Common name:Frankincense

Also stated that, Holy Bible frankincense, frankincense. Boswellia carteri, boswellia carterii

plant name: Boswellia carteri

Withdraws the common method: The rubber resin steam refining

CAS numeral 8016-36-2

components are used: Resin from tree

Use: The pursuit, the offer, protects, courtesy fumigation, the divine, exorcises

fragrant: Fresh, the lignin, fragrant caresses the person, slightly spicy and fruit, rich, is sweet and fragrant caresses the person fragrant. Fruit, lignin and spice record, A lower quality fragrant complex by an economical price

color: Light-yellow

Initial fragrant strength: Temperate - medium

biggest production country: Africa, India


Traditional use:

 Famously cites in several scripts, took the gift middle is bestowed in young Jesus by three unwise humanities. This will be chooses the incense and candle from then on to burn for the etiquette within the tolerant worship. The frankincense generally is used has spread in ancient Egyptian like identical the sesame oil the medium and quite frequently traces the frankincense to discover in influential person's resident the tomb. This was the resin which respected by the Egyptian and has been discovered in theirs cosmetic and the perfume. On the medicine uses in the middle eastern country and several Asian country.


Potential use and advantage: And fragrantly and celebrates the product as the incense and candle for the ceremony which in its spirit treats uses to issue. Recommendation for meditation, prayer with growth perception and consciousness. Frequently uses in the breast massage greases it to be able and the assistance mood swing and the emotion is low. Wonderful addition to face oil and bodily care; Its anticorrosion product help reduces the temperate skin question and, it is outstandingly for the mature skin and the acne damage. One kind is calm and the advantageous ingredient in the massage oil, the bath and the diffuser. The age old perfume ingredient takes one kind fixed and the main smell. The huge aid heals in the spirit and the emotion.


The mix is very good and: Wonderful and mostly flowers and plants, lignin, is spicy and


Plant description: The tree grows in the Somalian coast, does not have the soil, in outside the marble rock which polishes, they massively attach the similar lime and the mortar admixture by the material thick oval. The young tree equips the most valuable rubber, older merely produces purely, the glutinous fluid, similar copal paint. Obtains the frankincense, profound, the longitudinal incision is made and bark slip 5 inches long is skinned in tree's bough under it. When flows out the milk-like juice by hardened to the air exposition, cuts open is deepened. Obtained the essential degree consistency in the about three months resins, the hardening entered the faint yellow ' tear. ' is big, the clear pellet blows into the basket and to run has been separately collected under tree's inferior quality. The season for gathers continues from May until September middle, when first shower investment. With with all volatile oil, do not have to use has not diluted. The interior do not need to adopt only if work and qualified and expert's trainee. Maintenance from child. Is not or according to captures for these by the epilepsy. Before always carries on the skin patch test to use any oil in yours skin.


Related type: Other rubber resins are obtained the tree which has not recognized from to live red sea's neighborhood; It compared to the growth in the bare rock, does not have other supports extremely in periphery, the thick matter, some one kind of quality between the bark and the wood, is thrown from the bough base, and extremely reliably observes the rock. Kempthorne (1,843) the achievement is suggests this type tree equipment the frankincense. Boswellia serrata, Roxburgh (are more), is Boswellia thurifera, Colebrooke, the Coromandel coast and other India's part leaf luxuriant forest. Although before thought the equipment frankincense, this tree is not that kind of medicine origin, but is produces slowly hardens in year in period soft fragrant resin, and only uses by the native takes the incense and candle. Boswellia papyrifera, Richard (are more), yield transparent resin, probably destitute rubber, although the idea contains the volatile oil. It grows in west Abyssinia. Boswellia Frereana, Birdwood (are more), Somalis Yegaar, produces the lemon smell fragrant resin. It does not contain the rubber, with is used takes in the East masticatory.


Plant origin and history: The frankincense is one kind of translucence, brittle, turns white the decadent matter, in roundish, the club shape, the pear shape, or in the irregular tear, with turns white by one kind, contains the starch matter usual lid mutually to oppose by the piece production friction. It has secondarily acrid, terebinthinate, bitter and astringent taste, with pleasant, resin smell, and works as the fever, it produces the brilliant flame, is happy fragrant with dispersing. It melts has the difficulty, is not has not decomposed, becomes soft and the rubber mounts the medicinal preparation by to chew, forms incompletely, the white emulsion works as the water used friction, with dissolves by the ethyl alcohol to the considerable amount about 65%. It has proportion 1.22. The frankincense specially is the man-made milk resin. The man-made milk resin is the deadline description oleomargarine (greasy either fatty the rubber (are partial in nature or look) insoluble in water) the resin (part or complete solvend in ethyl alcohol). Therefore, the man-made milk resin has is are partial insoluble and looks like the greasy nature in the water and the ethyl alcohol. It including main oil, rubber and resin. Moreover, a this good example can be does not have the medicine, the frankincense, with Opopanax. Frequently the deadline secretion secretion, the resin, the resin shape, the volatile oil simply is used the description step in the processing natural percolate from certain tree for example not medicines and the frankincense. These two wild trees, still stayed behind for this day in their wild condition, the growth, was organic has not raised, or the farm grew, harvested for example the hobo by the tribe in Somalia. The tree is excised. The rubber water drop flows out from the excision took one kind thickly mounts white matter. This by first does obtains the profound vertical incision in the bark. Bark slip about 4 inches are skinned and the milky white liquid to come out. In about three months, it changes hardly enters tears the shape the group. The water drop (or tear) is collected, brings for the market, has graded the basis size and the color. In the frankincense situation, is smaller, even more the light color tear is used at the ceremony and works as the church incense and candle. The tear is graded in the market, purchases by the big company and sends sends to their motherland is processing. The frankincense is the about  rubber (water-soluble), 30% resin (ethyl alcohol solvend), with  volatile oil (oil solvend). The tear by warmly withdraws the processing production the resin which purifies. The resin is then is further processed withdraws through the ethyl alcohol application in the vacuum the production resinols shape. The resin shape is then is further processed by the heat supply, the ethyl alcohol, the vacuum withdraws, with distillation production volatile oil. As each these step of progresses, the matter more and more is short is produced, and the price goes more and more high. The plasticizer must increase in the extreme are few  to come the volatile oil to retain it in the liquid form. Or does not have the medicine the frankincense the volatile oil to remain in the air, and it very quick will change hardly is similar to the ethyl alcohol and the plasticizer evaporates. Therefore, the frankincense and does not have the medicine, Labdanum, Galbanum, does not have the real volatile oil basis strict aromatherapy deadline.


The distillation withdraws the "experience in the choice correct material for the distillation either is resinoids or absolutes withdrawing, is rare and the valuable skill, with partially acts according to several years experiment and withdraws by the frankincense all ranks distillation. "(Arctander)


Chemical composition: A frankincense sample item which proved is recently studied about from B. carterii has identified alpha-pinene, the beta bay alkene and takes main monoterpenes. Beta caryophyllene, alpha copaene, alpha humulene and the caryophyllene oxide compound is main sesquiterpenes. Typical frankincense compound isoincensol and the isoincensyl acetate and cembrene A is main diterpenes together. The Octyl acetate is the B. papyrifera characteristic, but it has not been discovered in B. carterii.



Young cigarette smell by a many pyrolysis product influence from terpenoids current in resin. The commercial pistachio oil obtains by the resin steam refining from the promiscuous Boswellia type has the sweetness fragrant, the lignin caresses person's smell by to be new, nearly citrusy slight difference. It is used in the luxurious perfume, namely opium (Yves disciple Laurent 1,977). Frankincense most important including sour resin insoluble and has convention C20H32.O4 in the ethyl alcohol (Hlasiwetz 1,867); It does not produce the benzene derivative to work as melting and caustic potash. When burns, it sends out the happy smell. The water from its one kind of bitterness and astringency, mounts the matter to remove, little insoluble in ether. The frankincense and contains the rubber , cannot dissolve in the ethyl alcohol, with similar ordinary water-soluble Arabic gum. Forms the thick mucus by water 3 it (Pharmacographia). Finally, the frankincense contains approximately the ash , with from volatile oil 4 to . According to Kurbatow (1,874), it most important including terpene olibene (C10H16), boils in 158.? . (316.4.? . ). Fl. ckiger had discovered its laevo revolves, and Wallach (1,889) identified it to take the l pinene, with other had discovered two gathered the sym-methyl ethyl-ethylene. Schimmel & Co. and reported phellandrene occurs in the oil (Gildemeister and Hoffmann, mold Aetherischen Oele, p. 641). Constituent: borneol, Farnesol, Phellandrene, bay alkene [ Shirley price, Aromatherapy workbook (Hammersmith, London: Thorsons, ] A this volatile oil main component is alpha-pinene. This group (the monoterpene hydrocarbon) typically composes the about  oil although the whole it has the instable constitution . The research review completed had recently considered how these components did occupy, has been distributed and was eliminated from the body. Although must by the structure research this report the findings, with many correlations references, provides fascinatingly studies . The resin , the volatile oil , bassorin 6 to , the plant residue 2 arrives ; The resin is composed by the boswellic acid and alibanoresin.


Physical chemistry product proportion in 15............. 0.872 to 0.892 optics rotation............... oil distillation in front of 1903 is laevorotatory, by -17. decided; They from then on will be the dextrorotation, by +35. decided. This change cause is not clear. Refractive index in 20........ 1.471 to 1.482 solubilities............................ Soluble in  ethyl alcohol 3.5 to 6 volumes, sometimes by slight pollution.


Hedwigia balsamifera: This plant one kind of ethyl alcohol extract, hypodermatically is carried out, is proven the nerve and the heart disease poison. Causes the convulsion  to contain in it, can reduce the body with the resin warmly to cause the paralysis (Ann. de Th. rap. 1,889). (Saw also also p. in 1318. ) Is usually differentiated from it by the distinct lemon fragrant, with frankincense orange fragrant relative. The frankincense is requested in many to be ancient and the middle ages recipes, with is most together the ingredient which discovered in the incense and candle mix. The tan oak matter which the ancient Egyptian women pass frequently cause the region to change by which is darkly scorched the frankincense or the frankincense are made nearby the eye with other resins and the herb sometimes mixes.


Frankincense and Boswellia family:

The frankincense is reappears in the mind in the most Westerners brains first matter when you mention the incense and candle. Concerns to the frankincense variety and the type silent confusion. The main fragrant use is takes the incense and candle for the fever at the religious rite. The few resins are distilled produce the volatile oil and these to have they model, fragrant caresses person's smell, the discovery use in the perfumery. The solvent extract and prepares and resinoids and absolutes is used takes the fixing agent in the perfume. The resin arranges and is graded the basis size, the pure color and the condition in the request for the exportation before. In Somalia, has the maidi seven ranks, (frankincense from Boswellia frereana) and beyo (frankincense three ranks from B. sacra). Bigger, a paler group is used for chews is highly taken to be smaller than and the darker color piece and the powder and siftings. Boswellia careri (type), Burseraceae (family) also calls the frankincense, the rubber thus. The milky white liquid transfusion (or bush) the bark and changes from the incision in this small tree hardly enters tears the shape the amber orange brown group between the pea to the walnut size.natural oleomargarine rubber resin. North this tree grows with many pinnate leaf and the white or the pale flesh color flower wildly spreads East Africa, is the locality becomes lucky the sea area. The rubber is mainly produced in Somalia, Ethiopia, China and south the Arabian Peninsula. Some many similarities between the frankincense and the frankincense, they by the fragrant usual discrimination, are lemony (border on in the high quality Hougari frankincense in lime) and the frankincense distinct orange smell relative.


Medicine motion and use:

Oral, the frankincense is used for the colic and flatulence. The typical place, the frankincense is in the hand which uses the cream. The frankincense volatile oil typically and takes the analgesic by the inspiration use. Possible use: Anxiety, the asthma, the bronchitis, the extreme cough, the scar, the stress, stretches the mark. [ Julia illegal, the volatile oil (Rockport, MA the encyclopedia which explained: Element book, 1,995), 59-67. ] Medical use: The increase white blood cell production, so aids is healing. The oil said the help prevents the wrinkle, otherwise this and is the antiseptic. The frankincense is the stimulant, causes the result to be similar and these by tolu and Peruvian balsams; It mainly is used took a smoking the article, with occasionally forms the medicinal plaster ingredient. Pliny mentions it to take the antidote to the hemlock. Avicenna (tenth century) recommends it is the tumor, the ulcer, vomits, dysentery and fever. In China it by the use is the leprosy. Its basic use now is in the incense and candle and the pastilles manufacture. It is used in the medicinal plaster, and perhaps uses the Peruvian balsam to substitute either the balsam or Tolu. The steam inspiration loading by the medicine volatile part said relieves the bronchitis and laryngitis. The Egyptian women draw their eyelid black powder, by the frankincense which scorches is been made, or other fragrant resins and the frankincense are mixed. The frankincense and is melted does , and it is made the starch to fill by other ingredients the fragrance. The similar practice likes by Herodotus by the Scythia woman is practiced the description and is suggested in Judith x. 3 and 4. In the cold weather, the Egyptian warms their room and the brazier incense and candle is burnt, the frankincense, the benzoin and the aloe wood most important by the use are a goal.


Security information:

The careful interior do not need to adopt, but it is all is good for rinses mouth with douches. The volatile oil safely by Robert Tisserand did not indicate any specially guard againsts the measure when uses this oil. [ Robert Tisserand, the volatile oil is safe (England: Churchill Livingstone, 1,995), 206. ] The interior do not need to adopt any oil consultation from a qualified aromatherapy trainee. Do not apply the dilution volatile oil, absolutes, CO2s or other by the centralized essence skin. If you are pregnant, the epilepsy, has the liver damage, has the cancer, or has other medical problems, causes the oil used only in under a qualified aromatherapy trainee's suitable guidance. Extremely is careful when causes the oil used and the child and awards the child only the most gentle oil in the extreme low dose. It was safest and the child before consulted a qualified aromatherapy trainee to cause the oil used. The skin patch test should carry on in used you before never to use in front of the oil. The instruction is conducting the skin patch test and the more securities information possibly discovers the security information page by the visit. Regarding the extremely detailed information about the oil security problem, reads the volatile oil safely by Robert Tisserand. Suitably the use is aromatherapy this oil is considered non-toxic, the non- irritating quality and must causes sensitively. The deleterious reaction minority instance is recorded the tendency thereupon from to the oleomargarine g resin use. With has obtained with many other volatile oil from the crude equipment material, deleterious reaction occurrence as if decline by oil growth purity. Product: Punent, bitter and astringent, warm, the anti- inflammation, the anticorrosion, the astringency, removes the stomach and intestines gas, cicatrisant, cytophylactic, the digestion, the diuresis, emmenagogue,  phlegm medicinal preparation, sedative, tonic, womb, vulnerary. Fragrant application: The encouragement emotion is stable, enlightenment, resolution, acceptance. Common custom use: The use withdraws the butterfat in the commercial face to take the counter- wrinkle proxy.


The oil mainly using the frankincense long-term same intelligence relates in together. Middle greases is used in the perfume, it is commonly used is the incense and candle, the medicine, spreads the sesame oil and took one kind of altitude is taken to put on make-up the ingredient. The frankincense is discovered in the red sea area process and the northeast Africa. This is the property which rewards resists many precious gems and the metal values in the ancient world. The frankincense crude resin is possibly treated produces in two ways middle the liquid aromatics. The resin is insoluble possibly is the steam is distilled in the chemical solvent and the volatile oil.  the process produces one kind to mount, the nearly solid matter calls the resin shape. Resinoids is insoluble in the high-grade, in odorlessness ethyl alcohol. The ethyl alcohol resinoids which dissolves sometimes through the achievement the volatile oil which distills. Resinoids is frequently used does in the perfume. The steam frankincense the volatile oil which distills is most suitable uses in aromatherapy. The frankincense oil is, the yellow which slightly mounts afforests by the depth deeply fragrant caresses the person, fresh resin fragrant. Sweet lemony, the lignin camphor or the green apple picture write down the increase complex to come the good quality pistachio oil whole warm, is rich fragrant. It relaxes, enhances calmly and temperately guards against corrosion. Thin, turpentine or solvent picture, weak, dies young fragrant is the expression quality is bad or the adulterated pistachio oil. Outstanding and unusual fragrant possibly by the mix creation oil and , the lemon and the bergamot operation is very good and the frankincense. It with the crowndaisy chrysanthemum, the black pepper, galbanum, big Zhu K'uei, the grapefruit, the lavender, the orange, the patchouli and the sandalwood and mixes very well. The frankincense volatile oil contains the main sign it the powerful anti- inflammation, the antiseptic and the astringent monoterpene compound. It is useful is the wound, the acne and , bursts, mature skin. The frankincense support respiratory system and the immunity system by colds, the flu, the bronchitis, the cough and laryngitis weaken. It and support nervous system in anxiety, stress and tense tense period time. The frankincense has the ability to reduce speed and to deepen the respiration, therefore permits the peaceful feeling, helps a person to feel is been centralized comfortably with serenity, selfs-alert and contemplates. The frankincense and is beneficial to the digestion and the uninary system and the uterus specially is in menses period.


Europe is studied using the treatment frankincense and the treatment is now used in the European hospital. This is anticatarrhal, antitumoral, the immunity stimulates, the anti- despondent medicinal preparation, with prevents the scab. It contains sesquiterpenes, helps to oxidize pineal and the hypophysis. It is outstanding is weary, grumpiness in aromatherapy, the passive mood, the deficient confidence and the emotion turmoil. The comfort oil, by decelerates the breath and the control is tight, it helps to stimulate with the focusing brains.


Smell and use: Slightly mounts the oil is light yellow by is profound fragrant to the green caresses the person, fresh resin fragrant. It has the lemon and the green Apple Computer company fruit and the citrus fruits writes down a profound rich spice note. This extremely complex smell is useful in the perfume industry as well as in specialized  as well as the usual meditative/ritual use. The frankincense is used took anti- becomes inflamed, antiseptic and astringent. As a result of its verbenone content, it and is the formidable antifungal. It by the use is the wound, the acne and , bursts with is the mature skin. When inspiration it and support respiratory system and immunity system if by the flu, the bronchitis, the cough and colds weaken. Inspiration and comfort nervous system in grief, anxious stress and tense tense period time. The frankincense has the ability to reduce speed and to deepen the respiration, permits the tranquil feeling, comfortably helps a person with serenity. this to feel is concentrated, selfs-alert and contemplates


The modern use expanded to the frankincense volatile oil use outside the spiritual use. This is the valuable addition to the skin and the bodily care product as a result of its astringency and the anticorrosion product. It is useful is putting on make-up the water, salves, the soap and the oil and indicated for the acne, the skin question, with boils. The frankincense volatile oil is beneficial to the skin by maintains its health and prevented corrugation and ages. By the inspiration use in candle diffusor, the frankincense is advantageous the bronchitis which treats, excessive mucus, colds, with cough. The frankincense is the useful addition to the aromatherapy mix and, it uses in to repair the smell and to take the basic note. It has the value specially in the Eastern style perfume mix, because it completes with for tone that which tempts is specially difficult to identify as for the origin.

Processing and storage regulations store in cool arid region in closed vessel. Do not expose in temperature 35 degree Celsius