杜仲油.Eucommia Bark Oil

Brief introduction

English:Eucommia Bark

Scientific term:Eucommia ulmoides Oliv.



Thick hardy rubber bark,north Zhong, Mian hardy rubber bark,silk Mian skin,jade silk the skin,the silk Zhong, pull silk skin


Source department:

Hardy rubber bark section(Eucommiaceae).Hardy rubber bark Eucommia ulmoides Oliv.Of bark.


The habitat distributes:

Distribute to swim in Yangtze River and each province of the south,the south,Shan west of the river,sweet Su etc.ground all has a cultivation.


The medicine material lord produces in Sichuan,Shan west,Hubei,the south,expensive state,Yunnan of the river.


Sex flavor:

Sweet tiny H, . 

Originally through:"Flavor H, even."

Do not record:"Sweet, , not poisonous."

The medicine talks about:"The flavor is bitter."

Go into liver, kidney through. 

The king is very ancient:"The liver was divided into by spirit."

The god of thunder firecracker makes a medicine a solution:"Go into a kidney through."

This grass through solve:"Start with moon lung through."


The plant introduces

Chinese ancient times[Chinese Herbal Materia Medica] once jot down:"The Xi has a hardy rubber bark to take this to achieve wisdom, because of with it",so the hardy rubber bark again thinks Zhong and thinks fairy.All treat hardy rubber bark as to nourish to strengthen figure from the ancientses,proper kidney Pei liver on medicine medicine material.It is a very ancient tree to grow, at the Earth the fourth Ji(be apart from now more than 200 ten thousand yearses ago)'s glacier encroach upon, Europe and Asia and numerous hardy rubber bark plants of mainland in North America destroy completely one after another,only having department in my junior high school due to the Fu miscellaneous geography's countercheck to glacier, make few hardy rubber barks lucky to protect to stay, become the only luckily survive ground of hardy rubber bark in the world.So people call it to the hardy rubber bark of my country for"activate a stone plant".Keep to 1896 hardy rubber bark to be just led to grow Europe, 1899 lead to grow Japan,lead to grow Russia in 1906, lead to grow France,the United States, Korea, dynasty hereafter and then one after another fresh, Germany, Hungary,India and Canada.Lead to grow area among them biggest is the former Soviet Union,start in 1931 at Black Sea nearby high with north add Suo to carry on to lead a kind to plant in great quantities, the problem trying to resolve at that time it a domestic rigidity rubber resource to lack of.


Plant type :

In order to shed leaves tall tree, the hardy rubber bark is up to meters. The small is smooth, tan or thinner, the slice form Sui. The skin, and leaf all contains gum quality. The single leaf gets with each other;Oval or oval, grow Li rices, the breadth is Li rices, carrying first gradually sharp, the Ji department wide Xie form, the edge contain teeth of a saw, young leaf top Shu fluff, below the hair is more airtight,old leaf's top is smooth, underneath leaf vein Shu hair;The petiole grows 1~2 Li rices.Spend list,bisexual and different stub,open in the meantime with leaf,or first the leaf open,wasing born in


Grow temperament :

Pleased sunlight ample and gentle and moist weather, resistant to cold,not strict to soil request,the mound, plain all can plant,can also make use of piecemeal land or educate all around.



The bark contains hardy rubber bark gum,the root skin contains around,in order to be dissolved in ethanol easily,difficult dissolve in the rigidity resin of water.


Also contain sugar in addition,the alkaloid is,the fruit gum is,the fat is,the resin is, the organic acid is,Tong sugar(water solve a front,water solve behind),the vitamin,Quan sugar, green sour at first.


The seed constitutes for the flax sour fatty acids with the fat oil,second oil sour,oil sour,stearic acid is.The palm tree is sour Fruit's containing amount of gum can reach to,is dissolved in the organic melting agent of the ethanol,acetone.etc.easily.


Hardy rubber bark gum

The hardy rubber bark gum possesses singly the detection of"rubber-plastics two heavies"expanding the applied realm of hardy rubber bark gum.Its synthesize development exploitation,have already caused the extensive concern of national department concerned.


The research that is in recent years finds,the hardy rubber bark gum can be used for developing hot Su sexual function material,hot and flexible shape to remember material,especially we develop to develop of the hardy rubber bark gum high and flexible material.It can be used for aviation and the development concerning industry tyre,adjusting international up regard anti- type gum as principle,development longevity life,high strength,security,economy energy"green tyre" of trend, can resolve to perplex the tyre strength,tyre life,tyre friction in aviation industry and related industry to put for long time hot etc.a series of and major problem, reduce with maximum limit due to the airplane disaster of tyre burst and cause,for my country defence industry,aviation sail day industry of the development provide new rubber material.


Green original sour

Canning increase big rat and small rat can increase the small intestines peristalsis of big rat and small rat with the tension of big rat womb.Beneficial Dan function, can promote the gall of big rat to secrete.Have to the person with the result that quick function, the inhalation can take place asthma, skin to blaze after hasing the plant dust of this article etc., but the food is after going into can through small intestines secretion function, change in to have no with the result that quick sex material.Stopped bleeding, increased a high leukocyte.And virussafe function.Have blood Ning of shorten and bleed a horary function


◎   Stearic acid




The lord cures

Cure waist ridge aching, the body paralysis is weak, nocturnal emission,slip Jing, five more Xie Xie,falsely Lao, urinate remaining Li,the Yin descends wet Yang,the foetus moves discomfort,the foetus leaks to want Duo, the foetus edema is full, slipping a foetus, high blood pressure.


Pharmacology function

benefit urines a function:

Various product of hardy rubber bark is all beneficial to anaesthesia dog to urine a function,and have no"bear to be subjected to quickly" phenomenon.To normally big rat,small rat also beneficial urine a function.It contain potassium in the hardy rubber bark,so inference the benefit urine may have something to do with potassium.


In order to repair sun to repair a Yin medicine, hardy rubber bark sex,the flavor sweet tiny H;Go into liver,kidney through.Have a liver kidney,strong joints of repair and prevent miscarriage and decline the effect of blood pressure.New pharmacology research and clinical application prove:Hardy rubber bark to the heart and the central nervous system disease,as the high blood pressure,artery hardening, brain nerve decline the curative effect is notable


The scientist finds that after the vein give medicine, the hardy rubber bark has directly comfortable piece to the blood vessel smooth muscle a function, rising effect of declining the blood pressure,it has an increment coronary artery the function of the discharge;The hardy rubber bark can also strengthen the animal adrenal glands skin quality function and have the anti-the burning function;Some experiments express the hardy rubber bark can adjust cell immunity and strengthen the immunity function of machine body,the Chun of hardy rubber bark withdraws the thing can resist a brain to hang a body behind leaf's vegetable and B Xi Dan the alkali cause of the animal leave body womb of excited function, make the womb Hui of constringency appearance Fu normally;There are a lot of research detections,hardy rubber bark to germ,particularly rod bacteria all has the repressing of different degree the function.


The hardy rubber bark has hardy rubber bark gum, hardy rubber bark,alkaloid, resin, organic acid,Tong sugar,vitamin C,potassium, Quan sugar,green original sour etc.ingredient, also hasing the rare and little element that the human body can't lack,the special collagen in the hardy rubber bark is necessary for the old people whom the calcium quality runs off continuously and the pregnant woman of prenatal and postnatal period the best repair to keep fine goods.


other functions:

The clinical usage hardy rubber bark immerses,can make the high blood pressure sufferer's blood pressure have to reduce,and improve dizzy,suffer from insomnia etc. condition of illness, the big measures a hardy rubber bark fried infuse stomach for dog, can make it peaceful and love to sleep, accepting outside incitement not easily.The big amount of also has a function of repressing the central nervous system system to the small rat, the hardy rubber bark leaves body womb to the big rat and the rabbit,what leaf cause is excited after all canning repress a brain to hang a body function, and make womb flabby,but anti-to the leaving of cat body womb present an exciting function. Once someone report the hardy rubber bark fried to be some to suppress a manufacture to use to the tubercle rod bacteria in the tube. Its Chun immerses can reduce big rat bowel the absorption of Dan Zi Chun in way.


The application of clinical top

A, the strong sun restore virility

The hardy rubber bark is a medicine the geniality repair to keep a strong medicine,benefiting scope extensively, weak to liver kidney with the result that of the waist knee is aching or the kidney function light degree not whole urines eject have no power,Li drop not Chang etc. Bi urine the system chronic disease and Medicine, gynecology etc.the function decline the disease all has the effect of treatment.The hardy rubber bark is also a good anti-impotence drug thing,can cure impotence, the function decline of the nocturnal emission etc..On the treatment of lumbago,the hardy rubber bark is also an indispensability,can improve the lumbago chaperonage foot knee limp,dizziness etc. the constitution weak condition of illness, women menstruation lumbago, four thing soups add a hardy rubber bark, break continuously, the bone is ground to repair.


Two,dispel breeze in addition to wet,go spirit to relieve pain

The hardy rubber bark can dispel in addition to rheumatism,the increment loins muscle skeleton strength.Rheumatism the vertebrate burning and fatty and big sex vertebrate that any rheumatism causes blazes, the rheumatism waist muscle burning, sciatic nerve pain, the waist muscle Lao Sun,Chinese medicine in common use hardy rubber bark treatment.


Three, decline to press

Traditonal Chinese medical doctor in common use hardy rubber bark treatment liver kidney two falsely type high blood pressure disease, the companion has sour dizziness,buzzing in the ears, waist, nighttime to urine much.Find in the clinical under medical treatment the hardy rubber bark fries the function which is notable and reduce high blood pressure last longly, declining to press result the most notable,keep on time longerTherefore the blood pressure is low at ordinary tiems,hardy rubber bark a dosage not proper more than 3~5 moneys, surfeit meeting with the result that faint to wait for low blood pressure condition of illness;Yin falsely,the fire prosperous needs more to use carefully.


Cerebral broken and half-paralyzed, when the merger includes high blood pressure, the hardy rubber bark can also live blood to turn Yu, improving blood circulation.


Four, prevent miscarriage

The hardy rubber bark is the gynecology in common use medicine, often going together with five break continuously,the mulberry live on etc.water fry.For gynecology familiar body is weak, the mentruation is excessive,the womb function bleed;Kidney falsely the foetus move discomfort,omen to have a miscarriage or the habitual have a miscarriage;The gestation foetus moves, the lumbago want Duos to all have curative effect, the hardy rubber bark ability is solid through, protect a foetus and follow to produce.



Promote humidity metabolism

The hardy rubber bark leaf has a health care ingredient,being seen in the Chinese and Foreign medical science as valuable of nourishingkeep and improve looks food,fresh and delicate leaf's slice of hardy rubber bark contains a natural plant little element.


In good time drink the hardy rubber bark leaf's tea can help appetite to wriggle normally,promote to have a bowel movement smoothly.


Learning the research thinks,taking hardy rubber bark tea for more than a month in a row,can reduce human body skin to descend obviously and the body Zang circumferential neutral fat,reduce weight of function, and have artery hardening of prevent from,prevent the good result of cardiovascular disease,having not to exercise can also prevent from fat and reduce weight of function.


The mechanism which defers decrepitude function is the live material of the living creature in the hardy rubber bark to have the animal muscle body egg white of prevent from decrepitude, especially the collagen decrepitude, exaltation egg white's metabolism synthesize of ability.


The hardy rubber bark leaf can raise human body protein to synthesize an ability,can promote particularly the metabolism of collagen(account for 30% of total protein),reach to prevent from or postpone a skin to shrivel,increment sheen and have hairdressing function. Hardy rubber bark?Can the tea even activate corn Egg white,improve hair??Ground,make Shining and?Few.The hardy rubber bark leaf's tea even can activate keratin egg white and improve hair quality,making hair shining and the decrease take off hair.