芝麻油.Sesame oil


Brief introduction

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Scientific term:

Sesamum indicum


Linseed, black(black) hemp and joss-stick hemp










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Although the close relative of sesame appears in Africa,the natural origins of species still keep ising unknown.It spreads all over in the world of tropical zone region.Its seed can eat,so it is in great quantities planted.


Sex flavor:

The flavor is sweet, sex is even

Sesame oil manufacturing process:

Following the ancient method makes oil,frying sesame to put later on on the caldron to steam,again with machine cold squeeze oil,in early days all is used manpower Zha oil,have a machine to deal with it now, compare a past convenience many


The sesame introduces

Plant type

Linseed(sesame) for get a plant for a year.Linseed oil, namely sesame oil,the Han makes a Qian start arrogant Yuan the oil hemp grow,past"linseed".Oil hemp,of fat hemp,call it greasily oil also.


Plant:The height is about Li rices high


Leaf:Cover with a needle form towards getting, leaf the good luck whole good luck,leaf ising long bout Li riceses,leaf,compare Kuo in the plant basilar leaf, width about five Li rices;More narrow in the leaf on the stem, the width is about one Li rice.


Spend:Is a tube form generally and all four petals of, grow about 3-5 Li rices, the color is a white to the purple color.


The sesame species mainly is divided into 2 kinds namely wild species and cultivation to grow,is found in the world currently of the wild species has 37 kinds around, educating to grow although have 1 kind only,because often the year educate and better to environment adaptability,so is planted kind widely and develop about 3000 kinds of article departments,become mainly planting to grow a species.The color of seed contain different colors such as white,brown and black etc.so have white hemp,red hemp, black hemp of the form of address appear,and we at on the market the hemp seed oil bought is to use white sesame,black sesame, and red hemp manufacturing and become of






Abundant meal fiber

Vitamin Bses, E with

Magnesium, potassium, zinc and various little mineral qualities.

Egg yolk vegetable

Dan alkali

Muscle sugar









Sesame in of egg yolk vegetable is the nourishment vegetable which fills up brains,having already prevented fat from in calm and steady function inside the human body.



The conduction,gall bladder of nerve impulse regulates, the formation of liver function and egg Lin fat all needs Dan alkali,it removes the liver excessive fat and help a hormone manufacturing,and is what fat and cholesterol metabolize essential.There is no Dan alkali, brain function and memory then all will be damaged.The Dan alkali's disease to nervous system aspect,such as Parkinson's disease, and deliver sexual all beneficial of the exercise obstacle continuously.Lacking of the Dan alkali may cause liver fat to pile up.





belong to strong nourish medicine


And can repair medium the benefit annoy,nourish five internal organs


Strong and healthy joints, lubricate appetite.


Enhance the function that the blood vessel reduces weight:

Sesame in of the egg yolk is plain, having already prevented fat from in calm and steady function inside the human body.If the fat is calm and steady in the blood vessel,would being cholesterol,it is make person of path inside the blood vessel become thin,make the blood dirt of afferent and intermediate hardening;If the fat is calm and steady in other parts inside the human body,will make the person deliver then fat.Sesame in of the Dan is salty, ability and the fatty acids knot in the human body put together,also becoming an egg yolk vegetable to prevent fat from calm and steady in the human body.Sesame in of the muscle sugar has tremendous affinity to the fat,it can relieve the fat which condenses up toward the human body liver.Sesame in of the cigarette is salty and sour to have already extended blood vessel and prevent and cure the function of arteriosclerosis.Above sesame in of four kinds of nourishments are beautiful,all having already enhanced blood vessel, turn down the cholesterol in the blood, improve the metabolism of human body,keep human body from delivering fat effect,the cholesterol makes the person suffer from to dye arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure,suffer a stroke, heart attack and the kidney far-gone disaster head.Can prevent the increment of cholesterol from,just is exactly prevent decrepitude from,the most valid way obstructed occurrence an elder to get sick.


Inside human body if lack of the vitamin B1, will cause the carbohydrate metabolize incompletion, the person will also deliver fat


There is very abundant B1 in the sesame, the content of B1 in all foods, in addition to the acrospire of rice, take sesame as then at most.Often eating sesame can't deliver because of lacking of B1 fat.


Protecting the heart defends an old function:

The clause above has been already said that eating sesame will make the blood vessel haleness of heart get up, in fact,there is still vitamin E in the sesame, also making the muscle of heart fructify.Vitamin E should be 1 kind promote muscularity,recover the nourishment vegetable of muscular fatigue.If the human body lacks of vitamin E,the muscle contain contractive danger.The heart is a work inside the human body the hardest and bear the most heavy muscle.If each heart of adult,want to chase equal  to blood of 11 everyday, transport whole body everywhere afferent in go to, usually cool use of heart muscle,if not and particularly fructify,must relax to extend sooner or later.196 exercise in the world 0 years conference up get four pieces of swimming gold medals of luxuriant Lin Luo Si,realizing the sesame can strengthen the truth of heart muscle,he every day must eat some sesames.He that whole body strong muscle with he is in the water heart enduring of strong, is all sesame grant.


Have abundant sesame of grease composition,really have anti-oxygenation,defer low density fat egg white to oxidize time,reach protection organ organization, prevent aging result.


Promote growth the treatment is anemic:

There are proteins in the sesame, comparing meat and the rise in the protein.The protein of sesame in contain 2 ammonia Jis different E sour and ammonia Ji the acetic acid is particularly abundant,among them, 2 ammonia Jis are been the sour and the most important by different E, this is inside human body and can't self-maked, have to amino acids got by in the food.Lacking of the person of this kind of amino acids, developing will be slow, even in over-sensitive, act to disorder.


The sesame is each to contain an iron in 100 grams 0.the O is 3 mgs,compare commensuration of the iron contained by spinach is many triples.So


Help the function that the digest defends ulcer:

The common plant seed all contains Lin to enrich, and lacks of calcium.There is sesame however,contain Lin not only in 100 grams each time 0, three archduke silks, and contain calcium.The Lin belongs to an acidity element,the calcium belongs to a salty sex element.Sesame in the calcium exceed Lin,explaining the sesame belongs to 1 kind salty food.The rice that we eat everyday,the wine,meat becomes sour food.We take rice as the person of staple food, most likely sinking into acidity to lead prosperous appearance inside body in.BE led prosperous disease brought by acidity inside the body,if the stomach acid is excessive,stomach ulcer,12 treatments of intestinal ulcers,gastroptosis.etc.all need sesame very in of calcium quality,once moderated prosperous acidity.The viewspressed a gram of door(Clements)surnamed intestinal ulcer so occurrence's hasing something to do with protein lacking of also is.In the meal when the protein is too low, can make the epidermis cell of appetite change,and make the germ be easy to grow,bring about ulcer.Sesame since rich in protein is canned also see out by this aspect,often eating sesame will have anti-ulcer the effect of the disease.


Sesame in of the cigarette is salty and sour to also take helping appetite to digest as its basic effect.


Relax bowel

There is the person of habitual constipation,take place toxin to hurt its liver inside bowel,will also make skin rough and get Ge Ge.The sesame can relax bowel a treatment constipation


▲       Assist the Ren university food nourishment an institute a detection,eat the sesame of grams everyday,can reduce of the cholesterol in the human body blood,and can defer"low density fat egg white" to oxidize time effectively,about go to school a reason to come up to say,can reach effect of preventing the cancer.



Sesame among them of the cigarette is salty and sour with the vitamin B1,all is nourish callous importance to keep


.If lacked of a B1 person to get a pimple easily.If lack of a cigarette salty and sour,the person's skin and sunlight get in touch with of the part will take place dermatitis,the department which disappears sunlight will be debauched.


The folks is widely known black sesame to contribute to hair of pitch-black and bright,because the black sesame has what hair growth need essential fatty acids and contains sulphur amino acids, with various little mineral materials


The sesame powder regards as to whet a sand cream usage, the skin would be more and more smooth then


Several eat plant oil in the middle, sesame oil generally accepted is oxidized most not easily of high stability plant oil.Its reason is in order to having some causes that the natural anti-s oxidize an ingredient in the sesame oil


Can make the skin keep soft and tender and meticulous


The vitamin E in the sesame tidies up the function of oxygen free radicals inside the human body,obstructing a physiology color the creation of the spot,defering aging


used as the plant oil in the black sesame,black sesame oil an eye benefits, can prevent eye corn crease nicely