當歸油.Angelica Oil


Plant scientific name:Angelica sinensis syn A. polymorpha

Common name: Chinese Chinese angelica, east Quai, Dang Gui, characteristic Kuei, Chinese angelica Sinensis.

Family: Umbelliferae

Spanish: Angica Ra de Angica)

Oil product: The oil is the medium viscosity, with from the rhizome, the seed and the herb is withdrawn.

CAS numeral: 8015-64-3

proportion: 0.85300 - 0.87600  25.00 C. 7.098 - 7.289 pound each gallon - calc. Refractive index: 1.48000 - 1.48800

Color: Light yellow (cream)

consistency: Thin

initial fragrant strength: The medium - is strong

Fragrant description: Fresh, pepper, lignin, herb.

Origin: It obtains ARCHANGELICA by the Chinese angelica dry root steam refining. .

Optics rotation: Is not lively or does not surpass +46

solubilities: The solvend and cannot dissolve in the ethyl alcohol and other organic matter solvents in the water. 



Oil withdrawing:

The oil from plant's root, the fruit or the seed is withdrawn. The renewal root has the light color and even more sends out the oil which the sound terpene writes down. The oil is distilled from a older root is darker, mounts and has characteristic musk to like the smell. Usually prepares to look at the water white or the light yellow orange brown  liquid. The oil (or from seed) exhibits light some pepper from the young root the top note to miss in the oil from is older (for 2-3 year) the root. The main body note has a wealth, soil texture herby, the lignin characteristic and musky, the animal-like bass. The rapeseed oil typically is quite high  and lowers in beta phellandrene in the musk component (pentadecanolide and tridecanolide) compares the root oil. Root oil pot scope in 10 and 30% between beta phellandrene. The rapeseed oil is the water white or the extremely light yellow oil by is strong, new, light pepper's smell. It uses adulterates the root oil, sometimes is possible to be difficult to find out.


Derivation Chinese angelica sinensis or "feminine ginseng" is an herb from family Apiaceae, the local product to China. Its root knew together plays the host quai with Chinese or danggui and is widely applied at the Chinese tradition medicine treatment gynecology and obstetrics department disease, weary, the temperate anemia and the hypertension. The Chinese angelica (also called the Holy Ghost, the Archangel root, with east Quai) were widely considered is a powerful guardian and curing, with provides the strength to the woman. We believed that, the Chinese angelica uses the good luck by many people which is evil for the protection goal and brings in the health and the family situation. As ancient and the highly aromatic plant, the Chinese angelica was commended in the Northern Europe country folklore took the multi-purpose medicine for all is ill. The name probably comes from Greek angelos, means "messenger". Some angels revealed treats the plague to a member of a religious order in the dream legendary herb, with the Chinese angelica tradition in was considered the most effective safeguard exempts the evil, the witchcraft specially is. Has in grows the world 50 and between 60 varieties; And each the product which has the special treatment to use, although possesses is used for the more or less similar goal.


The plant narration Chinese angelica looks like likes it the relative, red radish , except Chinese angelica plant possibly ascended vertical distance ten feet. This generally is fragrant every two year or the four seasons unceasing herb, has the mountain ridge, stiff, powerful hollow stem, big, the emerald leaf, is colored with the growth in the umbels green white, together to plant this family. It always likes the moist place nearby the running water. The raise variety has the extreme thick rhizome, when the wild Chinese angelica has the thin cone root. After picking, reduces the root to have one is slippery, soaplike feeling. The root, and the comparatively mild degree, the seed and the leaf, have a celery to like the smell. The leaf and the stem are harvested in first month of summer, the seed is gathered works as they maturely in the midsummer, and the velamen harvest in will be late autumn later occurs in a year growth. The plant was dies young with the mold has produced the seed after it.


The habitat thought is the local product to Syria, Holland, or Poland, the Chinese angelica was now discovered grows wildly along north with Baltic Sea's coast took far north takes the lapland, and in this region Himalaya Mountains and Siberia. Although it grows mainly in the northern temperate area, it and as if prosperous is very good in New Zealand. The Chinese angelica is the type which protects in Iceland, with has cultivated in many places. Dang gui is the locality to China (A. sinensis). The best rhizome is considered from Gansu Province in China. The Chinese medicine uses nine Chinese angelica types. The collective, they took "dang gui the" manner knows (is usually written according to original design in Chinese medical service text), but Chinese angelica sinensis likes. Bai Zhi grows wildly in the jungle in China, South Korea, with Russia, with cultivation mainly in China's central committee and eastern area.


The historical history tells us, them places the root in a white flannel bag, spreads the oil it and retains it with the blessing oil nearby the baby is the protection. Other people use it to call the protection fiery wall in a courtesy magic incantation. It is also extends - ly to declare the clothing whole when will sum up with few lavender colored and the safe family oil and delivers them to bring peace in a blue color flannel bag and faithfully until death gives the marriage to the family. In US, the Chinese angelica was discovered together bag exempts in African-American the mojo for the protection preparation the evil, is uncrossing, with breaks jinx. Powders form, this is one kind of ingredient is used in the sachet powder for heals and blesses. In Mexico, when an adolescence girl has suffered (form which susto supernatural frightens round), perhaps she is given a white flannel bag to contain the Chinese angelica and the disciple Michael small character delivery is the protection. Knew in Europe from 17th century, the Chinese angelica is the wild celery plant's meat multi- roots. It stimulates the digestion juice the production, the improvement bile flow enters the digestion short written work, and battles digests spasms.Don't and the Chinese Chinese angelica confuses this European variety, or east Quai. Chinese edition is used the achievement to return to parents' home after the question and a menopause symptom recovery, the tonic for the anemia (red blood cell loss), with one kind of treatment for heart disease and hypertension. European Chinese angelica, on the other hand, thought at first treats the plague. Later, it has been recommended for the common coldness. Today, only its digestion use is considered legitimately.


Chinese angelica spectrum narrative history and archaeology: The Chinese angelica has a durableness, the ancient record takes a medicine herb. The about 20 different local Americans tribe has used the Chinese angelica type is a medicine, including chewed the root the creek and to swallow down the juice to be chaotic for the stomach. Many types Chinese angelica use by the local American including A. atropurpurea, A. arguta, A. pinnata, A. lucida, with A. archangelica, treats colds, the stomach is chaotic, the diarrhea, the gastritis, the gas, is not good with the digestion. This and is one kind of effective diuresis and the appetite stimulant. Pours into uses by Iroquois in the steam bath treatment headache and the frostbite. When sums up poultices to the broken bone, applied with the tea one kind of model treatment function regarding the ulcer. It was widespread is also applied and increases as the cleaning herb has come the sacred pipe ceremony and has been burnt the ceremony which used in the treatment.



Angelica oil active constituent: Essential ingredient: Beta sitosterol, coumarins, vitamin B12, volatile oil [ butylidine phthalide, ligustilide, sesquiterpenes, carvacrol ]). The Phytochemicals:Chinese Chinese angelica contains the volatile oil, bitter and astringent iridoids, resin, coumarins, valerianic acid, tannic acid, bergapten; Vitamin A and B and have reported in the Chinese type. East Quai contains vitamin E, A and B12. The researcher separated  has at least exerted governs the convulsion and the vasodilatory function six kind of derivatives. is returns to parents' home after a cramp recovery. The volatile oil contains Ligustilide in east quai, butylphthalide and many other smaller components. Ferulic sour and the various polysaccharide and is discovered in the east quai root. These elements possibly prevent the spasm, reduces and relaxes the peripheral blood vessel. The research indicated that, east Quai causes to the feminine hormone activity balanced function. Caffeic acid derivative, fatty oil, furanocoumarins (angelicin, bergaptene, imperatorin, oxypeucedanin, xantholtoxin), flavonoid, phytosterols, volatile oil (main betaphellandrene). The Chinese angelica constituent most important constituent is about . Volatile oil,  the acid, the angel acid, the sugar, a bitter and astringent principle, call Angelicin with the strange resin, stimulates to the lung and to the skin. The root volatile oil contains terebangelene and other terpenes; The ' seed's oil contains other methyl alcohol ethylacetic acid and the hydroxymyristic acid.

Active matter: Ligustilide, butyl phthalide, butene phthalide, the ferulic acid, polysaccharides.etc.Information is may the use only be A. archangelica, the European type. The volatile oil, the angel acid, are listed with the resin in the silent gram index. Taskinen and Nykanen description very great quantity constituent including g-phellandrene, borneol, pentadecanolide, 2 methyl alcohol butyric acid, with monoterpene hydrocarbon. When sums up oil musklike smell because to hydroxypentadecanoic sour lactone Danggui to have respectively is a vitamin B12 minority good non- animal originates, likes spirulina together with the yeast and microalgae some varieties. It has the analgesic, the anti- inflammation, governs the convulsion and the sedative activity. Plant's phytochemicals including coumarins, phytosterols, polysaccharide, ferulate, with flavonoid. It and is used takes the aphrodisiac



Angelica oil application and use:

 Chinese angelica commercial growth; Its derivative (volatile oil, extract, distill share) discovered the widespread use changes into the alcoholic beverage for example bitter artemisia wine, the bitters, Benedict in the flavor formula teaches the group and the light yellow green type  liquor. (Taskinen and Nykanen). This herb and has many medicines uses. The Chinese angelica stimulates the circulation and to use it as for this traditional Chinese doctor's advice which recommends seeks a training. It has antibacterial and the antifungal product. The young leaf is possibly made the tea for the reduction tense, the tense headache, the digestion is not good, the stomach gas and . The root is possible and to use does the comfort tea for the bronchial tube situation and colds. Simmers the clean root an ounce in dehydrated at least 30 minutes. The history uses in (well the Menstrual symptom (amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, PMS)  the womb tonic for menstruation cramp)  the Menopausal symptom  anemia  low immunity  weary, the cheap vitality  is feeble  is restored to health (off and on claudication)  reduces the blood pressure atherosclerosis in the woman  cheap peripheral blood stream, the high cholesterol  relieves the painful and the inflation  liver tonic, protects the liver to exempt the toxin, stimulates the liver metabolism  anti- inflammation, the analgesic, calm, governs the convulsion,  stimulates


Toxicity, Cautions&Contra : Without the toxicity. The side effect is extremely rare. Pyrogenia but the request treatment needs the rare case. Perhaps the people experience the diarrhea by the esophagus disease. Avoids at the hemorrhage disease, hypermenorrhea, in the first three month-long situation is pregnant, spontaneous abortion, with in severe flu period.


Function and motion: The antibiotic, governs the convulsion, the blood tonic, the circulation stimulant, the feminine tonic, blood sugar release lever decreasor, the laxative, the promotion menstruation flow, regulates the womb contraction, the sedative, strengthens the liver function, antibacterial, antifungal, anti- virus, and so on. The Tonifys blood, the promotion blood circulation, the regulative menstruation, relaxes the pain,  relieves the constipation with Run. China when summed up is uses to treat at the feminine disease for a thousands several year well-known Chinese herb. Perhaps its reputation is next only to the ginseng (the Panax ginseng) and it by it to woman's ' the blood tonic ' function is specially famous. The best way adopts it to take the blood tonic sweet is pungent fragrant. Is sweet, warm and is moist in the product, this herbaceous display again supplement blood function; And is pungent, warms with volatile in the nature, in it possibly also promotes the blood circulation, took a main herb eliminates the pain for the rich blood and the promotion blood circulation regulation menstruation reconciliation. It frequently uses the treatment blood to lack all syntheses symptom, various type pain as a result of blood stasis, menoxenia, the sore spot, the ulcer, swells with wound ecchymoma, and so on. It and plays the role the blood and Run which raises , serves for the constipation because the blood lacks with  in the intestines.


Motion way:

Is classified takes a tonic herb in China and because like this very little can use at the disease profound stage. A profound situation equally simple achievement common coldness, it usually can suggest first corrects the profound condition, in initiates in front of its use. As the tonic, it is unified with other botanicals and very is alone few is usually used. Frequently center of gravity other ingredients east direction motion Quai. East the tonic motion most looked is ability ' decides melody blood ' in its Quai`s. Perhaps this TCM concept compared to the western medicine compared to the anemia, it possibly creates and the nutrition or the physiological question by the psychological question at first believed that, are more differently. The deficient blood the face which not is angry by suggested and the lip, dizziness, dizziness, the vision which reduces, is been lethargic, the palpitation, the dry skin, the menstruation irregularity, the pale tongue and the happy pulse. This is the most commonly used herb affects in the Eastern regulation menstruation and tunes the children reproductive organ. It possibly and uses by the male decides the melody their blood and is the extremely high efficiency in the youth acne. Had been demonstrated and relaxes the womb muscle to the contract in the dog, the cat and the rabbit which anaesthetizes. Contractive and the excited ingredient feeling is the water and alcohol-soluble, the non- volatile oil component, the achievement relaxes, the prohibition component thought is the volatile oil by the high boiling point. This did not think is machine-made subordinate effectiveness in dysmenorrhea, does not have a estrogenic function. Though increase activity in female animal, but doesn`t has the reliable clinical support. Had demonstrated to the bodily metabolism and the endocrine function function by the mix 5% unfinished root give the mouse the diet four weeks. The bodily metabolism was enhanced, the oxygen utilization was increased in the liver, and glutamic acid and cysteine oxidation improvement. East quai and protected the laboratory mouse's liver to exempt the carbontetrachloride toxicity. This herb had demonstrated to motion opposition vitamin E testicle disease lacking, may be connected to its embryo's stable function, and prevents. East the Quai root, specially the ethyl alcohol extract root, some one kind of quinidine type function in the animal heart, to the frog heart prohibition function, with presses tachycardia. East Quai possibly prevented the experimental coronal atherosclerosis, with prevents the fat deposit in the artery. The blood pressure reduces the activity in the animal which anaesthetizes to think is the suitable release nerve transmission body, stimulates acetylcholine and the amino acid feeling organ, causes the peripheral blood vessel the inflation. Contains water the extract to demonstrate forbids writhing and the capillary permeability, forms the prohibition with small piece aggregation strong thromboxane (by to forbid 5HT) and to forbid together, suggests a time of anti- inflammation motion. The Anti-tumor motion was observed in several research. It has been demonstrated to the increase lymphocyte activity to the form mature immune body, when increases the IL-2 formation. It is observed increases the B cell the ability to respond the T helper cell and stimulates the T lymphocyte production.


Angelica oil stable blood sugar level:

 The stable blood sugar level and enhances the immunity system the function. The Chinese Chinese angelica has the sterilization, anti- viral and the antifungal product and is to an infection overall scope wonderful recovery, including colds and flu. The Chinese Chinese angelica is the recovery which a valuable blood purifier and gets wet relieves the constipation. The Chinese Chinese angelica has the rejuvenative product and the help relieves the arthritis and the rheumatic pain. Is similar to the tonic China Chinese angelica to recommend in is restored to health, recovers and increases the energy with the acceleration after the childbirth.


Menopausal symptom: Is used in the traditional Chinese convention is the menopausal symptom. It proposed that, perhaps contains "phytoestrogens" (chemical product to like function by feminine hormone in body). But, it does not retain unclearly from the laboratory research if has the similar function like the feminine hormone in the body, stops the feminine hormone the activity, or had the significant function 24 week of people's experiments which fully designed in estrogens.A with one kind of placebo to compare east the Quai function in 71 women and the menopausal symptoms. This research has not discovered the difference on the hot flash or in the Kupperman index (a menopausal symptom commonly used measure) in east Quai and between the placebo group. The change has not occurred in the blood feminine hormone uterus lining level, thickness, or vagina . This research suggestion, east Quai cannot have the short-term feminine hormone to like to the bodily function. Perhaps but, there is the very few patients registration accurately surveys the function in the research. Moreover, the extract oil herb uses the preparation by East the Earth. (4.5 milligrams, by standardization to 0.5 milligram each kilogram ferulic acid), are not hoped every day are the manufacture by with other east Quai product, perhaps with has the different result similar way. Before other research is necessary possibly proposed in a strong suggestion.


The side effect and warned that, Perhaps the increase solar sensitivity (photosensitive) the risk occurs by the severe skin-reaction as a result of the chemical product in the Chinese angelica (furocoumarins, psoralen and bergapten). To the sunlight or the ultraviolet ray long time exposition should avoid when adopts the Chinese angelica. According to the report, the root and seed's steam-distilled oil cannot have the phototoxic chemical product. Perhaps Huang Changsu, the volatile oil in the Chinese angelica, is the careinogen archery target (cancer causes). The long-term use should therefore avoids east, with frequently contains east the Quai limit considerable amount Quai is short to 1% tans puts on make-up the water. Perhaps the Chinese angelica preparation contains the high level sucrose, with should by have the diabetes or the glucose intolerant patient discretely uses. Main side effect: The number chemical product had discovered has been demonstrated in east quai to the cause cancer in the experimental animal when gives in the extremely large amount long time. The evidence does not study document this kind of risk from the person, however. Not severe side effect: The Chinese angelica possibly causes the non- protection the skin sensitively is used to the sunlight or the candle light the living room which tans. If you use the Chinese angelica, affirms the use sunlight.


Interaction and medicine: Perhaps the Chinese angelica increases the risk to bleed perhaps because  and the counter- small piece function, with increases the bleeding risk when adopts with the increase bleeding risk medicine. It does not retain unclearly if the Chinese angelica has the similar function like the feminine hormone in the body, stops the feminine hormone the activity, or has the significant hormone function. Its manner east does not know if adopts Quai to increase either the reduction oral contraceptive or hormone replace therapy function for example Premarin Which contain the feminine hormone, or in has the selective feminine hormone feeling organ modulator (SERMs) anti-tumor function for example tamoxifen. Perhaps the chemical product causes the increase in the Chinese angelica the solar sensitivity by the severe skin-reaction (photosensitive) the risk, and east Quai should avoid with causing photosensitive, for example tretinoin other medicines (retina Renova) A and some type anti- despondent medicinal preparations, anti- cancer medicine, antibiotic, or anti- neurosis treatment course. The patient adopts the treatment course should inspect with theirs doctor or the pharmacist east the start before the Chinese angelica. Perhaps according to the laboratory research, the Chinese angelica increases the influence heart rhythm, for example digoxin, beta-blockers for example metoprolol medicine function, calcium channel pre- forging die for example nifedipine or other anti-arrhythmic medicine. The animal research and a person's report has paid attention the blood pressure which reduces in the east later Quai management, and east Quai should discretely use adopts in the individual blood pressure drop the treatment course.


When sums up the modern age to study the Chinese Chinese angelica to contain vitamin B12 and the ferulic acid. Vitamin B12 possibly uses in the harmful anemia treatment. It is commonly used treats it in wide range to regulate the menstrual cycle reconciliation to eliminate the period pain and the guarantee health is pregnant with the easy payment woman's complaint. This oil has to a uterus dual motion, namely, the volatile matter possibly forbids the uterus to reduce the rhythmic contraction and to relax the smooth muscle to use rapid and the durable way; And its water or ethyl alcohol insoluble, the non- volatile matter possibly stimulates the uterus to strengthen its contraction. China when sums up, the ferulic acid, the seminal fluid cell increase activity and a viability middle chemical industry component by protects their membrane to exempt the cell harm free radical motion. Has some evidence, however, the ferulic acid increases the free basic damage risk to accept the chemotherapy and bleomycin to the seminal fluid cell in the person (Blenoxane), the cancer chemotherapy is sometimes chosen for it to the immunity system relatively a more minor function. This oil decoction or the liquid extract are possible the function separates  the heart to reduce in the prohibition the heart disease excitability ( fixation motion) and to lengthen the atrial refractory period; Dialating coronary artery and obvious increase coronal flow; Reduces the cardic muscle oxygen consumption, the blood pressure, the small piece aggregation and the blood are obese; The resistance thrombus forms and prevents the atherosclerosis; Protects the liver and prevents the liver glycogen the degeneration; Resistance deficient vitamin E, malignant anemia and inflamation; And causes the diuresis, to be calm and analegsia. This herb and has azathiopurine to like (medicament of the suppression immunity) to move, namely, the immune body, the porous immunity and the body fluid immunity production significant prohibition, the service is the nephritis, the birth hematolysis disease (one kind of active immunity disease). Moreover, it possibly enhances macrophagocyte and the reticuloendothetiol cytohagy and the immunity which and strengthens has not indicated. It has a time of antibacterial motion, forbids various bacterium to grow including bacillus dysenteria, the bacillus typhus, the B. comma, B. cholerae and the streptococcus haemolyticus.


Evidence these uses have been tested in the person or the animal. The security and effectiveness had not been always proven. These situations are latent serious, with should appraise by a qualified medical health care tenderer.


Use basis scientific evidence rank * Amenorrhea (deficient menstruation east period) has the quai limited quality difference research to give as the herbaceous combination part is amenorrhea. Before other research is necessary possibly obtains in a firm conclusion. C heart rubber pain/coronary artery sickness has the evidence insufficient support to the east quai use for the heart disease treatment. East the C arthritis in the quai tradition is used at the arthritis treatment. But, has the insufficiency reliable person's evidence recommendation to east quai use alone either and other herbs' combinations for osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis. C Dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation) has the preliminary, east the quai quality messenger's research unclear result and other herbs' combinations are dysmenorrhea. The reliable scientific evidence for east quai alone in the person and dysmenorrhea current is not may the use. The C kidney pellet nephritis has the evidence insufficient support to take one kind of treatment to the east quai use for the kidney disease for example kidney pellet nephritis. East quai preliminary quality difference research and other herbs' combination report unclear results. C the congenital thrombocytopenic purple spot sickness (ITP) east a quality difference memoir the quai advantage is diagnosed in the patient and the congenital thrombocytopenic purple spot sickness (ITP). East but, these patients with have not accepted the quai individual to compare, and therefore the result only is possibly considered preliminaryly. East the C menstruation migraine headache the quai function alone for this situation is not clear before, and the further research is necessary possibly obtains in the clear conclusion. The C nerve pain has the evidence insufficient support to the east quai use to take one kind of treatment is the neuropathic pain. The high quality person's research lacks. The C lung hypertension it retains unclearly if east quai is advantageous is other lung hypertension causes. Before the further research is the need possibly proposed in the suggestion. C east the Menopausal symptom quai is used in the traditional Chinese convention is the menopausal symptom. It proposed that, perhaps east quai contains "phytoestrogens" (chemical product to like function by feminine hormone in body). But, it does not retain unclearly from the laboratory research if east quai has the similar function like the feminine hormone in the body, stops the feminine hormone the activity, or has the significant function in the feminine hormone.

A: Solid scientific evidence as for this use;

B: Good scientific evidence as for this use;

C: Unclear scientific evidence as for this use;

D: The fair scientific evidence opposes this use; F: The solid scientific evidence opposes this use.

Skin appliances: The angelica oil is may the use achievement skin appliances. Perhaps the Chinese angelica and comes by the capsule, the tincture, or tea form. In the cosmetic, the angelica oil is used the help in to be dull-witted the skin treatment which stuffs is had the comfort function in the skin nerve ending in the model application. The Chinese angelica oil is used in the perfume, scours with the soap, salves, oil, shampoo. The plant is used has taken for the skin rash... A recovery, wound. The use is treating... Opposes psoriasis. To the European herb's external use including poultices is

O rheumatic painful

o neuralgia

o pleurisy

because the matter with that in the musk plant, in this oil has extremely similarly discovered, when the earth dilutes very much fragrantly is putting on make-up the water, can be one kind of stimulant. The Chinese angelica is the affection medicinal plant in the middle ages.

Burner and evaporator: Is used in the vaporization Chinese angelica oil pot the help clear lung, the bronchitis, and comfortable is insufficient with breath pleurisy. Oil and in bath which mixes: The Chinese angelica oil pot is used in the massage oil which mixes, or assists in the bath to aid the lymphatic system, the disintoxicating, the digestion question, the help by colds and the flu and the mold growth fight. Mix in basic cream: Is similar to the basic cream which mixes, the Chinese angelica constituent oil pot is used assists to circulate, the arthritis, the pain wind, the sciatica, the migraine, colds and the flu and helps to encourage the feminine hormone and this nature production aid is gentle and painful monthly period in the regulation.


Summary: This oil is great is gives your constitution to boost by inspires the body the lymphatic system and the general disintoxicating. It possibly and uses in to breathe the disease the great function and is the great help in the stomach correlation question including flatulence, the digestion not good, disgusting, is uncomfortable and the digestion is not good.