韭菜子油.Tuber Onion Seed Oil

Brief introduction


Tuber Onion Seed

Scientific term:

Semen Allii Tuberosi


Jiu son,Chinese chives Ren

Department source:

Bulb of lily section(Liliaceae).Chinese chives Allium tuberosum Rottl. Of seed.


Was born in pastoral,there is cultivation in the whole whole country.There is south the north,mountain west, Jilin,Jiangsu,Shandong,Anhui,river of the river yield ising bigger.


Sex flavor:

The flavor is hot and sweet, sex.

The plant introduces

The Chinese chives is a rising of young and delicate and fresh United States sun grass,is also present"Viagra", is the good product of seasoning not only,and is rich contain nutrient of good Shu good medicine.Jiu, long also,1 kind and long,1 years old three and four mow, it the root doesn't harm,winter Pei soil, first spring but return to life.Starting to be so called sun grass, and then call a grass clock milk is all great to talk its the achievement of the sun.This thing in the vegetables most and benefit person, proper often eat it.Disappear breeze for day while planting Chinese chives, its leaf,Huang, is delicate, calling of Jiu Huang.


Plant type

Get herbage for several years, the whole grasseses contain smelly difference. Bulb Xia cone form.Leaf Ji gets,flat even,Xia line form,grow a 15~30 cms,breadth 1.5~6 mms.The stem grows a 30~50 cms,the crest gets San form inflorescence,having 20~40 flowers;Total Bao slice film form,the Xiu saves;Flower stalk's ising long is a perianth of;The perianth Ji department matches to get slightly,crack slice 6,white,the long circle form covers with a needle form,growing 5~7 mms;Stamen 6;The ovary is three Leng forms.The Shuo fruit pours oval,there are three Lengs.Seed 6,black.The flower expects for 7~8 months,the fruit expects for 8~9 months.


Sex form

Seed hemicycle or egg circular,slightly flat,grow a 3~4 mms,breadth about 2 mms.Surface black,on facing convex, rough,there is close net crease,another one are tiny and cave,crease not and very obvious,the Ji department is slightly sharp,have a little form Tu rise of grow Qi. The quality is hard. The spirit is especially different, flavor tiny H.


Adopt to make

The mature hour of autumn fruit adopts to accept a fruit preface,dry in the sun, rub seed,remove miscellaneous quality.



In the Chinese chives in addition to having protein, fat,carbohydrate, is worth most is have abundant carotenoid and vitamin ,the nourishment ingredient is count at the top in the vegetable;There is also mineral qualities,such as calcium,Lin and iron.etc.and have volatility ethereal oil and contain sulphur compound in addition.



The carotenoid is a kind of orange match dye only,this kind of dye makes many vegetables and fruit bring orange,play a role of delivering the energy in the photo-synthesis.


Does the carotenoid belong to 1 kind?Type,is see yellow Chun(vitamin A)of two gather a thing.And own various structure, the most main of 2 kinds are alpha-carotenoid(α-carotenoid)and beta-carotenoid(β-carotenoid),still having gamma in addition, the delta and epsilon(γ,δ and ε )is 3 kinds.The carotenoid can change vitamin AN in the liver,is an ago tending of the vitamin A thing.


In addition to above-mentioned physiology function,the type carotenoid can also be apply color an usage,all without exception juice industry,the milk article industry,the candy industry,grease industry and the biscuit industrial etc..Well worth mentioning,the type carotenoid applies color the domestic fowl skin and the egg yolk to have equal importance.Greatly parts of βs-carotenoids will be converted vitamin AN in the domestic fowl body,so the β-carotenoid piles up at the domestic fowl skin or the egg yolk more and not easily,whereas don't have vitamin A the type of the activity carotenoid for example xanthophylls and corn Huang vegetable,then pile up in skin or egg yolk of chicken easily,controling the method of domestic fowl color generally can are yellow just the right amount of xanthophylls of density or corn vegetable join forage,again observation chicken skin and egg yolk present the degree of color.There is the type carotenoid that many research paper manifestations contain Qian Ji applying color for the good domestic fowl, but contain wreath oxygen the type of the Ji carotenoid for example lately yellow quality(neoxanthin)or purple and yellow quality(voilaxanthin)the right and wrong good domestic fowl then applies color.In addition, can also by abandon fruit peel for example orange skin or carrot residue extract a type of carotenoid,and use a method of spraying fog aridity to process powder,this dye powder can be considered as additives and extensive usage in various food, can also be the function composition usage.





The Vit c is namely a water-soluble vitamin(anti-the bad blood is sour),do anti-oxidizing agent to think in the food processing industry conservancy food value,and can strengthen the function of vitamin E in the human body.BE synthesized in the plant the organization easiest,animal aspect,know currently mankind's body can't synthesize, have to additionally by helping obtain in the food.Vitamin C easiest absorbability inside the organization,belly cavity under the small intestines, skin, distribute to the whole body after absorbing.The water-soluble vitamin C causes to run off in the water easiest,is it is one big characteristic.



1.Synthesize Collagen(collagen)-with become cartilage, bone substance, the tooth enamel quality and blood

Take care of epithelial and important Ji quality.

2.Promote the Pu An sour change as hydrogen Pu An sour respond, and hydrogen Pu the An is sour for constitute gum at first

One of the important compositions,so the vitamin C can promote the gum is original born.

3.The maintenance knot Di organizes it normally-because the gum constitutes knot Di organization originally of cell quality.

4.Attend to oxidize revivification reaction inside body-the vitamin C can attend Lao An sour and some and material of

Oxidize reaction.

5.Make adrenal glands steroid hormone.

6.Promoting the wound heals and increases to the feeling power which gets hurt and infects to wait for pressure.

7.While being subjected to an infection and having fever,the loss of this vitamin also increases immediately,past it to stab

The reaction aroused plays important role.



[The lord cures]

Kidney falsely nocturnal emission,slippery Jing,the sun fears falsely cold,urinate Pin a number,bed-wetting disease,woman white bring,the stomach is cold to vomit.Repair a liver kidney,warm waist knee,solid Jing.The waist knee limp and cold pain.


In addition to reducing a blood fat,repairs a liver kidney and helps the function of the sun solid Jing also very outstanding,so on the medical dictionary have"rise sun grass"of call,can with present of"Viagra"ratio the United States.


Went spirit and spread blood to counteract poison, keep warm,be good for the stomach the whole effect of bowel in,be used for nausea to vomit,eliminate thirst, nose Ren blood, throw up blood,urine blood, piles and the wound Yu swollen etc. disease,all have to alleviate a function rather.


Its leaf and root have been already spread Yu, live blood, stop bleeding,the Xie repair to win, help liver Lao etc.effect,being applicable to fall to beat harm, choking Ge nausea,enteritis, throwing up blood, nosebleed, chest pain etc. disease.


The Chinese chives son has solid Jing,help sun and restore virility,cure function of bringing the warm waist knee.Be applicable to impotence,early Xie, nocturnal emission, urine etc.more disease.


Have a function of reducing the blood fat,so the edible Chinese chives also has a very big advantage to the high blood pressure and the cardiovascular disease sufferer.


The Chinese chives has already suppressed a manufacture to use to the green Nong rod bacteria, dysentery,typhoid,escherichia coliform and the gold color staphylococcus.


Abundant cellulose can strengthen the peristalsis of bowel way,making the bowels unimpeded, to prevent bowel cancer from having aggressive meaning.


The volatility composition in the Chinese chives and sulphur compound have already extended blood vessel, reducing the function of blood fat.



Although the Chinese chives is full of nourishment and medical treatment to be worth a very high vegetable,a few conditions then are proper to forbid a food as follows:


1.The Chinese chives is partial to heat,eating much easily and up fire,so Yin weakness the prosperous isn't proper to eat much.


2.The stomach has falsely hot, the indigestion should not eat.


3.The summer Jiu is aging,the fiber is many and thick to build,being not easily digested absorption by person's appetite,adding it summer the stomach and intestines wriggle,the function reduces,many will cause stomach and intestines unwell or diarrhea, so summer the hot hour should not eat much.


4.Besides,although the Chinese chives contain strong Jing function,eat too much will hurt a kidney and flow secretion of eye.So don't eat every day, either.



▲Flicking the hair liquid contains sulphide,can reduce blood ester and extend artery.Can also strengthen the Lao ammonia sour system function inside the melanin cell,cause the melanin of skin and hair change thus, rise the cancellation skin white spot and make the hair pitch-black and shining result.


The Chinese chives son still has abundant plant cellulose,having a function of reduce weight.