小黃瓜油.Cucumber oil

Brief introduction

English name:


Scientific term:

Cucumis sativus L.


Hu's melon,green melon





Plant field


Angiosperm door

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BE distributed in the whole China extensively also is one of the main glasshouse products.

Sex flavor:

The flavor is sweet, sex is cool


The cucumber introduces

The cucumber is Central plains gone abroad as ambassador Western Regions by the west Han period piece Qian to bring back of,being called Hu's melon,five Hus 16 countries the stone Lei avoid as taboo"Hu"a word to change to its"cucumber".Melon is the food of"the flavor is sweet cold slippery not poisonous, go to thirst,eat much meeting the Yin descend Yang wet grow a boil, deliver jaundice" on the Chinese medicine academic theories, for often feel thirsty tongue irritable, urine the liquid is partial to a Huang,cucumber ability pure hot counteract poison,acceleration appetite peristalsis,prevention constipation.


Plant type

The fruit of cucumber constitute(the red line mark heart skin of hand over boundary) to, its seed write was born in heart the edge of the skin, belong to a side film foetus.But is seen by the cross section but feel the cucumber has six small rooms apparently,in fact three heart skin hands over boundary, besides which, the rest sees separate knothole part by the false diaphragm of rib formation in the heart skin.The fruit meat of the melon section plant quality,have many room and various sons, with the berry be like very much,but the floral receptacle and outside fruit peel of these fruits heal, often becoming very thick cortex, so call it as"melons and fruits"particularly on the classification.



The cucumber separates the ground the cucumber,summer cucumber,autumn cucumber of the cucumber,The good kind has rather sun to stab words melon, Beijing to stab melon etc.greatly,the southern species didn't stab mostly.






Calcium, Lin,iron


Vitamin b 1,b2 with c

The coffee is sour

The variety swims to leave amino acids

Fruit gum

Tartaric acid


Caffeic acid

used for fair,defend to insolate to protect a skin product in,join or so deliquescence in water mutually.

(1).Have stronger absorption to the purple outside light, absorb a wave-length to 243 with 326 nms;

(2).Coffee's ising sour can immediately repress the Lao ammonia sour in the low density Activity and reduce melanin of born;The coffee is sour and can also repress protein to arouse I am sour with Lao ammonia to arouse Activity;

(3).Coffee's ising sour has already suppressed to once make a function of oxidizing the fat;

(4).The coffee was sour to suppress germ extensively with virussafe activity,the body used result outside stronger,all have already suppressed a manufacture to use to the gland virus and the vice-flues;The low density can suppress to make the gum original(Shuttle germ Fungi)activity, have already defended a Qu tooth effect.


◎  Alpha Hydroxy AcidAHA



The tartaric acid is the valid ingredient which exists in the variety natural fruit or the sour milk.The usage of tartaric acid can originate ancient Egypt and Rome for times,but to the hairdressing curative effect of the skin until in 70's is just tested by the history of the United States a doctor especially(Dr.The VanScott of the Eugene J.)and the Yu Rui glorious Doctor of Chinese descent's citizen(Dr.Ruey J.Yu) find.Because of the excellent effect of tartaric acid,the American times magazine even lists as tartaric acid ten gale cloud products to now,the tartaric acid is in lending support to treatment and daily life at home to maintain already a global skin section doctor to apply necessary sharp weapon.


Speak of the function of tartaric acid,can distinguish to see from the epidermis and the leather both side:Tartaric acid function in epidermis,by reducing keratin cell to come together power accelerated aging keratin cell to shed off,promote up the speed of the skin cell metabolism, urge skin renewal,also make the alignment is more tidy up the skin cell,periostracum hence become smooth and meticulous.In the meantime,the tartaric acid can also let the corn of pore surroundings turn to bolt to fill to be easy to shed off,and the unimpeded hair bag take care of,keeping pore from jaming effectively.As for tartaric acid function in leather layer,then can stimulate Bo uric acid and stick to increasing of many carbohydrate,collagen and elasticity fiber to get and re-arrange,make skin of contain amount of water increment,skin's becoming to have flexibility,fine line and crease tightly and actually will also follow decrease.


◎  Pectin




The nourishment is abundant

Humidity many calorieses are low

Expel a surplus salt inside the body

The high humidity also has benefit urine effect,besides which,the potassium in the cucumber also played to promote discard inside the body and salt expel of effect.Some people's taste is more heavy,causing second half body obese,using the cucumber can resolve this problem.

The anti-oxidizes

In addition to helping your fair vitamin C,and abundant vitamin E,let the cucumber anti-oxidize of the capability strengthened again quite a few!The vitamin E in the delicate seed of cucumber enriched rather particularly!

The prevention is constipated

The cucumber has abundant cellulose,the humidity which pluses oneself is much many,can prevent constipation, promote environmental protection inside the body,let the corrupt material eject,and can reduce cholesterol inside bowel way.When the cellulose promotes the peristalsis of appetite,speed food and discard to pass small intestines quickly,can reduce small intestines'absorption toward various material,can reduce small intestines particularly to the fat of digest absorption,reduce fat to deposite in the body of possibility.

Reduce heavy

There is 1 kind in the cucumber being called C Chun two sour materials,this kind of material can repress carbohydrate conversion fat,reducing heavy effect good, connect to reduce heavy famous doctors to all praise strongly!

Promote metabolism

There is 1 kind in the cucumber being called the cucumber You each material,have a rather strong living creature activity,can promote the metabolism of human body.

The pure and hot benefit urines

The cucumber has in the Chinese medicine pure and hot, the result for counteracting poison,decreasing swelling, if the too hot body temperature leads in summer high,or have fevered situation,the cucumber all has result of improving these condition of illnesses.Besides,the person of edema constitution can also make use of cucumber,expeling the humidity of surplus inside the body,so return can eject the uric acid for resolving to the outside of the body quickly.So,to ordinary people, the edible cucumber has positive influence to the cholesterol content.

Can promote the body fluid to quench thirst,the aging discard in the clean blood,cancellation body

The cucumber contains abundant humidity and mineral quality,can moderate acidity food,as the meat,fish and egg.Lead tall person and the sufferer of gout to the uric acid content, the cucumber has curative effect very much



Cucumber's person to falsely cold constitution, especially elder and kid,and isn't suitable for.This is because of these people's immunity ability lower,eating too many melons to appear the condition of illness that nausea and stomach feel chill easily, sometimes even will cause diarrhea.And saw from the standpoint of Chinese medicine,the lung main hair and adjusted a reason mutually with large intestine,the body belonged to a falsely cold constitution, may cause the disease on the skin after edible cold sex cucumber,as pimple.



The egg white organization canned add to run off, the clearness isn't greasy, making the skin smooth and tight Zhi.

Don't also can add nutrient quickly,regulate an equilibrium skin grease a degree, make a skin aging

Have fresh and cool and comfortable,and can add the little element of skin,the vitality shoulding let the skin instauration have.

The cucumber plant extracts,can maintain the skin normally moist degree,slow skin.

Because have tartaric acid,so in common use to cure sunburn and freckle.

The cucumber juice is also often used to sweep a face of department and cured skin allergy,it is traditional to keep a Yan saint article.

Have fair effect

The cucumber is in the middle of abundant vitamin C, have fair,the anti-oxidize of result,eat cucumber to reduce heavy,can make the shape engaging,face the department is pure white.And,the vitamin C can also help to make a vice-adrenal glands skin quality vegetable,also having 1 set very much to the anti- stress.

Using from time immemorial is to make up water to give skin mitigation grounds fresh and cools feeling

Leak a fat a skin in the easily born pimple up is mollified a function

Promote the blood circulation of skin epidermis,have effect of refrain from rash action,cool off

Because the cucumber contains abundant vitamin E, having the anti-the aging function,making use of a fresh cucumber a daubery a skin at ordinary tiems,also having a smooth skin and unfolding the effect of crease, taking orally outside use all feat.