麝香草油.Thyme oil

Brief introduction

English name:


Scientific term:

Thymus vulgaris




The lips form spends section thyme

At first habitat:

produced in the south of Europe at first,region in Mediterranean, Asia minor with Central Asia

Climatic zone:

The warm temperate zone goes to temperate zone

Stay ground:

Dry or the catchment is facing the sunly good


Whole sunshines


Few water

Use part:

Caulis, leaf, spend, ethereal oil

Use a distinction:

Get to eat,fry to roast,braise to cook,the pickle, sauce anticipate,dessert,make tea,get rid of an insect, anti-bacterium,bathing, medicine to use,ethereal oil, protect a skin and protect hair.

Evaporation rate:


Extract part:

Leaf, blossom

Extract a method:

Water distils to extract a method


The plant introduces

The musk grass also calls thyme,having been the symbol of courage from time immemorial,"thymus"of the plant scientific term of the musk grass(thyme) is from the Greek of courage"thymon" come.Is a kind of herbs which has stimulating smell,also make a food seasoning, the bee good thyme, for hundreds of years, cc mile the thyme honey is always famous,at ancient times Athens person, even soon afterward the ancient Rome person's,the most popular view is a bathing in the society after at own of use thyme before the chest


Plant type

Perennial, straighten a small scaled bush, look like in the herbs.

The leaf grows oval towards getting,leaf's slice smallest,carrying Rui a point first,flower 7-8 white clusters was born in leaf Yi of the top,plant height not more than.



The cultivation says all

Don't bear more wet,the precipitation is too big in summer want to avoid accumulating water,because of needing light quantity biggest,


Calculate a cultivation under the transparent sunshade would also because of ray shortage and present Tu long phenomenon.The best Lou ground educates,planting in the south to or east to of slope,since can avoid accumulating water and have ample sunlight.The soil doesn't want too rich, grow ground in the stone Li up, although the growth is more slow-moving, more easily safe spend raining season.Remember and cut a,make the plant short to turn to also cut off the old branches and leaves of close ground to spray by avoiding rain water to splash and cause the germ infect,and benefit in airiness.



Contain volatility oil(include carbolic acid,musk grass Fen)s,article Xi and sink delicious,the flavonoid, plant soap of the tannin,type is plain


Musk grass Fen

Sex form:Use an aqua outside.

The function lord cures:This article has an anti-virus function of disinfection,since can kill to put out a germ and can kill to put out a fungi.Than the benzene Fen disinfect power more strongly,and the toxicity is small.Because it is water-soluble very low,the past pplication is subjected to restriction.Have antisepsis, bureau hemp and painful function in the town in the Qu pulp cavity of tooth, the mouth cavity section product,such as musk grass Fen Xu,tooth Sui,lose to live a,tooth Sui slowly to lose to live an etc.to all have musk grass Fen fast.Use to eliminate inflammation, relieve pain outside,Yang.




Type flavonoid

Type flavonoid(Flavonoids) is belong to water-soluble plant chemistry a thing(phytochemicals) much more medium(polyphenols) among them of 1 kind, this type of material usually lets the plant use to resist an insect, many crops' anti-disease toward insect the power is strong, most likely have the type of high quantity flavonoid, they again be called a living creature flavonoid(bioflavonoid),and Isoflavonoid's(isoflavone) ising a chemistry structure is a kind of flavonoid of the likeness, at most in the last few years of biomedical science research the top is badly now popular, because they has a lot of advantages to the human body, the type flavonoid has already known to is a fairly good natural antioxidant,anti oxidizing an ability is a vitamin E of,vitamin C of.Can regulate immunity power,so have result of repress to the cancer cell,and can clearance free radicals,prevent cardiovascular disease from,senile dementia,resist a skin aging,the application of etc.and free radicals the top of the related health care



Pharmacology function



The anti-microorganism, tonsillitis,larynx Yan is burning,the anti-rheumatism,rheumatism arthritis,gout, anti-insect venom,leukocyte isn't enough,open stomach, appetite not to flap, have impaired digestion, long the infection,town of tapeworm, appetite cough, the problem of lung,have a sore throat,benefit heart, heart failure, dispel stomach and intestines flatulence,stomach flatulence,Cu to become scarred,the Chuang,immune system is poor,dispel phlegm,whooping cough,asthma,rise high blood pressure,low blood pressure,blood circulation bad,strengthen figure


Spirit and mental effect :

Urge the wound of[with] feeling,mind, encourage,the memory is bad,the motion is low to fall,utterly exhausted.


Gynecology and Bi urine system effect :

Menstruation unwell condition of illness, the mentruation isn't enough,benefit urine,urethra infection,through, produce difficulty,white bring



Can promote circulatory system, reduce cholesterol and promote leukocyte formation to strengthen a resistibility


To chronic breath way the disease,asthma,vein Dou is burning, the larynx is painful and catch a cold,get a fever,have a headache,flow nose water,liver,digestive system,muscle ache,women's mastitis,suffer from insomnia the improvement of etc.to have a help


The category of musk grass has a lot of also can use, have the most strong medicine grass quality by the wild musk grass of England among them.


Have antisepsis and anaesthesia function,also used to oral medicine


The medicine grass learns a house toward melancholiac to recommend thyme,with heavy flap in low spirits spirit condition.


Is a lung to enhance


Can smooth a stomach department and remove flatulence while taking orally


▲ People's several years use it to come to Qie phlegm and disinfect,and it still has the anti-fungi the function.





The musk grass often steeps tea to be used for helping digest to reach agreement to take off hangover


The musk grass tea also often adds honey to be used for larynx pain, cold, Ao breeze a cough.etc.


Usually certainly add while braising to cook soup bottom,sauce juice,suit any seasoning of meat,can be treated as the basic spice in numerous spices.



The musk grass ethereal oil can be used for headache massage


Can make in to spray bactericidally.


Musk grass and rosemary(rosemary)'s using together and outside can clean scurf.


In ancient Greece sanctuary,the thyme once used to Xun joss-stick


The very powerful ethereal oil,one of the most strong anti-viruses,nhales a method to compare to massage or take a bath probably appropriate,because of,it may stimulate skin and mucosa to organize, high blood pressure the sufferer and pregnant woman forbid to use.


Can shampoo again to protect to join in the hair product,having musk grass the seed especially can protect the show hair anti-hot breeze to reduce because of blow whole output rmodynamic energy injury and the hair irritable feeling