Matrimony vine English name:Wolfberry

Scientific term:Lycii Fructus

Matrimony vine fruit and root leaf

Contain sugar beet alkali( Betaine) three A Jis a sweet mmonia sour and various unsaturated fatty acids and are sour, the vitamin B1, B2, C, cigarette is sour, carotenoid and little element calcium, Lin, iron etc..Among them, the matrimony vine sugar beet alkali has an anti- fatty liver and protect a hepatic function.


Chemistry type:


Sugar beet alkali( Betaine)


The unsaturated fatty acid is sour.




The matrimony vine matrimony vine is also one another specific name righteousness, is an eastern snowberry


The matrimony vine is vulgar to be named two very near good luck kind of fruit: Matrimony vine and grass Qiu, these two Buddha's hands of specieses are at family Jia section.(still include potato, tomato among them, eggplant, fatal Jia fruits, hot pepper, tobacco etc.) Although it gets Jing to hard to understood(may be the southeast of Europe to face west south Asian) at first, the matrimony vine species has already attained the whole world, mainly is in China.



Grow the quality resource information net according to American Department of Agriculture, it is also called matrimony vine, the Ji treasure barbary matrimony vine, bocksdorn, cambronera, the tea tree of ducal argyll, matrimony vine.The geography origins of irrelevant plant, the name lists as Tibet and Himalayas fruits are all caring the product on the food market to come from this factory in the common usage.



Is a very nutritive food in Asia as everyone knows, the matrimony vine has already used a Chinese herbal medicine for at least 2000.It has no certificate legend, but is in fact an equal age, because all of matrimony vines are the apotheosis God which usually hangs in the Chinese agriculture, the Chinese legend starts Huang, the father, Department of Agriculture and card shark of myth stay before as early as A.D. of circa 2800.



Wait for industrialization in the United States from the beginning of 21 centuries nation, appear fast growth of understanding, is matrimony vine nourishment abundant with anti- oxygen character, 54 new products release a period, world 2006. The fast development of this kind of business, include the new function food of the type in the matrimony vine to be called"anti



(Diagram a)occurrence caulis 1-2 Li rices are long.The clock form constituted delicately(final broken be subjected to more and more treasures) or tube the form plant categorize formation short, crack slice triangle. The corolla has lavender or shallow purple, 9-14 Li rices are long, 5 or 6 leafs are short and take care of.  Structure and flower medicine of stamen open a string to connect, the space is shorter, comparing silk.(figure two)At Northern Hemisphere, the efflorescence appears, depending on degree of latitude, elevation from August to October from June to September fruit maturity, weather.




Fruit matrimony vine mature, rather county, Ningxia, China

These bright orange red of the species creation, oval berry 1-2 Li rices long. How much seed, a vast difference between the two in each berry according to the species and the fruit size, with the place 10-60 very small yellow seeds all compress curve embryo.  



Most businesses produce matrimony vine to come from interborough north of the Moslem people of Ningxia and central part region, the interborough west region of Xinjiang Wei in China my Er, they plant an artificial wood over there.Win rather a county, matrimony vine in Ningxia plants artillery range the place in 100-1000 acres(or 500-6000 acres of) usually. Follow line farmland rich add yellow river of accumulating the Man pool over 600 years, matrimony vine in Ningxia has good reputation the whole Asian superior quality a business description to sometimes produce for the year matrimony vine that"red diamond" government announces, high-quality fruit department export is according to the yield is from the approbation of Ningxia region:



Matrimony vine although species really in the growth, at some regions, the matrimony vine of the production of the business export that is Tibet is in Tibet the himayalas have to the myth build marketing advantage, because this mountain range connects Rang of green hide plateau region is a desolate business educates a plant food of any 1 kind. At the Himalayas Lu, the miserable milli- isn't any to surmount to plant a quilt sparse, the grass cluster is low, and the east and plain in the river valley, green hide plateau, grow in the low elevation of support wild matrimony vine.



Tibet the plateau is greatly part of to constitute, Tibet eastern with the north the Himalayas area is in more than 3000 rices(10,000 feet) of high empty, in the poor and unproductive soil and dry weather condition disadvantageous of fruit tree. Definition geography is Tibet and particularly in the west the Himalayas, the nighttime is cold, average temperature-4 , the continuous frost of whole yearses six months will repress the plant embryonic development, and prevent fruit formation from. Tibet existing extremely minute satisfied type agriculture and poor crops management and transportation facilities all not the berry business produce. Though is limited rich region fit food crops to exist in the river valley, pull Sa, day Ka then, river Zi, pull horse Pu with cloth to pull river especially, have an objective economy, science or government report, produce to the business of matrimony vine species, hide area from these.




Describe a Chinese ancient book, g?uq? (Fruit of Chinese wolfberry, be named matrimony vine 1753), Chinese but as early as exceed a history record, and probably is used to make miscellaneous plant stub to cross several times Asian, sign contract, by about 90 kinds of Buddha's hands, the fruit of Chinese wolfberry records to say.Although some matrimony vine marketing the appearance, theirs "the fruit hide", is a kind of particular species, due to various is an eleganus matrimony vine, the matrimony vine, matrimony vine or eleagnus of the matrimony vine eleganus, have no such of species existence. The Hu's Tui son(or silverberry sand Zao) is 1 to belong to, about 5070 kinds of flowerers are at Hu's Tui sub- family. The Feng of great majority's growing is a native temperate zone with subtropics region, include milk son at Asia, close to more more the Himalayas vein and the bear orange red berry may confuse and matrimony vine. Because especially some authors on the net declare eleagnus matrimony vine matrimony vine(another one category), is matrimony vine or improvement species originally.



Dry matrimony vine



The matrimony vine almost has never appeared outside their fresh forms, their productions district, and usually is all form that the sale opens box and packet to dry in the sun. The quantity dehydrates different matrimony vine: some soft, a little bit tiresome, do at the ground grape, possible to be very hard then. The matrimony vine has a vigorous orange red, can after treatment already and sulfurous acid salt. The matrimony vine usually uses directly, and needs not to use before transplanting again.



The medicine uses

The matrimony vine plays important role already, think in the Chinese traditional medicine(Chinese medicine), they promote immune system function over there, exaltation eyesight, protection liver, promote sperm born, and strengthen blood circulation, include other result among them.Say at the Chinese medicine, the matrimony vines are all sweet taste and the neutrals. Their behavior to liver, lung, kidney with abundant wise. They can get to eat, eating juice or wine to brew cool tea or preparation for the Ding. The fruit also uses in the traditional medicine, Japanese traditional medicine and tradition of Korea to hide a medicine.



The matrimony vine leaf can use to make tea matrimony vine root skin, blazing the skin disease of disease and some types for the Chinese medicine medicine treatment. One glucose With Fen An's separating a matrimony vine root skin has already repressed an activity, outside body to mankind with the result that disease of the germ and the fungi. Soon lift matrimony vine occurrence Tang Dynasty the typhoid Yao cheerful Lun in 7 centuries. It still discussed at 16 century, the Ming Dynasty edits collected materials Chinese Herbal Materia Medica Lee Jane.



Include several"fruit juice" from the matrimony vine product of the marketing literature, good reputation existent matrimony vine many carbohydrate has extensive biology effect and health care welfare, although these have already been practiced a certificate by go together to investigate a research. Matrimony vine many carbohydrate manifestation anti-s outside the body oxidize activity, also probably is a meal fiber of source inside the living creature body of activity, but many carbohydrate yield, ferment a product medium colon from the germ, as a few short chain fatty acidses, as D sour, can provide a health insurance welfare among them. Although the living creature greatly molecular structure, matrimony vine many carbohydrate hasn't checked pure, the structure research of first step shows the sugar that their forms exist apparently compound.




Is a kind of food, dry make a matrimony vine tradition to cook just edible use. Do matrimony vine to usually plus gruel, and use the Chinese herbal medicine tonic soup, combine chicken or pork, vegetable and other herb medicines,such as wild Yin, , yellow? , Party three, licorice.Fruit's also boiling is a cool tea, usually along with chrysanthemum with/or Zao red, pack tea have already appeared on market as well. Various wine has matrimony vine(be called guq ji ;Matrimony vine wine)also include in the manufacture mixing wine and matrimony vine is some.At least a Chinese company still produces matrimony vine beer, with the new Belgian beer factory, making the beer 1 and matrimony vine is condiments.From the beginning of 21 centuries, 1 dissolves soon to have in the coffee product fruit of Chinese wolfberry's withdrawing a thing have already produced in Mainland China.

Young matrimony vine and leaf's aring also business growths is leaf's vegetableses.

At the west, the matrimony vine does, also eating from hand to a light repast, doing to wait for a dry fruit in the ground or the grape. Their tastes have



Nutrient content

The matrimony vine has a great deal of percentage for a day of mineral quality nourishment need- Carbohydrate, protein, fat and meal fiber.  crowds do the carbohydrate of the matrimony vine existence to have , protein, among them, is each fiber with high fat, making total calories at 100 grams of send to 370(kilogram) of calories, 272 among them come from carbohydrate, 90 people, come from fat among them.



Micronutrient and plant chemistry

The matrimony vine has various nourishment materials and plant to include:

²         11s are basic with 22 little mineral quality forage

²         18 kinds of amino acidses

²         6 essential vitamins       

    More than 8 carbohydrates and sugar 6

²         5 unsaturated fatty acids are sour, including essential fatty acids, the second oil is sour with α -flax sour

²         The β -valley Zi Chun and other plant Zi Chuns

²         5 types of carotenoid, include β -carotenoid and the corn yellow quality(underneath), xanthophylls, foreign lycopene and carotenoid, xanthophylls

²         The polyphenol dye( benzene Fen) oxidizes function with anti-



Hairdressing effect

The matrimony vine fruit still has yellow vegetable, an important meal carotenoid selectivity absorbs to see the retina yellow spot there, it is thought is provide an anti- to oxidize protection and filter a function only.Adding the human body experiments enunciation, absorbing matrimony vine increment blood plasma everyday yellow vegetable turn.


The matrimony vine has benefit Jing of restore virility and keep liver a clear purpose health care function, are the middle age and old people are in common use of nourishing, hairdressing, longevity good product, and ginseng, flowery knotweed also call the herb medicine in the benefit life three treasures.Know after checking Chinese medicine ancient works, as early as ancient times, medical science house the medicine which have already controled matrimony vine.Song generation Chen keeps Zhuan retire to enjoy life to receive a close book medium say, take matrimony vine over a long period of time, can make a person "the clear eyes retain youthful looks, the light body isn't old".Ming Dynasty Lee Jane wear Chinese Herbal Materia Medica medium carry:"The matrimony vine is long to take hard joints, the light body isn't old, the clear eyes tranquilize the nerves, making person's longevity."This grass justice also say:"Matrimony vine, the flavor is heavy and pure, past can repair Yin, there is sun in the Yin, so can repair spirit, so reinforce body fluid and unlikely Yin Shuai, help sun and can make sun prosperous."South Song big poet six visit in old age, once appear eyes dim-sighted, afterwards he insist eating a cup of matrimony vine thick soup everyday, and cured a flower eye, for this six visited to write a poem to make Kua to the matrimony vine great:"Snow Ji Mao hall Chung Xin is pure, the morning Zhai matrimony vine is a cup of thick soup."

The matrimony vine has 14 kinds of amino acidses, a great deal of carotenoid, also have sugar beet alkali, smoke sour, the cattle is yellow sour, vitamin B, vitamin C, and calcium, Lin, iron etc. material.



The Chinese herbal medicine that the matrimony vine retains youthful looks

The flavor is sweet, sex is even, not poisonous.The God agriculture this grass through call "long take hard joints, the light body isn't old".Zhen power in Tang Dynasty the medicine this grass call:"Repair vitality various shortage, easy color, become white, the clear eyes tranquilize the nerves, make person's longevity." this explanation matrimony vine since make person's hairdressing, make person's longevity again.The matrimony vine is a Jia section to shed leaves bush Ningxia matrimony vine Lycium barbarum L. Of whole stubs.Matrimony vine fruit and then fruit of Chinese wolfberry, rosy sweet and tasty, flavor together grape, can make a fruit food.With Chinese Ningxia, sweet Su produce of is excellent.

Contain sugar beet alkali, various unsaturated fatty acids according to the research, matrimony vine fruit and root leaf sour, the vitamin B1, B2, C, cigarette is sour, carotenoid and little element calcium, Lin, iron etc..Among them, the matrimony vine sugar beet alkali has an anti- fatty liver and protect a hepatic function.

The matrimony vine has already declined blood pressure and decline the effect of blood sugar.And the fat person, middle age and old people see fatty liver, high blood pressure and diabetes more, the matrimony vine can cure these diseases, being advantageous to a light body doubtless, strongly built, longevity.

The matrimony vine fruit can also make the machine body T lymphoid cell increment, strengthen immunity function, so have defer decrepitude and bear an old function.Pointed spring to adopt a matrimony vine leaf, "day Jing grass";The summer adopts a matrimony vine flower, "I am long to get grass";The autumn adopts son, "fruit of Chinese wolfberry";The winter adopts a root, "ground bone skin".Protect a life hall a square have already taken food matrimony vine the example of the juvenescence, the elder insists taking food matrimony vine over a long period of time, in addition to live 100 many year old can still run about if fly outside, would also hair white return black, the sun matter is strong and healthy, the Chi falls to live a new life.