海馬油.Sea horse oil

Brief introduction


Sea horse scientific term:


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The sea horse belongs to a sea dragon section


The sea horse introduces in detail


Live a habitat

Mostly grow after littoral neritic Jiao rock area,it separating femalely,the male sea horseising a female and male not together body,also ising first female(male)not male(female),suffer one degree to the pollution lower.


Features brief introduction 

The overhead is long to have one hat(some specieses then have no),being located head head long have already absorbed a tubular mouth, go gill breath, have no scale on the its body, have no tail fin, in gill cover each or so long have a slice of pectoral fin to present transparent form, a slice of pelvic fin and dorsal fin(swimming greatly the part all makes use of this fin), action slow-moving live together in the Jiao rock area and seaweed grass area,the biggest height about 18 cms cms-25ses or so,take live bait as food(plentiful year shrimp, bran shrimp, gun shrimp, fish fry).


The physiology constructs

The sea horse calls a fish tail horse again,then the first half is a horse behind the half is fish in water of fish,is Neptunian ride to ride of vehicle.And then the very much resembling horse head of the sea horse head,so have the sea horse this title.Also the therefore common foreigner calls it as "seahorse"to the utmost.


The sea horse head head is long and long to absorb a tubular mouth,the mouth head contain mouth cover, in order to prevent find(live bait) break out of. Take care of on the above of the bitter end to have in the mouth an opposite in response to of eyes, be located two sides,its eyes are each to have an independent ability, can change direction arbitrarily,each irrelevant,this means it can an eye have eyes fixed on the target(look at want to hunt the target for taking), another an eye then notices whether have an enemy to want an attack(observe everywhere in order to from protect),is really a heaven to create the mysterious place of creation.(because its action is slow-moving, so the God gives this ability)



The sea horse of Taiwan

Jot down according to the Taiwanese fish records(1993), Taiwan may produce four kinds of sea horses,attaining the long Ji sea horse of sea horse,Kaohsiung for the Ji sea horse,Taitung successful database which produces in the east harbor with three spot sea horses respectively.


According to Taipei wild will trade sea horse trade of investigating the committee inquisition, the Taiwanese decade comes to every year importing average bout 11 ton sea horses, is in the world the most main sea horse consume one of the countries,main of


The source is a Thai and other Southeast Asia, nation, as for Taiwan's facing the sea horse amount that the sea produces may already tiny very tiny, not agree with a need, even close get close to become extinct.




   The ethanol withdraws a thing

   Male sex hormone kind


Solid example

On the history,the sea horse cure efficacy example rather many,the devolution Ming Dynasty Jia Jing emperor is weak and sick, impotence God Shuai,although empress imperial concubine become flock,have no children feeling God to harm rather,at he 50 years old that year,issue order a group of ministers find an anti-impotence drug widely square,the folks has soil square dedicate up the square medicine of"the turtle age gather"the clear Di takes after soon, the sun strong body strong,have many children and grandchildren from now on. The main medicine of turtle age concentration is sea horse,ginseng.etc.this expresses sea horse to has to restore virility strong sun on the medicine,cure impotence and barren and don't teach of effect.


Chemistry structure type




  1.Alcohol is the all of Chun,because the use of ethanol is particularly wide, ising familiar with most for everyone,    

     Apply on the industry particularly many, therefore alcohol this name then is ethanol appropriation. Also have

     Think ethanol by make by fermentation to withdraw in the wine that the method(or call to ferment a method) gains, past get

     "Alcohol". The my country ancient times has already known to make wine, up to now this kind of method is still the importance of the ethanol

     Method for making.

   2.The ethanol can see is the derivatives of water HOH, a hydrogen atom H in water ethyl

     C2 H5-replace, have to ethanol C2 H5-OH.

3.Much makeup water,(is an astringents particularly or is makeup water of[with] clearness) all have ethanol, unless have special explanation not to contain ethanol).The volatility of ethanol is big.So will have after the usage cool of feeling

4.Be the disinfection uses


Structure type     

Structure type 





In addition to humidities, the protein has , is the most organic compositions in content,distribute in the cell membrane,afterbirth machine and the cell quality.The protein of cell membrane participates a material deeply, the hormone is subjected to functions,such as machine,link and enzyme.etc.The tiny structure in the cell quality has various fiber form proteins.


Cell by the protein, fat, carbohydrate,vitamin and the mineral quality and water synthesize. The protein is the important material which constitutes body organization. BE developing a period teenager why need more protein Because they want to grow to be high, weight increment is the amount of bodily cell is increasing continuously, each organize the physical volume of organ to extend continuously,these all need a protein supply,if protein of supply shortage, grow growth to be subjected to influence by all means so.


The everyone's each kilogram weight needs protein everyday-1.2 The gram is or so,is growing up of teenager, pregnant woman or breast feed the women of period to need quantity to want The need of foot body. The protein shortage will cause emaciated and distressed, get crease,hair early withered shed off etc.however the protein absorb excessive is not good either,because the protein will produce the acidity material of the phosphoric acid root, sulfuric acid root of surfeit after the body inside metabolize, having to the skin stronger stimulate function, will cause a skin early Shuai,but surfeit of the protein be not good either,will aggravate the burden disadvantage of liver, kidney in the health.


Structure type




Male sex hormone

The man led years old after, will express whole body in the physique tired, suffer from insomnia,have no food to want,all over the body aching; Express in the spirit forgetful,the attention isn't concentrated,without cause out of temper;Live aspect to express sexual desire to reduce in sex etc.call it on the above-mentioned performance medical science" Man's menopause synthesizes Zheng" or" win old-age man's male hormone to lack of comprehensive Zheng"Investigate its reason,male hormone's lacking of is disaster head.The nutritionist research finds that usually edible rich food with the male hormone can suppress man's male hormone to lack of comprehensive Zheng.


Rich food with the male hormone has:

Animal internal organs. Have more cholesterol,and the cholesterol is the important composition which synthesizes sex hormone. Also have adrenaline and sex hormone in addition,can promote the abruption and the maturity of the Jing original cell.


The man led 40 years old after, will express whole body in the physique tired, suffer from insomnia, have no food to want,all over the body aching;Express in the spirit forgetful, the attention isn't concentrated, without cause out of temper;Live aspect to express sexual desire to reduce in sex etc., call it on the above-mentioned performance medical science"Man's menopause synthesizes Zheng"or"win old-age man's male hormone to lack of comprehensive Zheng". Investigate its reason,male hormone's lacking of is disaster head. The nutritionist research finds that usually edible rich food with the male hormone can suppress man's male hormone to lack of comprehensive Zheng.





We usually dry in the sea horse which see dry in the sun in the Chinese herbal medicine line,the sea horse is mainly seen to use as the Chinese herbal medicine in Taiwan

The minority lives the sea horse of body to then be used to appreciate a pet for the aquarium

Jot down according to the Chinese Herbal Materia Medica,the curative effect of the sea horse is:The warm water Zang,the strong sun way,eliminates a Jia piece,curing Chuang a swollen and poisonous women difficult produce and guts pain, sea horse the flavor is sweet,go into liver,kidney through,already restore virility strong sun,blood, town quiet tranquilize the nerves,comfortable tendons and veins,spread knot to decrease swelling,stop coughing even breathe heavily it achievement,can cure a kidney falsely impotence,women's palace cold barren, the stomachache is difficult to produce,nervous prostration,fall to beat harm, the wound is various diseases such as bleed, asthma and waist leg ache etc.


Sea horse almost the whole body bone turn,so can't eat,however is a noble Chinese herbal medicine.Can used to a medical treatment.

Can cure breath system maladjustment:


The sexual function is out of tune:



3.Love a sleep disease

4.The physical strength crocks up

5.The throat infects

6.Skin disease

7.I am difficult to produce

The central part in Philippines,the sea horse uses to cure asthma, spirit a pain and excessively active disease

The sea horse has already urged to get,relieve pain, strong heart etc. function.