香草油.Herb Oil 

Turn over history of opening the vanilla, the toilet paper in ancient time Egypt that is before as early as 4000 in have this name.


The Egyptian once cures illness with the vanilla, also using to hairdressing, also having is at manufacture mummy of time, the vanilla is also necessary.


On the sticky soil plank of Babylonia that the ancient times sprouts, jot down several hundred kind vanilla general charts, and it usage, efficacy of medicine etc..


And then the Greek's"the father of medical science" hope wave carat bottom, also being familiar with the effect of vanilla very much, and using on various rapy.


Afterwards, the vanilla spread to Rome, person in Rome likes spice very much, in addition to using outside own body, Be also used for loving a dog and love cat etc. pet body.


And then at empire in Rome extend of in the meantime, the vanilla also spread to region in Middle East, also helping realize Arab to develop ethereal oil to refine a method.


Around 11 centurieses, crusaders east Zheng, hence bring back the country to the knowledge concerning vanilla of Arab again, and spread in whole European, until now.






Herb a word originates Latin text, is the meanings of the grass, since from Latin text come of, so we can know, the home town of vanilla is mainly a Mediterranean littoral,


And the fit vanilla grow of the weather is a Mediterranean weather.


The special features of the Mediterranean weather is the summer precipitation is few and clear up continuously, then having appropriate precipitation in winter, but the temperature is warmer.


This is also why the vanilla relatively needs to accept sunlight more in looking after of irradiation.


Of course not only this kind of weather can produce vanilla, other places seem European of the central part get to the Asia region of the north, tropical zone region and temperate zone, can see various different vanillas.


What is the vanilla plant(Herb) Don't miss it in fact too rare, some heel should be you my daily life in can get with the hand of plant, just this foreign language contain many translation names, as vanilla, sweet smell medicine grass, vanilla plant...etc..



Vanilla plant-Hui Qin

.Subject:Qin section

.Scientific term:Anthriscus cerefolium

.Good name:Chervil


Characteristic:The nickname calls "the parsley of delicacy house", no matter all extremely active in the region in France or Japan of France the cuisine the store.The black seed of Hui Qin it is said to have mysterious strength, can bring the derivation past or future unreal image, so is one of the Mi medicines that the legendary and evil female uses.


In the cuisine, the Hui Qin is a well-known cuisine vanilla, also is the main composition in the French traditional comprehensive spice.Add the Hui Qin to the salad in, have a flavors of mordacity to all lift other vegetables and delicacy of the vanilla to point to come out immediately.


Efficacy of medicine:Compare general parsley slender and pure and sweet and soft flavor, can promote appetite of having a meal.The person who is good at cuisine will be dealing with finished of before a moment just Hui Qin the Sa go up, liking to let its flavor send forth completely.


The Hui Qin has compositions, such as abundant vitamin A, B, C and iron...etc., can raise gastric function and help digest.In addition, the Hui Qin still has hemal decontamination function and benefit urine function;At basinet Europe, people treat Hui Qin as "hope vanilla" of creating the new life, so make it a rule Easter of an ex- Thursday edible this kind of vanilla.


In addition to dealing with, the more special usage is to make into the tea of Hui Qin, can make the tone clear after drinking smooth.Extract from the ethereal oil of the Hui Qin also be made up water or lotion to moisten a skin.


Vanilla plant-lavender

.Department:Purple Su's section

.Scientific term:Lavendula species



Characteristic:Lavender well known as lavender is the littoral which produces in Mediterranean at first to belong to several years of purple Su's section get herbs.Be particularly subjected to the fancy between British and Frenchman after soldier in Rome go to the lavender dissemination whole European, now Europe everywhere still it is thus clear that go to many beautiful lavender parks.


The flavor of lavender can help others to sleep well, so the most suitable suitable for use to manufacture vanilla Zhen to wait for an article in.The headrest is on the lavender Zhen, the hot air of body urges lavender to send forth simple elegance and sweet flavor, let person's town stop and think through go into sleep comfortablely.


Efficacy of medicine:The flower, leaf, caulises has flavor.Smell the flavor of lavender while proving through chemistry experiment, being a person to feel fidgety discomfort, can let anxious and fretful heart and nerve town quiet down.When headache of time, can also rub to crumple lavender oil, then draw on the temple, the meeting contain function of mollifying the headache.


In addition to the town calms down of function, the lavender still has already defended an insect, antisepsis, gets rid of breeze and activates a skin etc. function.The old-world person likes to put into the lavender while doing laundry thing, or insolates clothes in the lavender farmland, making the flavor dye a clothes, is probably a lavender because of expecting of effect.The lavender ethereal oil has hair effect of get, so also make use of in the middle of getting hair water.

Vanilla plant-basil


.Subject:Purple Su's section

.Scientific term:Ocimum basilicum

.Good name:Basil


Characteristic:Spread to from India because of Alexandria Europe, arrive British hour about 16 centuries, spread to American then is in 17 centuries, be regarded as opposite newer vanilla in the western.Generally the basil said points a sweet basil mostly, its greenery brings aroma, if adopted leaf's slice before the plant knot the white of Sui form under take into aridity, its flavor was special heavy.


Efficacy of medicine:Such as lilac and ginger mix generally at H joss-stick of remaining again bring the aroma of slight sweet flavor, can let the person smell spirit for it a flap.At India, people believe basil's canning purify is polluted by the germ of air, as a result hallow a basil of grass.Also got into the habit of putting up the basil before the chest in the dead between the follower of a religion of India in the past, symbolizing the dead had already obtained into the passport of Kingdom of Heaven;Now at the parterre of many monasteries and people's house also many meetings plant a basil.


Because the basil has to disinfect, disinfect, be good for the stomach, strong function, after finishing eating greasy cuisine, drinking a cup of simple elegance basil tea can remove greasy spirit.If there is burning mouth cavity, can use thicker basil tea, gargling the effect canned accept to eliminate inflammation several times for a day.


Vanilla plant-rosemary

.Subject:Purple Su's section

.Scientific term:Rosmarinus officinalis



Characteristic:Belong to a Rosmarine, mean "the drop of water of sea", open the blossom of light blue.When boats and ships' on the water lost bearing, because of finding this flavor just can distinguish the place of boats and ships, past with this it.


In numerous vanillas, the rosemary is 1 kind that people acquaint with very much, it being said to have mysterious strength, can protect church, the dead and even keep manufacturer from being subjected to the devil harm.Therefore western at Christmas many will decorate rosemary on church and the post or the door in the house.


At first the habitat is in south Europe, its fragrance is pleasant, taste extremely good, the efficacy of medicine is outstanding, the everyone faces of the characteristic is all extremely good applauded, making use of scope very wide.


The western folks contain a lot of romantic legend concerning rosemaries, the on the way it been said the Holy Mother Maria chases in the elusion, once hid in the grass cluster of rosemary, the body covered a linen cloak rest, being son there, originally white blossom, become an as light as the cloak of Maria's body blue unexpectedly;Hence rosemary sacred of fragrance with this legend get about the whole Europe, rosemary also therefore is seen as can banish Satanic spice.


1370 is Hungary Elizabeth queen manufacture of water of the Hungary, would be to take rosemary as main composition.That year presents to send to the handwritten formulation of queen, still keeping in the Royal library of Vienna at present.


Efficacy of medicine:The flavor of rosemary's it being said can often protect young, increase to memorize by rote


Vanilla plant-fragrant Feng grass

.Subject:Purple Su's section

.Scientific term:Melissa officinalis

.English:Lemon balm


Characteristic:The herbs got for purple Su's section several years is produced in the east littoral in Mediterranean at first, is a kind of flavor and the lemon close by taste very clear vanilla plant.


Because this is a kind of sweet source plant, the large groups bee likes around it to beat to turn, so just has Melissa this to derive from a Latin to mean "honey" belongs to.


The only sweet flavor anticipated when honey was appropriate, adapting from the honey of fragrant Feng grass among them is also a best.It is said that the Lu Ai of the Er private's place of the Middle Ages Wei Lin's prince would is because of drinking fragrant Feng grass tea early and necessarily each time, as a result live 108-year-old longevity.


Efficacy of medicine:Bring to check to manage 5 a life times prosperously for France for 14 centuries, used regularly Xun to dye fragrant Feng grass the handkerchief of the flavor to promote and boost spirit, make the brains thoughts and feelings clearer.It crumpled to match the aroma of lemon and wild pepper sort in the fragrant Feng grass, can make person's God the pure spirit is great, smoothing pressure, having the composition of fragrant Feng grass then in the cordial.


Stilling there is"Carl plum Er water" of manufacturing in France currently is taking fragrant Feng grass as main composition, can promote diaphoresis, for cause because of catching a cold of fever, headache etc. the condition of illness has curative effect.The Carl's plum Er woman monastery establishes in 15 centuries a middle period, Carl plum Er water would be by should the cloistral nun take fragrant Feng grass as main composition to dispense personally of medicine water, can cure cold, neuralgia, for head heavy annoyed, the headache also relaxs of effect.


Vanilla plant-Shi Luo

.Subject:Celery section

.Scientific term:Anethum gravolens



Characteristic:Gets herbs for a year which belongs to a celery section, Mediterranean, the south Russia, Iran, India the north a bring is it original habitat.Plant features is alike to fennel, but the fennel smell is sweeter, and the Shi Luo then has more obvious hot flavor.


Efficacy of medicine:The aroma of leaf's slice, caulis, fruit has the hot flavor of geniality.According to book before 5000 in paper Sha toilet paper on of the ancient Egyptian cultural heritage jotted down, can know the Shi Luo once was regarded as a medicine to use a plant.Etymology's coming from Si may the dilla of the Na Wei second language, meant to be"town settle", "mollify", "comfort", because the Shi Luo has a town of mollifying the ache quiet function.


In addition, the Shi Luo can also use to cure headache and be good for the stomach the whole bowel, cancellation halitosis, is the sufferer's alkali salt cuisine of the diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure etc. increases taste and lets night the kid of Ti tend in equanimity etc. various result.


The Middle Ages is also used to exorcise, people have another pleased doorway or window to knot to hang Shi Luo up.On the other hand, basinet people also regard as Shi Luo a kind of imprecation love to work properly a medicine, it being said will try to stuff the Shi Luo into the pocket of the other party secretly then when the girl or boy liked a person, can be happy to love each other by imprecation two people.


In addition some places, the bride will also fill into the few salt in own shoes and a small fennel, will use Shi Luo adornment on the clothes by with the imprecation marriage is happy.


Vanilla plant-mint

.Department:Purple Su's section

.Scientific term:Mentha species

.Good name:mint


Characteristic:The mint is one of the vanilla plants that we extremely acquaint with in the daily life.In the myth of Greece, the demon of sea-clear Te, be subjected to Pu Lu the wife Pu Luo silk bluish green Nuo of the Tuo to envy because the God Pu road Tuo of the domination of night boundary falls in love with her, being as a result become grass with the sorcery by her-namely mint.But though became grass, it still kept attracting numerous people by the fragrance which reads to gather.


In addition, the mint is also seen to symbolize as the courage and the vitality.Times in the Greece, Rome, the mans would are on own chest and the arm this kind of flavor daubery competitively for sending forth by mint of flavor to cut round ego of existence.


Efficacy of medicine:Have the composition of mint brain, the fragrance sent forth has a kind of fresh and cool feeling.Clearness' keeping fleeing can banish to sleep an idea into the aroma of nasal cavity, let the spirit as it a flap.The category of mint maximum amount because the composition contained has dissimilarity, flavor and function to also have some difference slightly.Contain more pepperystomach-ache Tong composition as the pepperystomach-ache mint, the green mint contains more fragrant Qin Tong, the Japanese mint contains a more mint brain, as a result has disinfection and eliminates inflammation, refrains from rash action, is good for the stomach respectively etc. effect.While being stung by the insect to harm can rub to crumple a peppermint slice then spread can accept its effect on the wound.