薄荷油.Green Mint oil


Common name: Spearmint oil, thin , balsam thin , brandy thin , the green is thin

Scientific/medical name(s): Mentha piperitae

Chemical naming: Peppermint's oil, dementholized

CAS registration numeral: 000000-08-3



The peppermint is planted from the rhizome which proved and a planter every year re-grow. The most planters rotation is thin and other crops in three to four years cycle. The research causes the retention to the chemical pesticide use to the minimum disease.



 The peppermint is the plant native to Europe, cultivates with the widespread present in US and Canada. Oil above which and blossoms from plant's leaf is used in the herb recovers. Its main effective component is the menthol and the menthone



 Does not have the scientific evidence, the spearmint oil is effective in the treatment side effect and the chemotherapy with the radiation related; But, has some evidence, perhaps it is effective in the control disgusting after the surgery. Perhaps the preliminary research suggestion, the direct relation and the spearmint oil are useful in the reduced spasm in the esophagus and the intestine in the endoscope examination and other regulations period. Perhaps has the combination the evidence, the spearmint oil which the typhus coats with lacquer is useful in the irritable intestines synthesis symptom treatment symptom, for example cramp. Its manner knows the wicked acidify but actually to return in certain people. The menthol or the peppermint strong vapor create the problem which breathes is possibly a baby.


Extract process:

On the peppermint machinery is cut in July or in August and the treatment evaporates in the long pile of several day permissions moisture from the leaf. Then is thin is chopped and blows directly enters a distillation the wooden basin to mount in the truck or the trailer. In the distillery, the circulation steam to is thin under the pressure is applied in the wooden basin extract oil which seals. The steam and the oil pass which vaporizes is entered mixture cooling and the volume which condenses. After the water and spontaneously flows into (floats in the density nature difference separation oil in above) from the heavy water separator. Above the pure peppermint's oil is patted enters stores the drum. The waste water is recycled feeds the boiler to do under the steaming treatment the batch.

In order to distill, the herb reliably is packed in the wooden basin. Perhaps when the steam, will come  the earth from the unit or the steam generator, through the herb, the oil will evaporate with together so as to the oil and the steam is condensed through the pipe and the steam to the condenser and comes the condenser the reduction oil separator. Because after the oil is lighter  waters, it will accumulate in the top layer works as the water, with the unusual small amount oil together, will pass the oil separator the chamber and finally outside the separator. The oil automatically retains, therefore, in oil separator. Many types peppermint's distillation unit has been invented for the laboratory and the domain investigation and for the commercial production. In principle, they are similar. The revision is observed (or direct is hot in the wooden basin and the condenser size and the steam origin or from boiler). Two main is common, namely, ellipse wooden basin, 500 kilograms capacities and 200 litres oil drums. Two are the direct hot types. Many companies cause two to treat sell to peppermint's oil factory.

The yield peppermint's oil change dependence plant's growth, the age, the season and the time in harvest, considerable amount water when plant intrinsic distillation, with unit's efficiency. According to a half  basis, the value is usually obtained between 0.5-0.8%. Yield new material average in 6,,000 kilogram each hectare each margin. After one half dryings, weight 1/3 to 4,,000 kilograms reductions. Thus, from was expected 20 to 32 kilograms oils.



Its main effective component is the menthol and the menthone and Pulegone.


Chemical composition analysis:

1. Menthol: Was organic compound comprehensively has done by the peppermint either other peppermint's oils or obtains. This is waxy, the crystal matter, understood or the white in the color, is solid in the room temperature and the melting slightly above. The menthol main form occurs in the nature is a menthol, is assigned (1R, 2s, 5r) disposes. The menthol has the place anesthetic and the counterirritant quality, and it is widely applied relieves a younger throat to enrage.

The history and occurs has the evidence menthol to know surpasses in 2000 in Japan, but it has not been separated in the west until 1771, by Gambius. The menthol (and calls the l- menthol or (1R, 2s, 5r) menthol) naturally occurs in the spearmint oil (along with little menthone, the ester menthyl acetate and other compound), is obtained from mentha x piperita. The Japanese menthol and contains 1 epimer the small percentage, (+) -neomenthol.

The structure natural menthol nearly always exists took a pure corresponding isomer, (1R, 2s, 5r) the form (left under chart is as follows). Other seven stereomerides are:

In the natural compound, the isopropyl group group is the trans- orientation which aims at to the methyl and the ethyl alcohol group. Thus it is possibly drawn was demonstrated with any way:


In ground situation all three huge groups in the chair is the equator, makes (-) the menthol and its corresponding isomer stablest two isomers outside the eights. Some two crystal form is the racemization menthol; These have melting point 28? C and 38? C. Pure (-) the menthol has four crystal forms, most is stable is the formation, familiar broad needle

Using menthol including in many products for various reason. These have:

• and a smaller mouth or the throat enrages the short-term relieved o example in the non-prescription product for the smaller ache throat: The lipstick and the cough medicine

• does up to the reduction itches

• sets an example the analgesic to relieve a smaller ache and the painful for example muscle cramp, sprains, the headache and the similar situation, alone either likes the camphor or Capsaicin with the product union. It favors in Europe in appearing takes the gel or the cream, when extremely frequently is used in the American patch and the bodily sleeve

• in decongestants is the chest and the venous sinus (cream or nose inhalator) the o example: Vicks Vaporub

• is used in certain treatment courses the treatment sunburn, is similar to it to provide one kind of cooling the feeling (then frequently with correlation aloe)

• to take chemical additive in certain cigarette brands, is a flavor, reduces the throat and the venous sinus enrages by smokes creates and may argue reduces badly breathes the experience and is possible to improve the second smoke the smell.

• commonly used even more generally likes in the oral hygiene product and the bad breath recovery rinsing mouth, the toothpaste, the mouth and the tongue spray, with as food flavor proxy namely in the chewing gum, in the candy

• is mixed in the soda and the syrup water used obtains the extremely low ethyl alcohol to drink or (brand Rickles in France). Syrup is/was and goes often relaxes disgusting, by falls several whereabouts above the sugar.

• took the pesticide opposition honeybee trachea small spider

• in the perfumery, the menthol is used prepares the menthyl ester to emphasize the flowers and plants wrote down (specially are rise)

• have iced "in the first aid product for example" mineral to cause a cooling the function to take the genuine ice a substitution when did not have Shui Huotien (pouch, bodily patch/sleeve or cream)

• by various patch scope the patch which reduced from the fever to the child applies the forehead to patch "to the" foot to relieve many diseases (latter is frequent and the careful manufacture in Asia, specially. Japan: Some variety use ` functions put in the ' namely small bump to massage a foot and to comfort them and to cause them to cool)

• in some cosmetology for example hair conditioner, according to natural ingredient (front: St Ives)

Pharmacology homeopathic theory some supporters believed that, the menthol interferes the homeopathic recovery the function. Its use is intensely advised against the homeopathic treatment which seeks for these, the syzygy prohibition to the toothpaste use which is thin blends flavors. Current other the nutrient or the herbaceous interaction which reported does not involve the menthol. The menthol is may the use achievement diet supplement or the natural medicine by the spearmint oil form. It uses in the eastern part medicine treats the digestion not not good, is disgusting, the ache throat, the diarrhea, colds, with headache.

Is used in the organic chemistry menthol took chiral assists in not the assymetrical synthesis. For example, the sulfinate ester is made by the sulfinyl chloride and the menthol possibly makes by the response use enantiomerically pure sulfoxides and the Grignard reagent. The menthol and by the use is the chiral hydroxy acid classical resolution, passes the menthyl ester.

The synthesis and with many versatility natural products, surpasses the supply very much to the menthol demand earth from the nature origin. The menthol is made takes the only corresponding isomer (94%) by Takasago International Co. according to 400? 000 tons every year. The process involvement not assymetrical synthesis develops by the team by Ryoji Noyori leads:




The process starts by to form the allylic amine from the bay alkene, carries on not the assymetrical isomerization gives in front of the BINAP complex (after hydrolysis) enantiomerically pure R-citronellal. This is cyclised is initiated by the carbonyl ene response by the zinc bromide to then is given pure isopulegol by the hydrogenation (1R, 2s, 5r) the menthol. the menthol possibly simply prepares by the thymol hydrogenation, and the menthol and forms by the pulegone hydrogenation. For other isomers preparation for example neomenthol,

Natural menthol Mentha arvensis is the thin main type use makes the natural menthol quartz and natural menthol flaking. This type main growth in northern area in India.

The chemical product menthol rebellion applies many ways to like the normal secondary ethyl alcohol. It is oxidized to the menthone by the oxidized proxy for example chromic acid, in some under though the adaption oxidation possibly further goes to and breaks the open ring. The menthol easily dehydrates by 2% sulfuric acid motion gives main 3-menthene. PCl5 gives the menthyl chloride.

The biological product menthol ability chemical industry triggers coldly sensitively feels the organ to be responsible for the well-known cooling feeling in the skin which provokes to it when inhalated, eats, or is suitable for the skin. The menthol does not cause the actual whereabouts in the temperature. Like this it with capsaicin, the chemical product and is similarly takes responsibility to (stimulates thermal sensor to have adds fragrant quality hot pepper, has not caused actual temperature rise)

2. menthones are spontaneous generation organic compound by molecular convention C10H18O. The l- menthone (or (2S, 5R) -trans2 isopropyl group 5 methylcyclohexanone), demonstrated in the right, is most enriches in four possible stereomerides essences. The menthone is monoterpene and the alkone. Its structure with has the secondary ethyl alcohol to concern in the carbonyl position menthol

The menthone is pennyroyal, the peppermint, with other people's volatile oil constituents. In the most esential oil this is a smaller compound. This was the cause in 1881 it first time synthesizes in 1891 for the fact by the menthol oxidation to discover in it in the volatile oil before. It is used fragrant and has in the perfumery and in the cosmetic for its model the peppermint taste the smell.

This member is in a giant organization discovery middle center in the organic chemistry. Ernst Beckmann in 1,889 discovered that dissolve the menthone in has been given by the centralized sulfuric acid in the new ketonic material, (coincidence) is equal by a but in the optics rotation opposite raw material. By the tetrahedron carbon understanding only 15 years old (Jacobus Henricus van't Hoff and Joseph Aeschylus Le Bel), Beckmann realizes, this must the disposition reverse in not the assymetrical carbon atom nearby the carbonyl group (at that time think is methyl but is not isopropyl group group), and he liked has supposition this to pass not the assymetrical carbon atom is trigonal enol tautomer intermediacy (plane) but is not the tetrahedron geometry. This is an intermediate inference early time example which (nearly) surveys does not arrive occupies the response in the response mechanism the result.




3.Pulegone is spontaneous generation organic compound is obtained from the volatile oil. This is the clear achromatic color greasy liquid by the pennyroyal smell. It is classified and has as monoterpene molecular convention C10H16O. The synonym is pulegone is R (+) 5 methyl alcohol 2 (1 methylethylidene) cyclohexanone, p menth 4 (8) en 31 and the delta 4 (8) p menthen 31

         Pulegone is discovered in some volatile oil for example Nepeta Cataria, Mentha piperita, with pennyroyal. Pulegone has the pleasant smell to be similar and the peppermint and the camphor. It is used the proxy which blends flavors, in perfumery, with in aromatherapy. Choice chemical product: Boiling point: 97 C in 12 mmHg.



Perhaps the peppermint used to aid the thousands several years as the digestion ago in ancient Egypt. Recently, the peppermint was to vomits, the pregnant woman early morning spits, the breath infection, with a menstruation question folk recovery. The preparation contains the menthol to have a glorious history to take one kind of treatment for the muscle ache and the pain, itches, the sunburn, with is clogged up to the clear nose.


Medicine use:

The supporter requests the spearmint oil improvement digestion reconciliation to eliminate many small intestines diseases, including the gas, the digestion is not good, the cramp, the irritable intestines synthesis symptom and the food poisoning diarrhea, with symptom. Some condition it has a comfort function and the reduced anxiety. The spray and inhalants contain the spearmint oil to promote to relieve the ache throat, toothaches, colds, the cough, laryngitis, the bronchitis and the nose mouth and the throat congestion, with inflammation. The use which reported is been suitable to spearmint oil other to its forehead and the temple avoids the painful tense headache. Salves (main effective component middle in peppermint) the comfortable muscle pain and the ache does by menthol some request with the correlation injury, the arthritis, the rheumatism, with neuralgia. The menthol vapor and should relieve the breath and the venous sinus is clogged up. The Aromatherapists request peppermint smell increase centralism, stimulates the body and mind, reduces the inflammation, the improvement digestion, the reconciliation eliminates the stomach ache (to see also Aromatherapy).


Germany's management structure is the herb:

The spearmint oil is in authorized herbaceous committee E (Germany's management structure for herb) the name list. The common dosage is 1 to 2 capsules 3 is the irritable intestines comprehensive symptom every day; 1 big soupspoon leaf in cup boiling water tea, 2 or 3 every day; 3 to 4 whereabouts in the hot water is the inspiration; 1% to 5% volatile oil is the nose ointment; And has been suitable 5% to 20% volatile oil for other ointment for the skin.


Medicine evidence:

 Some many independent (anecdote) reported the support takes one kind of treatment to peppermint's use because of each kind of digestion and the breath complaint. But, not fully  the scientific evidence believed that, peppermint realization all requests proposed by the supporter, specially its use takes one kind of treatment for the stomach cancer or other type cancers. Although does not have the scientific evidence spearmint oil is effective in the treatment side effect and the chemotherapy with the radiation related, it is discovered usefully in the control disgusting after the surgery. Time by the randomisation clinical test in England was discovered has accepted the spearmint oil after surgery patient compared to these has few disgusting has accepted it in theirs surgery.

In 2002, the researcher had discovered the response is cold and the menthol nerve ending. Perhaps this explained cools feeling from menthol, and its common use reduces as inhalant clogged up in the nose. But, studies had not demonstrated whether it does open the nose or improves the breath in fact when the person has the cold. Has debated whether the spearmint oil is effective in the treatment irritable intestines comprehensive symptom. Perhaps several time is controlled by the randomisation the experimental suggestion, the peppermint which the typhus coats with lacquer is useful, but studies small and extremely long-term has not followed the patient. Fully designs bigger research is the need discovery if this is suitable.

Some early evidence suggested perhaps that gradually instills into the spearmint oil enters the colon in the barium sausage (and perhaps colonoscopy period) reduces the spasm and the reduction to the vein in the counter- spasm treatment course need; But, even more very feels better the research which controls is the need draws the definite conclusion. Japan studies looked the introduction spearmint oil directly enters the esophagus to reduce the spasm in the muscle ring above the stomach in endoscope examination period. The researcher governed the convulsion compared to the standard the medicine injection to report it rapidly worked. This need is a bigger clinical test which registers. Looked is suitable to the spearmint oil forehead and the temple help tense headache research suggested perhaps it is useful in certain people. Whether this really is useful is does not decide to the tense headache. Better research is the need is firmly.

       Aromatherapy (will see also Aromatherapy) to use the spearmint oil for disgusting at the surgery later the isopropyl alcohol or the salt water demonstrated it will be more effective than (placebo). The gauze pad contained the liquid to place under the patient.s nose, and the patient requested deeply deeply breathed through the nose and the expiration passes the mouth. The disgusting score similarly stretches across the group, and the only 52% patient request the conventional medicine to control their disgusting. Four lost 5 patients to satisfy disgusting has been processed how to them. Perhaps in this kind of situation, changed in the breath helps to be more fragrant compared to is tested.

Possible question:

The peppermint was considered the security when adopts by the non- allergic person in the normal dose, but perhaps causes to enrage when is suitable for the skin. Perhaps because the peppermint increases the acid but actually to return to the disease and the fault structure hernia symptom, the people are advised by these situations to avoid the herb. The people by the gall stone or the liver damage should and be careful when uses the peppermint. The spearmint oil and the menthol product should not to the baby either child's nose or the face is applied perhaps because they cause the trouble breath. The allergic measles, the honeycomb cell, the asthma, had been reported with other response rare cases to the peppermint or its component is the sensitive person. Perhaps the acid reduction medicine allows the peppermint which the typhus coats with lacquer to issue leaves behind in front of the stomach in it, perhaps reduces to an irritable intestines any function. Perhaps the spearmint oil is together with other medicine harmoniously, therefore it is usefully converses all medicine with yours doctor or the pharmacist and the supplement which adopts about you.


Animal test:

The composition about 20% spearmint oil menthone are tested has been accepting its 4 weeks by the mouth mouse. It the kidney and the liver function which affects, causes the cyst with the unusual large dose to like the space in brainstem. In other animal research, greatly created weakness, has captured, with brain damage.


Cosmetic use:

Thin serves as is at first a medicine herb treatment belly hurts with the chest pain. In middle-aged period, powders peppermint's leaf is used the blanching tooth. Peppermint's tea is a strong diuresis. Thin and aid digestion. The menthol is many cosmetics and the perfume ingredient. The menthol and the thin volatile oil are also used in the medicine took many medicines components, with are extremely generally in aromatherapy. A common use is takes as soon as stops , specially bites in the insect nips the treatment (frequently with camphor together).


Toxic danger:

The menthol thought is the spearmint oil most toxic component. Thinks fatally as point image 2 grams in some, although the people have the survival the large dose. In the work establishment, these processing menthol was warned that, it possibly causes the eye enraging. The eye should thoroughly flush if contact occurrence. For the skin contact, washes with the soap and the water. The stomach reverses by the pain, vomits, dizziness, sleepiness, perhaps and the stupor absorbs, perhaps and dies occurs as a result of the lung defeat.



The toothpaste, rinses mouth, produced with the chewing gum manufacturer use about 90% all peppermint's oils. Peppermint's oil renovating makes it ideal flavoring with the comfort quality is these universal products. Remaining 10% is used for the confection (ice cream, candy, cookie) and dispensing flavoring. The menthol and the spearmint oil high demand is flavoring food, the drink, adapts with the medicine by the giant plantation in the world.



 The spearmint oil is the plant frequently the form which uses. The pure oil, or one kind of liquid extract package contains oil, possibly directly needs or endures in the capsule. It and is made the capsule which coats with lacquer at the typhus, is designed melts passes after them the stomach. The peppermint is also may the use achievement spray and inhalants be treats the throat, the mouth, the nose, the venous sinus, with lung disease. The leaf sometimes brews takes the tea. The oil is the universal achievement renovates with the anticorrosion rinses mouth. And rinses mouth it in the toothpaste to send the signal vigorously, is pure, with health. The most peppermint's chewing gum is made with the peppermint, Mentha spicata. Peppermint's oil changes the new breath, perhaps helps to heal the canker sore spot. The oil comprehensively is separated  either is not produced or does not take with the mouth bacterium fight the tonic. So, peppermint's flavor always does not send the product appearance in many commodities which signal true thin  oil ' the s treatment uses. The basic peppermint's oil is the cleanser, the purifier, with detoxifier. Its function takes the disinfectant, helps to activate skin ' the s nature to defend and to stimulate the lymphatic system drainage, aids the edema the disintoxicating and the reduction. But, for puts on make-up the goal, peppermint's oil should use only to the form which dilutes