苦橙油.Bitter orange oil 



Bitter orange oil

English name:Orange Bitter Oil

Scientific term:Citrus Aurantium(I am sweet and orange to belong to)

Habitat Reggae:Reggae

Extract part:Fruit peel

Extract a method:Distil

Smell:meticulous clear orange joss-stick


The bitter orange draws out a thing to extract from the plant(BITTER ORANGE) its fruit peel of the orange fruit

Of essence composition, have Xin joy aroma(Synephrine), sweet orange and sour(Citric acid),


The type flavonoid(Hesperidine flavonoids) waits for a natural ingredient.Is also an Aromatherapy most

One of the ethereal oil raw materials often used.




Chemistry type

The Xin enjoys aroma(Synephrine)


Sweet orange and sour(Citric acid)


Type flavonoid(Hesperidine flavonoids)








The bitter orange comes from nation in Mediterranean, French also is called "sour orange tree". The fabulous and bitter orange is in A.D.

BE introduced Europe by the Arabian businessman in 1200, afterwards in 17 jerkins, Italy, west class

Tooth and French botanist widely for use. An among those kinds ethereal oil, French is called"petit

grain". The usage history of bitter orange wants to trace back to to be period till ancient times- The ancient Greek is used as it

The disinfectant in the Aromatherapy, and the tranquilizer in the phytotherapy. At the hairdressing aspect, it

Have fragrance and endow with alive characteristic.





Bitter orange leaf's main habitat is a Paraguay(or from export Brazil), the quality is better to is produced by Italian the south, both of the difference lie in:What Italy produce bitter orange leaf"bitter taste" is stronger, getting close to  an orange flower  directly and quickly, so the decompression result is better, certainly the price is also the multiple that medium South America produces.




Bitter orange leaf's early years not is harvess from the leaf, but the orange tree green acrid small fruit, after being also an efflorescence to expect to end lately- knotted fruit, this explained why it can look after both sides of fruit flavor and flower flavor, but this the method was very uneconomical(the small fruits all took off where come mature of fruit), so go into leaf and tree branch in addition in the later extraction, so just let its smell become thus diverse and complicated.




The bad businessman will take bitter orange leaf Chong to mix to spend ethereal oil to sell for the orange, in fact, the ethereal oil quality of the whole orange series, all relate to source and composition, because of the fruit, leaf, tree branch, blossom of orange tree...Can be an ethereal oil, but the price has the few decuples the margin!The strict control ethereal oil quality guards a pass, becoming an equal and important method.




Can provide 1 kind simply here:Smell in the meantime the bitter orange leaf spend with orange, their smell is close by, but the orange spend of smell far bitter orange leaf hold out for long time(invite is double time), for example you fall asleep ago use a bitter orange leaf to plus an orange flower, can smell for a night seamlessly special and bitter orange flavor, on feeling get up, only have the smell of orange flower return at, at this time can give you morning delightfully fresh fragrance of flower flavor!




The orange(orange) can refine the part of ethereal oil to have:Fruit, flower, branches and leaves, the fruit is an orange ethereal oil, the flower is an orange flower, the branches and leaves is orange leaf's ethereal oil.

The orange is basic to be divided into bitter orange and sweet orange, so sweet orange ethereal oil, the orange spends ethereal oil, bitter orange leaf's ethereal oil these 3 kinds are the most familiar.





Orange aurantium subsp. The amara is an evergreen tree native son which stabs much to the Vietnamese south, but cultivates extensively.It is used like marry to connect the stock as orange tree, in the orange jam, with at quick of speech wine triple second, Malaysia Ni second with Cura1cao.It and cultivate for the ethereal oil to be expressed from the fruit, and is neroli oil and orange flower water, is distiled from flower.Filling the Wei benefit second orange(or bigarade)'s being a breadth has been already known of, the extreme and sour orange is planted in the process of Mediterranean now.It is actually thick, rise the skin of ripples with is win a prize of in order to do orange jam, is high in the fruit gum compare sweet orange, with therefore give one better gather and produce quantity higherly.It and is used in the candied fruit with is the orange-flavored quick of speech wine.



Fragrant lemon orange, C. Aurantium subsp.Bergamia's cultivating is fragrant separately many brand perfume and tea of the lemon oil, set to produce in Italy.Chinotto, from laurel leaved orange tree in California, C. Aurantium var. Myrtifolia, the region to Italian Daidai, C. Aurantium var.Daidai, is used in Chinese medicine and Japan.




The smell meticulous and clear orange assigns name to "bitter and astringent orange" to speak of orange tree(orange aurantium) and its fruit.Bitter and astringent orange many specieses is used for their ethereal oil, being used in the perfume and being a flavoring.They and is used in the herb medicine.Other names include a sour orange, bigarade orange and fill the Wei benefit second orange.



Bitter orange leaf- Petitgrain

Express fruit flavor in the meantime, flower flavor, the characteristic of wood flavor, the bitter orange leaf is a well-known comfortable sleep decompression use, is also the perfume industry important spice source besides.



The lord adjusts(Middle Notes) to use spice

.Almost all flower petal ethereal oil belongs to medium adjust(middle notes, or the lord adjust), and almost all of medium adjust also all is come from fragrance of flower.



.According to the book of Mandy Aftel( Essence and Alchemy: The A Book of Perfume), medium adjust(the lord adjust) to use spice and can be divided into 5 types respectively The brightness joss-stick adjusts, hot fragrant type joss-stick adjust, green and fragrant type joss-stick adjust, rose joss-stick adjust, the fan inebriate a type joss-stick adjust, fruits joss-stick adjust.Spend the fragrance extract very delicate comlications, very hard make copy by concordance.Even together the section not of same race flower, will also have very big difference,



For example:

The rose makes exchange fragrant teacher to say, the Russian rose smell is soft and beautiful, rose aroma in India is indifferent, the Egyptian rose is heavy, Turkey rose is sweet, Bulgarian rose aroma the full circle is smooth.

.Join in the cool-headed bottom adjust in adjust, adjust vice- square ethereal oil, compared to to this perfume to settle a heart, give this perfume brave, sex appeal, sincerity or lovely of character.


They(the lord adjust to use spice) is sink decorous bottom to adjust deeply with agile and sharp of ago adjust of bridge, make the rough sharp angle become tactful.



The brightness joss-stick adjusts

Come from the flower which has fast and cheery quality, if the bodhi flower, magnolia, bitter orange spends ethereal oil



The bitter orange spends(Neroli)

.Meticulous sweet orange joss-stick, but not if orange sort of frivolous pure, but have more deeply a complicated sweet flavor content among them, is 1 kind to smell and would let the person feel happy flavor.

.Once the orange flower ethereal oil as early as Europe bring, often some socially prominent lady nobilities which to paint in the hair slightly, flock for putting regard as the perfume use, making them start to walk road to come to aroma to fill the air, adding tranquil and enjoyable elegant appearance more, so always is seen as the aristocratic aroma.



.The orange flower is to belong to a town to settle, equilibrium of ethereal oil, can remove nerve strain, fidgety, and release pressure, can make the person feeling flabby after smelling, be good enough to provide the conciliation function of[with] motion and physiology, can also bring the result of comfortable sleep.



.The orange flower that is on the market ethereal oil depend on species composition smell dissimilarity, separate sweet orange flower and bitter orange the flower, orange flower inside"right Xuan lemon Xi" is most precious, and bitter orange flower content sweeter orange flower high, the price is also more expensive.Sweet orange



.Plant a bitter taste orange remarkable, then would start efflorescence after having to look after with concentrated effort through 6 years, and at the 20th years, the blossom then would opens most luxuriantly, then continues thus for 80 years!In addition to plant to expect of endless, the ethereal oil extracted by its flower petal measures all rather few, so bitter orange flower the price of the ethereal oil just such the costliness is expensive.




.Take off to accept generally of the flower expect to is October, extracting its conservancy when the white blossom wears the aroma of fine daintiness deeply.Usually the farmer will get up in morning morning, waiting for dew a dry, then take off the blossom, stand together will soon the fresh blossom carry on distiling to spend by extracting the bitter orange of lately fresh pure and unadulterated ethereal oil.

.The bitter orange flower is one of the most expensive perfume materials

.Go bad easily, need to be refrigerated.

.The spice of flavor mightiness very easily overlay, but this ethereal oil has the last long of height, all matching each other very much with all oranges and fragrance of flower ethereal oil.

.Bitter orange flower's being distiled with water can produce orange flower ethereal oil(Neroli Oil), the orange spends ethereal oil again extract by melting agent,can produce the orange flower original Jing(Neroli Essences), fruit peel's squeezing can get bitter orange oil, is canned distil green orange oil by its branches and leaves.



The hairdressing effect of bitter orange


  The hairdressing promotes diaphoresis, as a result can help to jam of the skin eject toxin.Can improve in the meantime  Dry skin, crease and wet Zhen is 1 kind to protect skin ethereal oil rather and excellently.



  The attribute anti- is upset, anti-virus, the benefit digest, the town is quiet.



  The motion spreads next sunlight in the cheerless thoughts and feelings, dispersing strain and pressure, encouraging actively Of attitude.Can make the person recover animation while feeling boring and lacking of vitality.



  Match cinnamon, coriandra, lilac, silk cypress, frankincense, geranium, jasmine, juniper, Xun Dress grass, orange flower, meat nutmeg, bitter orange, rose, rosewood



  Notice to use over a long period of time or the high measure to all stimulate a sensitive skin probably.Avoid insolation after using

Bitter orange flower ethereal oil-the adjustable stanza sebum secrete, is a good disinfectant, to the pimple, pimple etc.s all have good effect, improving scurf. The bitter orange flower has anti- melancholy and the anti- upset characteristic, can metabolize an aging skin.