add a treatment mentruation, the cervix is burning with eczema.Stab besides five add the composition contained very complicated, various soap  composition,go together with a carbohydrate body, little element etc.therefore inside the ability balanced body nourishment vegetable,equilibrium Ji system.Stab besides five add also is a Chinese medicine to cure mentruation one of not agreeable most main medicines, the mentruation not agreeable main reason is an endocrine mess,mostly belonging to a blood disease, being like blood falsely,blood Yu, blood Lao etc., cause because of blood Yu and blood Lao of mentruation not agreeable, stab on the treatment five add of live blood to turn Yu curative effect very good, stab on the other hand five add and is a kind of benefit Chinese herbal medicine, can long,can strengthen figure Jian,stab five add a treatment of being used for the mentruation disease.


Point out to stab in this grass beg really five add can cure "the women Yin Yang insect get",because of stabbing five add to have very nice promote the function of immunity power,for example the Ji of hospital microorganism laboratory in Suzhou become a professor, to stab five add of the research hint, stabbing five add to withdraw can promote the immunity cell produce,can promote yield and activity of cutthroat cell(NK) cell inside the body, have extremely notable immunity to promote a function.


The hairdressing is applied


(Stab five add the ability fair skin:

Stab five add is a kind of high effect anti-oxidizing agent,anti-s oxidizing result is a vitamin of 500%.Among them the SO contained , can excessive oxygen free radicals inside the valid clearance body, from here and protect human body cell, prevent facing the formation of spot from.For the face spot had already after become piece, stab five add on the other hand to lead function of oxidizing the fat by its clearance and exertive direct treatment function, stab on the other hand five add have of live blood to turn Yu effect,can promote blood circulation, accumulate Yu in the face of lead oxidize a fat to remove as soon as possible. Can protect callous cell,after postponing its decrepitude.


Have a weight reduction health care function:

To endocrine mess with the result that of obese,stab five add to have direct treatment result.Also can conduct and actions diet an energy supplement of reducing weight.


Stab five add a tea ability Shu to press, decline anger, more the ability hairdressing keep Yan.


Make skin meek, have flexibility and smooth sheen, strong effect hydration reduces a fine line a creation, there is bright skin.


Promote metabolism, maintain a complexion.


Add the cell in the periostracum effectively, quality need, permeate a skin quickly deep adjust sebum and humidity of balance, can protect to adjust reason skin, equilibrium grease to secrete prosperous, the clearance pore jam dirt, then can repress a pimple, pimple rod bacteria to stir up, preventing a pimple and pimple of creation.


Have a cell rebirth, the town calms down and adjusts the advantage of[with] reason