荷葉油.HinduLotus Oil

Brief introduction

English name:


Scientific term:

Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn



Jia, get lotus leaf and was hurt by frost lotus leaf, Gan lotus leaf,lotus, water lotus,water Zhi, Fu Qu



Water lily section



China,Asia the south, Australia etc.ground


Sex flavor returns through:

The flavor bitterness is cool.Go into liver,Pi,kidney through



With leaf big,integrity,the color is green,have no spot is good.



Green lotus,big and purple lotus,white thousand leafs, small pinks,red bowl lotus,list spread brocade,the life star peach,Jiao permit three change,east lake spring Xiao

The plant introduces


The lotus leaf gets leaf's slice of herbs lotus for several years water,and the lotus is a lotus flower.Therefore introduce lotus flower here:


The lotus flower is the plant which belongs to seasonal in Taiwan, a year the four seasons also can't always it is thus clear that,is disconsolate particularly autumn winter,disappear its Fang Zong more,whenever spring go to the summer face to turn warm a moment,but see its the bud with new be fled from dirty mire,suddenly organic grow particularly now of speed,absolute compare"grow profusely and quickly" to once have it and all and, turn an of eye,spread all over the whole garden pond,rise for this scorching summer daubery have no the Yan simple attire of six colors,the pressing summer heat eliminates immediately and all,bloom of blossom,add between the promise big lotus leaf,bloom of heroic bearing,rend away all elegant appearances immediately,gather dote on in one body,in addition to depend on that magnificent flower petal outside, elegantly simple of subtle fragrance,bright and brief life,all for this beautiful summer of behind applaud.Lotus flower, she is a so legendary flower.


However"lotus"and"lotus"of the ancients then means it different part, east Han Xuan of hair poem Jian:The caulis Yue of the Fu Qu lotus." meanings is the caulis which says Fu Qu to call a lotus,the Ming Dynasty hair Jin Zhu solves of six surname poem the Shu wants widely:"Lotus with thing for righteousness, past in the word of[with] burden.thinks the lotus contain the meanings of[with] burden,can prop up a leaf.Ming Dynasty Lee Jane also has same viewpoint in histhe Chinese Herbal Materia Medica:"The Er Ya takes lotus as a root,the surname takes lotus as leaf's, six Jis take lotus as a caulis,pressing the caulis is a negative leaf's also,there is the righteousness of[with] burden,be from six say." ancients didn't peg out Chu to the caulis and the petiole here,here the caulis called should be the petiole of lotus flower just right.However the Han Dynasty allows carefully ofsay a text solution a wordthen have different views:Lotus,hand a dike a leaf.he thinks the lotus means the leaf of lotus flower, making the part that the lotus points appear the second parlance.


Leaf shield form,the petiole is located leaf's slice of central.The leaf is growing initial stage is afloat on the surface,the maturity expects to grow out the surface pretty then.



The chemistry composition mainly has:

Lotus leaf alkali(Nuciferine)

At first lotus leaf alkali(Nornnciferine)

Lotus alkali(Roemerine)

Asia and America the alkali of Ying Su( dl-Armepavine)

The lemon is sour

Malic acid

The glucose is sour

The grass is sour

The amber is sour

Other anti-s have a silk abruption the alkaline composition of the function.


Lotus leaf alkali

Can cure nocturnal emission, white to bring and the Pin urine




The lemon is sour

The lemon is sour to also belong to generation tartaric acid,being extracted by the orange fruit and, often is an anti-oxidizing agent,sour alkali value adjustment, Ao generally match a,or seasoning it uses,the safety is very high.




The lord cures

Faint,water spirit anasarca,diarrhea stomachache,throw up blood,Nyu blood,collapse to leak,then blood,the postnatal period blood is dizzy,hurting to hurt blood, the pox Chuang doesn't deliver,thunder head breeze, solid Jing Se Yi.



The pharmacology research finds the lotus leaf has a solution heat,suppresses germ and solves a Jing function.


Yellow water Chuang

The yellow water Chuang is a kind of self contagion skin disease,more unprogressive.The new medical treatment method of the one side proved prescription chooses a plaitcarry:The lotus leaf burns Tan,grinding a thin end,the scented ointment adjusts all,spreads in the infected part,there is special effect two times on the first.



Summer autumn stanza, due to feeling hot and wet or food not Jie and with the result that vomit,diarrhea,the Xie descends urgent,power,such as water Zhu,feces color the yellow and smelly Hui is difficult to smell etc. can use lotus leaf pure and hot benefit wet,subsidy appetite, Se bowel Xie.


Paint Chuang

Namely to paint allergy and with the result that of allergic sex skin burning



Wither away the facial anasarca that the lotus leaf causes to various reason and urinate quantity a few etc. disease all valid




The lotus leaf its flavor is especially beautiful, and the lotus leaf is used as beautiful Yao in the meantime,also hasing the health care function that the food treats


The summer summer heat is pressing, easily hot wound Jin liquid,feel vexed spirit rashness.In order to solve hot fine goods,fresh lotus leaf its spirit is delightfully fresh,can quench thirst in addition to vexed,past should descend behind to take its spirit and don't take its flavor.Hook cane flavor sweet tiny and cold,return liver through in addition to the rheumatism pure head of group, again the Shu liver solve Yu.


Through firecracker the lotus leaf flavor after making is bitter and astringent and tiny and salty, sex H is cool,having pure and hot benefit wet,


The lotus leaf reduces weight a tea function mechanism :

Nourishment excess, with lead food fatty and sweet is a high blood fat,fat of main cause of diseaseThe vegetable asks.the strange disease talk aboutsay:"The fatty makes heat inside the person, the sweet wins the person full.This is actually hot type fat main disease machine.Its performance has a headache,faces for the dizziness red,fidgety and kind hungry,the constipation, body is heavy,the vein is big and tired,tongue red Tai Huang get fed up with etc.Lacking of exercise is to cause a high blood fat,a kind of another familiar cause of disease of the obesevegetable ask.declare clear five spiritses a theorysay:"Long lie to harm spirit,long sit to harm meat.Temper Kui falsely,luck's turning to disorder is debility wet and heavy type the main disease machine of the obese,its performance is for the anasarca, obese, weariness tired, the body trap heavy,stomach the full Na is few and love to lie few move, the vein sink thin, the tongue is thin and fat,the Tai is thin to get fed up with etc.The disease machine which generalizes obesity is a much much wetter phlegm,having another debility,past it cures should benefit water Fu with dispel phlegm wet and cure its mark,benefit spirit the Jian Pi turn water liquid by luck and cure it originally.And actually hot be pure it hot,the heat harms the Yin Zuo benefit its Yin very,the phlegm wet of Yu Zhi is the benefit wet Di phlegm and dispels Yu Zhi again.Lotus leaf's adjusting the lotus leaf in the fat tea is bitter,even.Return liver, Pi, stomach through.Have a pure hot solution hot, rise to deliver pure sun, the cool blood stops bleeding effect.Be used for the hotness vexed thirst, hot and wet Xie Xie,Pi falsely Xie Xie,the blood is hot to vomit Nyu,then the blood collapse to leak.The plantain is sweet,cold.Return liver, kidney,lung, small intestines through.Have pure and hot benefit urine,dispel phlegm, cool blood,counteract poison effect.Be used for edema urine few,the heat pours a Se pain, hot and wet Xie Li, the phlegm hot cough,Yong swollen Chuang poison


The person who has a constipation evidence drinks four lotus leaf teas everyday,can move bowels unimpeded,to reduce weight more helpful.Getting empty stomach drank when getting empty stomach was the best.