白勺油.Paeony oil

Scientific term: Paeonia Lactiflora Pall.

Good name: Paeony

Nickname: The white Shao, the medicine of gold Shao, Yi grass,Yi medicine,plough eats,has no bone flower, will leave,Lan tail flower,can leave,small peony, herbaceous peony,Shao medicine

Department: Hair Lang section(Ranunculaceae)

The horticulture categorizes:Get herbage for several years

Original habitat: Mainland China,Siberia and Korean etc.ground

Assortment: Yellow,white,purple,pink,red,the orange red etc.

Spend a period: Two go to in June

Grow a location:  Distribute the northeast of Mainland China, north China everywhere.

Source: The plant Shao medicine obviation bolts the dry root of skin

Sex flavor:Sour bitter and cool

The quality discriminates:

With root thick grow, keep evenly, the quality is solid, the powder foot, surface clean is good.The form small flection, break a skin more a time



The white Shao should be stored in aridity, well ventilated database building in, take strict precautions against to affect by damp and cold.If contained water to once measure high, in response to the well ventilated stand Liang make the humidity dissipate of.Get mildewed, have fever, change color easily at the rainy season and insect Zhu, should usually check to turn over to insolate.Keep placing while turning over to insolate next hate a hot sun in the gentle sunlight.If flush or insect Zhu, can spray fog water spirit first on the epidermis, fume by sulphur for 2~4 hours, then descend to bask in the weak sunlight dry.


In common use prescription:

Four thing soup(pill)s,laurels Shao medicines know female soup,Shao medicine licorice soup,Chinese angelica Shao the medicine spread


The plant introduces:

Start to carry in the God agriculture this grass through .Caulis erection,50.80 Li rices in height, the root is greatly fatty,often presenting a cylinder form, cortex red.Shao medicine the blossom is large, sumptuous, can match in excellence with peony flower.In the beautiful flowers the table , have in order to spend a king, peony Shao medicine for spend mutually of call.The Shao medicine has the cultivation history for more than 3,000 years at least in my country,comparing peony longer.Sichuan the beginning of Guangxu year(1875) at in the river,dike County has already started planting, being lord for whole country to produce one of the areas,the People's Republic of China establishes a front to produce 1000 tons for the most high year,the most high year produces 2600 tons after founding a nation,often year yield  tons are or so.The lord produces medium river,dike County,wide Anne,copper Leung. Medium river's yield occupy whole provinceses to measure 50% around,medium river the white Shao root is fatty strong, body the hard quality is heavy,powder foot,cut into slices not to take off a turn,the surface is smooth,the color and luster yellow white moderation, heart color white,spread fame by the silver heart white Shao early at home and abroad.The main medicine uses the composition as Shao medicine etc..


Someone Zan's beautiful Shao medicine's spending the "that as new Anne red Shao medicine,deeply the day is thousand layers of red flickers,the bluish cloud pays a purple azure stone deeply,the breeze moves secondary rainbow clothes Ning graceful,I smell floriculture if grow jade,exert day the Yin Jing see not enough.Shao medicine flower the United States can't talk,the meat quality of the Shao medicine piece the root is now in the in common use Chinese herbal medicine-white Shao.


White Shao flavor sour bitterness, sex is tiny and cold, having already kept blood glory Jin,slowly nasty relieve pain, soft liver Anne Pi etc. function,is shortage for Yin blood,liver sun top Kang sufferer in common use, particularly is the gynecology in common use medicine.Positive as day R.O.C.son originally grass Yun:"Main woman all diseases, and various disease after the prenatal period.


Clinical often go together with Rehmannia,Chinese angelica up five, be used for curing blood falsely with the result that of women's mentruation doesn't adjust, menstruation stomach


Shao medicine Paeoniflorin

Shao medicine Have to extend blood vessel,town painful town quiet,anti-burning anti-ulcerate,solve hot solution Jing,benefit urine of function.




Benzene AN is sour

Call benzoin again sour,Sour,a hydrogen of benzene wreath is replaced by the Zui Ji(COOH).Benzene A's being sour is generally often medicine or antiseptic usage, having already repressed the function that the fungi, germ,fungi grows,the medicine uses usually draw on the skin,cure a tinea skin disease in order to.Be used for a synthetic fiber,resin,coating,rubber,tobacco industry. English Benzoic acid,the molecular formula is a C6 H5 COOH, have strong toxicity to the microorganism, but the toxicity of its sodium salt then is very low.Take orally a as follows everyday,to human body also not poisonous harm,even the dosage doesn't also have no damage to the health over the 4 gs.Can be sour with the sweet mmonia of the protein composition to combine and counteract poison in the human body and the animal the organization,become horse uric acid to eject with the urine.




Peony Fen Paeonol

The peony Fen makes the animal present quiet appearance in the town,the body temperature declines bottom,can repress to cause because of the bowel typhoid vaccine it have fever phenomenon,can prolong personal Ba Rui secure( hexobarbital) sleep time.Repressed a spasm function


β - Valley Zi Chun

Zi Chun in the valley has cholesterol-lowering and anti- skin the ulcer wait for a function,the pharmacology research express,that compound has stronger anti-cancer and anti-cancer function.


Rou quality

Again call Dan rather or the Rou is sour,is the bigger diverse Fen compound of a type of numerator,is existed in a skin wood, fruit medicine a material extensively in, have to refrain from rash action, stop bleeding, the Xie, anti-virus protection glue a film etc.function, the Rou quality meets heavy metals salt,will produce black and green or blue black precipitate,meet alkaloid,the protein can produce to precipitate, reducing the result of the medicine thus,the medicine material which contains Rou quality has a lot,as ground Yu, pomegranate skin,Xuan three, tiger Zhang,sons,He son...etc.,if these Chinese herbal medicines and medicine suitable for use,such as,sulfuric acid second iron, the Gou Yuan sour aqua of iron An,and etc., Rou quality meeting and among them of iron element creation chemical reaction, a kind of born and hard deliquescence of sediments,and influence absorption, again if the stomach egg white Mei product, Rou quality and egg white combine,occurrence solidify,make the efficacy of medicine reduce,in addition, the Rou quality can also make the vitamin Bs lose result,often responding with Rou quality of the western medicine have:Four wreath vegetable(Tetracycline)s, erythromycin(Erythromycin)s,



Plant effect:

I.Get white Shao

(1). Dizzy and giddy origin the article can keep liver Yin, even liver sun, past kind cure the liver Yin shortage or liver sun a top Kang, dizzy and giddy, buzzing in the ears deaf.

(2).The blood is falsely painful to taste through the origin sour can accept,kind keep blood Lian Yin,in common use in the blood falsely various disease.As peace Hui people and bureau square know four thing soups,use together by this article and the Chinese angelica,Rehmannia, hemlock parsley,have to increase the blood to adjust through function,be falsely used for washing term Sun,the blood annoys Zhi falsely, the mentruation doesn't adjust,Qi stomach ache,collapse medium leave out,blood Jia the piece is hard,hour deliver ache,the gestation foetus moves uneasy,the blood descends not only,and the postnatal period bad Lou not exert,produce Jia to gather,the few stomach is hard pain,hour make cold hot wait for.

(3).Perspire a lot from the sweat this article the sour Se is tiny and cold, kind keep blood Lian Yin and sweat, past in common use in many sweat disease, as from sweat, perspire a lot

(4).The surprised Xian has muscularspasms evil hot invade Jue Yin then liver through heat prosperous,the heat then gets breeze,the disease sees the high heat don't back,the annoyed rashness moves,the brothers takes out Xu,very the God then faints surprised Jue.This article keeps a Yin benefit liquid, the gentle liver is slowly nasty,the even liver suppresses sun,can be used for an above-mentioned various disease.

(5).Damp and hot damp and hot diarrhea of the stomachache of Xie Li,the bowel blares stomachache,body hot bitterness,this article has pure and damp and hot, the function of Xie Li.

(6).Can repress an afferent and new-born function, then repress the growth of tumor.

(7).Can control the inflammation of nose mucosa to respond effectively,reduce allergy of occurrence and reduce condition of illness of unwell.

(8).Reduce cholesterol,triglyceride in blood effectively,low density fat the density of the egg white.

(9).The seed extract of white Shao is in the human body haven't



The white Shao in the thing soup is the medicine material which repairs than,the person who isn't suitable for hot and dry constitution takes, if the temper greatly or often eat a spicy pot, had better change to white Shao red Shao while eating four thing soups;If the forehead emitted pimple,often eating a spicy pot or loving to eat a hot female, when the temper is big,should change four white Shaos in the thing soups red Shao.


The white Shao can shrink pore,tightly solid skin;Whet it powder,in trace join a soap liquid,and want full Gao to spread,just will not condense whole piece.


The has effect of cleaning the aging keratin


The can mix a manufacture a fair emergency mask with pearl powder